Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Destin, FL

862 US Highway 98 East
Destin, FL 32541

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

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Dispensary – Open

Destin – A Trulieve dispensary located at 862 US Highway 98 East, Destin, FL 32541 to service Okaloosa  County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Destin Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in Destin and throughout Okaloosa County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Ali Norris
Ali N.
15:47 08 Oct 21
I absolutely love this store. The employees are all absolutely amazing. Jenna and Shane as well as all the others have been nothing but exceptional help to me as I start my journey on medicinal medicine. Thank you for all you do!read more
Brice Shepard
Brice S.
21:00 04 Oct 21
ken was so nice to me. He really made my Monday great. Thank you ken for showing me he spirit of trulieve! Also shout out Adam he served me my first ever time and he’s really welcoming tooread more
angel maddan
angel M.
17:53 22 Sep 21
My husband came in for the first time today as a newbie and has been ranting and raving about ken since he picked me up from work. Great customer service, Awesome personality, very informative and helpful.He said he couldn't have had a better experience for his first time experience! Please let Ken know that he will be asking for him on the next trip there, and plans to let him know just how many Aliens he did see. Thank you Ken for taking care of my husband and making his first trip a good one.Hes a happy camper. Oh, by the way his name is Brian Trundyand he will be back!read more
Mike Johnson
Mike J.
22:33 21 Sep 21
Excellent customer service. Well trained and informative staff. Thank you Sam for being helpful on my last visit
Peter Last
Peter L.
19:20 21 Sep 21
The staff is fantastic. They make you feel right at home. Very professional and courteous. Good range of products, priced reasonably. Won't shop anywhere else. Joe Teeread more
Devon Burton
Devon B.
17:55 05 Sep 21
Great customer service every time I stop by. Today I was welcomed and helped by Shanay, she made sure I left satisfied. My experience today was grandread more
Alissa Marie
Alissa M.
18:20 26 Aug 21
I went in today for my pick up order, & i had Alyssa, helped me out a lot when i wanted to changed what i picked, she even went out of her way to look for what i wanted which I appreciated a lot. & it was nice that she remembered me from last time 🙂 definitely feels like im a part of a family when I come in. (& yes Heres a heart to add to my 5 stars! ) ❤️read more
Jason Davis
Jason D.
14:15 16 Aug 21
Gave one star eight months ago and still stand firm on the negative treatment by this location. However a few weeks after the incident they have been clutch. Kinda like the last resort but yet seem to come through when needed. Inventory has been low and the panhandle as a whole have been taking a hit on the chin for months now. This location will remain to be my last resort go to as long as they keep the heavy Indica flowing...Have to raise the star rating as they have been clutch when I needed them. Besides the point system is a great perk.Today Kali and the team raised the bar beyond any belief. This location has endured it all ND stands strong. Helpful and knowledgeable staff overcome any issues we have had in the past. Must change to 5 star as they deserve all the more
18:52 06 Aug 21
Excellent staff and good environment! Everyone was very friendly. Alyssa was exceptionally helpful and entertaining. She answered all of my questions and went above and beyond to ensure that I had a wonderful experience, while keeping me laughing throughout. Thank you again!read more
Tim Kelly
Tim K.
12:47 03 Aug 21
Trulieve is hands down my favorite dispensary by far and I've been too everyone from Pensacola to Tallahassee,always high quality products and great deals too. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new dispensary or just starting outread more
Lizzystardust Furrow
Lizzystardust F.
19:56 30 Jul 21
Love the Truliever’s of Destin my favorite Trulieve in the area and my favorite dispensary hands down!!! Taylor one of the store managers is the best! She always goes above and beyond to make sure she has happy customer’s. I always feel welcomed and happy every time I go there!!!read more
Liz Stevens
Liz S.
16:00 21 Jul 21
The staff is awesome. I primarily get delivery and they are always on time. Product is GOOD but not excellent in my years of experience with more
Dalton Holt
Dalton H.
05:26 30 Jun 21
Good place to get your medical herb ,staff is very friendly and helpful .love you guys
Corey Daily
Corey D.
17:43 29 May 21
5 stars if the website could be updated often on products. But Gregory was very helpful and knowledgeable about the products. If he was not sure of anything he was quick to look it up. Thank you for being awesome and taking your time to answer my questions!read more
Tyler Chenault
Tyler C.
23:11 12 May 21
Florida locals hate masks.... mask mandate has been lifted. Remove the masks. Your employees hate it. I hate it. I love the store. But I hate the management. The only place in Florida you have to wear a mask.... I’m sick of the mask 😷 let me breathe airread more
05:00 04 May 21
Good quality the store is very comfortable and professional! Erica is very welcoming and was very happy to help me with my questions! ☺Will continue to be their customer!!!read more
Jill Haston
Jill H.
