Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in JAX Beach, FL

102 N 6th Ave
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

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Dispensary – Open

Jacksonville Beach – A Trulieve dispensary located at 102 N 6th Ave to service Duval County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The JAX Beach Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in Jacksonville Beach and throughout Duval County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Millie Campbell
Millie C.
16:56 22 Oct 21
First time I’d ever been ocean fishing.Fishing charter guy was very nice and we all had an awesome 4 hr fishing trip. We were fishing for sharks, caught 6-7 black nose sharks. Fun day on the water, our group of 4 had a blast!read more
Stephanie Scott
Stephanie S.
18:39 01 Oct 21
My delivery is always on time if not early. No complaints with product that’s for sure. The customer service has also been more
Hallie Mason
Hallie M.
15:38 08 Sep 21
Not only is everyone at this store super knowledgeable but they are also extremely friendly! I’ve had really great experiences with Matt Capp and John! Both have great personalities and are willing to help you find what works best for you as well as suggest other things I might not have more
Anyel Torres
Anyel T.
16:32 07 Sep 21
They always have the best products and prices, their website has improved a lot with better product specifications, their prices and product stock has upgraded tremendously.Last time I was there Matt Capp was the person who helped me, he was very nice and patient, he took his time to explain me about the products I was buying and he was very knowledgeable. He also explained the different options for other more
21:08 18 Aug 21
I drive from St. Augustine just for this location. Customer Service here is amazing. Everyone is nice, especially Matt C. He is quick with checkout and kept up a great conversation, he is also very sweet. I usually only have to wait about 5-10 minutes more
Thomas Drake
Thomas D.
08:11 17 Aug 21
A clean and safe dispensary. The new manager has high energy and the staff are always great. If you’re lucky enough to get Matt C. fill your script then your in for a calm, informative, and fun experience. Although we’ve been masked up, his smile shows through his eyes and high enthusiasm and energy. He makes the Trulieve experience Truly enjoyable. It won’t be long before he is in a leadership position. Kudos to Matt C. and the Trulieve staff!read more
Meghan Gruber
Meghan G.
22:23 15 Aug 21
Customer service is always on point and the products are great too. I highly recommend!Joey and his team at this Trulieve location consistently go above and beyond. Everyone who works there is friendly and knowledgeable and deliveries are always on time, if not early. With COVID being so awful again, I am especially impressed and appreciative of the service Trulieve more
18:48 28 Jul 21
Joey, the Delivery Manager, has gone above and beyond to help me no less than three separate times in the last two months. Delivery is fast, convenient, and efficient. Joey is a big reason I choose TL over the other options I have more
Beech baby
Beech B.
20:50 22 Jul 21
Sometimes you come across the perfect place for exactly what you need. I’ve been to several different locations and have found the perfect store. The employees at this location are friendly and helpful and all smiles when I was there. I found the perfect thing for my pain relief with your online chat help. When I placed my order for pickup, it was just a few hours before I received a text saying my order was ready for pickup. (When I went to a different location in June, I didn’t hear anything for 2 days. I finally called and was told “oh sure it’s ready”…if I hadn’t called, you would’ve called when?)The difference between this location and some of your others is night and day. It’s a great location!!read more
Anthony Arias
Anthony A.
15:59 04 Jul 21
I want to say Andrew my knowledgeable about products and if he doesn’t know he looks it up. Wonderful customer more
Courtnie Swick
Courtnie S.
14:32 17 Jun 21
I love coming to trulieve, its my favorite dispensary to come to in Jacksonville. They’re always so good to me and my mother in law in there. I’ve not once had a bad experience here!read more
jay man
jay M.
00:49 14 Jun 21
Great place. killed it in customer service and are good at what they do. Andrew P helped me navigate and get a great deal. 👍 5 stars!read more
Cherry Waves
Cherry W.
22:28 08 Jun 21
This used to be a great location but every time I go lately the wait is ridiculous. Last time I was told it would be 30 min and it ended up being over an hour. They need more employees or faster employees or something. I will be looking for a new more
Madeline Durham
Madeline D.
