Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Merritt Island

700 East Merritt Island Causeway
Merritt Island, FL 32952

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

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Dispensary – Open

A Merritt Island Trulieve dispensary located at 700 East Merritt Island Causeway is open to help Florida’s medical cannabis card patients. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Trulieve staff at this Merritt Island cannabis store is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$15 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

daddy longlegs
daddy L.
15:42 17 Oct 21
Marilyn has been an amazing consultant, very attentive everytime I come in. This girl knows the answer to every question I have, I love this location for the fact she works there. Quick in and out here!read more
Denise Billeaud
Denise B.
17:22 07 Oct 21
AWESOME!!! GREAT!!! FANTASTIC!!!!That’s the best way to put it… I cannot express enough kudos for BROOKE and TORIE… they are both part of my delivery team …. They are absolutely amazing!!! Always on time… always friendly … always smiling …. always courteous…. Always doing everything they can to be helpful … these 2 young people are a real asset to your TruLieve family… JOB WELL DONE!!!DB …. Nutty Nanaread more
16:44 07 Oct 21
Brittney and Torie are both great. They always show up on time with my delivery, and are always some of the nicest people ever! Its always great seeing more
23:23 27 Sep 21
I always have great service here. Blake especially is helpful, knowledgeable and personable. He is very patient and takes time to answer any questions I more
kate consiglio
kate C.
10:54 19 Sep 21
I had a delivery yesterday. Brooke and Nathan were right on time and were very professiona. I will definitely use them again! Thanks!read more
Camel Breath
Camel B.
10:40 09 Sep 21
Fast easy convenient, very friendly staff. Sometimes a little bit of a wait time but it goesvery fast... Good product for what ever your more
Mountain Poo
Mountain P.
12:18 06 Sep 21
Location is very close but unfortunately will be going to the Titusville or Melbourne location came last week to pick up an order I had placed online only to have the person helping me be rude the entire time during the transaction and didn’t even verify me the second time to see if I had my medical card very unprofessional At least give you three stars don’t want to condemn the entire tree for one bad apple.I hold you to a higher standard. This is unacceptableread more
Joey Guli
Joey G.
11:15 04 Sep 21
I just got my card the other day and the staff there couldn't have made things any easier. Plus a first time buyer discount of 50% off couldn't be beat. Be prepared to wait if you don't order online, and if you opt in you will get a ton of texts. But the quality is worth more
Michael Erdman
Michael E.
12:08 03 Sep 21
Trulieve is notorious for promoting sales that have nothing to do with their inventory. They have flaw advertising signs all over the store stating that products are in stock when in reality they only have the higher prices non discounted items left. Very upsetting and this happens quite oftenread more
Laurie Danque
Laurie D.
23:28 23 Aug 21
This was my first time using delivery. Brooke and Jamie arrived just when they said would be there. Wonderful customer service. And I felt very comfortable and respected.. I will definitely be using delivery again. Thank you for your kindness.💚read more
Justin Tate
Justin T.
03:06 07 Aug 21
Bought a cartridge from them today. Opened it up and it was completely empty. That's a good $35 down the drain for a box and plastic tube. Will not be more
Tyler Meeks
Tyler M.
21:36 28 Jun 21
Great experience for my first time. Marylin was amazing at helping me figure out exactly what I needed and answered any questions I had. 10/ more
duree alexander
duree A.
14:33 15 May 21
Great customer service. Really like working with Ben very knowledgeable. Goes above and beyond! Great job trulieve you are my go to medical more
Melissa Griffith
Melissa G.
17:02 13 May 21
After many visits, I cannot find a single reason to give them anything but 5 stars. The staff is courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly. If there is an available discount, they make sure you get it when eligible. I had my doubts after visiting the Melbourne location when I first became a patient (the environment was intimidating and the wait forever even for online orders). I tried this location, and I have had nothing but a good experience. Even if things have been out of stock, which happens less and less often now, they have always been ready to help suggest a replacement or at least give an idea of when they expect it. As well, their TruGels are the best gummy-type edible to be found by far! I have seen the staff really go out of their way to help new patients many times, and that is a really big deal when you are first starting out. Go there! They rock!read more
Doris B
Doris B
19:06 07 May 21
I am a new patient and just had my first delivery. Brooke arrived and was super helpful and friendly. Everything went so easily and smoothly. Brooke made me feel so comfortable, and I will shop here again because of people like more
Linda Mcmichael
Linda M.
14:26 16 Apr 21
Love the delivery service. It's free because I'm over 65 and very much appreciated. They always keep me updated on delivery status and arrive when they say they will. The personnel is very pleasant and knowledgeable. I generally use Trulieve over other dispensaries because of the delivery service and variety and quality of product more
