Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Largo, FL

2076 Seminole Blvd
Largo, FL 33778

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available


MMTC Dispensary – Open

Largo – A Trulieve dispensary located at 2076 Seminole Blvd in Largo is open to service Pinellas County medical cannabis card patients is open. Trulieve, the biggest dispensary brand in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for this Largo store products are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Largo Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door in Largo and throughout Pinellas County. Order online or call over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients that have been certified by a recommending doctor who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$15 Delivery Fee Statewide. Free delivery to patients 65 years or older and on all orders over $200.

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Samantha Kozlowski
Samantha K.
14:40 11 Jan 22
Make sure you get your change back and I’m not talking about a couple dollars I wouldn’t care about a few bucks but this wasn’t even the first time it seems to be the same person though. I won’t be back to this location. Curaleaf has way better deals anyway!read more
Lori Snow
Lori S.
18:09 05 Jan 22
Brande was awesome! She was very helpful and knowledgeable about all the products. It’s very refreshing to have people like her to guide me in the right direction since I don’t know very much about your products. Thanks more
John DiStefano
John D.
20:12 04 Jan 22
Awesome service. Handled my order well. There was a wait of about four minutes to get called to the back. Bud tender was great. Very warm welcome and the order was perfect and experience smooth as a baby’s bottom. Had some issues at other dispensaries before so far this location is a great Trulieve to visit, even better than the last location (which shall remain nameless) that I used to more
Aaron Peck
Aaron P.
21:27 28 Dec 21
Excellent first time buyer experience. Brande helped me immensely and made it a smooth and easy process. I’d highly more
Jacob Madley
Jacob M.
04:11 28 Dec 21
Brande was my cashier and she was absolutey delightful and helped me pick out some bomb @** live rosin … Called Purple Crip… Hands down my favorite consultant at this location. Definitely will be returning!read more
Will Jenkins
Will J.
00:46 15 Dec 21
Very rarely will I get a tender that cares or knows their product. The website says one thing, the tender says another and the final sale says altogether something different. Most of the time I get someone very informative and can’t answer my questions. Perhaps I should try a different more
John Janus
John J.
22:24 29 Nov 21
Everyone is just super helpful with my needs and always take the time to answer any questions I may have.
Roy D'Andrea
Roy D.
20:27 24 Nov 21
My opinion is that all true leave stores are the best dispensaries to be had. I’ve never waited at any trulieve dispensary for more than 15 minutes on a really busy day. Kind courteous efficient and priced to please, can’t beat their pricing any place that I know more
Jamie Mulligan
Jamie M.
15:22 09 Nov 21
I love trulieve and their products. I feel like they are definitely Superior to other dispensaries. Alyssa is amazing!,, I always hope that she’s working when I go, as a matter of fact I now make sure I go when she’s working because she’s consistent with her product knowledge and never steers me wrong and very very friendly. such a delight!read more
Peter Augustyniak
Peter A.
17:48 01 Nov 21
I won’t go back to this location again, the guy who was supposed to help me basically lied to me.
Hubert Nunns
Hubert N.
20:43 12 Oct 21
Always a smooth process. I love how I can know what is available at each one before I even get to a location using only the more
Damien Fields
Damien F.
19:43 11 Oct 21
I would just like to make a special shout out to my associate Roy thank you very much for your help today You alleviated a lot of my questions and concerns and I really appreciate your help today. I have been having a lot of issues with Trulieve recently and this is been the best visit I’ve had in quite a while yet again thank you more
Keri Poceous
Keri P.
04:30 24 Sep 21
Pretty quick service. There was at least five people ahead of me and I maybe waited 10 minutes to be seen. The pleasant woman who helped me once I got to the back for my turn was very knowledgeable and helped me get the best discount for my more
00:22 21 Aug 21
If you want to be discriminated against for not wearing a mask while fully vaccinated, you should stop here and purchase your medicine. If you want to be treated with respect, and get much better product. Go to Growhealthy and don’t waste your time with these clowns. I will never come back after they deliberately wasted my more
John Meier
John M.
