Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Key West, FL

400 Duval Street, Unit C
Key West, FL 33040

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available


MMTC Dispensary – Open

Florida Keys – A Trulieve dispensary located at 400 Duval Street, Unit C in Key West to service Monroe County medical cannabis card patients is open. Trulieve, the biggest dispensary brand in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for this Key West store products are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Key West Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.Florida Keys


Trulieve medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door in Key West, Marathon, Key Largo and throughout Monroe County. Order online or call over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients that have been certified by a recommending doctor who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$15 Delivery Fee Statewide. Free delivery to patients 65 years or older and on all orders over $200.

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

CC LaPointe
22:20 19 Jan 22
I want to thank the manager Johnathon for helping me afford to switch to mmj for longterm pain management. He went out of his way to really help me. My stomach ulcers and whole GI are slowly healing from being stuck using pharmaceuticals to deal with the pain from my injuries for so long.I also wanna thank my lovely delivery driver Josh, he’s also good communicator and takes care of all the details at the end. I’m so so grateful for the much needed relief, thank you to the great team at Trulieve Key West!!read more
Brooke Yates
Brooke Y.
02:20 15 Jan 22
When I come home to visit I usually avoid trulieve due to wait times- I never seem to get there at a good time, but Eddie is the reason I’ll come back! He dealt with my indecision perfectly and picked out several things for me that turned out to be exactly what I needed. Super knowledgeable, friendly and patient! Much appreciated!read more
Mike Woodson
Mike W.
03:36 12 Dec 21
Excellent Location. Friendly staff. Been going here for a long time now… at least a year or so. Eddie is awesome, he is super knowledgeable about different products and always takes the time to explain everything to me properly. He has went out of his way on a couple of occasions to find me products that were not showing in stock online. I usually don’t leave reviews, nor did I have a Google account in my name. However I had to to make an exception and go out of my way to leave a review due to this young mans excellent customer service. Thank you for everythingread more
15:14 04 Dec 21
Jose, Kaitlyn, Brandon & Eddie 💯 thanks so much guys! Your customer service is superb! 🌞👌
Chad Loiselle
Chad L.
15:58 19 Nov 21
Eddie was amazing. He took time to explain my options of product and price. I very much appreciated his knowledge, patience and smile. Cathyread more
Kat Nuter
Kat N.
20:33 01 Nov 21
Excellent service and product. My budtender Cait was very beautiful and knowledgeable,she gave great recommendations! Make sure you tip the staff they deserve it 🙂read more
16:12 17 Oct 21
Jose and Kaitlyn 💯 thanks so much guys! Your customer service is superb! 🌞👌
L Schiefer
L S.
21:14 14 Oct 21
Parking was difficult but I drive a F 150. Service was excellent! Look into delivery if you can. If you are doing the Crawl….enjoy!read more
Whitney Mann
Whitney M.
13:02 14 Oct 21
I visited from Vero last weekend. Staff was very courteous. I was especially pleased with Rhiannon, a talented patient consultant who went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. I hope that a member of leadership will reach out to her and offer her some Awardco points. 😁read more
Jeanne Rowlett
Jeanne R.
19:41 27 Sep 21
We were on vacation and forgot my daddy’s pain medicine. My sister is the one who usually deals with getting him his medication but she wasn’t traveling with us so I was completely clueless as to what to do as my daddy is not in good health to be able to verbalize what he needs. My sister placed an online order for us to go in and pick up at the Key West location. The gentleman who was checking people in put his arm around me and told me everything was going to be okay and they’d take care of whatever my daddy needed. They took care of us very fast and got us what we needed quickly while being so kind throughout the process. Thank you so much for being so kind and compassionate with my family that day and getting my daddy what he needed. ❤️read more
cody suiter
cody S.
19:54 22 Sep 21
The cashier kyle gave me the best service out of anywhere ive ever been too! Was very helpful and got me what I needed. Will definetly be back, this man deserve a promotion/ raise!read more
Cheyenne Thompson
Cheyenne T.
