Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Gainesville (Archer Rd) , FL

3833 Archer Road
Gainesville, FL 32608

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 8pm
Sunday: 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available


MMTC Dispensary – Open

Gainesville (Archer Rd) – A Trulieve dispensary located at 3833 Archer Road to service Alachua County medical cannabis card patients is open. Trulieve, the biggest dispensary brand in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for this Gainesville (Archer Rd) store products are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Gainesville (Archer Rd) Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door in Gainesville (Archer Rd) and throughout Alachua County. Order online or call over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients that have been certified by a recommending doctor who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$15 Delivery Fee Statewide. Free delivery to patients 65 years or older and on all orders over $200.

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Brian Carver
Brian C.
06:49 27 Oct 21
This is the Trulieve near my house when I usually go to their usually have a pretty good selection they usually have the medicine I need and they always have a pretty good discount or sell once a weekread more
trevor schneider
trevor S.
12:23 23 Oct 21
This place is kinda bogus.I made an online order for a few eights that were advertised at 28% on the Trulieve website. Once I arrived to pick up my order I was told that the 1/8ths I ordered were only coming in at 21%.. I definitely wouldn’t have drove across town for some mediocre flower advertised as something it wasn’ more
Anita Gustaw
Anita G.
17:39 22 Oct 21
Great atmosphere, lots of product on hand. Great people. Fast service.
Jake Southwell
Jake S.
15:04 20 Oct 21
The best dispensary in Gainesville was Harvest. Great prices, quality product, quick service with a clean and comfortable atmosphere. Untill Trulieve took it over, homeless people were hanging out all around the building and enterance, No menu or price range on products, staff not as welcoming as before, and the price of everything has increased at least 25%. Worst experience next to going to Fluent. MUV was helpful and inexpensive and I got my products and was back in my car in less time that it took me to check in at Trulieve. Harvest/Trulieve has lost my more
Jacob Barnhart
Jacob B.
00:17 16 Oct 21
New store is great, everyone is really friendly and will help you walk through your first time, the wait wasn’t too bad and the tender Joe was extremely helpful highly recommend this locationread more
roberto munoz
roberto M.
23:54 27 Sep 21
Super friendly staff and very helpful! It was a pleasure shopping here. Will definitely be back!
Ronnie Bartley
Ronnie B.
20:02 20 Sep 21
They have great a quality of medicine and everything is what they say one of my favorite places to shop customer service is great and they have a great and educated answer’s to all your questions. Highly recommend more
Juli Aitch
Juli A.
13:29 12 Sep 21
Great place. But, I’m taking some of my stars away. I need edibles. If this location has edibles, I’ll be happy!
Douglas Bowles
Douglas B.
15:38 11 Aug 21
As a first time customer I was told that if I had any problem with a product they would replace it. I purchased 4 gummy packs. When I got home one of them had melted together so I took it back. They accused me of letting it get too hot. I did not and the others seem to be okay ( I haven’t opened them all). The second package was good and it was in the car and out of the sun…all kept together. Bottom line, they lie and do not stand behind what they more
Katherine Kelly
Katherine K.
05:55 10 Aug 21
Quick check in. Awesome first time patient discounts. Friendly Staff. Great product choices and pricing. Easy to understand menus inside. Knowledgeable staff, as well. Would definitely recommend checking them more
I’m very thankful for this dispensary! The staff is very kind and more than willing to take their time explaining the products and helping you find what you need. Will, my helper, was awesome. Jesus knew I needed his guidance! I pray that God’s love and peace impact everyone who enters there! God bless!read more
Lynus Shoe
Lynus S.
21:23 30 Jul 21
A great place for your medical needs,Awesome staff,questions,advice,and most people who work there are patients also. Awesome medication at great prices. May i also recommend the butter and cartsread more
Jay Willard
Jay W.
16:06 28 Jul 21
This is a great dispensary. Harvest is my “GO TO” store ever since they started offering quality concentrates and a reasonable cost!read more
Jennifer Dyal
Jennifer D.
17:46 15 Jul 21
Great dispensary! Excellent selection compared with others, friendly service and cute, clean appearance.Wish they had locations in Tampa!read more
Alan Boyce
Alan B.
