Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Fort Walton Beach, FL

418 Mary Esther Cut Off NW
Mary Esther, FL 32569

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available


MMTC Dispensary – Open

Fort Walton Beach – A Trulieve dispensary located at 418 Mary Esther Cut Off NW in Mary Esther, FL 32569 is now open to service Okaloosa County medical cannabis card patients is open.  Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for this Fort Walton Beach store products are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Fort Walton Beach Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door in Fort Walton Beach and throughout Okaloosa County. Order online or call over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients that have been certified by a recommending doctor who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$15 Delivery Fee Statewide. Free delivery to patients 65 years or older and on all orders over $200.

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Jimmy Vandivier
Jimmy V.
02:08 20 Jan 22
Katie helped me with my order’s substitutions, was my best experience at Trulieve in 2 years. I really appreciated her helpread more
Chris Shea
Chris S.
01:16 09 Jan 22
Trulieve has always been my first choice in dispensaries. Jacob K. is the guy to talk to. He has a lot of knowledge and his friendly demeanor makes the buying process even sweeter. Seriously, love that guy!read more
Amanda Baker
Amanda B.
21:04 08 Jan 22
I LOVE THIS PLACE! I had the best experience! Joe S helped me today and i made sure to get his card! I had a mix up on items and he not only took care of a very long sales transaction he made sure to keep conversation and took time to inform me on the differences between products on how they are made and the texturs and consistencies of them , i really hope i have him again then next time i come in 10/10!!read more
James Pharr (Jamie)
James Pharr (.
00:22 01 Jan 22
Justin was very knowledgeable and super helpful. Generally I have a good experience each time I come in here. The staff is on point. However, I've been here lately and staff don't like to wear masks over their nose. Until I mention it.12/31/21read more
Roy W Little
Roy W L.
12:16 15 Dec 21
Best tenders around! Wait times go pretty quick. They normally have a great selection. I tell everyone to shop there.
Arielle Leal
Arielle L.
15:38 01 Dec 21
I don’t usually leave reviews in general, but after my recent visit to Trulieve, I felt compelled. Trulieve is the dispensary I always come back to. I always have a great experience and everyone working there is so kind and willing to help. However, Allison definitely is such an asset to this dispensary, and honestly the company also. She greeted me at the door (as she’s done times before), and I felt so welcomed. Allison is such a personable and kind hearted person. There have been multiple instances where she was willing to step aside and talk to me about my PTSD and help me navigate what products might be a good fit. She’s also been dead right each time. If you visit this location, which I highly recommend, I hope you have the pleasure of being greeted with smiles, bubbliness, and warm welcomes by Allison. I want to say thank you, to the entire staff at Trulieve. Always making my experience a great one😌💗read more
Adam Michael Carr
Adam Michael C.
15:16 14 Nov 21
Cory was cool. It was my birthday and i told him i liked hats and i got one last year fer vetrens day… my birthday… he said they just got this years new line and tossed me last years… the new ones are cool too.. might just have to get one of those too… ✌🏻🐸👍🏻read more
Stacy Holley
Stacy H.
02:26 10 Nov 21
Love coming to the fwb location when Jamie is working 😊 She is so polite and super intelligent, she always makes the best suggestions! If you don't know what you're doing or just want some good service, go see her!!!read more
Michelle Suggs
Michelle S.
00:18 31 Oct 21
Jonathan B. Was extremely knowledgeable ,very personable. He took time with me to explain the differences in products. He Was patient with me and so helpful! It was my best experience here so far. I will definitely be requesting Jonathan to be my consultant the next time I more
Shana Capps
Shana C.
23:08 28 Oct 21
They are always quick, there's almost no wait time. They have a great selection. The staff is AWESOME! They're super knowledgeable and have great recommendations. I have yet to be more
Marguerite Sadler
Marguerite S.
16:57 30 Sep 21
They have great products and most of the staff are pleasant. That being said, it's not worth the trouble. I can be in and out of any other dispensary in the time it takes to check in here. Their online inventory rarely reflects their actual inventory so twice I've had my online order cancelled with no notice and no offer to make changes. They just aren't worth the trouble when there are so many other competitors in more
21:06 28 Sep 21
My favorites are Katie, Allison, and Chamel. They are ALWAYS very helpful and nice!! When I went in today to purchase I had Chadwick help me alongside with Jonathan B. - Both were very helpful and nice! I would recommend all 5!read more
Phillip Boutwell
Phillip B.