16:16 13 Sep 21
Trulieve Key West is by far the best around. Everyone from Shakira, Jose, Davis , Nick, Fred, The current manager Rafael and the original manager Alexander always brings a smile to face and mu day full of joy !! Could nevr go wrong shopping there their product are the best !!!!!!!!! PS Brandon was my favorite security guardread more
jae L.
14:42 08 Sep 21
By far my go to dispensary. Jonathan and the guys and gals there at my local key west location really make sure you’re taken care of. If there’s something that you’ve ordered and if they have something potentially better they’ll let you. That’s what I like about them they don’t keep all the good stuff to themselvesread more
Tyrone Callaway
Tyrone C.
08:52 31 Aug 21
Great staff and good place to pick up my medicine while visiting.
Mike Madajewski
Mike M.
23:53 01 Aug 21
Great employees, sadly very shady practices and very inconvenient website refreshes 10 mins after the new product is released which causes me to miss out on a strains I’ve been waiting to come back for weeks like again tonight with Space Age Cake. Also pictured is a $53 “premium” 3.5 which truly looks like a low level operation. Keep your stems even by mini Monday standards this would be suspicious. Seriously questioning your businesses practices. Are you in the business to help or take advantage? No one from support has gotten back to my emails so I’m letting the public know. Maybe this is Muv opportunity to step in on your less than local friendly organization. Again your local staff is more than amazing but this product you supply them with is making you look bad to our community. I’m not the more
Bride of Chucky
Bride of C.
20:19 22 Jul 21
I love how they opened up a location here in Key West, makes commuting a lot more easier. Not only that All employees are highly professional at all times, but they become like family and know exactly how to service each persons personal pallet of taste of products. Shelby was such a delight! Trulieve is the best dispensary by far located in Key West,Fl!read more
John Melendez
John M.
12:36 04 Jul 21
People are quite nice . Parking in front might not always be available so have a back up parking plan just in case . Day time hours usually have less traffic .read more
arielle diliberto
arielle D.
16:38 03 Jun 21
It was my first time purchasing medical marijuana and Raymond made me feel so comfortable during the entire experience. He treated me like an old friend and was very informative. I hope I get to see him next time I visit in Key more
Neil Gonzalez
Neil G.
23:09 01 Jun 21
Great people and relaxing atmosphere, very knowledgeable. I had Kyle assist me and was super helpful. Manager also stepped in to help replace a puffco that had failed and treated me really good, hooked me more
Justin Frizzell
Justin F.
22:11 01 Jun 21
I love their 50mg indica capsules but this is the third time in a row I drove down to spend alot of money on that product and they are out? I very nicely told the manager that they’ve lost my business to MUV and all he said is ” they aren’t their competition ” not sure who is, but if I was the manager I would make sure that I keep the most popular products well stocked. They’ve been in business for long enough to know what sells out and to order more to keep up with demand. Idk what’s going on there. Great products, bad managementread more
Pamela Kailian
Pamela K.
22:07 28 May 21
Great products and kind friendly staff always willing to help 👍
Rupert Burrows
Rupert B.
01:10 14 May 21
Came by this morning and was assisted by Fred the man! Answered all my questions accordingly. Provided quality and professional service. Fred is definitely an asset to the trulieve team. Left with a smile on my face!read more
Mike Hardy
Mike H.
16:00 04 May 21
Great staff, friendly and informative. Kyle was very helpful in assisting me my first time in. Would highly recommend!!!!!read more
Julie Moody
Julie M.
17:37 31 Mar 21
Thank you Jonathan for the great service. Great staff
Daniel Bitnar
Daniel B.
16:05 26 Mar 21
Great store, Jonathan was a great Host and did the check in super easy and friendly, once insight i was attended by Nick, very nice and super professional answered all of my questions with no hesitation, he is great and i will go back to him next time. These guys are more
12:18 12 Mar 21
I have been to a handful of Trulieve’s but I had a particularly great experience at this Trulieve! The staff was extremely welcoming and more
David Rivera
David R.