16:05 09 May 21
I always have a great experience going into this Trulieve. All the employees are such genuine and nice people, who are always there to help. I particularly had a nice experience with Matt C. who made sure to show me my product and was extremely helpful 😉read more
Joey is so AWESOME He is the only reason why I don’t shop elsewhere. He has went ABOVE and BEYOND explaining everything and was patient with me until I was happy. AWESOME DUDE. Employee’s like Joey are a RARE FIND.3 orders later Joey is still pretty awesome but I just can’t take any more (they never have enough stock they can’t seem to give me a better window for deliveries than 7 am to 7pm odiously they don’t really care about the patient’s time) I’m still waiting on the delivery I made on the 29 of April No one ever answers the phone they don’t have any way of contacting them other than the call centers. So DISAPPOINTED I feel like I waisted almost 5Thousand dollars that I have spent with this company,(AND THATS JUST THIS YEAR)read more
Tiny Bird
Tiny B.
17:43 26 Mar 21
Great location, very easy to find. Parking is a bit tricky but there’s plenty. All CDC guidelines are actively in place….masks, social distancing in the lobby and max capacity is enforced.The employees are very friendly and knowledgeable about the merchandise.Love the new mini’s!read more
David Pinto
David P.
13:58 24 Mar 21
Asa was awesome 😎 I always have a pleasant experience when I come to this location. Returning stuff is no hassle and easy to do. Everyone is very friendly and the wait times are very low. I happen to come in on true flower Friday And they had a good selection of more
Sierra Mitchell
Sierra M.
21:44 20 Mar 21
Love this location! Everyone is always so nice from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. Julia was super helpful and I really appreciate all the hard work the entire staff does. Always nice to see Brian!read more
Joey is so AWESOME He is the only reason why I don’t shop elsewhere. He has went ABOVE and BEYOND explaining everything and was patient with me until I was happy. AWESOME DUDE. Employee’s like Joey are a RARE more
glenda hamby
glenda H.
15:11 19 Feb 21
Products are good and employees are friendly and helpful but the wait time for an online order is extremely long. I have waited up to 6 hours for the pickup text and then have had to wait another 45 minutes to receive my order after arriving. It did not used to be like, I am not sure what changed 🤔read more
William Gordon
William G.
08:51 10 Feb 21
Employees are great…online experience is less than!Online ordering was working fine up until a couple of months ago…I’m assuming someone decided to fix something that wasn’t broke!Whoever it was, change it back then fire yourself!!!read more
William Gordon
William G.
00:42 10 Feb 21
Employees are great…online experience is less than!Online ordering was working fine up until a couple of months ago…I’m assuming someone decided to fix something that wasn’t broke!Whoever it was change it back then fire yourself!!!read more
Kelley Harrison
Kelley H.
01:58 16 Jan 21
I cannot be more appreciative of this remarkable company! I’ve been using this miracle plant since the 6th of December. I’ve served my country and have been straight laced all my life, I’m talking a “sin” to look at yet alone partake of the ”Devil’s Blood!”(Which is usually served with cream and sugar, though I hear Practically unbelievable, right?read more
Michele Register
Michele R.
18:05 05 Jan 21
Staff are great here! Very efficient at getting people logged in and back into the pharmacy, and they know their product well! Very long drive from where I live, but always worth it!read more
Zachary Shytle
Zachary S.
02:03 19 Dec 20
First time to this location. Staff was great all around, including the front desk and host. BIG shoutout to my boys ADAM AND JOSH!! They took care of my large, complicated order with outstanding care. Will return to this location simply for the staff. Oh also! They had every single item in stock that I was hoping to come home with. Big up guys, much more
Alan R
Alan R
19:56 23 Nov 20
Showing items online that aren’t in stock. Had two large orders with none of the items I needed. Drove and waited for an hour when this location is normally speedy. Totally lost my faith in trulieve after this experience. Wasn’t reminded of the sale today, just notified of how many items they didn’t have. Super unprofessional, never been this bad here. Never left so upset!! Will be more loyal to other dispensaries that have more reliable online systems and more consistent qualities of more
Mike Murphy
Mike M.
21:15 30 Oct 20
So this was my first time visiting the Jacksonville Beach location. I normally get my prescription from the Beach boulevard but it’s very crowded, and it’s very popular spot so the selection is very slim to none if you don’t order early. But the Beaches location in my opinion is the best one in town. I went in and Skyler J. gave me more time and helped me find what I was actually looking for and went out of his way to see if it was in stock.Even before my most last purchase I already knew that Trulieve was going to be my one and only. I can’t see myself shopping anywhere else anytime in the near future. You guys are the BEST!!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐read more
Adrian Walker
Adrian W.