02:28 19 Sep 21
I have to write this about the Fort Walton Beach Trulieve. I am the caregiver for my brother. We got a call from this store telling us about the 40% off product so we went in Friday. My brother is disabled and when we arrived and checked in and go to the back , we were trying to figure out what he wanted. I did not know anything about the offer specials or what he even needed. The manager was there and she came over right away when she could see I was struggling and kept asking the person helping me so many questions. I think I was making him mad or something he was being short with me. I just did not know about the new stuff and my brother did not either, so we had a lot of questions. Due to his illness he has not been sleeping and in the last month it's been worse. Not only did she come right over , she was very knowledgeable and able to help answer every question he had. Her name was Jennifer and she also was very patient with us and even said stop apologizing - I felt bad so I kept saying sorry, sorry and she said that I did not need to apologize she would take all the time we needed and she would answer all our questions and she even was able to recommend something new to help my brother. He had the best uninterrupted sleep last night he's had in more than a month. It's so important this is known because he may have left with nothing or with something that would not help. Ya'll do provide a much needed service that I think is taken for granted. Had Jennifer not been available to answer his questions and make the suggestions she did, this would be very different review. I had to let Trulieve know just exactly the great assistance she was and she was well beyond helpful and we are grateful. Thank you so much for having such a more
Rachel Gay
Rachel G.
16:35 13 Sep 21
The staff is amazing at this location. They always take the time to explain the product and let me know about all the amazing sales they have everyday!read more
Joel Carr
Joel C.
21:56 08 Sep 21
Trulieve ROCKS! They have it dialed in. Always pleasant. They are the only place I dispense from. 2nd to none in my opinion. Keep up the fantastic work more
Mel B
Mel B
18:33 31 Aug 21
This Trulieve is in my town and the closest Trulieve is 30 minutes away it is frustrating when they do not have the selection that the dispensary needs for the products you use. Their product stock is tremendously lacking and it would definitely be nice if they had more selection for their products. The customer service at this store also is not always professional and polite. This experience that I have at the dispensary in Destin and the selection that they have for the products is higher than the dispensary in Fort Walton more
18:52 10 Aug 21
Trulieve in Mary Esther FL, is on the BALL. I place my orders online. Probably the past 12 to 15 times, has been super fast, in and out. Today, I placed my order online, I got a text saying received my order within a minute. And within 4 minutes, I received a text saying order is ready for pick up. I drive to Trulieve check in on my phone, it says I'm next in line. By the time I walk over and get my card in my hand and mask on, not even been 60 seconds, I open the front door to Trulieve and a Trulieve Rep is calling my name out.Love it!!!! That is EXCELLENT SERVICE......I go to the back and get my prescription products rang up. Everything is there. And I am out of there quick. Way faster than Walgreens or CVS, for sure. Thank you Employees of Trulieve in Mary Esther Florida and Trulieve. You all are really helping us broken down folks live with way less more
Luke wagnon
Luke W.
21:08 05 Jul 21
I've read the bad reviews, but my experiences have been great! Especially if you pre order. They are so fast don't respond to the text about getting in line until you are parked walking in. Allison in the front was so knowledgeable and helpful with all the discounts. She really exceeded my expectations. And the time before that Becky was super helpful as well. Two thumbs way up!read more
Tim Peevy
Tim P.
19:39 15 Jun 21
Great store with excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable and polite staff. Allison was especially helpful in answering all of my questions.Great group of people at this locationread more
Z J-Shaq
Z J.
15:53 07 Jun 21
The store is almost immaculate, with a helpful and caring staff. Mr. Mark assisted me by finding the right products for myself; while also producing a great customer service experience. This accompanied with the fact that he pointed out the stores discount and helped save me some money only made my experience that more enjoyable. Only negative criticism I can give is sometimes this location is very busy almost all of the time, but I can see why. They have helpful check-ins on your phone to limit that wait time as more
Ericka Hewitt
Ericka H.
22:13 20 May 21
Their staff is amazing both James', Allison and Becca are definitely standouts. I've tried another dispensary and let's just say they can't begin to compare to Trulieve! I've recently worked with Chase and he went above and beyond for me, all I can say is make sure you all come see their awesome staff!read more
Javan McCain
Javan M.
