Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Jacksonville, FL

6259 Beach Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

Dispensary – Open

Jacksonville – A Trulieve dispensary located at 6259 Beach Boulevard to service Duval County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Jacksonville Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in Jacksonville and throughout Duval County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Ryan Schmied
Ryan S.
00:05 23 Nov 20
Generally a fair selection, reasonable prices, and a great product. Take your time and talk to the staff about what your ultimate goal is, because the entourage effect only works if you properly do your research. I have not had a complaint yet about any experience at this location, they are friendly and helpful every more
Gail Behler
Gail B.
17:15 19 Nov 20
This was my 1st trip to Trulieve and I was pleased at the knowledge of the staff especially Christian as he helped me get what I needed . I definitely will continue going there for my needs. The quality was excellent just as Christian was in helping me ..great store and great staffAnd it’s a year later and I must say I have never had any problems with my orders or the staff. .I think you guys are amazing!!!!!And in November I order on line ground on Thursday for delivery and have it in my hand before lunchtime that day.Go Fernandina Store⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐read more
Gail Behler
Gail B.
19:29 04 Nov 20
This was my 1st trip to Trulieve and I was pleased at the knowledge of the staff especially Christian as he helped me get what I needed . I definitely will continue going there for my needs. The quality was excellent just as Christian was in helping me ..great store and great staffAnd it’s a year later and I must say I have never had any problems with my orders or the staff. .I think you guys are amazing!!!!!read more
20:11 05 Oct 20
I want Lee to get some recognition. He provided me an excellent service, a fantastic attitude, and a very comfortable experience. All of that stacked on top of their amazing return policy and points system I definitely recommend this dispensary. +1read more
James H
James H
22:08 01 Oct 20
Pretty good place, check in on your phone before getting to the physical location for quick service. Also check online site early in morning (like 6am) and put products on reserve. If you just walk in,,, good luck, wait is gonna be long and good chance they won’t have what you want. Overall staff is friendly and once you learn the system not to hard to get great quality productsread more
18:07 01 Oct 20
Check for good deals!They are a bit expensive, but the product is good. They have parking, but it’s not the best. If buying buds, Monday is the best day for deals. For instance, the minis are discounted on Mondays and other designated days only. I went in on a Thursday and unbeknownst to me, I paid a full 54 dollars for an 8th. However, the quality 👌 was more
Jack theRipper1
Jack T.
19:28 29 Sep 20
Be prepared for happiness.besides Orange Park., This place is absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend it to friends and family the product is exceptional and worth every pennyThe staff is amazing and they will definitely try to do their absolute best for you. If I was going to invest in a company with stock I think this one would be a candidate. They make you feel like family and everything about this place shows..10/10read more
Serena Bass
Serena B.
22:53 19 Sep 20
Trulieve is my main dispensary! They have some of the best deals in town. Plus, they always remember me and know what I like! Very knowledgeable more
20:51 18 Sep 20
Parking Sucks🤪
Anonymous S
Anonymous S
21:55 16 Sep 20
THIS PLACE IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST PLACE TO GET YOUR MEDICINE IN TOWN. Almost every single time I place on online order at this location on beach Blvd, I drive after work 40 minutes out of my way only to find out they have already sold my order. This hasn’t happened just once but MULTIPLE times on items that I’ve waited WEEKS for them to get in stock. These people are so unprofessional and don’t care about you at all. The only thing this company cares about is the money. Don’t ever waste your time, go to literally any other dispensary in more
John Delaney
John D.
15:47 16 Sep 20
worst trulieve in jacksonville they constantly fail to fulfill orders avoid this one
Michele Register
Michele R.
16:18 15 Sep 20
Hard to park if busy. Selection can be slim. However, the products are as advertised, and most of the staff are very knowledgeable and kind. Handicapped friendly, but only one spot in the lot. Not a bad place, but not the best out more
alisha cokley
alisha C.
13:50 14 Sep 20
Joey and India are the Absolute Best Very friendly informative and great costumer service skills.
19:24 13 Sep 20
Trulieve is awesome. Good prices. Great product. My favorite place.