13:35 05 Aug 21
I just recently received my license and was glad to find out that this location was so close to home. I just paid rent and have been tight but wanted to check out their selection. I preordered online and was told once I go in that I can get a 50% of my first order as a new patient/customer. The site even says the second visit is 15% off. My order was $35 prior to total, so I figured my cost would be roughly under $20 bucks. At check out the lady who helped me was very nice but I was confused when my total was $45 not $35 or even discounted. When I asked about it I was told flower has no discounts just everything else. I was confused since I was told other company locations provide that discount regardless of product. I like this location but I was disappointed by the cost as a new user. This location might be a second option for me if the cost will be this much for so more
John Casey
John C.
00:28 29 Jul 21
Employees are awesome. Place is awesome. But the weights of the flower have been off. I recommend bringing your own scale if you are buying flower 💯💯💯read more
Doug G
Doug G
20:19 02 Jul 21
This is my kind of destination. Deca-Great! Great Products. Great Variety. Great Prices. Great Specials. Great Service. Great People. Great Location. Great Information. Great Dispensary. That’s all I can say. I highly recommend this Trulieve Dispensary more
paolo esguerra
paolo E.
02:37 06 Jun 21
Justin the Patient Consultant is very helpful! He gave great product information and helped me find what I needed. I recommend seeing him whether a it’s your first time or a returning customer. 10/10 employeeread more
Megan Kempshall
Megan K.
23:07 22 May 21
Every single time I have gone in they have been amazing. They are knowledgeable and will guide you through all. Brett and Jacqueline helped me out today and made sure I left with a smile. Thank you!read more
Kaitlyn Santoro
Kaitlyn S.
23:30 10 May 21
Been to this dispensary a few times now and it is absolutely one of my favorites both in brand and in location. The staff here are always exceeding my expectations of what it will be like going to get my medicine.Extremely helpful and they always seem like they’re happy and having fun too!Every visit so far has been 11/10.Most recent visit I would like to say thank you to Roy for updating me on store specials and good ways to store my flower and try new strains!Also to the dark haired woman in front who had to explain to an older gentleman that his card had just expired and she was not only kind and considerate in her approach to him but seemed genuinely happy to offer help.Love that.Keep up the kindness everyone!!read more
lisa brin
lisa B.
04:50 04 May 21
Had a great experience for my first time I ended up having Michael deja he was really helpful considering I had a crazy situation my daughter ended up getting sick in the lobby and he was very helpful making her feel not so uncomfortable and embarrassed he is very sweet and considerate everybody in there went over and above to try to make my daughter feel better I truly am sorry for that once again and look forward to seeing you guys again sometime soonread more
17:57 28 Apr 21
Had a wonderful consultation with a young man who was extremely helpful and full of knowledge. The selection was pretty decent. Must have a face mask, they dont budge on more
Sean E
Sean E
00:21 26 Mar 21
Wonderful place, good staff, clean ect.. I’ve been going to this location since it opened a few years ago. All of the staff are excellent and I’m always very pleased with the more
Elise Veigh
Elise V.
17:35 22 Mar 21
awesome place. the staff are all very knowledgeable and friendly. great prices, big selection. the employees here go above and beyond for the customers. Trever selflessly took the pin off his own lanyard and gave it to me when the store was giving away various trinkets and they had ran out of Trulieve logo pins for the day. the best dispensary I’ve been to ever. All the employees deserve a raise!read more
Joe Terry
Joe T.
16:27 21 Mar 21
Upon my arrival I was greeted with warm salutations even though masks are worn a person as myself can see the smiles as I entered. My wait time was very minimal, during which all of the patients engaged in stimulating conversations. After going inside there again nearly everyone said good afternoon. The consultant was very knowledgeable and helped guide me throughout the process. I’ll be back again my experience was unlike any other dispensary I have ever been toread more
Andy W
Andy W
16:06 06 Mar 21
It was my first time here and I am overall very pleased with my experience. Kendra was really awesome! I will definitely be more
Joni Gollner
Joni G.
20:10 08 Feb 21
They were very nice and helpful. The doctor helped me with products that would work best for my medical conditions. I would recommend this more
Sara Grogan
Sara G.
22:23 19 Jan 21
Julia was super kind and helpful!! She informed me of the best product for my preferences and I definitely hope to get her again as my budtender. Trevor also did a great job of stepping in and accommodating me. Two super employees!read more
Mimi Gilbert
Mimi G.