20:08 19 May 21
SUPER convenient location so I’m often here.. user friendly pre-order platform, with text message confirmation and ready for pickup update.. flash happy hour sales.. rewards point program.. oh and in case I forgot to mention.. it’s a super convenient location!! 🗣💨read more
Jonathan Brown
Jonathan B.
22:19 12 May 21
Chad and Krista we’re very helpful. I had many questions because of my new diagnosis. They helped me all the way through answer every question for me in a very respectful way. I never felt like I was being rushed to buy something and get out of the store. I believe Krista might be a new employee in training she also did very well. Both Chad and Krista were very friendly. I thank you for this awesome more
B-rad HBK
B-rad H.
20:02 03 May 21
The only reason I'm even giving 4 stars is because of the patient consultant "Katie
Blake Stapleton (Blakleton)
Blake Stapleton (.
12:58 30 Apr 21
Top Quality Service OverallAlways able to check flower weight upon requestAlways able to add items at checkoutNever was there an issue, if any, that we couldn’t find resolution to.CleanAlways getting the answer to the question foundEver employee I’ve seen has worked as a team to make the best possible choices, like THC% per strain even.Yup that’s my experienceread more
Jennifer Mathis
Jennifer M.
08:10 30 Apr 21
I absolutely LOVE the Ft Walton Beach Trulieve! They have a very nice, and clean store!! And they have super helpful, friendly staff! Daron, Katie, and Allison are the absolute best! All 3 have gone above and beyond their normal job duties to make sure that I've had a great experience, EVERYTIME. Not only are they an asset to Trulieve but they are a huge asset to your individual store. It always makes my day when I get to see their more
harley swamprat
harley S.
15:41 21 Apr 21
This truly a class A operation. My bud tender Ethan is extremely knowledgeable about the entire spectrum of products. It is a quick and efficient operation with quality products and friendly staff. Highly recommended! Ask for Ethan, you won’t be more
George Leard
George L.
22:47 07 Apr 21
I just had another astonishing experience with this Trulieve.My regular Patient Consultant is usually Chad with a solid following by Ms. Katie, Ms. Allison, Ms. Becky and Mr. Chase chasing (inside joke).Today however, I walked into the lobby and one of rarest sites I’ve seen in a very long time was the lobby had only 2 people in it.Usually it is almost full if not full, and there is generally a tolerable to almost NOT tolerable wait period.Not today. There were only 2 people ahead of me and when I saw who the Patient Coordinator was, I knew why.Chad was the Patient Coordinator today. He greeted me in his unique but wonderful way.And then when he escorts me to the back, he takes me back to none other than the awesome, Ms. Katie.But I digress. While I was waiting in the lobby, Ms. Becky was entertaining me with a great conversation, and when Ms. Allison came back from wherever she came from, she made it a point to stop by and say “Hello.”So here I am walking into the room, and Mr. Chad informed me that Ms. Katie was going to be my Patient Consultant.I already knew I was having an epic shopping experience because of the warm, welcoming atmosphere of the lobby, but once I was escorted across the threshold, it felt as if nothing had changed.I received service that goes above and beyond the call of duty, with an extremely cheery personality, and in an extremely timely fashion.Though not to knock anybody, Mr. Chad is the most proficient Patient Consultant on the register.However, today Ms. Katie was running a really close second place. She was extremely quick and tenacious in performing her duties from inspection of the product to the final exchange of money.Ms. Katie was on it, doggone it.Me personally, I give great credit to the person who taught and to her, herself because honestly, I do NOT shop anywhere except ‘this’ Trulieve because of, let’s just previous issues.And this is a very clean store. The staff are exceptionally friendly and appear to care. With awesome staff like Mr. Chad, Ms, Katie, Mr. Chase, Ms. Allison, Ms. Becky and all the others, I always and most definitely recommend this store to whomever would listen.Keep up the magnificent more
George Leard
George L.
