Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Gainesville, FL

1527 Northwest 6th Street
Gainesville, FL 32601

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available


MMTC Dispensary – Open

Gainesville – A Trulieve dispensary located at 1527 Northwest 6th Street to service Alachua County medical cannabis card patients is open. Trulieve, the biggest dispensary brand in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for this Gainesville store products are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Gainesville Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door in Gainesville and throughout Alachua County. Order online or call over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients that have been certified by a recommending doctor who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$15 Delivery Fee Statewide. Free delivery to patients 65 years or older and on all orders over $200.

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Elizabeth Spurlock
Elizabeth S.
22:49 17 Jan 22
The employees at the Gainesville location are so helpful. I switched from another dispensary in town to this one, and the products are top more
Serena Dykstra
Serena D.
20:56 15 Jan 22
Love this place great selection and price. Helpful and nice staff . Very clean inside. Just needs better parking . But love this more
Eric Schrock
Eric S.
15:59 18 Nov 21
Why are we still requiring “masks” to purchase over price weed with an over priced license that isn’t even federally legal? This is pathetic….drop the useless face diapers and take some responsibility for your own self. All I want is my “medicine” and all you want to do is flare up my PTSD with your ridiculous mask rules…it’s patheticread more
sunshine 12lr
sunshine 1.
23:27 10 Nov 21
1. It was so loud in there that everyone had to talk louder just to be able to communicate. There needs to be some acoustic panels put in there. I have anxiety and being in there def made it worse. 2. There is no menu. I asked about being able to chose from things when i didn’t know what they had. They said i should tell them what i’m looking for and they will recommend something. Also, if that were even close to a good idea, the person i was working with had zero knowledge. Everything i asked, he had to look it up or ask someone else. We need a darn updated menu so we can chose what we want. It would help the wait time as well. 3. The website menu is so wrong. They don’t keep up with their inventory so if it says it’s there, it probably isn’t or I’d have to go to another store to get what i saw on the menu. Totally not going there more
Pinky Slade
Pinky S.
21:13 05 Nov 21
I honestly don’t like trulieve. They won’t let you in without mask right. That’s not a problem for me. My issue is they don’t give customers mask as well. I don’t ride around with masks in my car. If they have it mandatory to wear mask they should also have some handy for the people who don’t have any. Just like everywhere else.Their prices are to expensive. I left them a while ago but then when they started having big deals. I came back but soon as the deal go I will be as more
Kevin Burnham
Kevin B.
18:31 03 Nov 21
Especially poor customer experience. Display cases wasting space and people’s time. Associates who “I don’t know what we have I just got here” and then waiting in silence 2-3 minutes while guy aimlessly types at his computer not saying anything. Instead of looking in drawer or cabinet right there to answer basic things. I could have stood there and browsed their website stock online and just told them what I wanted instead of expecting any level of knowledgeable customer service from a human being faster then it took to answer 3 sales questions. What a laughing joke. Need card at front counter.. want me to take out card Again after just doing it and waiting for next person to enter it again. They should be prepared ready and pulled up. I’m just trying to hand you some cash and go about my day. Don’t talk me out of something because you “don’t think we have any” and be asked if I’m going to buy it, before you do your job of checking, letting me know if you have it, what colors available and it’s price since you can’t answer that question either. Pulling teeth entire process. Nice gold eye glasses my friend with blinging diamonds all around them. Trulieve shape up. Second experience at the Gainesville store and both times I left with bad experience. Today people standing around, pacing aimlessly listening, not helping though, not engaging with clients to improve experience just letting the ship sink. This TL location needs help. Could be much more
April Tabacco
April T.
22:16 01 Nov 21
Very clean, beautiful shop. Extremely friendly, professional staff. Instant loyal customer here! 😍
Corey Miller
Corey M.
20:29 11 Oct 21
Trulieve of gainesville college park is actually the best dispensary I’ve been to as a MMJ patient. With the help of James, Pat, and cat, I always get what I need, when I need it. There is never a time where I leave empty handed or without something I wanted. Even if there is a time like that, they always make it worth while and help You out so In the end every one is happy. LOVE THEM!!!read more
Lin Sheldon
Lin S.
23:28 09 Oct 21
Mostly very cooperative. Josh delivers GOLD *GOOD reception. Some sales people talk to much and don’t listen..very confusing.. forget my EBT more
David Miller
David M.