21:09 10 Jan 21
My significant other, Frank Vassallo, had an outstanding customer service experience that exceeded his expectations with Trever and Kathleen. They were both extremely knowledgeable about the products, friendly and efficient. Such a nice experience 🙂read more
Brandon Kempkens
Brandon K.
15:27 02 Jan 21
I’ve been coming to this location ever since they opened, and have yet to do a review. So let’s start out by thanking the staff for all their hard work and patience that I see them have with some customers. Now I want to send a special shout out to Trevor, Shane, Jenn and Michael; you are the reason that Trulieve runs as smoothly as it does. Keep up the good work!read more
David Upton
David U.
14:31 02 Jan 21
This is my favorite one of your stores cuz it is closest to my house. The stock is usually quite well and their employees are some of the best employees that a customer could want to have waiting to help you.But there is one gentleman his name is Trevor I don’t know if he’s an assistant manager or just someone that is always on the ball more than willing to bend over backwards to help you as far as knowledge of the products they carry and he is a pleasure to have to deal with. Personally , I’m not sure what his position is within that store or your company, but with his personality is dedication and his ability to help you with any decisions you may need to make or product information he is definitely the person you want to talk to he’s very personable very knowledgeable and most importantly very professional I look forward to seeing him and talking to him whenever I visit your store ! And with that being said is one of the best and one of the most pleasurable experiences of shopping did I enjoy having. My hat’s off to Trevor and may you work your way up the ladder within true leaf soon. Sincerely, David more
Marsha Keene
Marsha K.
18:20 13 Dec 20
Trever and Ciara W at Largo Trulieve are the most wonderful dispensary workers I have been able to work with. They have taken care of me since day 1 as a customer, and I appreciate it. They are a great asset to this company. They are the reasons I’d keep coming back here. Thank you so much for your service!read more
21:52 06 Dec 20
I got a text my order was cancelled and then it was fulfilled. I went in there after having so much trouble ordering online and on the customer service number. They informed me that the order was not fulfilled so I was pretty upset and then Trevor and Roy were able to come up with a compromise which I appreciate very much. I never leave google reviews but I thought their effort should be commended. Thanks guysread more
12:54 05 Dec 20
I will only comment on a dispensary if I’ve had both their flower and wax products. Both here are quality and you can sometimes find good sales at Trulieve.This particular store is very friendly, clean, and quick when I actually get service.Edit: I had to edit my review because I’ve only been here 4 times and had to leave twice empty handed. Last time I showed, they had barley anything and very little options for flower. It was so bad I turned around and left.This time, I placed an order for pickup and when I got there their system was down. They had me leave empty handed although I put in that order way more
Jay Stew
Jay S.
14:22 28 Oct 20
I went to Saint Pete for the weekend spur of the moment to stay with my cousin. Invited invited me to stay a few extra days. Oh but oh I only brought enough pot for two days what am I gonna do. I quickly looked up Trulieve to find a local branch because in Port St. Lucie I only get my pot from Trulieve they have the best prices and the biggest discounts and quite honestly the best products around with the highest THC levels. Think about it when it comes to pot what are you really buying? The THC. So why would you buy pot with a low THC when you can get a high THC for the same price. Truly is never lets me down. The other day I went to Sertoma wellness and bought two ground flowers and after I brought them home I looked and saw that they were only 10% each. Keep up the good work I’ll be backread more
Julien Clark
Julien C.
21:38 26 Oct 20
Awesome staff! I was assisted by Randall and he was very friendly. A lot of dispensaries come off as very clinical and formal and this place really shows that you can still be professional and follow state rules while making your guests feel like they’re in a retail environment rather than a “clinical” environment. Another associate, Ashley L. also spoke with me and it was great to hear how much both associates loved their jobs and the products. The product itself was also just as great as my customer experience! 🙂read more
Michelle Davis
Michelle D.
20:25 10 Oct 20
I absolutely LOVE this store! The staff is by far the nicest and knowledgeable group in this area. I actually drive 8 miles out of my way just to order my medication from this store. They are always willing to accommodate patients that might struggle with the products and I find that they are the most inclusive and non judgmental of all of the local trulieve stores. Jen, the manager, is the most understanding, compassionate and patient person I have come across. There is NEVER a problem too big that she can’t handle and she won’t stop until your issue has been resolved. You can tell that she really cares! I am a loyal customer for life!read more
Stephen Perrault
Stephen P.