13:17 11 Jul 21
This is my favorite dispensary. Prices and selections are amazing. But more importantly, the staff is awesome. Always welcoming, non judgmental, and a strong willingness to more
Luann Wood
Luann W.
18:02 05 Jul 21
In and out service! Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Great products that offers refills! Highly recommended! Great pricing!read more
Abraham Christian
Abraham C.
10:46 03 Jul 21
I like that it is not as headshop feeling as other dispensary. So clean and warm feeling inside. For the quality and price I think Harvest is best value more
Ken Dobreuenaski
Ken D.
16:25 01 Jul 21
Always a great place to come to. Great selection and staff.
Ronald Trujillo Jr
Ronald Trujillo J.
15:30 21 Jun 21
Went there and ask about some products. Told Tyler what I didn’t like he agreed. He threw me a bone of what he said was good. Tyler, the One Night Stand was pretty awesome. I appreciate the honesty about knowing your products! As some retailers say they know but actually dont. SOOO Thanks Tyler 1NS was the ticket….!read more
Juli Aitch
Juli A.
17:11 10 May 21
Great place. But like all the rest, expensive. Why can’t I just grow my own? No one should have say so over plants in the world!read more
martin marszalek
martin M.
13:15 08 May 21
I was happy to see their selections of quality cannabis products. The staff is knowledgeable and super friendly. It’s easy to miss the dispensary, but worth taking your time to find. I will definitely be going back!read more
david west
david W.
04:46 08 May 21
Alchemy flavor(terperenes) and strength !!!. My favorite of all distillates. Try your strain in Alchemy and you wont be disappointed . I promise.😁read more
David Reichmann
David R.
17:17 19 Apr 21
Harvest HOC is one of Florida’s best kept secrets. Renewal discount currently is $50 off EVERY $150. I got 9 concentrates for 3 Benjamins. That’s crazy. Their products and customer service are easily the best in the state. When they focus on quality rather than quantity, it shows. Thank you so more
Blue Steel
Blue S.
20:07 07 Apr 21
This is a fine business that functions optimally in all aspects, staff, products and price… I truly am satisfied and this is the only dispensary that is in Gainesville that gets my business, period. Thank You for today and in the past. Your loyal patron Sterlingread more
Byron Byrd
Byron B.
22:00 03 Apr 21
Can’t remember who it was that helped us out but she was very knowledgeable about different products and was very involved with my purchase. Definitely will go back and see her again. Thanks 😉😉😉read more
Dakotah smack
Dakotah S.
20:54 02 Apr 21
An amazing dispensary, my all in one stop. Need concentrate, flower, or tinctures, they have it all. They are about to bring edibles to so that’s gonna be another huge deal for me!read more
Kari Bubnow
Kari B.
22:21 18 Feb 21
Best Flower with knowledgeable and super friendly staff!! I always feel like I am coming home when I am there. Thank you Mason, Tyler and David for an exceptional experience … everytime 🙂read more
Matias Naulin
Matias N.
23:21 29 Jan 21
Best dispensary in North central Fl. Always polite, always knowledgeable. This is the only dispensary I go to. Potent quality product and more
Jon Ritacco
Jon R.
20:37 20 Jan 21
By far the best dispensary I have been to in Florida! Not only is the staff the nicest and most helpful I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with, but they also always are very quick and responsive. Plus the wheel Wednesday and the other deals are either always on par or better then any other dispensary!read more
Salty Soul
Salty S.
16:29 31 Dec 20
Always fast easy to work with and they have a great collection. Pre order or walk in just as good. I have not stopped going once I started going. Others are either way to slow or have no good products. Harvest covers you in all ways. Customer service. Products and more
E. William Elson
E. William E.
20:27 29 Dec 20
Great people and a nice store. Very knowledgeable and help ful. The indica flower “*Horchata” was unbelievable! Great rel!ief and a high terpine profile make it a must try! I highly recomend!!read more
Garrett Raiff
Garrett R.
23:53 27 Dec 20
The bud tender that helped me provided excellent service. Straight to the point, and knew how to help me with the questions I posed. A lot of the other tenders there don’t even use the product so its hard to trust what they say. Shouts out Mason hope you are doing well. If you ever quit I’ll probably stop my visits to that locationread more
Wendy K Rehder
Wendy K R.