18:36 21 Apr 21
Christy is the BEST!!! She is very knowledgeable about all the products and answered all of my questions. She knew what strains would work, the best, for people with anxiety. I walked out of Trulieve very confident that what I bought was going to help me with my more
Joseph Warren
Joseph W.
14:14 10 Apr 21
I have ordered twice now for my stuff to be delivered to me seeing how I can not make it due to medical reasons. Both times now I never got my flower I ordered. This last time I was told they would be there between 2 and 4. At 4:30 I called to find out were my stuff was and they said and I quote " I can put a request in to see when you will get your order. It will take 24 to 48 hours for them to get back to you to see when you will get your order today." My mind was blown at that point. Anyway I waisted 5 and a half hours out of my day because they did not show up until a little after 6. I didn't get any update texts or phone calls to let me know they would be late. So thank you truelieve for running a day for me. Also when asked if I could have something off my order for their pure lack of customer service I was told no. If my wife was not here the rude delivery driver would not be working for awhile. Curse at me again little more
Pamela Hand
Pamela H.
14:39 05 Apr 21
Love Trulieve in Destin. Chrissy is the best. Professional and knows the product. Always able to help me find the strain for my medical needs. She is Management more
Jason Davis
Jason D.
02:21 26 Mar 21
Gave one star eight months ago and still stand firm on the negative treatment by this location. However a few weeks after the incident they have been clutch. Kinda like the last resort but yet seem to come through when needed. Inventory has been low and the panhandle as a whole have been taking a hit on the chin for months now. This location will remain to be my last resort go to as long as they keep the heavy Indica flowing...Have to raise the star rating as they have been clutch when I needed them. Besides the point system is a great more
Quila Cox (Quila)
Quila Cox (.
15:21 18 Mar 21
Steven & Sean were awesome in assisting me with my shopping experience and selecting what I needed. The manager Kevin was just an awesome person with great energy! There was an issue with my online order, and he fixed the problem far beyond my expectations! Thanks you guys!read more
Joel Carr
Joel C.
22:58 16 Mar 21
God Bless Trulieve Destin, Fort Walton Beach and their outstanding call center. I can't say enough fantastic stuff about you all. Keep it up. You certainly help myself and many others!read more
Tory Cobb
Tory C.
16:08 14 Mar 21
The last six or seven times I have visited inventory has been extremely low. THC percentages have been low across-the-board as well the past few times I’ve been. Trulieve can do better. As a big company I’m sure they can figure out the logistics to keep inventory that is high more
Allen Greer
Allen G.
00:15 03 Mar 21
My experience with these fine folks was very lovely. Super nice and extremely friendly. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Shalea Nelson
Shalea N.
02:56 28 Feb 21
I got O•Pen tonight and it’s supposed to be fruit flavor but it taste like dirty! No joke like I was eating dirty. I bought two because they were on sale. I guess next time I won’t do that!read more
Shannon Measell
Shannon M.
19:17 17 Feb 21
Had a pick up order, was in and out within 5 minutes!!!! So happy I didn't have to wait!!! Omg the cookies are delicious 😋read more
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer B.
16:41 13 Feb 21
Location is perfect! Plenty of parking. Inside is under going renovations so it's wise to order ahead. Very knowledgeable staff.Lots of promotions (peep their Loyalty Program🌿!) I'm a MÜV fan, but TruLieve has caught my attention 😉read more
Alecia Davidson Brown
Alecia Davidson B.
22:41 01 Feb 21
I always have such a positive experience w Trulieve. Trulieve products are SUPERB!
Chris Leavenworth
Chris L.
17:10 21 Dec 20
Could mmj be any less fun? Seriously regret the money and time wasted for something far less convenient with much less quality and availability than what I've been accustomed to my whole life. I don't think I'll actually be using my card to purchase overpriced flower if this is TRULY the experience. Florida is such a more
Matthew Reich
Matthew R.
23:01 08 Dec 20
This place makes the DMV feel like they move at a rocketships pace. 0 stars avoid at all costs. Its faster to drive 20 minutes away and back then wait in line more
Shotta Won
Shotta W.
22:25 08 Oct 20
Ethan is always hospitable and gets me taken care of in a timely manner. Very nice, professional and informed - this is the person you want to ask more
Douglas Murray
Douglas M.