22:40 27 Mar 21
After having my medical card for almost 3 years now. Truelieve is Hands down the best for concentrates and flower. They have started to make great edibles too.If your looking for stable shatter this is your more
- Тεгмïиus -
- Тεгмïиus -
17:52 25 Mar 21
I ordered online pickup once I saw a sale was going on and I received notification it was filled within an hour! Beautiful and clean inside- so much room, and no people? Does no one know this store exists?!? They even have a speed checkout lane! The staff was super friendly and it was a great experience. Worth the ride!read more
adam soroko
adam S.
14:42 18 Mar 21
Brook and Shirly are great... always helpful and timely! As great as the deals are,for first timers at other places, I recommend not fixing what’s not broke, stay local. 5 star more
17:22 12 Mar 21
Trulieve has the best products in the area and Jill R. is awesome! She really knows her stuff, and is always very helpful and friendly (and punctual!) when she delivers the products I order. Truly great service and products!read more
22:36 11 Mar 21
Fast service typically. Great flower. Amazing quality concentrates. Good edibles too.
Jodi Keaton
Jodi K.
18:13 26 Feb 21
The service at this Trulieve is always fantastic! Brooke and Jill Renae are amazing! They are always super friendly and helpful! I definitely recommend this more
Linda Betts
Linda B.
15:20 25 Feb 21
Love my girls Brooke and Jill Renee! Always timely, and cheerful. During these times it's so nice to have a delivery with a laugh and a kind word. They've delivered numerous times and their always so friendly and cheerful. Thankyou Trulieve Girlsread more
Richard Blankenship
Richard B.
00:00 16 Feb 21
Just want to let the Merritt Island store know they are getting 2 really great Professional People in Brooke and Jill. They call me in the morning for a delivery time and text me later w/a time frame of showing up and of course text me when arriving @ my house. Have helped me as well on my orders. One word describes Brooke and Jill, more
Jodi Keaton
Jodi K.
21:33 13 Feb 21
The service at this Trulieve is always fantastic! Brooke is amazing! She is always super friendly and helpful! I definitely recommend this more
Van Thorne
Van T.
20:41 11 Feb 21
They always have the products we need for our son to control his seizures. Brooke is always on time and very friendly. We appreciate having them in our more
K Collins
K C.
15:03 05 Feb 21
Brooke and Jill are the dream delivery team, so stoked they are part of Trulieve Merritt Island. They always go above and beyond and have the best customer service. If you get so lucky to have these ladies bring you your meds, then know you’re in the best hands. Thanks so much for all you do!!!read more
Erolyn Beachside
Erolyn B.
06:18 11 Jan 21
I'm much less pleased than I was last time I came here. They're starting to take much longer to process orders and the waiting room is starting to get crowded which is not acceptable with covid around. the other dispensaries I go, I make my order and I walk out. I'm just not comfortable spending so much time in a waiting room especially when other dispensaries don't take as long. Trulieve has a great selection but they take a very long time to restock things that we need regular purchases more
Susan Buetow
Susan B.
18:03 05 Jan 21
I recently shopped for the 1st time in Truelieve's Merritt Island store and was thoroughly pleased with my experience. Not only professional, the staff was friendly and made the purchase enjoyable. I will definitely stop in again and recommend others visiting more
C We
C W.
20:07 31 Dec 20
Friendly staff and a variety of great products. The speed that they get you in and out is tremendously shower then there competition here in the island. It has never taken less than 30 minutes to get in and out of here even if you pre order. The problem is the lack of organization in store and online. If you have time to waste this place is great. If you're in a hurry there are better options more
Erolyn Beachside
Erolyn B.
20:34 22 Dec 20
The wait was not long at THIS LOCATION both times that I went. They were sanitary and respectful and they served me fast enough that I was able to make purchases before the next customer passed me. It would help if they had more education about their newest products. I agree with the other reviews here that the staff is nice and the selection is really good and I am pleased with the quality of the products I've purchased at Merritt island. However the Melbourne location on 192 is slow so I'm concerned about the Merritt Island location in the future once people catch on that it's more
Mark Anderson
Mark A.
14:16 15 Dec 20
Trulieve provides premium products at a reasonable price. The website is well developed; I can preorder and pick up within ten minutes. Trulieve also provides home delivery. Kudos!read more
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy D.
17:22 05 Dec 20
Good selection. Customer service is good on most days,most are very friendly and willing to answer any questions. They will ask if your picking up or modifying before they let you back(they dont have a menu to look at or anything there to help). If you came for a pick up and say modify you will be bumped to the back of the walk in line. All in all though it's been mostly good experiences,I recommendread more
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy D.