14:43 21 Sep 21
I love this dispensary. The people that work there are awesome. Everyone is always so helpful and polite, especially Aja she always seems to know the inventory well and is just really more
80 kol
80 K.
14:35 08 Sep 21
This is the worse run dispensary in Gainesville. I can say that with certainty because I have been using them since they opened. There express is slower then normal wait time and there overall customer service is just LACKING PERIOD. Do yourself a favor and go anywhere else. You’ll be in and out in no time, and they will open the doors for you, walk you in and out and be very nice all the time. Thankfully there are now plenty of others to choose more
CoCo W
CoCo W
07:44 02 Sep 21
I’ve been a patient here since 420 and 90% of the time I’m super excited to shop in the dispensary but the last two or three times have been kinda stressful.The reception area is a mix between a security officers station, check in, and waiting area. It’s unclear who is the concierge or greeter, and who is in line to register or who is already. Multiple times I’ve been in the waiting area and I’ve seen tension between patients because it looks like people are cutting in line or getting preferential service because one person walks in and gets served in five minutes and someone else has been waiting for 15.I can’t help wondering how reactive the officers will be whilst posted up behind a reception desk. Wouldn’t they be more effective at the front door?Markers and directional signs in the lobby may help to inform people where to go, but hard to do in such a small area.The system of expedited online ordering is a bit redundant if you are allowing patients to place an online order and then modify the order prior to pick up. Understandably because the medication is filled and not yet dispensed there is opportunity for modification but that process should be reserved for walk in patients not online orders.Clearly during peak time like the first of the month and high traffic promotion, staffing should be increased to maximize patient care and productivity. You’re selling weed, it’s the last place anybody should be stressed working. Clearly the young man I dealt with was overwhelmed and rightfully so. Any profit driven business knows that demand is higher and staff need to be strongly supported during this time.Trulieve you can do better! Slow down expansion a bit and audit the current process to address any breakdowns. 13 dispensaries leave people with better options if you wait too long to make more
Marika Edwards
Marika E.
14:49 25 Aug 21
Very knowledgeable staff. Good product. Really good first time customer discounts.
Brett “Sparky” D
Brett “Sparky” D
18:05 20 Aug 21
Computers were down the day I was there and of course they were having a huge sale and were busy as hell. I had about an hour wait because of this. That being said, the MedTender, Serena, was amazing, she had to do everything by hand. She was super knowledgeable and very helpful. Products I got are 🔥!read more
Katherine Kelly
Katherine K.
04:38 25 Jul 21
Absolutely the best in town! Best strains. Best options. Best pricing. Great weekly deals. Very awesome staff! Can’t say enough good things about this place!read more
Austin Centolella
Austin C.
22:59 20 Jul 21
They were very good to me.Proud of the last day in Florida with them.Thank You SincerelyBest Regards to All@Trulieve Gainesville more
Mary Hamman
Mary H.
00:01 30 Jun 21
Awesome place!! I have been to a few of their stores and every time ALL the employees are very nice and helpful. Price wise I think they have the best prices compared to some of the other businesses. I definitely recommend going more
Charles Porrazzo
Charles P.
15:57 03 Jun 21
Great staff supper friendly. And helpful. Great return policy. Best Products available in my neck of the woods.
harold gelnaw
harold G.
12:34 31 May 21
They sell mid’s for high-end prices. Great employees great customer service but they’re trying to make too much too fast and of course their variety kind of sucksread more
16:59 27 Apr 21
Top notch facility and products. Pay special attention to their concentrate lines. Their selection is tough to beat.Crumble isn’t the normal shade of amber yellows that you see with some other merchants. It was explained to me that this is because they also use an additive to make the product more visually appealing. Web ordering is usually 50/50 on whether or not your desired product is in. Call in advance to save more
William Russell
William R.
22:24 25 Apr 21
Good people great service. People are helpful and informative. Could be long wait times at times though. This could stand more
Denise Fundora
Denise F.
11:15 23 Apr 21
I live in Lake City Fla and haven’t been getting good service here. So I placed my order for the Gainesville store where I’ve always gotten exceptional service!! I always have an excellent experience at this location!!read more
Rain’esha Huxtable
Rain’esha H.
00:27 03 Apr 21
The only reason that I did not give this five stars is because of the amount of weeding that someone has to do to get product. It is extremely hard to believe that there are not enough cashiers or whatever it may be to service patients in a timely manner other than having them order ahead of time And if you do order ahead of time and you make a mistake they won’t let you change it which is not cool. Other than that, the products are phenomenal!read more
Ben Davis
Ben D.