Tim Duffy
Tim D.
00:44 10 Sep 20
I’m just the chauffeur but my wife is satisfied.
Daniel Elliott
Daniel E.
06:52 07 Sep 20
People are always in and out yeah, no problem but I was getting picked up for a ride and they told me I couldn’t stand in the parking lot , and suggested that I go out and stand by the fire “extinguisher”. I let them know that it was a hydrant and not an extinguisherread more
Sam Scoby
Sam S.
11:47 31 Aug 20
There is a lack of organization here that’s very frustrating. Every time I try to order from your website you loose my order for some weird reason and no one is willing to help me figure out the problem. I stopped shopping at this location because I can’t get what I want and your website always says everything’s unavailable for this store. Thanks for “caring ” about your patients and triggering their anxiety when they are trying to alleviate their symptoms. It’s a panic attack or stress every time I went into your store. ….. get it together or I’ll continue to shop elsewhere, it’s unfortunate that you’re the closest dispensary to more
Brittany McCreary
Brittany M.
01:42 25 Aug 20
Loved this store skittles the best by far taste just like I am tasting the rainbow 🌈 every time!!!
Itz Star
Itz S.
19:45 24 Aug 20
Great service Not always on time but relatively fast and they always got what I need! Also they have great quality smoke!!! Over all they are amazing 💜💙💚❤️read more
Casey Stewart
Casey S.
18:51 22 Aug 20
Canceled my order twice. Then corporate ended my chat. Guess you’re to busy in your new store to take care of ones that got you here.They were too finally offer a discount next time. Good policies. You just keep opening new stores and older ones go on the back burner. You charge premium prices. Your company stock is sky high. Paying 55 cents on the dollar. You are losing loyal more
Blunt Reviews
Blunt R.
00:11 19 Aug 20
If I could give them no stars I would. Got here at 7:59 and was refused service. Claimed the cash register was already down (before 8:00 technically). I won’t be coming back to another trulieve I tell you more
Elizabeth Crosby
Elizabeth C.
00:07 18 Aug 20
Great shop!The lady at the front desk (Rose) always greets me with the warmest smile. Even when my anxiety is acting up so badly I can barely get out my ID, she puts me at ease. Her friendly attitude makes getting my medication at Trulive a consistently pleasant more
13:18 10 Aug 20
The waits are very long here. In my opinion the front desk needs lessons in hospitality. They seem to never have a good selection at this location. If you want something from here you habe to wake up extremely early to order it otherwise you are not going to get what you more
Casey Stewart
Casey S.
15:25 07 Aug 20
Canceled my order twice. Then corporate ended my chat. Guess you’re to busy in your new store to take care of ones that got you here.They were too finally offer a discount next time. Good policies. You just keep opening new stores and older ones go on the back burner. You charge premium prices. Your company stock is sky high. Paying 55 cents on the dollar. You are losing loyal more
Brittany Ramone
Brittany R.
20:43 02 Aug 20
Don’t bother ordering online. Every review saying online ordering is more efficient is lying. I placed my online order at noon. It’s now fifteen minutes until five o’clock in the afternoon so almost five hours after placing my online order I never got a text saying my order is ready for pickup. So I decide to show up in person. I tell the lady at the front desk that I have an online order and she takes my phone number and sends me an automated link to a wait list. The wait list says I will be waiting for 45 minutes. So I placed my online order at noon. I show up at the dispensary in person at 4:30. In 45 more minutes it will be 5:20pm and make a total of 6 hours that I’ve waited for my online order. Moral of the story you may as well just walk in because you’re going to be waiting an hour minimum whether you order online or not. Trulieve used to be the best dispensary but now so many people have cards and there are only two trulieve’s in this area. More trulieve’s need to open up. This is just more
21:22 29 Jul 20
I had the BEST experience today at Trulieve! I apologize that I cannot remember the name of the girls that helped me, but they were absolutely wonderful and so knowledgeable. I advised them that I have PCOS and was looking for some help with that and right away, they told me the science behind the CBD they recommended for me. I was so impressed! This was my very first time in a dispensary, and I was welcomed and made to feel very comfortable. Thank you so much! I look forward to coming back!read more
23:53 27 Jul 20
Horrible Horrible horrible wait times allllllllllll the time. Hit or miss on customer service. Suggest the Jax Beach location if you feel like a drive. Personable & professional. 60 min wait today for an online order. They will ensure to emphatically let you know you can come back the next day. As if they want you to more
Darec McDaniel
Darec M.