23:39 11 Oct 20
Fantastic service, shout out in particular to Neil with help from Ryan. Neil provided excellent help and out together my order in a timely manner, and Ryan assisted with the replacement I needed. Both were incredibly nice and professional as well. 10/10 more
Tamara Fesco
Tamara F.
03:24 07 Oct 20
Update:10/5 Employees can’t read the registry….wouldn’t give a patient something they ordered and then REFUSED to sell …..Please educate Employees on reading the registry!Manager was OFF that day! I contacted Trulieve and have no response 😕 I PROMISED this patient that this was going to be a pleasure, because it usually is, now he won’t return to Trulieve!Very 😥 This person was told to just “leave a review ” really? Tell a customer to leave a bad review? He did, he will NEVER shop there again…Joey today at the beach was awesome as usual as the staff at this location! NEVER have I had to wait, the store is SO CLEAN! Love this store!😉read more
Jack theRipper1
Jack T.
19:30 29 Sep 20
No one is going to be truly these days. They will treat you like family and definitely will go the extra distance. The product is amazing and always high quality and always a great value. I will recommend this to friends and family and anyone and everyone elseGod bless TRULIEVEread more
Noah Toton
Noah T.
16:39 24 Sep 20
I always take my dad here every mini monday! He’s always in and out and always has something good to say. I used to go back as a guest just to chat with the workers who are real friendly. Nothing but good words about this place!read more
06:34 22 Sep 20
Alex helped me today and she was excellent.She was very helpful choosing my meds and very patient when my debit card wouldn’t work.I give Alex a 10! Thanks Alex, see ya next more
19:35 21 Sep 20
Sierra was awesome. This location is always a pleasant place to shop at. I even got a Black Tuna gang Necklace today. Thank you to whoever gave that to me, think he was the manager. Always have something here for me. Thanks again for your great customer more
18:50 18 Sep 20
Skyler Jackson is always so helpful and knowledgeable on products. Have been coming here for a few months and have not been let down!!read more
Ted McCormick
Ted M.
16:02 16 Sep 20
My rating would have been 5 star, however, some items are only for in store shopping. Some of us are disabled and can not go to the store. We are treated as second class citizensread more
Louie Santana
Louie S.
21:55 14 Sep 20
Rebecca was my medtender recently and she’s a polite, charismatic Trulieve employee! She made my visit SO comfortable during this pandemic-setting we’re in & provided great feedback about the medications I was purchasing: concentrates such as TruWax & TruShatter. I look forward to shopping at this location so long as Trulieve employees good people like this individual. Also, never had an issue with Express Pickup being timely and more
Kent Soutra
Kent S.
13:59 07 Sep 20
I would like to say before you started opening a store a week, you guys were top of the food chain. Now you are so low in customer service and product availability, that I’m no longer a patient. I gave Joey my card back at Jax. Beach location. Very frustrating considering I was off pain pills for entire year but sadly I’ve given up, I’ve had orders kicked out, reserved and confirmed, but when I show up my order isn’t there. I’m going back to the old ways and I hate it but, you can’t be relied on anymore. I need a consistent piece of mind not sometimes. Sad sad sad sadread more
John johnson
John J.
22:58 03 Sep 20
I have to edit my review, The staff is amazing! Very helpful and friendly. My on going problem with trulieve is. Why can’t the seem to keep enough flower?? Do what u need to do. WE WANT FLOWER not excuses!read more
Marcia Dietrich
Marcia D.
20:08 24 Aug 20
I like this place because they have what I need .
d sicario
d S.
14:40 18 Aug 20
Angel was very helpful with providing the information I needed for my visit. I would highly recommend to help anyone that comes in. She has very good knowledge and excellent customer service. I also it will be beneficial to Trulieve company to give her a more
David Pinto
David P.
14:41 14 Aug 20
Angel was awesome 😎 I always have a pleasant experience when I come to this location. Everyone is very friendly and the wait times are very low. I happen to come in on true flower Friday And they had a good selection of more
Jon Yettman
Jon Y.