23:05 07 Oct 20
The 1st time I went there I had to get security because 2 men were outside harassing me to buy them something and the security guard was awesome and came out and took pics of their truck as the drove of after I told them I'm calling the police. 2nd visit was OK but my rep was not well informed as Tina on my 1st visit. My 3rd visit I was the only person in the store and my rep couldn't seem to sign in so I said ill come back because my dog was in the car and I didn't want to leave him long. I come out to find an employee with his hand inside my car trying to get my dog to come to him. I said please get away from my car but after 5 times asking he would not leave the side of my car, keeping me from getting in my car at a safe distance and security had to come out to tell him to leave before he would back away. Then as I was leaving the parking lot and the employee raced his car up behind me and started gunning his engine on his silver Audi. Please be aware and careful going to this store. Thank you to security and management for listening. Let's see whether they take these actions by their employee seriously and follow up or leave me with no choice but to press charges. This is the kind of behavior that happens at drug houses not at a pharmacy trying to help more
Jeff Grant
Jeff G.
20:36 03 Oct 20
Love going there it's real professional and has a wide variety of different products the only thing is I wish they had more edibles in stock but there the only ones that carry edibles at the moment so I understand 😃read more
18:30 03 Oct 20
Trulieve Destin has always been great for me. The staff is knowledgeable and insightful, customer service is on point, and my experiences have always been pretty seamless. Big thanks to Clint, Ann, Erica and everyone else more
Jeffrey Moyer
Jeffrey M.
23:42 20 Sep 20
Trulieve I give credit where credit is due and when you gave Mike at the Destin trulieve location his employment you Definitely hired the right person for the job. He was courteous professional and timely can't ask for more than that. On the other hand as for Tyler I don't think he could even get standing in the unemployment line more
Brooke Fountain
Brooke F.
20:47 18 Sep 20
I love that place. Staff is awesome.
Bay J
Bay J
01:30 14 Sep 20
I came in looking for a certain product and left with something totally different and I’m so glad for it! I was helped by a lady named Jennifer with beautiful colorful hair and she was so knowledgeable about all of the products we discussed. I was very impressed. She helped me make better decisions based on my needs so that my products work even better for me. She was so pleasant and answered all one thousand of my questions with all the patience in the world. Super professional and personable. If she’s working I will definitely be back!read more
Heather Howard
Heather H.
22:22 05 Sep 20
You cant even answer the phone so why would I want to bother to become a customer?
Cannabis Advocate
Cannabis A.
15:26 05 Sep 20
Just saw on Facebook. Edibles in Destin and I have my edible route. Coming in today. Happy weekend.
420 All Day
420 All D.
00:09 05 Sep 20
Trulieve in Destin is now my new second home. Love to order online to pick up my medicine💟.
Debby Foster
Debby F.
20:47 03 Sep 20
Tara waited on me today and she was very polite and friendly! The entire staff was friendly, actually! I'll be back!
bain 67
bain 6.
14:51 20 Aug 20
First time there, nice staff. Excellent experience.
Tiney Hendry
Tiney H.
18:51 19 Aug 20
Angel Davis
Angel D.
23:24 17 Aug 20
Some of the kindest most genuine people work there. Very thankful for this place. 🤙🏾
You Krazy
You K.
22:55 26 Jul 20
I love trulieve the staff is amazing they're always helpful and have plenty of knowledge and spot on recommendations. I want to personally recognize Mark at the Fort Walton beach location he is an outstanding member of your team his interaction with me has always been a pleasure. Thank you so much trulieveread more
bmore ftw
bmore F.
13:19 26 Jul 20
Judy was perfect. Great customer service skill. Wide variety of products and friendly knowledgeable staff. They will answer all of your questions and help you along your way!read more
Kurtis Cheatham
Kurtis C.
17:40 23 Jul 20
When they do have medicine in, it's good. Their website is never usually correct. You have to ask about each product in order to see it, They won't just show you what they have well the sales woman that I had did not. I felt like I had to be knowledgeable in order to know what I wanted. It's the only dispensary I've been to and I've been twice and had the same representative, So I don't know if they're all like that or more
Jeremy Live
Jeremy L.
16:23 20 Jul 20
Trulieve Destin is not my normal shop but when I've had to come out to it the experience was great! Super nice & knowledgeable personnel in a positive & clean environment! Keep up the great work Trulieve Destin! And thanks!read more
william hristovsky
william H.
20:59 11 Jul 20
The individuals over at the Trulieve Destin are completely awesome. They are always very welcoming and knowledgeable with information on there various types of products, they're are definitely on there A game. Plus they're are always stocked up on product and have great deals going on all the time. Thank you to Tina M., Christy, and Justin for making my visits all the more smooth and easy going, and thank you to the rest of the hardworking crew at Trulieve more
Tyler Foy
Tyler F.
02:18 11 Jul 20
Front desk Tina M. Is by far the best help I ever receive at Trulieve in Destin. Clint is the best host and my absolute favorite host!read more
# MovingLives
# M.
02:32 10 Jul 20
Not a place to choose to get your medicine. Have got multiple jars with no herb inside. Found out the next batch has mites from there careless growers. Leafy product and over priced. Looks good but don't smoke good. Herb is harch tasting and I'm pretty sure thc %is in accurateread more
Jason Davis
Jason D.