19:11 01 Apr 21
I just went in to pick up my online order and had another extravagant transaction with one of the best Patient Consultants this Trulieve currently employs.Chad was remarkable today. He was definitely on point with product presentation and verification. The transactions was quick yet accurate.But I digress, first let’s talk about how clean the lobby was. Then I was greeted by the wonderful Ms. Debbie who knew immediately what I was already there for.Then I was escorted to the floor by another outstanding gentleman. And let’s not forget to mention that as Chad and I were conducting business, Chase made it a point to stop and chat for a minute or two. Then as he was leaving, Ms. Becky came by to say “Hi” and to see how my day was.This was just another amazing day and purchase thanks to the wonderful crew of this Trulieve.Keep up the great work and I will continue to utilize and promote your products and more
Michael Jaques
Michael J.
11:52 18 Mar 21
I just want to say I was having a bad St Patrick's day, it started out good I got online placed my orders and went on my way. then one after the other all but 1 order got canceled. I went to the Fort Walton Beach Trulieve to pick up my online order and get back in line to shop, then I meet Allison, she she has a great personality and was very understanding, very knowledgeable, she is the best she helped me with my order and explained everything, she turned my bad day around. Allison is the bestread more
Payton Coulter
Payton C.
03:37 17 Mar 21
I love this trulieve location! all the employees are super cool and nice. They are always so helpful and do their best to get you good deals. Allison helped me the other day and i could just tell that she takes pride in her job and loves being there! 10/10 service from her!read more
Savannah Rogers
Savannah R.
23:50 09 Mar 21
Danny at the Trulieve Fort Walton Beach store made my day today! Not only was he kind, funny, and efficient with my order but he also help me for next time on tips to save money! I cannot say enough good things about this location all the sales reps are amazing and truly care about their patients!read more
Kelly Quarrier
Kelly Q.
04:19 06 Mar 21
Love this dispensary. They are always friendly and prompt. There products are always really good & they have discounts and sales all the time. Allison helped me on my most recent visit and she was extremely informative and helpful during the entire shopping experience. I highly recommend them if you’re a medicinal marijuana patient in the FWB area. Go soon. Hopefully you get her as your tender. She’s the more
00:26 06 Mar 21
I love Trulieve, their products are really great! The staff is really friendly and helpful. Allison has helped me the last 3 times I’ve gone into the ft Walton store, and has gone above and beyond to help me. I’ve made this my regular more
James Dry
James D.
20:09 05 Mar 21
Been shopping there for over a year today and the staff did a great job getting people in quickly and efficiently. But while there Ethan made sure I was aware of deals relating to the product I was looking for which is a huge help! Thank you Ethan, will be back more
Tiffanie Harrington
Tiffanie H.
17:43 05 Mar 21
I went to pick up today and had a fantastic experience with Allison who informed me that all their old packaged stuff was 75% off! She saved me a LOT of money and helped me get stocked up for a while! Thank you so much Trulieve! And thank you so much Allison!read more
Jessey Barlow
Jessey B.
15:31 05 Mar 21
I cannot say enough good things about Allison! She is located in the Fort Walton Beach store. Absolutely amazing customer service from this lady right here! Undoubtedly top-notch service from this individual. In my opinion she's a perfect model for excellent sales reps!read more
George Leard
George L.
13:15 03 Mar 21
Chad was a wonderful patient consultant. He was very knowledgeable in the products I was purchasing. He made some excellent recommendations and he was very courteous, professional and polite. He insured that my purchase was complete to my satisfaction.Added review: Ordered some products from online and since I was in that part of town, I swung by to see if I could pick up my order early. My Patient Consultants were Chad and Katie. Well they ran out of the flower I had ordered and Mark suggested some other strain and between the recommendations and product knowledge from the three of them, I was very pleased with the purchase. Checkout was a blast and easy. Katie was very professional, friendly and courteous as she was conducting the financial transaction and Chad was ever so knowledgeable in the products that I was purchasing. The whole experience just made me feel welcomed. I would definitely recommend this Trulieve with Katie, Chad and Mark to my friends, family and total strangers!!!read more
Tim Peevy
Tim P.
20:59 02 Mar 21
Great store with excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable and polite staff. Allison was especially helpful in answering all of my questions.Great group of people at this locationread more
Jacquelynn French
Jacquelynn F.
00:06 17 Feb 21
A great place to buy your flower or product. Quality is very comparable and consistent. Wait times are ridiculous, even if you order ahead but I believe this company is softening their corners and will be a much more reliable place to order from in the near futureread more
George Leard
George L.
