Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Miami, FL

4020 Northwest 26th Street
Miami, FL 33142

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

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Dispensary – Open

Miami – A Trulieve dispensary located at 4020 Northwest 26th Street to service Miami-Dade County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Miami Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in Miami and throughout Miami-Dade County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Jessica Cruces
Jessica C.
01:48 12 Jul 21
Best experience ever! Michael J., Eric B, Erik T and the rest of the team at Trulieve Miami are rock stars! From the guard at the gate to all staff indoors, I just felt so welcome. The team is friendly, kind, knowledgeable, patient, and informative. It was the kind of experience that still has me smiling. I look forward to seeing them again.Thanks Trulieve Miami, I appreciate you. 🙂read more
A Rodriguez
A R.
18:45 08 Jul 21
Great place to go. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. Michael made it so welcoming and nice. Stephen did a great job showing me the different options that they offer. Definitely coming back! 😊read more
Danielle Halfhide
Danielle H.
14:54 04 Jul 21
Daniel was absolutely amazing!! His customer service was remarkable and definitely a great way to start my day. Fast & efficient service since I was on my way to work. The vibes at this location is definitely the best! This is my new go to store. Thanks For making my visit awesome Daniel!read more
Aaron McCollum
Aaron M.
11:26 26 Jun 21
First, Trulieve is the best place to buy dispensary products. They have great customer service and great business policies. This location is great, but being great is kind of a Trulieve standard of greatness, but Micheal and Frankie M. on the team at Trulieve Miami really look out for their patients as best they can. I just wish Trulieve would bring back that high powered Super Sour Diesel to this location!!!read more
22:22 24 Jun 21
This branch is efficiently run and especially customer centric. The associate Daniel guided me through the solutions very knowledgeably and patiently, and kept in mind the best use of my budget for the month ahead. There is no one-method-fits-all for productive results, so it’s important to have staff like Daniel adjust their many options to your evolving more
tina barnes
tina B.
18:45 24 Jun 21
I’ve been having great experiences at Trulieve Miami lately. I feel like they have been going the extra mile && I truly appreciate it. The customer service at this location is my favorite. Always good looking and happy to be there. When I go there I know I will be taken care of. Also when I ask a flower related question they are always telling me their favorite products which no other place does this. I like it here … the two guys always at the front desk are the best when you walk in. Cory took care of me today he was great as well and Frankie always says what’s up to me, and welcome back .. I like that. It’s been wonderful there , thank you staff && more
Aaron McCollum
Aaron M.
01:55 23 Jun 21
First, Trulieve is the best place to buy dispensary products. They have great customer service and great business policies. This location is great, but being great is kind of a Trulieve standard of greatness, but Micheal and the team at Trulieve Miami really look out for their patients as best they can. I just wish Trulieve would bring back that high powered Super Sour Diesel!!!read more
Rafael Gonzalez
Rafael G.
05:48 19 Jun 21
I had a wonderful experience! My attendant Daniel was able to assist me and provide me with the top products available. Thanks to him I was able to have a wonderful experience and rate this place 5/5. Keep up the good work!read more
Armando Rodriguez
Armando R.
21:52 16 Jun 21
What can you say about the best ran place in the industry? I’ve been to them all and none of them come close to the professionalism and efficiency with which this establishment is ran.They allow you to order online and “check in” a few minutes before you arrive. This allows them to have everything ready for you. There’s almost no waiting; in and out (easy peasy).The entire staff is so friendly. It all starts with Mike up front but truly they all make you feel like you are walking into Disney World when you come through their doors.They truly must love their jobs.Thank you for all that you do!read more
karen guerrero
karen G.
13:47 12 May 21
Such a great experience at this Trulieve Location. The staff here made sure to go above and beyond to EXCEED my expectations. Left the place in a great mood, happy customer ready to conquer the day! Thank you specifically Nikc and Anthony for making me feel like a VIP during my visit you guys were great!read more
Stacey S.
Stacey S.
00:58 14 Mar 21
I don’t even write reviews so you know it’s real lol. Listen, I never had a problem at this location, everyone is always friendly, from the staff to the customers who go there. Wish I caught the names of the gentlemen who helped me but they were very informative and would find deals for my purchases 😁 If you’re going there for the first time remember cash is king 👑read more
Armando Rodriguez
Armando R.