14:47 16 Mar 21
Every person working was very kind and accommodating, but their system does not accommodate dead names as well as other dispensaries have. Most other dispensaries have gone out of their way to make sure there was no mix up, trulieve only did this after they dead named me in front of the wait room. It is nice and clean but this was a very uncomfortable experience that really could have been avoided. It was a technical issue, not malice, but still embarrassing for me. I do not think this will be an issue for me in future visits, but anyone whose legal name does not match their proper name may want the heads more
Sheila Gadaree
Sheila G.
18:25 15 Mar 21
I’m really happy with this company!They are so professional and really good attitudes.I especially love Kim. She makes you feel like you’re a friend. And she’s very attentive.I like Dan and Tanya and all the rest.Thank you for helping me in my more
16:45 12 Mar 21
I have visited and purchased a few times here. Each time I have asked about discounts. I have yet to receive any, not even the first time visitor. I get the same associate every time, ask this same associate, and she simply will not give me discounts. Although I like the products, I do not think that I will more
Serena Dykstra
Serena D.
19:33 23 Feb 21
Live this place great selectionnd price. Helpful and nice staff . Very clean inside. Just needs better parking and may a few more registers. But love this more
Bill Russell (Coolbreeze)
Bill Russell (.
06:00 23 Feb 21
Excellent and friendly customer service. Theyre very helpful. Very little wait time. The discounts and sales are better than most with a pretty great revolving product line. So far I’ve had nothing but great more
Alex colson
Alex C.
03:38 31 Jan 21
Trulieve is my go to dispensary! Not only do they have quality product, they have excellent customer service. I always feel welcomed when I go in there! The past few times, I have been helped by Luciana and she really made the experience for me. I was debating on which strain to get and she was very helpful with my decision. I didn’t want to bother her with questions but she was super personable and caring! She took the time to explain the make up and effects of the strains I was considering so that i could make the best decision for my medication. Employees like Luciana are the reason Trulieve is the best place in town!read more
Kelly Craven
Kelly C.
12:14 26 Jan 21
Everyone was incredibly nice and helpful. It was my first time in and everyone went out of their way to explain the whole process. Their products are the best and most affordable more
Team Glover
Team G.
02:13 14 Jan 21
I have always had the absolute best experience every time I go into Trulieve! The employees are very helpful they even gave me a deal i didn’t expect and could not turn down every time i visit with them. I will continue shopping at Trulieve as well as recommend it to others, as i already more
Andre MMA
Andre M.
05:04 29 Dec 20
JUST AWESOME CUSTOMER Service! 5 stars for them. I have been to about 20 locations thus far. But have not reviewed all because I like to go min 3 times to give them fair shot. You know any place can have a off day. All products where purchased at this location minus the cherry punch I forgot where I got that I think more
Ryan Nix
Ryan N.
01:02 22 Dec 20
The inside of the place was nice and all. The staff was friendly. However, the wait times were kind of terrible. The other thing is, don’t expect a TV style menu. Everything is kind of just on display. The girl who checked my order out had no idea what concentrates they really had in stock, and their website menu is not reflective of their current stock. On top of that, the White Buffalo flower did nothing at all for me. I may as well have rolled up a patch of grass from my lawn. 9 lb Hammer was slightly better, but not remotely like getting hit with a 9 lb hammer. It’s closer to about a 2 lb hammer. It hits, just not what I’m looking more
Wade Kellogg
Wade K.
14:47 11 Dec 20
They do not care about their customers. Will tell you a 10 minute wait and keep you there for over an hour. They will lose your online orders or not confirm them. Go literally anywhere else in town for a better more
Globe Buster21
Globe B.
18:33 30 Nov 20
This is a good place to get all your medical needs meet. I accidentally came across this location looking for a different dispensary but I went in anyways. Kinda expensive but it seems expensive anymore anywhere you go. The rewards program is good also. If your a first time customer you can get great perks. Enjoy the high while you get taxed…read more
Cody Glenn
Cody G.
18:41 13 Nov 20
Hands down the best descent dispensary in Florida! Trulieve values their customers and gives nothing but the finest product around and have the best customer service, I’ve ever seen! I know I’ve tried all the different dispensaries in the last 2 years since I got my medical license…. And can honestly say their the only one that will make it right if you don’t like the product or there is a problem with the product!!! They keep me sane.#1 in my book!read more
Crystal Thompson
Crystal T.