14:44 16 Jul 20
Great place when they do in fact fill your order. The stores often refuse to fill orders, will not confirm online orders, and frequently call after more than 24 hours to inform that confirmed items are no longer in stock.I think it’s pretty clear that they give preference to walk-in’s and not to online orders. Despite having over 2500 loyalty points, I am often made to wait in favor of filling walk in orders.On more than once occasion I’ve had to call in after waiting for a day, just to be told my order was not received at all. Do not trust their online inventories, as these are never correct. If you are less mobile and cannot go to the store I do not recommend Trulieve.If you can afford to walk in and wait in the lobby, try them out. They have a decent selection and are one of the only stores to accept more
Eddy Bryant
Eddy B.
07:05 14 Jul 20
One of the fastest ones I’ve been to. Great customer service.
Jeannie L.G.
Jeannie L.
14:08 12 Jul 20
They do not validate their offers online and if you order online and it goes through they just call you and tell you know that’s not gonna be validated their customer care is great other than they don’t wanna validate their clearance offers and I feel like that is false advertisement if something is on sale there and the order goes through it seems like that order would be more
Candace Merrow
Candace M.
21:32 30 Jun 20
I love this place. Rebecca with the purple hair is my favorite. The lady they always have at the front desk who wears glasses is the most annoying person I’ve ever encountered. She’s rude, short with you no matter what you have to say, and takes her job seriously I become disgusted when I walk in and see her face. Please hide more
Jessica Falk
Jessica F.
03:33 16 Jun 20
Best dispensary EVER! They often go above and beyond for their patients. The staff is knowledgeable, and friendly. If you ever need some great recommendations ask for Tony!read more
L Holmes
L H.
23:36 11 Jun 20
I just finished taking a loved one to the Beach Blvd. location and although the place is clean and most of the staff is very professional, the woman at check in was very abrasive and a bit too high strung for a front desk position. She needs to partake in the dispensary’s supply herself. She had no interest in explaining the facility’s process just barking out commands to people who had never been to the establishment. My loved one called the facility yesterday to get some information on their process beforehand and it was like pulling teeth. When my loved one and I arrived to check in, I was told I had to wait outside when I should’ve been told I needed to wait in the lobby. This really upset my loved one because other visitors were sitting in the lobby with their loved one. Check in lady had no self-awareness, didn’t clarify her statement or apologize. Three other staff members had to cover for her and I’m sure with her attitude it’s quite often. Please hire front desk staff with the same quality people skills as your back end staff. It makes a big more
Phyllis Anchel
Phyllis A.
23:34 06 Jun 20
It is true the online ordering can be made more efficient. There should be no wait time if you check in before you leave, but somehow there always is. Otherwise, no complaints. The inside service is wonderful . Their recommendations are always dead on. Customer service via phone is always helpful and will always return your emails or calls. Prices are great when they have sales, so look out for more
Lovely Smidge
Lovely S.
02:16 28 May 20
I love trulieve. truly customer oriented and caring. I definitely suggest ordering online to minimize wait time, but the walk in wait isn’t too bad either. in my top 3 more
Nikki Back
Nikki B.
18:17 15 May 20
Clean, nice friendly staff, much more reasonably priced than most of the medical marijuana dispensaries in the area. Always showing their appreciation to patients. Best dispensary in Jacksonville in my more
Tracy Herrera
Tracy H.
10:59 05 Apr 20
My first visit to a dispensary ever! Just got my card! I had a great experience, Angel was awesome. She was very patient with me and so informative. I will definitely be back, don’t feel the need to try another place 😊read more
Claudia Lewis
Claudia L.