19:42 09 Aug 20
Rachel and Sierra were the best. 1st time visitor and answered all my questions allowing me to make an intelligent and educated decision on what was best for me. Awesome staff, awesome customer service. I’ll be backread more
vanessa hlavaty
vanessa H.
23:00 07 Aug 20
Wow. The last 3 times I’ve come to this location I’ve been helped by an associate named Angel. She is nothing short of awesome. Each time she’s recommended something new that I ended up really enjoying. Thanks for your continued help, sweet lady!read more
Madison Butler
Madison B.
23:40 06 Aug 20
Rachel is the best, always a great help. Other patient consultants have helped me and have always done an amazing job, praise to the whole team. If they don’t have a certain product you want them they are wonderful at helping you find something similar or more
Ryan Rami
Ryan R.
17:49 22 Jul 20
Hi there!I just wanted to leave a positive review for a sales associate named India who helped me last week. Also, Wendy and the other members of upper management at this location are SO kind and gracious with everyone, including their employees…and it shows.India is always eager to answer any questions I have about my medication and her patience/professionalism is truly *exceptional* . I ask a LOT of questions about the symptom-relief of particular strains before purchasing any medication, and India either has the answers to all of them, or she goes and checks with a manager.At a lot of other medical dispensaries it feels like the staff just doesn’t have the *patience* to even TRY to answer the questions I have, or they’re constantly making excuses for why they can’t explain the medical side of how the symptom relief works.That’s not the case at this Trulieve location.India (and really every sales associate who has Ever helped me at this location)really takes the time to narrow down the strains that would be most likely to help me out. Plus she’s extremely fast and efficient, I was in and out of the store in like 10 minutes.I’ve been a patient for over two years now and I can say without a doubt that the employees and management at this Trulieve location are truly exceptional.For patients who have real pain and severe symptoms who need guidance on the safe medications, this location has it figured out.Please keep up the good work!PS: I feel really guilty because every time I go into the dispensary all the employees always remember my name, but I can’t remember the names of all the awesome sales associates who have been assisting me this year! 🙈 Thank you guys so muchread more
Angie Bray
Angie B.
00:51 20 Jul 20
Amanda A. was amazing at helping me out my first time going in. She was very nice and explained everything so well. I wasn’t going to ask nearly as many questions as I did but she made me feel super comfortable and she suggested such great products for me! I will absolutely be going and requesting her each time!read more
Jessica Wilkins
Jessica W.
15:44 17 Jul 20
Today was my first visit to a dispensary ever. From the moment I walked in to the moment I left I felt very comfortable and welcomed. The staff is very kind and knowledgeable and they are quite confident in their products. I will 100% be returning to this more
Kristin King
Kristin K.
16:32 16 Jul 20
After my 3rd-ever dispensary visit to this Trulieve location, I will not go anywhere else again, besides here. My 2nd visit was to the Yulee Trulieve, and it was also wonderful. But Skyler at the Beaches location is who really secured my loyalty to this company. He was so helpful and friendly that I immediately felt taken care of and like my needs would be met with the products he was curating especially for me. And, after using the products he suggested, I finally achieved the relief I’ve been seeking (that I hadn’t found by visiting other dispensaries), which was a great feeling. Learning about the medical marijuana field can feel overwhelming when you’re getting started, but the Trulieve fam will replace that feeling with easy-to-understand education, personal consultation, and tailored recommendations. Every person I’ve ever interacted with in a Trulieve store seems like they’re having the best day ever, and they pass that positivity and warmth on to their customers, creating a pressure-free, inviting atmosphere.Additionally, their products are simply better than you’ll find elsewhere. And the fact that they process returns and exchanges so easily and without issue, makes a HUGE difference during the shopping/buying process – you know you aren’t SOL on a $60 product if it doesn’t work for you. I cannot recommend Trulieve enough, and this location, even though it’s across town for me, will be my home store from now more
Daniel Nobles
Daniel N.
17:13 09 Jul 20
I have been to both the beach blvd location and then this location today. Both of them are really good. The staff is always friendly and helpful. They are so kind and understanding. I love going into the stores and will continue to use Trulieve. Thank you for the service you more
Michael H.
Michael H.
18:50 08 Jul 20
Great customer service. Constantly stocked with quality product. Why go wherever else?
Andrew Smith
Andrew S.
05:44 04 Jul 20
Michelle was absolutely wonderful, patient, and knowledgeable. Thank you so much for everything!