19:35 09 Oct 20
So friendly , clean facilities, happy customer!
David Green
David G.
19:58 06 Oct 20
This is a very well run Trulieve location. The team there really knows their stuff. In particular I’d like to mention Alyssa who has given me some very intelligent and helpful more
Jeff Glass
Jeff G.
19:31 01 Oct 20
While always busy they do a good job of getting folks in and out.
Juliana Arhontas
Juliana A.
21:14 17 Sep 20
I’ve been to several Trulieve locations and everyone here stands out as being professional and courteous, budtenders and management alike. Any time I have had an issue with ordering or getting a product, they make things right. This dispensary does alternative medicine the best way, with compassion and more
Jonathan Lunsford
Jonathan L.
21:49 14 Sep 20
Pleasant staff and good COVID safety standards.
David Desper
David D.
21:44 10 Sep 20
Great Largo location that is discrete if that is your thing but I’m a proud supporter of the medical marijuana community. Clean environment and discounts everyday. A lot of variety of strains and CBD infused creams, edibles and of course more
Shea Rainwater
Shea R.
13:45 10 Sep 20
If you are looking for grounds on Thursdays make sure that you online order, this option is available starting at 7am and is the main reason why in store availability for the grounds is slim to more
13:11 09 Sep 20
Great staff. Very knowledgeable and very personable. Limited selection of flower and no edibles as of 09/06/2020.
09:44 09 Sep 20
I will only comment on a dispensary if I’ve had both their flower and wax products. Both here are quality and you can sometimes find good sales at Trulieve.This particular store is very friendly, clean, and quick when I actually get service.Edit: I had to edit my review because I’ve only been here 4 times and had to leave twice empty handed. Last time I showed, they had barley anything and very little options for flower. It was so bad I turned around and left.This time, I placed an order for pickup and when I got there their system was down. They had me leave empty handed although I put in that order way more
Steven Friedman
Steven F.
22:16 07 Sep 20
Great verity and quick service.
Katrina Piparo
Katrina P.
01:30 06 Sep 20
Love the Trulieve Largo staff. Every time I come (weather I’m picking up or walking in) the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Service is generally fast as well. I decided to go ahead and try out the delivery service, it’s schedule for tomorrow morning. Also I dropped my resume off and applied online. I’d love to join the team some more
Mitchell Landis
Mitchell L.
17:33 26 Aug 20
The staff is great, the office I go to is always neat and very clean. Everyone is professional, courtius, and polite. If there is an issue with a product, they remidy it. The support Vets with a discount and have a reward more
Shanise Robertson
Shanise R.
17:35 20 Aug 20
This one always always always says they have something I drive way from South St. Pete and they don’t have what I want. The staff is good. I love Kendra she is amazing but this trulieve is such a disappoinment to a loyal customer. I spend too much to deal with this all the time makes me want to not even come at more
Alec LaFleur
Alec L.
01:32 05 Aug 20
By far one of the BEST dispensaries in St. Petersburg. Trulieve has a huge inventory (tons of products), from flower to concentrates (check out their crumble). Very friendly staff, everyone here knows what they’re talking about! Highest thc % in everything ive seen, compared to other places. 10/10 wont go anywhere else more
Sam Fritz
Sam F.
19:16 27 Jul 20
This was my first time at Largo’s trulieve. There was an issue with my order due to a newly implemented rule by the company. I was emailed saying my order was fulfilled, but when I arrived more than half was missing. The manager, I wish I got his name, really took care of me when I said I expected my order to be fulfilled. He couldn’t do that but he was able to move some stuff around for a new order and made up for the miscommunication on the company & websites end. I left happy and appreciative to him and the cashier who stayed very polite. Woman with short hair in right corner register. Thank more
13:52 24 Jul 20
5 Star Review from me. I will only comment on a dispensary if I’ve had both their flower and wax products. Both here a quality and you can find good sales at Trulieve. I just bought 7g of preground for $25.This particular store is very friendly, clean, and quick. I am in and out here in no time. It is small and more
Robert Bryant
Robert B.