23:24 23 Feb 21
Went on a trip for three months and they welcomed me back with open arms! Susannah is a very awesome bud tender was very good with recommendations and communicationread more
Laurie Harvey
Laurie H.
14:57 22 Dec 20
We were at the Key West location and it was great. I want to say the woman’s name was Amy or Eve, it was a short name but, she was big on information. I usually get delivery from Trulieve, with Vic as my delivery person. Shout out to them both, they are doing a great job. We often hear of bad employees and not enough of the praise for the caring and giving folks we have helping us medicate. Thanks to all. Shout out to the elderly gentlemen that always seems to be a mainstay at the Duval location, too. Thanks! Happy Holidays.⛱read more
David Drewel
David D.
15:33 11 Dec 20
Great products. But supper slow service. I arrived on a morning 4 minutes before they opened (1st in line) to pickup an online order. 8 minutes later they opened. I didn’t get served for 25 MINUTES! I WAS FIRST IN LINE! Although there are times I’ve waited 40 minutes. Plus they put the store on Duval st. Locals hate going to Duval more
Thomas Sireci
Thomas S.
19:16 15 Nov 20
Very good store. Nice staff n always a big selection. Only gave 4 stars cause they do take a long time to serve people, the average wait time for me has been 15-20 min. in the lobby just to get to the back room to make my purchase. I think they could really improve in that aspect but everything else is spot more
Nesta Vigski
Nesta V.
15:11 27 Oct 20
Loving the Trulieve KEY WEST delivery service!! Vic & Darren are great people and always on time! Very personable, professional and polite! Appreciate your service and for making at home deliveries more
Patrick Scialabba
Patrick S.
00:18 25 Oct 20
Visiting Key West with my family and I stumbled upon Trulieve on Duval Street. This is my first time at this particular dispensary. I’ve heard a lot about their great products and Josh C really helped explain a good amount of them. Was really excited about his knowledge of the new edibles available. Definitely going to give my local Trulieve more more
J. K. Barron
J. K. B.
23:02 16 Oct 20
The products are amazing. The staff is so friendly. It is an actual pleasure to visit this dispensary – even before I’ve medicated and can deal with people. Prices are fair. Products are potent. I wouldn’t go anywhere else on the island. I would give them a bonus star… if I more
19:32 29 Sep 20
Like all Trulieve centers I’ve visited in S Florida, the staff were friendly, knowledgeable, focused on transaction. My only issue is inventory. Because they ARE the best dispensary in KW, they run out of stock often. I wish inventory was more dependable.And people consider before complaining about “waiting”. I’ve been WAITING 45 YEARS 🌴!! Be THANKFUL you can walk into a store and buy happiness – finally.Really the wait is never more than 15 minutes more
Edison Estrella
Edison E.
16:47 29 Sep 20
Every time, every single time I go to this location I have a great experience. Everyone is knowledge and extremely friendly. Jose, Cody, Charles, Justin, Nick, both bearded Josh and tall Josh, even both of the security guards are friendly and helpful. As a retail management professional of over 12 years, this site and its staff is always on point with service and smiles. Thanks guys!!.read more
Tammy Shaffer
Tammy S.
20:32 28 Sep 20
I live 45 minutes from the nearest Trulieve so I order online and have it delivered. I have to tell you my delivery guys, Vic and Darren are the BEST!!! They go out of their way to make you smile and they are super helpful and they are both very Positive people which I really love and respect so much. If I have any questions they are my go to because they are super knowledgable as well. Since they have been my only contact with Trulieve I give them a 10 out of 10!! Thanks guys!read more
Jamie Bartak
Jamie B.
19:02 26 Sep 20
Love the setup, staff is always friendly when helping me out. Charles was very helpful and knew the menu off the top off his head, helped me greatly!read more
Lex, Wife and Boy Mom
Lex, Wife and Boy M.