John johnson
John J.
00:11 30 Jun 20
First time ever in a dispensary Michelle at the beach was very helpful explained everything. Thank you so much Michelle! I’ll be back soonread more
19:17 18 Jun 20
Truelieve was my first experience at a medical marijuana dispensary. I was seen very quickly and helped by a young man named Adam. Adam answer all of my questions and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable and there was a very welcoming environment. I’m completely new to marijuana and had absolutely no idea about the different strains or anything else that would involve using medical marijuana. Adam walked me through from beginning to end and I received a lot of info that I feel will be very helpful for my success while using medical marijuana. He was also very quick and efficient with getting me in and out knowing my anxiety issues in public places while also giving me all of the information that I needed and also providing me with info I didn’t even think to ask. I will definitely be returning because of the quality attention that I personally received at truelieve with more
Sheerita Tribbett
Sheerita T.
16:34 09 Jun 20
I hated the drive there… but once I got there it was absolutely worth it! Everyone was very welcoming and nice! Natalie helped me and she was amazing! She helped me get the most out of my purchase and explained all the items I was interested in to me. Amazing experience at this location. I will take the drive anytime for this type of customer more
15:37 09 Jun 20
You had to wear a mask, but I really could see a smile in you eyes and hear it in your voice. Thank you so much Natalie! I have been nervous about leaving the house since all this mess started. I was relieved to see all the precautions Trulieve has set in place to keep us safe. Natalie was really kind and patient and answered all my questions (I always have questions!). She provided the stellar service I have come to expect from the Jax Beach location. Thank you more
Jessica Mills
Jessica M.
00:38 30 May 20
Ok overall let me say this is hands down the BEST Trulieve and best Florida dispensary I have been to! I am so glad I decided to make this my new one stop shop. From the check in with Zoe (she’s so sweet and helpful) to the back with all the goodies and happy crew working. I had a concern with my battery and the manager Joel helped me hands on troubleshoot! This place Is top notch, it’s also very clean which makes me feel safe during the pandemic. The service can’t get any better than this! Thank you for helping me find my very much needed relief!!read more
23:48 29 May 20
The best experience!!! Trulieve has the variety and expertise I have been looking for in Jacksonville. Skyler was a true consultant: very knowledgeable And friendly. I have been to other dispensaries that felt mechanical and inhospitable. Trulieve sets the standard for excellence, competitors take more
Morgan Santa Maria
Morgan Santa M.
16:04 26 May 20
It was my first time in a dispensary and everyone from the front desk to the people in the show room, I had a great experience. Amanda A. my sales person made sure I understood everything I needed to know along with answered any questions I had. Everyone was very more
MacKenzie Christie
MacKenzie C.
19:53 11 May 20
I came here for my very first medical purchase. I tend to be very anxious and was worried about how the experience would go. From the moment I walked in the door everyone was very pleasant and helpful. Sierra answered all of my questions and didn’t seem bothered by my indecision and methodical decision making. I have loved her recommendations! Joey helped me the past two times I was in and was very kind and helpful as well. This location has been great so far!read more
18:44 11 May 20
My lady Melissa and i always are welcomed and treated very kindly by the staff. As long as we have been going to the Jacksonville Beach location we are super satisfied by the way we are attended to by the Trulieve staff. The medtender Joey is super talented..he makes the whole experience simple and gratifying. Any of the crew you meet there can answer basically any?’s you can possibly have. Amidst all the chaos going on they give you an overall good experience. Thank you so much Trulieve Jax Beach and hey to all the Trulieve locations, thank you for serving the patients and putting yourselves on the line. Today was Mini Monday and were able to grab an ounce of high quality strains for under two hundred dollars so we are definitely loving the more
Cary G
Cary G
20:20 22 Apr 20
You guys truly suck!! if you’re interested in wasting several days without them even contacting you, try and do business with these jerks. 3 separate times no call more
Nick Kaminski
Nick K.
19:08 17 Apr 20
I had a great experience today. The store has a whole new vibe. They are also being much more effort and fair about getting customers served in the proper order and not letting people with online orders skip the line before their order is more
Elise Alagoz
Elise A.