03:32 07 Feb 21
Chad was a wonderful patient consultant. He was very knowledgeable in the products I was purchasing. He made some excellent recommendations and he was very courteous, professional and polite. He insured that my purchase was complete to my more
Civil Rights
Civil R.
00:52 30 Jan 21
The best dispensary. And when David was brought in the store, it actually became a wonderful experience every time. But before he was manager at the ft Walton location, I truly hated the thank you Davidread more
Meagen Ponder
Meagen P.
01:38 21 Jan 21
I’m not gonna lie I have gone in and waited for long periods of time because they had software updates and kinks that they have been trying to work out. I have kept a positive mind being thankful that they were there providing a legal service for me and that they are doing their best to get better. Even when my experience has been less than enjoyable the consultants have gone out of their way to explain the situation and answer any questions and thank me for my patience and understanding. Lately I have been going in and I have been seeing a lot of positive changes that they have been making and tweaking to make everybody’s experience quick and enjoyable. Today I had Ashley Garcia and like some of my previous consultants she was very kind and helpful. But she went the extra step and made it feel personal and gave me some tips and advice on how certain products work. She made me feel comfortable and did not try and rush me out the door. I have only had my card 5 months so I have tons of questions and today Ashley Garcia definitely went the extra step to help me out. I am giving a 5 Star review for their efforts in trying to improve and doing so and making the best of a rough situation at times while trying to smile through everyone’s frustrations while changes were being made. I am sure not every experience will be as amazing as this one but I am thankful for their efforts in improving and making it easier and safer for more
Hannah Mills
Hannah M.
00:41 14 Jan 21
My cashier was josh, he was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful . Funny the cashier next to him helped out and told me about a strain they have his name was josh too! Both Josh’s were very helpful and i appreciate the great customer service! Very pleased with my visit ! Highly recommend this location!read more
20:26 10 Jan 21
AGAIN....ordered online, waited a day (of course no notification so I logged into my account and 'checked order' which said processing but ready for pickup or delivery). I went to the 'store' and the lady said that it was packaged and ready. Then when I finally went in the back I was told by the server that they didn't even have what I had ordered off of their website and would have to settle for an alternative. How can it be packaged and ready when you ain't got it?!? This has happened to me at this dispensary several times now. Might have been the more
Sharon Smith
Sharon S.
23:29 17 Dec 20
Currently Trulieve is the worst place to go to get product. Their system "update" has been taking months, during which time there has been nothing but chaos. In the parking lot, online, on the phone, every way imaginable. As a stockholder, I am appalled at the service I have received as a customer. My spouse is a first time customer, has ordered twice and has never received any product. Online orders are ignored, and the staff has become rude at times. Until they get their act together, I would go somewhere else. Even though Trulieve has the best deals, the hassle isn't worth it. Go somewhere more
Rebecca Wimberley
Rebecca W.
00:34 15 Dec 20
Been waiting 4 days for a delivery. My last 2 pick up orders took over 24 hours and were not correct. Love their product but it’s not worth the hassle, especially since customer service can’t help at more
Brett Reinhardt
Brett R.
18:05 11 Dec 20
Been coming here for close to 6 months, now. However, the last month or so... they have absolutely lost it. Completely dissatisfied. No order confirmations, having to wait over an hour in the lobby each time on top of not having the stock they say they have in... Tried calling but they can’t answer the phone either. I’m on to find another more
Rec OnDaWay
Rec O.
20:26 06 Dec 20
I recently got my medical card. I arrived at the location not knowing what to do and was happily greeted by the District Manager Scott Gans. I have to admit over the years I was nervous going to pick up my weed. Scott explained the process, and asked for feedback on my experience (doctor recommended Trulieve, took money, and registered me with the state - not that much help). I had to cash my check with my ID, so I quickly cashed my check across the street and came back within 10 minutes. A minute or two later Scott walked with me into the room with circles on the floor for the patients to stand on. He made sure the representative was aware I was a new patient. I picked up some great Trulieve products at a discount and was recommended to register online by a supervisor Shannon. I will be back to Trulieve to pick up some more relaxing more
Jim Madaris
Jim M.