00:34 10 Jul 20
Online order placed before 10 am two days in a row. Was able to order but was called saying they have to cancel. Now today it happens and they call me after 7pm local time saying they yet again can not fill my one single requested item. Seems to be they use business as an excuse to not carryout web orders. Should have a better system in place so the first customers get the product they more
Travis Abadie
Travis A.
00:35 09 Jul 20
Tina at the front desk waited no time In getting me back. Super fast. Audrey and Shay helped me make the best decisions and made sure I got the best discounts I could at the time. Definitely the spot to shop for the good stuff 😉read more
Sandy Cason
Sandy C.
15:30 04 Jul 20
The staff was very friendly and helpful at this location. I only waited about 10 minutes to be helped. Knowledgeable about there supply and the strains they more
April White
April W.
18:19 29 Jun 20
I just arrived at destin trulieve after leaving the panama city location i just reviewed..immediately upon entering the vibe is completely different. Friendly smiling faces,face mask still required at this location but i was informed in a polite kind way and offered a mask by the attendant who was kind enough to attempt to inform us of anticipated wait time... this trulieve is an example of proper management and that is a pleasure to see! Panama city people need to train here it would appear!read more
# MovingLives
# M.
18:49 23 Jun 20
Not a place to choose to get your medicine. Have got multiple jars with no herb inside. Found out the next batch has nights from there careless growers. Leafy product and over priced. Looks good but don't smoke good. Herb is harch tasting and I'm pretty sure thc %is in accurateread more
15:39 02 Apr 20
Jeff Wyles
Jeff W.
13:44 12 Mar 20
Twice I have had Shaylyn assist me while shopping. She is always smiling, pleasant, and seems to understand the products and their effects. Having an in depth knowledge is immensely helpful, especially to new patients who do not understand what they need or how much. I never felt like she was trying to up sell me, and appears to have genuine concern for the patients she speaks with.Everyone here is great, never one bad experience. But she stands out among her peers and should be placed into a managerial role as Trulieve could benefit from investing into her, which would also benefit the patients.As for the store,Likes:Great selectionRarely out of popular productsFantastic staffSpacious indoorsPlenty of parkingArmed securityCameras all along the buildingShaylyn as my customer care representativeDislikes:The parking lot can be difficult sometimes due to moderate to heavy traffic flow as other businesses are in the same plaza. I often find cars crossing over the parking spaces, driving wherever they wish. I understand this is due to the person driving and Trulieve didn't cause this, but it would be nice to have a more organized parking lot in which people have to remain within the lanes.Other:Their security is strict as it should be.I would give more stars for a rating if I could go more
Emilie Eusea
Emilie E.
01:11 06 Mar 20
This place is amazing. My favorite dispensary in the area by far. Clean, friendly and welcoming. The ladies at the front desk were very helpful for my first time visit. I met with Justin who was extremely helpful and informative. He listed to what my heath problems were and provided recommendations for strains that would fit my needs. Overall, a wonderful more
MissiLou Worcester
MissiLou W.
23:52 24 Feb 20
So impressed with the front desk professional and friendly service Tina has a very helpful spirit and Sandi was so willing to fill me in on upcoming events so I can be more connected! Justin has helped me a few times and I also leave feeling more knowledgeable and helped...he never seems to be in a hurry and listens very well to my needs...I can also tell he loves his job! Alex and Tara also were very pleasant to talked with and learn from...they too were friendly and so helpful...what an incredible staff! I've had nothing but fun experiences shopping here! Thanks!read more
Steven Nordlie
Steven N.
22:02 24 Feb 20
What an experience, what a crew, what a family. One of my favorite parts of the day is coming in everyday to see the smiles on the Trulieve Team faces. As soon as you walk through those double doors of greatness it is just an instant feeling of peace and tranquility. To walk right up to that strong sturdy desk to be welcomed and greeted by the two angels that are Sandi and Bonnie. Those young ladies clear up any cloudy day several times over. Then there’s the crisp aired back room. This is where u get to hangout with Chase. One of the realest guys you will ever meet. Upfront about everything without cutting corners. Great crew all around and great times every more
Ana Dalipovski
Ana D.
22:23 27 Jan 20
Got the nerve to go in today. I was very nervous for it was my first time. Just want to say thank u to Shaylyn Smith. She was such a great help. She seemed like she loves her job. Glad I got her today. Amazing girl great service. Thank u again. U made my visit very comfortableread more
Chasing Roots
Chasing R.
01:02 06 Nov 19
Chase is such a phenomenal patient consultant! I would specifically ask for him every time I went in, if I was you!!!
Diane Adams
Diane A.
15:56 14 Oct 19
Amazing place. Friendly and very helpful employees. Thank you Arerae and the gentleman she was training. Sorry I didn't get your more
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