21:53 14 Apr 20
Been a patient at this dispensary for 3+ years I do not go anywhere else they make every interaction the best MOMS get the rso or distillate, best prices on every product , never had an issue, only dispensary to take returns ,care about your overall health and Mason is the best manager any problems go to him! So thankful for Trulieve and their team!!read more
Nick Kaminski
Nick K.
15:18 11 Apr 20
I’ve been coming to this store since November and it has always been an absolute nightmare. The manager, mason, is incredibly rude and disrespectful. He refuses to honor the weekend specials and will make you sit in the waiting room for 45 minutes, while taking back other customers who just got there 5 minutes ago. The menu is never updated accurately. Ever since taking my complaints to corporate, my treatment by mason has been even worse than more
Hannah Fandango
Hannah F.
00:37 21 Mar 20
I think of the two shops in Jacksonville, this one is my favorite. I love both locations, but this is much closer to my house (and my work) so popping in at lunchtime is no biggie. Amanda (one of the managers) was beyond helpful and knowledgeable! She set me up with a couple of new strains and the 9 LB Hammer is incredible. The shop is clean, well lit, they treat their clientele like family and it’s quick, easy, and no fuss. A massive shoutout to this incredible team of individuals. They’re the reason I keep coming back!read more
Evangeline Cordova
Evangeline C.
18:41 24 Feb 20
Evangeline Cordova
Evangeline C.
18:40 24 Feb 20
Andrew L.
Andrew L.
11:35 21 Feb 20
I couldn’t be more pleased with this location. I normally went to the University & Beach location. I live in Mayport. I am so thankful that this location is here. I hated going over the ditch for my medicine. Now on to the staff and their products. The staff here are great. Literally everyone I’ve talked to has been in good spirits. Even if they didn’t feel good. I was talked to and treated with respect and courtesy every time. I purchased something I got excited about and didn’t do my due diligence with it. They gladly took the return only a couple hours later. They offer you a free cold bottled water when you walk in, classy. This location hasn’t been a packed madhouse each time I have gone. Their selection seems to be better as well. I would recommend this over other locations and any other dispensary hands down, any day. Thank you for what you are doing for the patients of more
Angeleyez whiddon
Angeleyez W.
16:52 10 Jan 20
Love this place. Beach blvd was my original location loved the staff there but was really excited to have a closer one open and some of staff went over to that. Went to Fernandina beach and great staff there also!! Trulieve is the bestread more
21:11 27 Dec 19
Wow. Been 3 times now, all 3 experiences worthy of 5 stars.First occasion I worked with Rachel, fantastic customer service, very knowledgable and professional. I was very excited about the products she recommended. Quick visit so not much more to say.Second visit, I worked with Skyler (Skylar?). AMAZING. Actually invited me to return a product that I wasn’t comfortable with the effects of, and recommended a product in place that I LOVED. This is no fault of Rachel’s, like I said I was very excited, just wasn’t for me I suppose. Also purchased more product based off Skyler’s recommendations and they were all exactly what I needed.Third visit, today, best one yet. Myranda was patient, friendly, informative and best of all she was honest.I’m not the most decisive of patients but she not once rushed me and never made it seem like the total of the sale mattered. She reiterated her sales pitch on products so many times due to my lack of attentiveness. I felt so bad but she seemed happy to do it every time. I could not be more pleased with the level of service from this store. They care about their patients, whether it’s $5 or $200 sale. Well more
Max Allen
Max A.
15:08 15 Nov 19
I LOVE trulieve at the beach, great location by delicomb. Fire bud sherbert, fire crumble florida man. Thanks trulieve. You guys need to be on weedmaps thoread more
Edie Allen
Edie A.
15:44 10 Nov 19
I LOVE the staff at this location! I had just had surgery & had a spinal headache, it was hard to even look up, so the cheerful young woman at the front desk followed me back with a chair. Everyone was so nice & the facility is well done & has a large waiting room. Parking is limited. I had a delivery several days prior from this location & they were truly awesome!read more
Dustin Williams
Dustin W.
15:03 24 Oct 19
Great experience at Jax Beach Trulieve!I’ve been going to the Jax Trulieve for a couple of years now. While the products are good, the location, crowds, and parking are always an issue.I went to the Jax Beach location recently and the experience was much better. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clean store. Larger wait area. Less crowded, so faster in/out time. Parking is an issue (it’s Jax Beach duh) but at least they have a real parking lot.This is now my go to more
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