12:31 20 Sep 20
Best selection on the island
Unmasked Unveiled
Unmasked U.
00:53 20 Sep 20
This is a review of edibles that have been sold now that the State has approved them. I purchased online so when u pick up everything is pretty much bagged and ready to go so not much discussion about the products purchased. I get home excited to have the new TruGels Watermelon gummy’s. 0.170% THC WTH WYTF? What’s the point of selling something with less than 1% of THC in each drop or whatever. The state mandate is nothing more than 10mgs per serving or 20mgs in a multi serving edible.0.170% THC???I just paid $25 for basically watermelon flavored Dots.They say u never have a second time to make a good first impression….2 stars because they taste great, for more
Stacie Safford
Stacie S.
21:50 19 Sep 20
Michael Young is amazing. He can run fast and jump high and i adore him….however Altovise can run faster and jump higher and also clearly had been practicing her ninja moves for my arrival which. COME ON YALL. Seriously? Above and more
Megan Snyder
Megan S.
20:20 19 Sep 20
Josh C was amazing and super Knowledgeable! Great deals on the ground!
Kristen Dean
Kristen D.
01:03 16 Sep 20
Every single person that works there is so nice and helpful. I’ve had so many great experiences with the staff at the key west location. Especially Charles and sue and Davis. I can’t name one employee that I don’t like .read more
Amy Soto
Amy S.
00:44 15 Sep 20
Always friendly and efficient, the Trulieve Key West staff truly shine! My favorite is Joseph, whose greeting is warm and caring. The Trulieve Key West’s facility is clean and well spaced. A great shopping experience!read more
Christina Hendrix
Christina H.
13:16 14 Sep 20
Nick was awesome on my first trip to Trulieve!! Very informative and energetic, you could tell he enjoyed his job.
Beija Lopez
Beija L.
13:25 06 Sep 20
Always informative and helpful when it comes to questions about their products. I had Cody Help me and he was very kind and answered all of my questions that I had and was very knowledgeable. He helped me pick which would be best for me and let me know about the different products they have.Andy is also a big help when ever I shop. He lets me know how everything works and how to replace coils for my pen and always greets me when I arrive with a smile.If your looking for a place where you’re treated like family shop at Trulieve Key west. 😊read more
Capt Paul
Capt P.
14:00 03 Sep 20
This is an amazing dispensary. With great customer service.
Giordan DeMeza
Giordan D.
18:08 02 Sep 20
josh c and andy were very helpful for my first time @ trulieve experience! knowledgeable staff.
Vixen Jess
Vixen J.
21:29 23 Aug 20
I had a great experience. I wasn’t aware of how to look for what products and a gentlemen named Cody was very informative. He had a great personality and made me feel welcomed. Thank you!read more
Michey McKinnon
Michey M.
18:23 21 Aug 20
Always a pleasure shopping at this location. Everyone is always so helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks to Cody for the reccomendations. 🤙🏽And also thanks to Amy for always being so sweet. ✌🏽read more
lil hunt aka hunter
lil hunt aka H.
16:33 21 Aug 20
I love coming to trulieve Key West. This place is always so clean and so well organized the staff is also friendly I think my favorite thing about it is that you can request your favorite cashier to take care of you . I normally request Cody even though he’s new he knows what he is selling and is very quick and efficient he also makes great suggestions just let him know what’s the problem and he’ll find the right product for you. I definitely would suggest going to trulieve key west and I would highly recommend that you asked for Cody to be your cashier and don’t forget tips are appreciated have fun everybody stay safe out thereread more
Jesus M Rosa Jr
Jesus M Rosa J.
19:04 14 Aug 20
Great place, ordered for pickup was able to change to a walk-in
Aj Mundy
Aj M.