20:11 12 Nov 20
Products and staff are great! However, even ordering ahead of time online and posting I was here once it was ready, there is still almost an hour wait. There has got to be a better more
Wendy Rehder
Wendy R.
00:59 11 Oct 20
I am amazed at the helpful staff. Helped me out with getting my medication because of my anxiety, I find shopping almost unbearable. A great manager helped me find a better way. Very more
shaena thomas
shaena T.
14:34 04 Oct 20
You guys updated your website and now I cant log in. I tried to reset my password and I can’t do that either it’s making me create a new account and I don’t want to lose my points or go through making a whole new account. I tried calling but was on hold for too long. Please help fix this issue somehow. Thank youread more
Diane Morgan
Diane M.
13:43 30 Sep 20
Trulieve Gainesville desperately needs a new system in place to handle walk-ins and pre-orders. It is totally ridiculous to pre-order and still have to wait, and I mean 1 1/2 hours or more, at their store while you see others come and go. This is a total waste of my time. I will NOT shop at this Trulieve ever again. Surprisingly, I have been to other Trulieve locations and have never encountered this problem. You can’t even find a parking place at this location. Yes, I like their products, but I would rather pay more and save my time. They are not the only dispensary in this town!read more
m bra
m B.
19:02 24 Sep 20
The wait is always very long, so get in line before you come on your phone. They text when order is ready to bring your phone. Quick and easy. Never had an issue with these guys. Product is always best quality. Would like to see more regularly stocked affordable items, but I always take advantage of the sales. It is a bit crowded inside, order delivery if you need to. Very small store but always have at least 10 workers which is tight in a more
Sandie Smlth
Sandie S.
10:14 20 Sep 20
I’m so glad I decided to try Trukief (nature’s concentrate). It really helps me with my PTSD and insomnia. The 0.5g makes it affordable to try the sativa, hybrid and indica. The only thing I wonder about is why the little containers aren’t tamper resistant sealed like every other product? Great staff!read more
Wendy Rehder
Wendy R.
06:51 18 Sep 20
Every time I’m ready to purchase, y’all are sold out. Omg how many days after you receive new stock do I have before it’s all gone? Y’all told me new stock would be in Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s Friday and y’all are sold out? Why don’t you double your stock? I can’t make it during the week and by Saturday, there’s nothing to choose from. Do I need to find a different place to go to? So more
Stephen Carter
Stephen C.
23:55 14 Sep 20
online Orders cancelled for no reason. wrong orders handed out. Weight of material not accurate!
bill clawson
bill C.
19:02 14 Sep 20
Best products
Justin Hauck
Justin H.
14:40 14 Sep 20
Trulieve had the best return policy and customer service of all dispensaries in Florida. If there is anything you have issues with they will work with you and take care of more
Michael Burnham
Michael B.
21:33 12 Sep 20
Need more flower
James wesley
James W.
21:08 10 Sep 20
Great products but expect long wait times 45 min ect. Online orders seem to take 4hrs min.
Krystal Joe
Krystal J.
18:11 09 Sep 20
There was an order misshap online and I almost had a panic attack. Marina was my consultant and she helped me to get refocused. She turned and odd experience into a positively helpful one!read more
John Puckey
John P.
19:19 30 Aug 20
Second person in line was in and out
Jody Graham Roberts
Jody Graham R.
15:16 29 Aug 20
It’s nice 2 talk 2 people who know what there talking about & understands & listens 2 the patients.
bumperman123 ###
bumperman123 #.
02:47 15 Aug 20
One of my favorite Dispensaries. Staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. It sometimes takes a while to be seen, but I guess they’re busy for a reason(very affordable pricing)read more
Jeffrey Pettis
Jeffrey P.
15:19 14 Aug 20
Great service. Professional, helpful staff. Would like to see more products in stock on a consistent basis. Other than that, great more
James Hedlund
James H.
19:12 05 Aug 20
Always a pleasure! Great service always very friendly! These guys are second to none 😉
Joshua Somogyi
Joshua S.