19:21 04 Dec 20
Good selection. Customer service is good on most days,a couple lazy ones in there but most a very friendly and willing to answer any questions. They will ask if your picking up or modifying before they let you back(they dont have a menu to look at or anything there to help). If you came for a pick up and say modify you will be bumped to the back of the walk in line. All in all though it's been mostly good experiences,I recommendread more
Paco Vasda
Paco V.
06:03 01 Dec 20
They seem reasonably fast and well-organized each time I went in, which is extremely important when it comes to present covid issues. They had a good selection however I was very disappointed to find them still not received any topical product well over a month after my last check. Still no restock since I bought them out 2 months more
Michelle Redfern
Michelle R.
12:08 17 Nov 20
The Merritt Island Trulieve facility is super nice! The employees are very professional.One of my favorites is ‘Blake ’ he’s extremely knowledgeable about the medicinal cannabis industry. I give a 5 star rating !!!!!read more
Michele Nelson
Michele N.
21:28 15 Nov 20
Lizzie and Jamal are awesome and explained a lot to me in the store. Thanks for educating me! Definitely will refer more to you!read more
Erolyn Beachside
Erolyn B.
21:13 11 Nov 20
The wait was not long at all both times that I went. They were sanitary and respectful and they served me fast enough that I was able to make way for the next customer. It would help if they had more education about their newest products. I agree with the other reviews here the staff is great and the selection is really good and I am pleased with the quality of the products I've more
Colleen Fredrickson
Colleen F.
20:23 06 Nov 20
The best dispensary in the area by Far. Best bud for the best prices, great deals, and AMAZING staff!! My budtender was Amanda, and she was not only wonderfully friendly, and quick, but also extremely knowledgeable and made sure I knew everything Trulieve offers.So grateful to have such a nice dispensary, with cool employees that make the place have great vibes, so close to home. 💚read more
Matt Hodges
Matt H.
15:35 02 Nov 20
Been here a few times since it’s opening, wait times seem to be low, stock seems to be high and the staff are all very nice and patient. 1 staff member in particular though, whom I’ve had the pleasure of shopping with several times,Lanysa, deserves a shoutout for sure! She’s always friendly and energetic, always knows the stock or has it all written down at her station and is very helpful with recommendations!read more
Kyle Nesbitt
Kyle N.
23:54 29 Oct 20
Easily the best Dispensary. Exceptional service from the top down. Jamie was a pleasure to deal with and her professional, yet warm and caring demeanor earned herself and the store my grateful business in the future. Thank you so much!read more
Austin DiFilippo
Austin D.
22:17 29 Oct 20
Fast easy super friendly only dispensary I go to. Jamal is the best always takes great care of customers and is passionate about what he does.Thanksread more
Michael Wright
Michael W.
01:15 27 Oct 20
I love this location, the atmosphere is great and the waiting area is like 5X as large as the one is Titusville. Lanysa was friendly and very helpful as always. The staff overall at this location are great. I would definitely more
Chloe Melton
Chloe M.
20:24 17 Oct 20
This place is the best. They are all sooooo friendly and the merch is amazing and well priced. I come her at least three times a week. The prices cannot be beat. Lauren so so helpful, along with black being so nice. Jamal is my go to buy for jokes and a fast check out. All the knowledge can be like heaven. 100/10 will come back!read more
Akisha Favuzza
Akisha F.
21:02 16 Oct 20
Love this location the truly staff is great especially Jamal he really helped us out and gave us a lot of information we'll always come back here. Also Lauren was a really big help for us too and explaining terpenes. We love you to trulieve!!!read more
Trevor Sharpe
Trevor S.
20:26 16 Oct 20
Great experience! Jamal was great and answered all my questions. Will be back soon!
Jon Mendlik
Jon M.
23:43 15 Oct 20
Jamal& Shaun great service. Very knowledgeable and happy to help!! Best flower around. Definitely coming back!!!
Any and All Landscaping
Any and All L.
22:54 15 Oct 20
My man Jamal over at trulieve merrit island was very professional. Made me and my coworkers experience pleasant as can be. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks again Jamal more
Chasen Crooks
Chasen C.
12:50 14 Oct 20
So far so good. Truelieve in Merritt Island just opened up and I've had three great experiences. Ordering online and checking in online has you in and out in less than 10 minutes. The whole staff is extremely friendly.I was very skeptical because I had a few horrible experiences at Truelieve in Melbourne and won't ever go there more
Caleb Allen
Caleb A.
14:34 13 Oct 20
Great place to work!
Christian Anderson
Christian A.
21:10 11 Oct 20
Great buds! And local now!Not to mention great staff. Glad it's opened up here
Christina Brady
Christina B.
18:44 09 Oct 20
Without a doubt the best place to go if you have a medical card. First timers get $75 off $150 which is an insane deal! They’re excellent in there, very welcoming and no wait at all when I went. Definitely my favorite dispensary in the area by far with DEFINITELY the best weedread more
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