19:47 10 Mar 21
What can you say about the best ran place in the industry? I’ve been to them all and none of them come close to the professionalism and efficiency with which this establishment is ran.They allow you to order online and “check in” a few minutes before you arrive. This allows them to have everything ready for you. There’s almost no waiting; in and out (easy peasy).The entire staff is so friendly. They make you feel like you are walking into Disney World every single time you walk through the doors.They truly must love their jobs.Thank you for all that you do!read more
Sebastian Juliao
Sebastian J.
15:24 30 Jan 21
I love the staff here. Everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful at all times. Since I’ve become a regular the team treats me like family and that is very special to me. The product here is so good I wish I could remember all of the special bud tenders who have helped me before. Today Denise helped me and she has never steered me wrong. A big shoutout to Denise💜read more
esther irene diaz martinez
esther irene diaz M.
18:47 09 Jan 21
It’s a good 1. Arena! The best in customer service there. As well as Josue. Such a great guy! Great products available in this store. The store is clean. The parking is limited, but if you order it online, makes it a bit more
Ray -
Ray –
16:10 05 Jan 21
Great service. Staff is super nice. Great products too.Adding to my review or writing a second one because this dispensary continues to give decent products and absolutely great customer service. Everyone I have ever dealt with there is very nice and personable. I’ve also noticed how the staff always looks out for the customer and what would be best for the customer.Went before the end of the year and Josue, made it a breeze to choose what I should get and also had a lot of knowledge on the more
Rob Christian
Rob C.
19:10 27 Dec 20
I’ve been going to this store for a few months and love it. I loved it so much I even bought stock in the parent company. Everyone there is so friendly and knowledgeable! Denise & Mike helped me today and were amazing. She answered every question and gave great recommendations. The entire staff at this store are also very kind and compassionate which really helps in this specific industry. God bless to all the Angels working at this store making it run smoothly and more
Jeffrey Rehonic
Jeffrey R.
17:10 24 Dec 20
What an amazing experience! Keara and Albert really showed what it feels like to have a flawless transaction! Thank you so much. Will be back just for you guys!Ernesto and Ryan thank you so much for being such a great help and very customer orientedread more
00:37 21 Nov 20
Denise was amazingly helpful and I appreciated her kindness. Michael was all over the place helping and talking to people ensuring a smooth transition. My first time there and they have loyalty programs which is very respectable. Finally when I arrived Michael saw a patient come in with a walker and brought her a chair. Manner maketh man and this gentlemen embodies that philosophy. Good luck to you and hopefully this helps you more
14:40 25 Oct 20
Trulieve has been a magnificent experience. The place is clean and the service is very fast. Great customer service, especially after been helped by Jesus D. He is extremely knowledgeable. He was patient beyond helpful answering all of my questions. He enhance my Trulieve experience to a new level. I’m definitely a happy and satisfied customer. Thanks Jesus more
Bryan Perez
Bryan P.
17:00 21 Oct 20
I had a great experience at this Miami Location. Mike is very welcoming while introducing me to the process and rules. Jesus was an excellent source of knowledge and explained everything very thoroughly. He didn’t make me feel like I needed to rush and took his time to show me options. Mike and Jesus were super cool would definitely recommend this location!!! Truelieve Stocks are you!!! 😊😊😉read more
Great place, great service! The website might not show the whole inventory, but once you get into the shop you will be well treated in a professional and easygoing environment. Make sure you get in touch with Mike, Ileana or Denise, as they were very welcoming and took time to explain me everything All the staff are very friendly. I’m definitely going to come back. Thank you!read more
elle carlson
elle C.
19:38 15 Oct 20
Michael J and Ari were incredibly helpful and so nice! They helped me find what I needed to unwind and take care of my anxiety as well as informed me of a few other products. Their knowledge and customer care is above and beyond. Thanks so much guys for making my day!read more
Vanessa Brock
Vanessa B.
08:46 12 Oct 20
Paige was absolutely awesome from the second we walked in, incredibly knowledgeable and friendly! She really made our experience memorable! Then the food! Definitely the best food I’ve had in F.L I would 100% recommend coming here!read more
Toby Fisher
Toby F.
08:41 12 Oct 20
Best experience I have had in FL in my life. The owner is generous and an over all good person. The staff is incredible, the smoke options are incredible. I have only the best to say about this place. The burrata salad was a bit strange but the avocado toast was bomb! The blunts there are amazing! They have great valet parking in front and the outdoor patio is legit. I recommend the blunt with the blue band on it, not the infused blunt but the simple blunt, it was $60 but totally worth itread more
Enrique Nunez
Enrique N.