03:38 28 Jul 20
I have been a patron of this establishment for nearly as long as it has been operating. I am continually impressed by both the quality of their products and the accommodating attitude of the employees.The attached image of a card asking for review actually has a story behind it:I had placed an order using the call center because the product I wanted to purchase was not available at my local location, an item I was told not to expect to arrive for several days longer. I placed an order for the items that were in stock that I prefer and scheduled an appointment to pick them up. When I was given my order, instead of the out-of-stock item I had ordered a different one was ready, seemingly a mistake that could have denied me the product I had preferred to order. I must admit that I may have gotten somewhat rude with the employees at that point, however, the entire ordeal turned out to be a misunderstanding. My second order was still on its way and the extra item added to my order was an honest mistake.The reason I tell this self-deprecating story is because at no point did any employee at this location express any frustration, rudeness, or impatience even though they were given a good reason to by my behavior.I have no problem strongly recommending this establishment to anyone who has need of the products in which they specialize. Happy shopping!read more
Randy Helton
Randy H.
21:05 26 Jul 20
It was awesome good experience nice people my favorite place to shop
Jed Savage
Jed S.
14:00 26 Jul 20
Three times I made orders and received a text saying they were ready for pickup. I drove to get my order and was told they ran out of the flower I chose and reserved online and Trulieve employee told me ” We ran out of the flower you chose so we substituted it with a lower THC flower” NOT Acceptable!! I did not purchase the low THC garbage and am tired of being lied to and cheated out of what I spent time ordering online!! I do not recommend Trulies uh I meant to say Trulieve!read more
Eric Elson
Eric E.
19:02 24 Jul 20
Chad and Don at this location were great! Very helpful and knowledgable and a real pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend this store and you wont be more
Shaena Thomas
Shaena T.
20:26 16 Jul 20
I usually never have a problem here but today I put in my online order like I do 2 times a week and I never got a confirmation text or email conformation. I put my order in at 10 am and at 4 I finally got a confirmation text. When I went into the store though the manager addressed me right away and was determined to make my bad experience right. It’s not always bout the mistake but the fact that you took the time to make an effort to correct it is awesome! I truly appreciate your customer service you reminded me today why you guys are my favorite!!!!!!read more
17:11 09 Jul 20
There is no discernible difference between “checking in” online, when you do it, or even if you do it.. My avg wait the last 3 visits has been over 45 minutes. Please do yourself a favor (I didn’t, that’s on me) and check your order at the counter and don’t pass through the magic door even an inch or you will be posted back at the bottom of the line, just for a battery. Cool peeps, but this location is losing its way. I’m still outside on the curb waiting for another text, 1 hr 10 mins in:read more
Kimberly Byars
Kimberly B.
05:56 06 Jul 20
El Supremo! The Best Staff!Sharing & Caring & Productsare Wonderful. I’m a Truliever!
B G.
16:42 27 Jun 20
Staff was great. Not a place to go if you have trouble with confined spaces
Errand Frazier
Errand F.
20:12 25 Jun 20
awesome staff’s very courteous friendly atmosphere
Alliance Media Group
Alliance Media G.
15:30 17 Jun 20
This dispensary is great.. a clean stylish environment and a polite attractive staff who are well versed in all of their products. The whole process was very efficient, the discounts were appreciated, and the product is extremely potent. But when you don’t have time to go to the store, you really have to love next day delivery to your home or office for $15. I was driving 130 miles round trip before, and it took at least 3 – 4 hours out of my day. Trulieve is Awesome!read more
Noel Hart
Noel H.
21:46 11 Jun 20
Super friendly and knowledgeable staff!
Kurt W
Kurt W
11:45 06 Jun 20
Way cool ! No probs, everyone is doing a great job. Respectful, super friendly and had an answer to any question I had. Also very clean and secure . I had a very positive experience 👍read more
Sean Oconnell
Sean O.
21:17 27 May 20
Super friendly people and they know their shi÷! Very helpful.
Anna Aguila
Anna A.
14:35 19 May 20
This place is amazing excellent customer service and welcoming made me feel very comfortable I will recommend them and use againread more
Alberto Quiroz
Alberto Q.
00:14 09 May 20
My first dispensary in my life and wow! such an amazing costumer service and such a friendly staff. I’ve never had a problem with anyone here only the grumpy boomers who are inpatient sometimes. They have such a great selection and the medicine always strong! You can literally check out all the strains they have and get familiar with them and find your best stain that works with you. My favorite will forever be Green Crack Sativa for getting work and things done. Some of my favorite peeps I love seeing and always enjoy talking with Gaby who she such a sweet lady always looking out for everyone making sure things run smoothly. Michele is one of the ones who told me about the Strain book they had and was able to get some knowledge on the strains. Want to give a shout to Nathan for helping me out deciding between deficit choices on rosin strains. Very much appreciated! Trulieve is one of the best dispensary here in more
M Mage
M M.