23:29 02 Dec 20
Decided to try Trulieve for a change from my regular dispensary. I received the email **three hours** ago that my order was ready for pickup; I have now been sitting in the lobby for just shy of hours with no end yet on sight.The second star is because Trulieve has some great-looking offerings... But otherwise a definite one star experience. I sure do prefer my friendly, efficient ten-minute shopping trip at the other more
Jake Fallon
Jake F.
10:35 30 Nov 20
Extremely helpful and friendly staff. Have the best flower in town with the best strains in my opinion. They also carry all the major concentrates and Vapes and edibles and everything else you can imagine so this is my favorite place in the world of more
Paige Surratt
Paige S.
18:33 22 Nov 20
I had great experiences in the beginning. But the past few months when I call (I do not call often) I've had to wait at least 40 minutes to speak to someone over the phone. I placed a delivery order 2 days ago and haven't received a phone call yet. Just be prepared, try to order before you run out unless you are able to pick up!read more
Joseph Douglas
Joseph D.
15:16 18 Nov 20
I've edited my review. The only reason I didn't give 5 Stars is for the following reason. If you are a Trulieve client, you can order ahead, and travel there pick up. You would think, if you order ahead, you'd move ahead of the line in the waiting area.It's divided up by people who ordered and people that wish to shop. I understand it's a business. However, if you placed your order ahead, you'd THINK you'd be serviced first. Instead it's divided up equally. The last time I was there, others that were there to shop, MOVED ahead. Also, when you're notified, and you reply, you're placed in a queue. It seems to take forever to be called back. That's the only rub. Their staff is Great and they offer a reward system for discounts. Flower seems to be in supply nowread more
00:13 13 Nov 20
I cannot express enough how good the weed is, but how TERRIBLE this place is. Don’t do a pick up order, you’ll still have to wait an hour upon arrival. It’s the same at every trulieve I have ever been to. They need to get it together. Under staffed, and slow. SO SO SO SO SO SLOW. Ever more
Ashleigh Kirkland
Ashleigh K.
19:37 29 Oct 20
I love this place. My orders are always filled quickly and correct. The staff are so nice and really helpful if you have more
Dylan Madison
Dylan M.
23:53 28 Oct 20
Fantastic quality. Highly recommend. Best concentrate and flower products available.
Brittany Garcia
Brittany G.
23:35 23 Oct 20
I went in to this store a few days ago for a pick up order. I had to wait maybe 10 mins bc they were very busy, which I didn’t mind. Another customer who was waiting next to me started a scene with the front desk people about having to wait himself. I then told him he could order online to be in and out next time in the most polite way I could, but he ignored me and scoffed. I then asked him if he’d like me to show him how to preorder from my phone and he ignored me again. Unfortunately I was also placed next to him inside the actual store and right as I came in he made a scene in there and directed it towards me. I was really glad the security guard was standing right next to us because this other customer was beginning to worry me with how aggressive he was being. The store rep who was serving me was Nico and I was taken a back by him defending me and even threatening to have the disgruntled customer escorted out without being able to complete his purchase. The disgruntled customer calmed down after that and left soon after his purchase was complete. I wanted to leave a review because I really appreciate Nico for deescalating the situation in such a professional manner. You guys are great and you all are running an awesome store!read more
Woodrow Walker
Woodrow W.
13:48 09 Oct 20
Best marijuana dispensary in Florida just checked the products cuz the THC content goes up and down but it's very good product and you can return items there it's the best one in Floridaread more
Nicholas Alexander
Nicholas A.
17:17 01 Oct 20
Horrible staff is super rude. The opposite of curtious ill never come to this location again. Even if they were giving free samples out!!!read more
Marguerite Sadler
Marguerite S.
15:13 01 Oct 20
Best selection of products in town but being VERY popular and with an unstable inventory makes for an iffy experience. Don't trust the website's info, it rarely matches actual inventory availability in store. Very nice staff, as more
Trish Van Weelden
Trish Van W.
19:14 18 Sep 20
I love this store. Their flower is the best. The staff is friendly and amazing.
Jasmine Anderson
Jasmine A.
01:22 18 Sep 20
Great customer service. They were able to get me in after close. Thank you:)
Debra Willis
Debra W.
01:01 15 Sep 20
They are very thorough.and make sure your order is correct,and they will hold your order if need be.
Susie Rittenhouse
Susie R.
20:46 13 Sep 20
Product is great.