17:29 27 Dec 20
I can’t say enough. WowTop notch . I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HARVEST to EVERYONE! It doesn’t get any better than this. Friendly, awesome selection. 5 STARS +And I just tried the HORCHATA flower and it is the best I think I’ve ever had. Aches, pains, anxiety, nausea gone . I am now going to enjoy my day!THANK YOU HARVEST HOC!!!read more
Melissa Nagle
Melissa N.
16:33 11 Dec 20
Staff is very helpful, patient and professional. In addition to in-person staff, when contacting via telephone, a staff member answers the call quickly and takes all the time necessary to answer inquiries. The facilty has easy access and plenty of parking. Thank you!read more
Jessica Keator
Jessica K.
16:12 08 Dec 20
Friendliest staff great variety and quality products
Ruby Johns
Ruby J.
00:06 11 Nov 20
Good place they are very nice to you i like that i love how much they respect you plus they ask me how I am doing by my name and thier products are very goodread more
Becca Mckee
Becca M.
13:23 07 Nov 20
i lov this place attenednt kaitlyn is the sweetest ever… but the they need more stuff n better grade…
Sandie Smlth
Sandie S.
17:47 03 Sep 20
Never judge a book (flower) by its cover (bud name). I just tried Shirley Temple. It’s proving very beneficial; I’ve never been a fan of the little girl. I allowed the strain name to keep me from from trying it. This 1:1 is much like HAG, which I love but is hard to find. 😁read more
morphs an more
morphs an M.
20:56 20 Aug 20
It was my first time in a dispensary out side of my regular one in my town and man I am super impressed the gentalm that helped me was great hethe was super personable and the pre roll is huge the distillate was stellar all and all I’m happy and will be back as soon as possibleread more
Victor S.
Victor S.
22:13 15 Aug 20
Benjamin is AMAZING 🙂 really nice guy! I’m sure he is super cute under that face mask!!!
I have worked in the medical cannabis industry for multiple years, many positions, and at one time almost owned an OPC in Denver. This is a great team with great medicine. The yellow always brightens the day!!!read more
Katie Browning
Katie B.
19:09 10 Aug 20
Worst experience at a dispensary. Ive tried to shop at Harvest several times now but have only been successful a handful of times. I order online so I can see what my options are before I go in and so I can get in and out quickly (given covid-19). Four times my orders have been canceled because they could not find me in the registry. And instead of calling me to figure out the problem, they just tell you your order is canceled and you have to call them if you want it fixed. It’s not like this is my take out food order.. this is my medication. I rely on the dispensaries to be accurate and patient focused. The only reason I have kept trying is because I know times are hard and because every time they said it was fixed in their system! When I called to correct the problem for the 4th time today, I was meet with “our system is just different and you have to fix that on iheartjane”. Understood. What would’ve been helpful is if they had told me that the first time instead of consistently cancelling my orders and forcing me to seek my medication elsewhere. These are unreliable times and this is an unreliable dispensary. Don’t get me wrong, when you go in they are nice and all but that only goes so far if your systems are messed up and you’re lacking in patient more
Darrell W. Wilkes Jr.
Darrell W. Wilkes J.
20:47 28 Jul 20
MASON is the professionals professional. He is patient, kind and most importantly knowledgeable. Fast, friendly and passes all vibe checks! I’m a abled Veteran and don’t like public places or crowds and the front desk to the check out was seem less. I can’t recommend any higher. The other dispensaries in Gainesville, FL. Do not Compare to Harvest!!read more
Melissa Hicks
Melissa H.
20:52 21 Jul 20
Always friendly and extremity helpful! I didn’t know anything about ther products and they helped me understand them more
Sandie Smlth
Sandie S.
05:27 21 Jul 20
My first visit here was a very pleasant experience. I bought 2 strains of flower. GG4/SUPER Skunk is a nice indica hybrid. JET-A, a sativa I found to be “smiley stuff”. But when I mixed an even amount of each, just a pinch in a bowl, one or maybe two draws and, … Wowie wow wow!! Good night, nurse!!read more
John Wolf
John W.