19:12 30 Apr 20
UP DATE: I wanted to write another review but I was only permitted to edit my previous post. Well, I wanted to make sure that Brandon gets another shot out! He worked on my order today, and he is definitely an asset to your store. He is knowledgeable, eager to assist, and very friendly. He really makes a visit to your store a good experience! Also, Chad was extremely helpful today as well! Thanks guys!The staff here is the best here! Shout out to Jeorge, Brandon, and Rebecca G for making my visit a good one. The website needs a lot of work, but the customer service at this store far out weighs the inconvenience of their horrible website. Thanks guys!read more
Carter McCoy
Carter M.
20:37 23 Apr 20
Best experience I have ever had. Zack and Adrian were absolutely fantastic Zack really knew his stuff and he knew what would be what’s best for me. The minute I walked into this place I felt very welcomed the lady that greeted me at the door was very nice and everybody was great it was truly a fantastic 420. Thank you all at trulieve for making my first 420 a rememberable more
Andrea Elliott
Andrea E.
00:16 18 Apr 20
Terrible since they switched to pickup only. They’ve completely lost one online order previously and this time it’s been almost 5 hours since I ordered. I just want to confirm they actually received it. I’m aware of the online status check but that didn’t matter last time, my screen showed the order & theirs didn’t. My calls all roll to a call center where I’m convinced no one works and chat is a joke. Over an hour of waiting on BOTH with no response. I like their products but I don’t feel they care if I stay as a customer. There are other options out there so I guess I’ll go more
Derrick Anthony
Derrick A.
20:19 10 Mar 20
Store incredible and productalways available. But I’m rating the call centers performance. The absolute worse I’ve ever experienced. Austin, which by the way after a 22 minute hold before service, he proceeds with what he couldn’t do. This time like every other time I wanted to know if the gville store had minis. Austin says he couldn’t see what the store has…why have a call center? And why is Austin answering your phones?read more
Theodore Stronkowsky
Theodore S.
18:59 27 Feb 20
I wanted to take the time to commend some of your employees for there diplomacy and customer care they have. Something happened to my online order and I acted very brashly but 3 workers Patrick, Vandy, and Austin handle my anguish with a lot of tact. They are fine employees with wonderful customer service skills. I would also like to take this time to apologize to Patrick he has showed me nothing but kindness and quality care and I acted like a jerk toward more
MS Landy
02:38 21 Feb 20
I think Trulieve is my new home. Out of all of the dispensaries I’ve been to, you guys are the most compassionate and knowledgeable and have the MOST available product. I drive from Lake City and tonight I arrived at 7:45PM. That’s just 15 min to close. Everyone was awesome at the check in desk, not a very long wait at all, I felt guilty and apologized for coming so late and Ashley made me feel so welcome regardless. Rebecca took excellent care of me and I even got great treatment and advise from Zach, Rebecca and Vandy!read more
Laura Coates
Laura C.
15:32 06 Feb 20
I love the staff at this location! I have been to a couple different Trulieve locations throughout central FL and this one has the BEST staff by far! They are so much more informative and helpful than other dispensaries. The return policy at ALL Trulieve locations is great. It’s the ONLY dispensary I go to and am thankful they have alot of locations to choose from. But Gainesville Trulieve is definitely my favorite location hands down!!read more
Karen Fernandez
Karen F.
19:17 05 Feb 20
Weed is great and all but customer service isn’t great. Bad vibes…and I don’t like how there’s always a huge group of people standing looking at you… uncomfortable.In a legal state like Maine I’ve only seen 2-3 workers and they’re very quick to give you your weed…read more
Dylan Appenfeldt
Dylan A.
11:52 05 Dec 19
I can only say, please don’t waste your time looking at a few out of stock items online, Just Come here, Trulieve Has The Best of Everything. In the End, it’s their employees who help EVERY Person and really helps, because if you think people are used to openly buying weed, exchanging money, NO, it’s how we got 3 strikes OUT. Thank You Trulieve for doing the best I’ve seen in Florida. God Bless. Dylanread more
Eric Elson
Eric E.
00:23 05 Dec 19
Best products, best staff and an outstanding selection of strains.
Christopher Griffis
Christopher G.
23:37 14 Nov 19
Great customer service. Great wealth of knowledge. Super friendly and welcoming to new patients. Very educational. They were out of more things than I expected them to be. But they had the most important things I more
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