14:43 11 Oct 20
I come to this dispensary for the reason of the staff. They are wonderful starting from Michael acknowledging me from the moment I walk to the door, to the front desk agent saluding always with a smile. Denise is an expert at making you feel welcome at Trulieve everytime I go there and with her knowledge and product expertise makes me choose this dispensary of the 4 different one I go more
Eliza Christine
Eliza C.
17:36 07 Oct 20
The whole staff is very welcoming, organized, professional and in a secure location. They offer walk in and pick up services with a quick check in reception process. Jesus is extremely knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. He explained everything from how to read my prescription label to identifying and selecting the best strain for me. Thank more
Arthur Morris
Arthur M.
16:20 05 Oct 20
For the opening of something so new ….. It was such a smooth start. I had a reservation so I was able to walk right up to the front. The check in process was fast, I was sat right more
Stacie Quinones
Stacie Q.
14:13 03 Oct 20
I never have any issues when I go to Trulieve. Denise was extremely helpful and patient, she made sure all my needs were met and I left worry free. I highly more
SoFi Guy
SoFi G.
21:53 29 Sep 20
This place has its act together. Customer service today was awesome (a rare find, especially in our town ;-). Kudos to Arenna at check-in (friendliest person EVER!) and Denise at check-out (so warm and professional). You ladies ROCK!read more
Great place, great service! The website might not show the whole inventory, but once you get into the shop you will be well treated, in a professional and easygoing environment. Make sure you get in touch with Mike, Ileana or Denise, as they were very welcoming and took time to explain me everything All the staff are very friendly. I’m definitely going to come back. Thank you!read more
D Guz
D G.
18:16 23 Sep 20
The staff is always friendly. Always willing to answer any questions that you might have. The reasoning behind the 3 stars is every single time I place an order if it’s when I get there or when I place the order in advance I always have to wait. I understand walking in based on how busy they are that day. But if I place the order in advance and I get notified that my order is ready. Once I arrive I usually still have to wait anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to pick up my order regardless on how busy they are or not. Have started to go to a different company after noticing that this has become the norm. My first experience with the other company place the order in advance. Once I arrived literally took 3 minutes to pick up my order and pay and I was on my more
jimmy nulty
jimmy N.
13:28 22 Sep 20
Been going here for over two years now and never ever had an issue ever. MICHAEL and Denise are very knowledgeable and is the reason I keep on coming back!!! Appreciate y’all #Truliever4liferead more
Mayte Hernandez
Mayte H.
19:33 16 Sep 20
I love the service & the employees are so nice !
Trune Foresown
Trune F.
19:56 15 Sep 20
Amazing products and staff! Antoinette and Dee were super helpful. They even updated me on recent deals/events. You will not be disappointed with this Trulieve more
Mary Larrimore
Mary L.
15:31 07 Sep 20
I place a delivery order. I have my confirmation number. I was supposed to have received a call within 24 hours. I have not received a call and I have called twice. The first call to find out why I did not receive a call, the gentleman said he would call and make sure I receive a return call that was 8 hours ago. So it has been over 36 hours. My order recorded as ready 24 hours ago. On this third call I have been on hold an hour and a half and no one has replied on the chat line. I’m just leaving the page up on my laptop and in my hand my phone on hold.Update it is now two days without a call back or delivery of my products!read more
Veronica Diaz
Veronica D.
13:26 31 Aug 20
My favorite Trulieve location by far. Always have their stuff together. Denise is the best! She is always so helpful and overall good vibes! Love the people working this location!read more
Cheesy Pizzi
Cheesy P.
17:26 30 Aug 20
Inconsistent, bad product quality. It has happened so many times already. Today my cartridge is cloudy and had pieces of some unknown material in the thread. On other occasions the cartridge has concentrate on the outside with dirt stuck to it and it looks used. There have been pieces of unknown material in the thread section on three different occasions, and today marks the third time that I place an order a day ahead and it gets ignored. On another occasion a product had a very chemical taste and I had to travel twice to return it. I’m not rich, and I don’t have a car to easily return to the store. I use this as medicine, and this needs to be held to a higher standard. I am really really upset with this location and their products. Update:they canceled my order and didn’t even notify more
Michelle Vazquez
Michelle V.