23:02 30 Jun 20
I love coming here. Workers are very kind and helpful. Product is very good and very fresh.I have shopped around and I have found my home. Thanks Harvest😀read more
Charles Ekbladh
Charles E.
16:33 27 Jun 20
Decent product. The CBD therapy and Florida’s Gift are great for the money. The vape cartridges are different, and they don’t work well with others pens, so you have to buy theirs, but still good quality. The hybrid capsules are mild and long lasting.Overall, I’ve been pleased, and the ordering process and pickup is smoother than more
Terapixel 007
Terapixel 0.
21:30 11 May 20
TO THE OWNERS : Order: 2560711 / Cashier: 42573 (Nathan)/ Register: POS 3 . I gave you this information so that you can commend the gentleman. IF NOT for him, this would have been a 1 star with ALLOT OF NEGATIVE. I typically stick to photos only and review in one of two instances: Im wowed or the place super sucks. So he WOWED ME… I pre-ordered and arrived. Called the number and had to wait for almost two minutes before speaking to someone (I would highly advise to add a number prompt to get patients to staff quicker). I spoke with an associate (Cashier: 42573) and informed him I had arrived. He told me that my order was not in the system, so now im a bit annoyed but let it go quickly when he said he could put it in and it would not take but a minute or two. Somehow we got disconnected and I had to call back , wait for the super (2 minute)long message and spoke with a young lady (Kaitlyn) who put (Nathan)Cashier : 42573 back on the line , He finished putting in my order and told me to come inside. I came in and there were two people sitting at the front desk (Everyone has PPE on !)and asked for my ID. I looked around and saw a canvas of beauty that needed to be captured. As always, I asked before snapping (No other patients were in the building either – sound familiar from one of my other reviews huh….?)The guy sitting at the desk buffs up a bit and says ” NO NO PHOTOS!” I said hmmmm…. Strange…. Others allow photos as long as their are no other patients within the facility ( I guess they don’t understand people like me are free advertising for their business….?! ). I ended up needing more cash so as I was withdrawing I mentioned to Cashier 42573 that the other guy said I couldn’t take photos , which I thought was odd and is there a secret that’s trying to be kept? He said I do not see why you cannot , no one is in here and Kaitlyn agreed. Cashier 42573: I will be back again because of you !read more
A. K.
A. K.
20:36 26 Mar 20
The wait is minimal. The facility is always clean and everyone is very professional and polite! Their products are fresh, not dry. Awesome place!read more
Tiffny Burton-Scott
Tiffny B.
21:50 14 Mar 20
medical cannabis dispensary pharmacy respect where respect is due medical cannabis prescription medication script writing issues have MD and PHD with additional education with medical cannabis education so actually better informed on the matter then any other MD or PHD against it get educated then vote in on itread more
King Kane
King K.
21:31 15 Feb 20
By far the worst dispensary in Gainesville. I went in there to check it out about 2 weeks ago. I was the only customer there and I was greeted by a man at the desk who was nice. I gave them my information and sat down. A girl then walked from behind the desk and simply opened the door to the showroom. Never said hello or introduced herself. She just looked at me. I said “you’re ready for me”? She replied “yes” acting very annoyed that she had to get up and work. As a brand new customer I had no idea what harvest offered and she didn’t help in anyway as I asked what they had and she pointed to some product brochure. I bought a blueberry vape cartridge and left. The vape cartridge is pretty good but I will never go back to harvest house more
Alex A
Alex A
15:54 16 Jan 20
Really good quality and really cool store. Fun to go in and great products. I liked this one over some of the other stores in town. Will be backread more
Lloyd Christmas
Lloyd C.
00:57 23 Dec 19
Had my first trip in on Saturday. Liz and Mason were absolutely wonderful and patient oriented. I was taken back by Liz’s product knowledge and very pleased with her professionalism. Mason went out of his was to make sure I was taken care of as a patient with a kind and compassionate manor. I was very pleased with the level of care and service I received. Aesthetically speaking, the building is well kept and very nicely decorated, however I would go back for Liz and Mason first 🙂read more
Mary Beth Davis
Mary Beth D.
00:46 02 Oct 19
I do like Harvest HOC . They have some very nice products. I also grabbed an edible book. There pre-rolls are good. I’ve gotten hold of a lot that are not. Defiantly try them. Also like the night time more
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