Delia Merritt
Delia M.
03:29 12 Sep 20
Love the fact if you order ahead your o. And out in 10 min.
Bradley Knowles
Bradley K.
21:01 11 Sep 20
My usual Trulieve location is 1 of 2 stores in Pensacola and both locations all the people working there are great & go out of their way to help you with whatever you need. I'm not saying I had a terrible trip to the Fort Walton Beach location because I still got what I ordered, but I definitely noticed that(some not all) of the people working there are not anywhere close to being on the same level of customer service as the 2 locations in Pensacola. In my opinion having great customer service people will boost the business no matter what is more
Patricia Richards
Patricia R.
17:16 09 Sep 20
L💓ve it❣️Awesome Store very helpful and courteous.
Ian Jones
Ian J.
22:56 08 Sep 20
The absolute best customer service.
Kathy Johnson
Kathy J.
22:56 07 Sep 20
I am a newer customer of Trulieve and every experience I have had there has been top notch! From the people to the product I will definitely be a regular customer!!read more
Salty Spitoon
Salty S.
15:03 03 Sep 20
Long wait, and then once I got inside they told me they were out product an hour after opening. Lost my business. Go to surterra. They always have product in stock and there’s no more
Alexander Lee
Alexander L.
14:47 03 Sep 20
Peter A
Peter A
11:55 03 Sep 20
David manager always greets me and says hello. Thank you Trulieve and the employees😊
Adam Watkins
Adam W.
10:06 03 Sep 20
Colby the bud tender was fantastic! Very knowledgeable of the product and explained everything very well.
Brian Eckert
Brian E.
18:54 01 Sep 20
Friendly environment, great service never a long wait time .
Alexander Lee
Alexander L.
18:47 31 Aug 20
No minisNo ground flowerNo 33$ strainsStaff with minimal knowledge in regards to edible updates.I know it’s not the staffs fault but TRULIEVE AS A CORPORATION NEEDS TO DO BETTER, HEADS UP A LIBERTY HEALTH SCIENCE DISPENSARY WILL BE OPENING IN FWB SOON WITH MUCH BETTER PRICES, AND VARIETYread more
Cara Novlan
Cara N.
16:39 31 Aug 20
It was my first time coming to this location. Waited 20 minutes for them to not have what I needed and the sales man was more
bain 67
bain 6.
14:19 20 Aug 20
Love this place, great staff. Friendly and fast service everytime.
Joseph Douglas
Joseph D.
00:27 10 Aug 20
The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because of my first visit. You can order ahead, on line, and pick up your order. The other thing I dislike is, you can't find Indica flower atm. It was the same way in WA State when they started out. However, you never know what is in stock. There are dispensaries, all over Florida. I only want what is at my local dispensary. They're experiencing growing painsread more
Shaylee Mckannan
Shaylee M.
14:48 30 Jul 20
I was going through a tough time trying to figure out what strains worked best for me. Wearing a mask everywhere isn't ideal for me because I have anxiety very bad. I need to be able to see facial expressions. I had the pleasure of having Ashleah helping me. And despite all odds of me avoiding conversations and her computer messing up. She helped me more than she could ever fathom as did all the representatives at Truelieve. if you have any doubts about any of the products they are very knowledgable and its alot to learn. Don't think it won't work for you. She showed me everyone is different and that we are need different things. I highly recommend Truelieve but most of all Ashleah thank you so more
Dawn Parnell
Dawn P.
05:55 27 Jul 20
Love this location, just wish they had better inventory. Always short on flower. Also have noticed that the customer service depends on the staff member you're working more
Jade Disselhoff
Jade D.
20:37 18 Jul 20
This place was excellent! I had a great experience. Thank you to Kim T for the awesome customer service! I will definitely be returning in the future!read more
Taint Muncher
Taint M.
20:21 18 Jul 20
Went to this location about three weeks ago and I was helped by the lost awesome bud tender ever! I think her name was Kim, she helped me pick out the good Bud and it helped tremendously, thank you Kim Taylor!read more
Skyler Lacy
Skyler L.