22:08 23 Aug 20
Ileana and Michael J. Were very helpful and knowledgeable. Went beyond to help me with my questions. Like this location very much, as I have been to multiple throughout the years, all employees at this location are top more
janessa Arocho
janessa A.
22:13 17 Aug 20
My first time here was today. I loved the vibes. Michael & Nick at the register were very patient, helpful & Nice with me! The flower i purchased today was Great as well & love that I can order for pick up to reserve whatever it is I need/want when purchasing because let me tell you all -things sell out fast! Lol. Thank you Trulieve for a good first experience I am Excited to visit more often .read more
Jose Elias
Jose E.
20:18 17 Aug 20
I love this location. Everyone is very helpful and courteous, I had an issue with an order i placed online and Denise, Chris and Ari were right on top of the situation. They were great in helping me find a solution. The girl in front , Arena is super fun too. Thank you again! more
Dante Carbajal
Dante C.
18:18 14 Aug 20
Fast and excellent service. Uriel did a fantastic job in helping me find the right product for me. Highly recommend this trulieve location in Miami!read more
Erik Melendez
Erik M.
01:34 12 Aug 20
Michael J was really awesome made my experience very nice and smooth. Really like the recommendation he gave. Thank you guys at Trulieve Miami!read more
Isaias Medina
Isaias M.
06:15 10 Aug 20
One word: Complete. Every aspect was covered professionally, and in a timely manner. I was pleased and supremely happy with the staff. Specifically Uriel Z. He personally allowed me to enjoy my first experience within a dispensary with true ease and joy. Thank you for the great support at Trulieve more
23:11 01 Aug 20
The whole staff here is great. Nothing feels better than coming here after a very long and laborious day of work and Being greeted by such a wonderful and friendly team. The Budtender who took care of me today was Denise. And she was absolutely amazing. Making me feel very welcomed and helped me with everything that I needed. That is why this location is specific is my go to. Always and forever. A wonderful staff. And big shout out to Denise. Give her a Raise or something!!read more
Joel Colon
Joel C.
19:15 28 Jul 20
JESUS D AKA THE BEARD – was amazing had my order ready and out the door. Very knowledgeable of products and information. Thank you THE BEARD!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!read more
Stefano Citarella
Stefano C.
17:18 22 Jul 20
Decided to check this place out really quick. The place was well kept and clean; and the whole transaction was smooth, fast and easy thanks to the help of Chris, Ariana and Angel which were friendly and genuine but most importantly knowledgeable about their product. 👌🏽🔥read more
Arden Charles-Fredrick
Arden C.
19:30 20 Jul 20
I come to this dispensary all the time and it’s usually great. Naturally, there are times of poor service, however; but Denise (blue haired budtender) makes up for that every single time. She ALWAYS goes above and beyond. She’s the best. There are also two other employees there that really make going back worthwhile (but I don’t know their names unfortunately).read more
Bri Romano
Bri R.
23:16 17 Jul 20
Amazing service .. first time going to this location and I loved it. The customer service is excellent. Michael J was very helpful and very friendly. Will definitely come more
Yilianne Aguiar
Yilianne A.
00:38 17 Jul 20
Today was my first time attending a dispensary EVER so I was a bit nervous! I was attended by Jesus G and he was GREAT! Since I’m a newbie at the game, he explained everything to me carefully, answered all my questions and was beyond helpful.I can say that I will keep coming back as long as I get the amazing customer service that Jesus more
Creeb Rose
Creeb R.
14:21 16 Jul 20
This is the best one, excellent service, friendly and very clean and organized. Sean took care of me for my first visit and he was great! Super informative and friendly. Will definitely return again soon 🙂read more
Ana Solis
Ana S.
01:15 11 Jul 20
First time at this location, the wait was a little long but the customer service made up for it. My patient consultant Uri provided outstanding service!! He was so helpful and attentive. He provided suggestions and had the best energy! I’ll definitely be coming back!! if you go ask for Uri!read more
Desy Gato
Desy G.
16:49 06 Jul 20
Jesus is the most helpful person if you’re a newbie. He’s so great. This place is a bit pricey sometimes but they have specials on mondays and it’s TOP quality stuff. I am never disappointed. Everyone is super knowledgeable and nice. I’m about to become a regular here more
Debora Zottolo
Debora Z.