19:31 25 Mar 20
The staff here is always friendly. My experience today was the best yet. Tony helped me and it was a fantastic experience. So pleasant and professional. You should hope to hire many “Tony’s” to represent your company in the future!read more
Joey Kataya
Joey K.
22:37 12 Mar 20
I just had my first visit here. After being in the military for five years, my knowledge was a little rusty. The staff here was super friendly, patient, and most of all helpful. The young lady helping me answered every question I had and encouraged me to ask away. Needless to say I will definitely be coming back here!read more
Melody Shaw
Melody S.
19:47 06 Mar 20
Recently was in Trulieve and had the best service. But best of all, they were out of something I used to say was my favorite. But, i asked for suggestions. Describing a particular close relation to the one they were out of. So I tried a couple of pre-rolls. Which, when trying a new strain I do not usually get more than 1 small. LA Confidential- AWESOME, THANK YOU for suggesting it and as you pointed out some similarities. Can hardly wait until it is backread more
iAm_Logical Gaming
iAm_Logical G.
19:38 28 Feb 20
Tony was very helpful and informative on my first visit. Any question I had, he answered with a very upbeat attitude. Will definitely be back because of this first experience with Tony. Front desk was also very helpful. Wait was about 15 minutes, was pretty full when i arrived at more
D.M. Hubble
D.M. H.
16:18 26 Feb 20
Have changed things up a little here and things seem to be running a bit smoother and maybe even quicker. Of course this is the only dispensary in town with that awesome greeting as you enter from Rose! Forces a smile everytime and that in itself is worth a star for professional politeness. No to mention Trulieve has the best product & the most of it. Again I cant stress enough how impressed i am with the turn around on wait time they have implemented nicely at this Super popular more
Yari Reyes
Yari R.
20:49 08 Feb 20
Joshua was one of the people that helped me on only my second visit. He was super helpful, friendly, and took his time explaining things to me every though it was past closing time!! Very impressed and I will be coming back!read more
Carlie Quinn
Carlie Q.
21:15 27 Jan 20
I went to Trulieve today. When I walked in I was greeted with a very warm welcome. All the employees were extremely nice and have amazing customer service. I was in the lobby long enough to use the restroom, which was very clean, and sit down for maybe 2 minutes. I was called to the back by their employee Gemiel. He was very nice and welcoming as well. I enjoyed my experience until it was time to place my order. They have no menus. I am a very visual person, so trying to order something without a menu is almost impossible for me. I end d up leaving with nothing simple because they do not have menus. I have been looking forward to coming back to Trulieve since they opened their orange park location. I am extremely disappointed. I understand the desire to interact more with customers. However, failure to provide a list of options to your that can be viewed takes away from the pleasantries of the whole experience. Please bring back the more
Jessica Wilson
Jessica W.
17:23 19 Jan 20
This dispensary is the best! Literally all the employees are so helpful and nice. I have been plenty of times and each time I go there is something more that I find out that just makes my day! Harley though! A big thank you 🙏 . Harley has a wonderful way with customer service and was very knowledgeable and helpful! Thank you HARLEY! Good luck 😉 👍read more
Jade Farley
Jade F.
17:57 06 Jan 20
I’m 2x visitor to the beach Blvd store. The customer service is very knowledgeable very helpful with a boost of kindness on top. Of the many stores I visited I like this store or brand per se, it seems to last longer then the others The customer service is very knowledgeable very helpful with a boost of kindness on top. Of the many stores I’ve visited I like this store or brand per se, it seems to last longer than the more
Williams Mcmanaman
Williams M.
10:33 24 Oct 19
Helpful and knowledgeable staff
Sally Hintz
Sally H.
20:55 13 Mar 18
Polite and very professional.
Dr. Ugly
Dr. U.
22:05 25 Jan 18
Mary, Kevin and Maranda are great and they make understanding easy. They answer all and any questions. They don’t treat you like your stupid because you don’t more
m wdifranco
m W.
18:00 05 Jan 18
Friendly and knowledgeable staff that make you feel comfortable. This is a blessing to me and my chronic pain, especially after my cancer diagnosis. Wonderful place with nice more
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