17:44 03 Aug 20
My boy Joshua L and Cody Daley be killing in there(always getting the update) and Dalton is absolutely always on the ball💪🏾🎯back an forth an put all your recommendations into consideration✅😎 including all love from the employees front and back doing a phenomenal job showing happiness with big smiles all the time and try too go the extra mile🐐 our Truelievers are snapping on everything✊🏽🤘🏽read more
Adam Johnson
Adam J.
01:36 01 Aug 20
Trulieve is amazing and professional vibe a fresh and secure service. Cold. Always cold)) I been a customer with them now for couple weeks. Getting to know the product and what’s available so helpful. The staff to me is what really what makes it while. To all the trulieve staff. I am amazed I love em all. I like there story’s and Intel on the product. Yay let’s talk Cannabis)Ooo Okay)). Getting the scoop on what’s out and new and interesting. It’s healing and makes my day. I hope we’ll for this business during these days and times we face And to the success of all the staff. They are the best!!!! Rock my world every visit!☺️❤️😊read more
Super Man
Super M.
22:33 29 Jul 20
Trulieve Key West is the only store I shop at in the keys for several reasons: They’re efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable of their products. Recently, Jose and Cody had processed my pick-up order as well as assisting me with a defective product. Jose has helped me in the past several times and Cody I just met today. They had me laughing the whole time I was there, and it was nice to forget about COVID for a minute. Maybe that Clark Kent guy will write a story about your good work keeping your customer’s spirits up. Thank you Jose, Cody, and all the rest of the Trulieve Key West staff.Keep up the good work!read more
Alfred Moya
Alfred M.
16:44 28 Jul 20
As expected the staff here are always professional and courteous and super helpful. This location has lots of staff available on peak hours so it moves along pretty fast.My only complaints would be at corporate for not providing enough inventory for the local customers. The website is a joke so ordering online sucks and driving to Duval multiple times per week is a drag especially with the coronavirus but thankful the people here make it fun. Its always a party like atmosphere at Trulieve!read more
Mathaniel T
Mathaniel T
14:09 23 Jul 20
Excellent service and accommodations. In and out for me, on a Saturday afternoon. Only for stars because, only one strain of flower available at that time. All though it be very good strain, I needed variety. Maybe next time?read more
Kirsten Sanchez
Kirsten S.
23:40 22 Jul 20
Jose and Bari were so sweet to me! Every employee here has amazing customer service skills, but these two blew it out of the water. A stressless experience for my chronically stressed out brain is EXACTLY what I needed today!! Thank you guys so much for the amazing service!read more
Sue bee
Sue B.
15:30 27 Jun 20
Wow ! Excellent. I just tried sour OG chem at over 28%. It is a beautiful strain,great body buzz with over all happy feeling like floating on a cloud. This is my new favorite along with papaya cake🤗. Good morning and what a great day to try pineapple upside down cake. 3 puffs and you will talk for at least an hour, very powerful sativa. Then I slowed my roll with Afghan triangle and I am walking on sunshine 😊.read more
Sue bee
Sue B.
22:13 19 Jun 20
Wow ! Excellent. I just tried sour OG chem at over 28%. It is a beautiful strain,great body buzz with over all happy feeling like floating on a cloud. This is my new favorite along with papaya cake🤗read more
mesci abebe
mesci A.
17:12 27 May 20
Very professional, proficient and very well informed staff. The best dispensary in town. Any Mayo, was amazing. Answered all my questions with patience along with excellent customer more
Eric Dickerson
Eric D.
23:18 18 May 20
been here numerous times. Always busy so I expect the wait. So decided to order online and hopefully skip waiting in the lobby. It took an hour for the online order to be ready… (1 jar or flower is all I ordered ) and when I got there I still had to wait in the lobby for the 2 other people in there already. They obviously didn’t order online with the amount of time they spent in back. So not sure what happened this time. Thumbs down for the store. The bud tenders are always helpful thoughread more
John Kennedy
John K.