17:36 14 Jul 20
Absolutely amazing nico is awesome everybody is awesome don’t be shy to ask questions to anybody at this location. They are here to help you, guide you, and serve you. Ps stop giving security a problem because you have to wear a mask for 10 mins. It’s to protect them. And people like me. Thanks y’all!read more
The staff is very friendly and helpful. The quality of each strain hits the spot every time. My experience is GREAT every timet, not to mention their deals every more
17:28 12 Jul 20
Love Trulieve, the best products for flower 10 stars. However, need to be able to speak to someone sometimes, an actual person like the good ole days when things were so much better at businesses. Now you just get automated and hold and hold and hold till the seasons change and still nobody picks up. I am holding now and this is 3rd call and it has been 38 minutes this time. Just have A question that will take less than 60 seconds. Have to drive up there to talk to a real live person. Maybe Trulieve needs to post the cell phone number of the employees working each day, and let them keep their phones on them, instead of a Truelieve number that is an automated useless more
Tiffany Holcomb
Tiffany H.
23:23 10 Jul 20
This place is the best!!! I’ve visited a couple of different dispensaries and this one always makes me feel comfortable and welcome. Colby and Chelsea have helped make ordering so much easier when I’m new to a product. Definitely check it out!read more
B-Ware 321
B-Ware 3.
00:41 06 Jul 20
Had a great time at the dispensary. Always good people, and very smoothly ran. My patient consultant Candra was awesome!!!read more
Hope Plummer
Hope P.
22:02 04 Jul 20
First time in there today and Nico was SO informative and helped explain things in detail for me also he was very patient in answering my questions! Awesome customer service and made me feel comfortable on my first visit!read more
Virgil Niblett
Virgil N.
14:58 03 Jul 20
Ashleah and Colby are so awesome and helpful they always know how to help me find what im looking for they are like family now !!read more
Tim Peevy
Tim P.
16:55 15 Jun 20
Great store with excellent customer service. Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable. Almost zero wait time. Thank you Kim for answering my questions and the more
Phillip A
Phillip A
18:19 29 May 20
If you like weed, you'll love this. I feel the medical Marijuana laws make it hard to be more efficient but they do a good jobread more
01:04 25 May 20
The Manager at this location has no manners and is unprofessional and told me the Customer is not always right and that we're Patients not Customers. Sent in order two days ago and basically takes another two days to be delivered? What happened to quick speedy delivery with a smile? Also kept talking down to Disable Veteran on phone. This Manager canceled my order because She could not get it to me the day I wanted the product...but the product was sitting on their counter but could not be delivered until the next day? Started telling me about their policies which I as a Customer only wanted my product! Also the products at Trulieve are expensive and they're always out of more
Ayla Shimak
Ayla S.
20:48 22 May 20
I absolutely love Trulieve! Especially at this location. The staff is always amazing and I have never had a bad experience. I highly recommend them and their products!read more
Benjamin Trevino
Benjamin T.
20:21 17 May 20
Best dispensary around!! Great staff they're always so helpful and pleasant. Candra did a great job for me my last visit. Thanks girl!read more
Holly Ridgeway
Holly R.
03:29 22 Apr 20
Great place. Welcoming staff and they are more than willing to answer all questions. Fav dispensary in FL.
Dj Segraves
Dj S.
18:54 27 Mar 20
Jessica was super helpful. Her enthusiasm and knowledge made my experience highly successful. I definitely recommend you stopping more
Jeremy Pender
Jeremy P.
23:20 14 Mar 20
Best dispensary in Florida! This is the only place to go!! The best products!!! And the best staff/employees!!!!
Tia Brunson
Tia B.
19:44 03 Mar 20
The service and supply was great. I love the deals they do and my little helper, Nico, was killer. Loved my experience 🙂read more
Alan Markle
Alan M.
19:28 27 Feb 20
Love this location. Brittany is super helpful. I look forward to more great experiences here at the Ft Walton location. Feels like I’m part of the family!!read more
Charlene Cafini
Charlene C.
02:28 27 Feb 20
This is by far the best location! Front desk was very friendly and I didn't have to wait long at all. Lexi was super friendly and helped me with everything I needed. I recommend fort Walton trulieve over any other!read more
21:44 24 Feb 20
Brittany was very helpful, I have been coming since they have open. Everyone is nice and helpful, clean facility. In and out quickly!!Trulieve has always been my favorite dispensary since they where the only two in Pensacola. No other dispensary compares!!read more
18:04 05 Feb 20
Friendly and helpful!
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