17:31 19 Jul 20
Nice clean establishment, very helpful employees, and a great selection… until they run out. Definitely need to up there quantitiesread more
Greg Roller
Greg R.
00:21 16 Jul 20
Fast efficient, very nice staff, check supplies early your favorites run out quickly.
Anthony Thran
Anthony T.
23:36 14 Jul 20
Best Trulieve in my area. Staff very helpful.
Susan Brown
Susan B.
19:11 06 Jul 20
Customer service is always great here, and they have a nice selection of products and plenty of parking. Their Covid precautions seem good, and they have options that enable you to avoid going in, if you want to do more
Sean Maxey
Sean M.
20:41 21 Jun 20
This store is awesome!! I usually go to the one on 4th St., but I’ll be coming here from now on. The customer service is so good here. The staff is really friendly. I did a return today and was helped out by Tasha, and I left feeling really good. She made it so easy and even helped me select a couple of cartridges 😎 I never write reviews, but honestly my experience here today was so pleasant that I couldn’t not say something!! P.s. the wait time is far shorter too 👍👍read more
Tracy Pattenaude
Tracy P.
01:36 15 Jun 20
Everyone I was in contact with provided great service. They really care and want to help! I was there to get product for my husband who was diagnosed w/Stage 4 Colon cancer and everyone was very supportive and compassionate! Unfortunately my husband passed on Memorial Day so I no longer have reason to visit but if for some reason I have the need, I would definitely come back!read more
Carlos Ramirez
Carlos R.
21:19 07 Jun 20
I have been with them since they opened and also bought their stock and it is like number one in their commitment to service.. As a Chef in people and best product with new all the time…… I am turning a good part portfolio to TRULIEVE.. KEEP UP T GOOD JOBS AND NUMBERSCarlos Ramirezread more
Rita Donohue-Simmons
Rita D.
22:20 27 May 20
Kind and courteous staff. Very helpful and knowledgable.
Brenda Hankin
Brenda H.
20:10 08 May 20
This is one of the very best locations I feel like I’m walking into my living Room because they are also welcoming and helpful every time I go. They treat you like you are part of the family Thank you for being so awesome and always answering my questionsread more
Kimberly Morelli
Kimberly M.
14:11 08 May 20
This was my first visit was completely confused. I did research but it’s different standing there. Michael Deja was a wonderful and informative tech. I highly recommend him. He has knowledge, empathy and a genuine kindness. Everyone from the lady at recieving the Security Officer and all the staff were helpful and just good vibe people. I highly recommend. I will be going more
Christina Boyd
Christina B.
18:03 12 Mar 20
I love Trulieve. Love how clean this dispensary is. I’ve actually never been to the Largo Trulieve until now. The employees are super helpful and nice. As always, the dispensary is clean and neat and kept up. I do recommend visiting this newer Trulieve more
Brandie Willes
Brandie W.
12:35 11 Mar 20
Super helpful and inviting. L9ve the atmosphere and knowledgeable staff. Whom are compassionate to my needs . Love going there!read more
Elise Gates
Elise G.
12:33 09 Mar 20
Love going to Trulieve in largo , from the first time I went everyone was absolutely great. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Love going their . Favorite spot more
Sabria Oo
Sabria O.
18:25 16 Feb 20
I really like going to this location. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable they get you in and out as quick as possible and fill online orders rather quickly. Their product is on point too. Very more
Meredith Hudson-Bourdeau
Meredith H.
00:36 09 Nov 19
I love going to Trulieve Largo. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. I am able to get a great variety including flower, shatter, crumble, distalate and tropical. Many different strains to choose from. Also very convenient online more
Kerry Terry
Kerry T.
23:16 08 Nov 19
This is by far the Best Trulieve around!! Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and polite. Stock is pretty consistent and they are always willing to go the extra mile. I can’t wait to visit again!read more
Angel Aguiniga
Angel A.
00:36 28 Oct 19
This is hands down the best location to go to! The staff works hard to stay current with their information and keep patients first. I’ve seen them go above and beyond to help those in crisis, as well as make a laid back and friendly environment for the regulars. I’m impressed and blown away by the passion, genuine interest and adaptability of this location.If you have questions and they are unsure, they will find the answer instead of just sending you off with a guess. Shout out to Largo!read more
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