17:19 18 May 20
First time in the Key West store and Trulieve in general. All the employees I interacted with were kind and knowledgeable. Also clearly worried about each other’s safety. The lady up front I didn’t get her name, but she had long hair up in a tail, and worked in the morning shift. My tender was Michael. Also very kind, and very helpful. Answered all of my somewhat dumb questions with good informed more
Tatiana Avila
Tatiana A.
21:26 29 Apr 20
First time at Trulieve & I will never go anywhere else! As soon as you walk in your greeted & given a warm smile by the woman in the front (didn’t get her name sorry). Very quick, not a long wait & the staff is amazing! I was helped by Amy & she was super sweet! Very knowledgeable of the products & loves to help! I went to pick up a first time order & the whole process was easy even for my first time, Amy even helped me change & add some things that were better for me. I ended up walking out with a bunch of stuff at a great price. Highly recommended, thank you Alexander the GM for having such an amazing & sweet team at Trulieve on Duval St. Check them out!read more
Michael McMahon
Michael M.
21:59 19 Apr 20
While the staff are all excellent it is hard to mention anyone by name, the truth is you’re in good hand with them all. I must say Amy goes out if her way to offer the complete customer service experience. She recently made me away of the new Paradise Waits strain. All I can say it was a superb recommendation, thank more
Lesley Pazo
Lesley P.
18:07 06 Apr 20
I absolutely love this dispensary. True to their word on making you a satisfied customer. All the employees are great one employee Michael, was very helpful and took extra time explaining things to me. Another employee today named Andrew, and his coworker Jinny assisted me today in my purchase. I tried the CO2 cartridge in the 9lb hammer. Love it. Great earthy tasted like discussed. All the employees are knowledgeable and are not pushy on more
Aaron Hollowell
Aaron H.
13:52 19 Mar 20
Very sufficient and quick too. The staff was super helpful with questions and friendly at that too. Especially Any Mayo who helped guide me along with the right products that were most suitable for me. Good energy. The prices are reasonable given the great quality you’ll receive. Well worth the price and the more
14:01 18 Mar 20
Michael was the best. Very knowledgeable and extremely pleasant. From the moment I walked in the door I felt that everyone cared about me and making sure I got my needs met. My doctor informed me that this would help and the staff was able to direct me as to which medication would be the most beneficial. Consider me a very satisfied customer and I am very happy with the service provided by Michael my more
Insatiable Cockwhore
Insatiable C.
21:13 17 Mar 20
Trulieve on Duval is one of the best additions to our town. Amazing vibe, great consultants and perfect product line. If you get a chance to get Michael as your ‘tender your days gonna be perfect. Much love ❤️read more
00:14 25 Feb 20
Visiting the Key West Trulieve is always a pleasure. Their staff are all very friendly and professional. The atmosphere makes you feel like you’re more than just a customer to them. The entire staff makes one feel like you’ve stepped into a gathering of knowledgeable friends, but on my last three visits to Trulieve, I was aided by Michael, Davis and Mr. Darren. They all spent that extra time to make sure I understood which products would be most beneficial for me in treating my specific condition. Plus, the product is absolutely amazing and helps me with my pain a lot. It’s far superior to the other stores I’ve visited in the past, which has convinced me that there’s no better place to get the products I need from anywhere but Trulieve. The question shouldn’t be, “Why go to Trulieve?” It should be, “Why would I go anywhere else but Trulieve.” I know Trulieve is a business and I don’t want it to seem like the store and staff are anything but professional, because they are, but it’s a very warm and welcoming experience and I can’t imagine ever shopping anywhere else for the products I need. A big thank you to the staff and owners of Trulieve!read more
01:24 02 Dec 19
Like all Trulieve centers I’ve visited in S Florida, the staff were friendly, knowledgeable, focused on transaction. My only issue is inventory. Because they ARE the best dispensary in KW, they run out of stock often. Thankfully deliveries come 3X a week, still I wish it was more dependable.And people consider before complaining about “waiting”. I’ve been WAITING 45 YEARS 🌴!! Be THANKFUL you can walk into a store and buy happiness – finally.Really the wait is never more than 15 minutes more
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