17:22 01 Jul 20
Really happy with the service! Michael J. and Uri are great employees! I had to wait a bit, since it was packed… But it was worth the wait 🙂read more
ALM Wholesale
13:50 01 Jul 20
Ahoy There
Ahoy T.
23:01 29 Jun 20
i was helped my Michael J today and he has good energy. Always very helpful and he seems very detailed to doing each part of his job correctly and very professional. the staff is always very helpful and polite and the location is always looking good and organizedread more
Beth White
Beth W.
23:31 28 Jun 20
My favorite mmj dispensary in Miami! Michael my consultant was extremely helpful in my purchase. The staff is always super friendly, knowledgeable & efficient. Top notch quality products 🙂read more
Tony Falcón
Tony F.
19:33 26 Jun 20
professional and Prompt! I enjoy going here because of the service i receive. Denise is AWESOME!!! Liliana!! Arena! All super sweet and helpful. They are sticklers for social distancing so be sure top bring your more
Victor Wacholder
Victor W.
09:06 25 Jun 20
I made my first visit to the Miami location yesterday and it will not be my last. Everyone there was so kind and helpful, from the person in the parking lot to my salesperson Denise. It was my first time ordering online and I messed up my order. Denise, was just great. She straightened up the order errors with such a positive attitude. Thanks, more
Selena Golden
Selena G.
21:29 19 Jun 20
My consultant Denise was so intensely helpful with my purchase, she gave me excellent advice on strains and even helped me get a promotional discount that I wasn’t aware that I qualified for. This woman deserves a raise, or promotion or something because I have never been helped by someone at this location in such an efficient way as Denise has helped me today. 10/10 recommend. 5 star location. Best products of all dispensaries in South FL. read more
Ivan Polls
Ivan P.
00:50 19 Jun 20
They have one of the best staff members! They are very attentive and very knowledgeable on their products. Was helped by Denise. She answered all my questions and was very quick and efficient. Would highly recommend and visit again!read more
Ivan Polls
Ivan P.
00:50 19 Jun 20
They have one of the best staff members! They are very attentive and very knowledgeable on their products. Was helped by Denise. She answered all my questions and was very quick and efficient. Would highly recommend and visit again!read more
Keys To Adventure
Keys To A.
20:46 09 Jun 20
Michael J went out of his way to help me get the right medicine. He took extra time to modify my order and ensured I was happy with what I came to buy. This is the most personable and caring dispensary I have been to in Miami. I will only be getting my medicine here from now more
02:00 06 Jun 20
I enjoyed this location until I saw how the managers treat the employees. Nadine has it all wrong the faded blue hair lady was in distress and defending herself maybe listening in a little closer instead of jumping the gun like that and getting an innocent party in trouble would be the humane thing to do for Christ sake management was scolding her the poor child. It was busy she was doing her best every time I visit that lady always has this joyfulness and makes my wait worth it. They should value and treat loyal good employees better shame I had witnessed this today and even more shameful some bully online picking on that poor lady risking her employment what’s wrong with people golly more
Bryan Virgil
Bryan V.
15:39 04 Jun 20
I wanted to thank Denise and Arenna for such a pleasant experience. I was a new patient and they took their time to explain to me how everything works. They were also friendly, very communicative, and we even had random conversation. It was such a pleasant experience. I will be returning to this more
Tyler Dykstra
Tyler D.
20:42 29 May 20
Ive purchased from this location many times via delivery as well as in person. They are always super helpful. Denise in particular has helped me multiple times and always shows kindness and professionalism!read more
Eileen Montevergine
Eileen M.
03:57 29 May 20
Always a pleasant experience. Wait times were long during the peak of this pandemic…but that is to be expected. Patients would benefit from practicing a bit of patience.With that being said, Ashley and Michael are my favorite people to deal with, but overall every person I have transacted with has been nice and helpful.Thank you guys for your consistent service throughout this more
Dani Buhot
Dani B.
03:12 26 May 20
I always have a great experience at this location! Michael J is very professional and extremely knowledgeable on the products. I appreciate his patience with my multiple questions, always makes doing business a pleasure. Overall very satisfied with the service more
Fernando Pranckevicius
Fernando P.
23:19 28 Apr 20
Edit: been on the phone for over an hour, won’t connect to a representative. Any of the number options take you to at least 15 min wait. I couldn’t stand waiting more than 15 min. But I did and I’m here for one hour and nothing. I guess the only option is to contact the Better Business Bureau and the FDA to make sure people around this area don’t have to dedicate half a day to get medicine.Pickup orders are put in the same line as walk-ins. Lady at the front is saying “30-40 min” when confronted an hour later, she said with an attitude before I could eve finish “I GAVE you an estimate”. Yes, your estimate was wrong by a very big margin. Takes me 30 minutes to get here and then to be sent a message my order is packaged and having to wait for others to place their orders in front of me while I sit outside????? Who is the customer here!?!?Not a single sorry, not a single we are doing the best we can. No, just talks back for some reason as if a fight with the customer is for sure going to solve both our more
Daniel Ibanez
Daniel I.
20:00 14 Apr 20
Was told at the door it was a 30 minute wait, which turned into about an hour wait. Got a message before I was called in saying one of my items was not available, even thought I was able to add it online. Once in the dispensary, the associate was not aware of my first order and was only aware of the second. items that were said to be out of stock online are now magically available in the dispensary. The dispensary has many opportunities to improve on customer service, customer satisfaction, and online ordering fulfillment, inventory clarity, and faster handling of people. The level of service does not warrant the wait times more
Bryan Mejia
Bryan M.
17:37 23 Mar 20
Been going to Trulieve for about a year now. Best customer service experience hands down. The employees really know they’re knowledge on the product, not just trying to make a sale. Personally i always ask for Kevin B, he takes care of you. My favorite part is the return policy. If you don’t like a product, they are always willing to exchange it till you find what your are looking for. Highly more
16:51 15 Mar 20
Wow Trulieve employees never disappoint! Just realized this location was so much closer to my home, so first time here. Denise was amazing!!! She was so eager to help and was very knowledgeable. Totally exceeding my expectations as I just assumed the Kendall location was unique in their wonderful customer service skills. Denise made me a Miami believer! Or should I say Truliever? 😉read more
Christine Antoine
Christine A.
21:52 10 Mar 20
So this was our first time at this location. We live in Tampa, but visit regularly. We were lucky to go on a Saturday, when they have food and drinks. You’re able to chill with the staff, ask questions. The staff was super welcoming and helpful. They had all the products we were looking for and knowledgeable on available discounts. We’ll definitely be back to this location when we come back to more
Liechy Sanchez
Liechy S.
00:30 27 Feb 20
Trulieve Dispensary has so far for me one of the best products.❤❤❤
Nicholas Valladares
Nicholas V.
00:22 27 Feb 20
Love this place! Patient intake is excellent from the moment you walk in to checkout. You are made to feel welcome. Michael J helped me out and was excellent. He was very knowledgeable and informative about the available selection. Strongly recommend this more
Julio Valdes
Julio V.
17:03 25 Feb 20
Staff members real Cool,Michael is Top Shelf!!Came in last week,James the Security here is with out Question the Best!! Much thanks to Chris and James good People. Came in and met Kevin B- Michael was also there anyway this dude went out of his way to complete my order 2/6/20 Back again this time I met Ileana L Very Nice!! Very helpful pleasure to meet her!! Erick L also helped out filling my order. 2/25/20read more
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo L.
01:33 23 Jan 20
I want to thank Truelieve and its employee for a great visit to my dispensary. I always receive a warm welcome and many smiles. Justin Antonio exemplifies the type of service and professionalism that is required of his job. He was very patient,kind and knowledgeable. I had a very nice experience. I think Trulieve is doing a great job under very difficult odds. Thank you and keep up the great work. I will continue to vote and support the cannabis industry!read more
Kayla Hernandez
Kayla H.
01:16 21 Dec 19
My experience with this location was wonderful! All of the employees are polite and kind, as well as helpful. Michael J was phenomenal! He was so patient and thorough in answering my many questions and I really appreciated that. He was also extremely knowledgeable. If you go to this location, ask for him specifically at the front desk. I promise you won’t be disappointed!read more
Stephen Michael Fox Jr
Stephen Michael Fox J.
21:28 10 Jan 19
The standard of professionalism. Trulieve provides exceptional customer service in confortable, clean, safe, and professional environments. My first visit was amazing. The staff walked me through all their various products, explained the difference of the products you can buy within your Dr prescribed levels in each category be it Oral or Inhalation. Very thorough, very knowledge, and they made the entire experience super easy like any other consumer experience one would more
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