Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Miami Gardens, FL

18350 NW 47th Ave
Miami Gardens, FL 33055

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

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Dispensary – Open

Miami Gardens – A Trulieve dispensary located at 18350 NW 47th Ave to service Miami-Dade County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Miami Gardens Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in Miami Gardens and throughout Miami-Dade County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

11:48 21 Oct 21
Place is wonderful, when its full of people, the line usually goes by pretty quickly, staff is nice and have very good etiquette. But the one person that stands out the most with awesome customer service is Uriel, he always treats me with high respect and I always leave with a smile on my face when being serviced by Uriel. Every time I return, I always hope to have him assist me here at this great company. Uriel surely deserves recognition when dealing with Customer more
Sativa WRLD
Sativa W.
15:33 08 Oct 21
Absolutely wonderful service from this location Everytime I go to it nothing but good vibes, I definitely recommend you guys to go and shop here for your Trulieve needs. If you do come to this location and have the chance to meet Brian one of the bud tenders their has to be one of the nicest people there and talked to me about all the deals and products, with a side of comedy which I really appreciated. 10/10 will keep coming back to this placeread more
Alex Seow
Alex S.
18:21 31 Aug 21
Awesome location with great staff, from the front desk to the patient care advocates. Chill vibe, good selection, and took care of me as a patient 10/10 will definitely be back Eddie(think that’s his name) was excellent. I had him doing all kinds of math trying to decide on my order 😅read more
Lizane Norelia
Lizane N.
21:39 10 Aug 21
The staff is very friendly and helpful, very knowledgeable about their product. The discounts and coupons they offer make everything very affordable. And the shop itself is beautiful, very professional. It was a very pleasant experience. Not to mention all the new patient perks, you can’t beat this place, just make sure to order online in advance and check in before arriving to make the process quicker, it was a little slow but I was in no rush so I didn’t mind at all, other than that no complaints 🙂read more
Andrew Raasch
Andrew R.
19:53 11 Jul 21
This place is primo. Best store in South Florida. Overall staff is considerate, knowledgeable and honest. Selection of product is always top notch. If you ever go ask to see Dan, he is the best! Kind, understanding, personable and treats his clients with respect and dignity. If there were more stars to give out I wouldread more
Jhonelia Braidy
Jhonelia B.
10:52 18 May 21
This was my first time visiting a dispensary and I was really lucky to have ended up with Paul tending my order. I will say the staff overall is always professional, friendly, and welcoming. Paul was extremely knowledgeable but explained everything so it was very easy to understand your options and everything out there really. They have a great rewards program. Overall I had a Great experienceread more
Jhonelia Braidy
Jhonelia B.
21:50 14 May 21
This was my first time visiting a dispensary and I was really lucky to have ended up with Paul tending my order. I will say the staff overall is always professional, friendly, and welcoming. Paul was extremely knowledgeable but explained everything so it was very easy to understand your options and everything out there really. They have a great rewards program. Great experienceread more
Surge 32
Surge 3.
16:36 08 May 21
If you’re a new patient I highly recommend this location. Brandy helped me out and she was an angel sent from above. She was very clear and thorough with excellent customer service. Brandy was amazing! I was a little nervous upon entering and by the time I left I felt like I had been going there for months. Well managed establishment and very clean which is important during this pandemic.UPDATE 5/5:Customer service has declined since I first started coming here, had a couple issues with reps that lack business etiquette. They’re rotating their staff likeClockwork with new faces every week , hard to maintain the quality . Lastly, Ruben(Manager) not every problem can be fixed with a measly 10% off order. Some of the newer reps need additional time training .UPDATE 5/7:Bumped this review back up a star solely because of Rachel. After a bad taste, I went in today and she made the trip worth it. She’s taken care of me roughly over 10 times in the past year and every single time she does not miss because of her personable skills. Easily the hardest and best worker they have at this location. She took great care of me today with amazing customer service!read more
20:36 23 Apr 21
I went in for the first time today and Paul truly made the experience five stars. He was incredibly friendly and patient with me. He was very knowledgeable about the products and explained everything to me (even how to make an account with trulieve). It’s a very clean place. The only negative is there wasn’t very much product in store so I recommend ordering ahead for more
Elle Gee
Elle G.
15:23 14 Apr 21
Shout out to Christopher. Thank you so much for helping me with my pick up order awhile back. I ‘m sorry that it took so long for me to drop a review, but I had to make sure that I let everyone know that Trulieve Miami Gardens is the best, so helpful and super clean. I’ve only ever gone to Curaleaf but the wait time was not for me, even with a pick up more
Leticia Alvarez
Leticia A.
02:22 14 Apr 21
Today, I was not able to make a purchase and they were extremely busy. I happen to stop a smiling face by the name of Natalie, if I had a company id love for her to work with me. She was so professional and helpful from multiple doctor referral and she even went ahead and advised of all the sales of becoming a patient. She most definitely stood out thanks Natalie and thanks Trulieve for having such professional more
Clare Russell
Clare R.
16:42 13 Apr 21
I had such a wonderful experience my last two times coming here!!! I met with Grace and Natalie! It was so nice meeting them and they were so helpful and kind! They both suggested me products that were amazing for me and were so knowledgeable on the products. I really hope to see them again next time! I also think this location has a great product range!read more
Jovahny Santamaría
Jovahny S.
18:05 04 Apr 21
Visited here recently as a first time customer and I left happy with my purchase. They have great deals going on right now. The associate who helped me, Paul, had exceptional customer skills and answered every single question I had with no hesitation. Definitely coming back to this more
Rick Ford
Rick F.
21:08 23 Mar 21
Every time I go to this location to get my medicine its always professional and fast! Today Natalie took care of me with 5 star customer service. Barely was in there 5 minutes and was able to get what I needed quickly! Thank you😁😎read more
Love Babs
Love B.
17:03 23 Mar 21
Today was my first experience in a Florida dispensary and it went amazingly. The only downside to this location is the current road construction to enter the shopping plaza but it’s Miami. Commute delays are highly expected at every turn. Their facilities were very spacious and clean. Staff was very friendly and attentive, check in was under 5 minutes then I was assigned to a consultant. Paul was very helpful in finding the right product to meet my needs as they offer so many varieties. I regularly use flower to infuse my own cooking oil for meals and suggested the TruClear Concentrate Syringe so I can dose my meals and drinks instead of spending hours infusing my own oil. I didn’t even know such a product existed. A big thanks to Paul for finding me a way to save so much time and more
Humberto Garay
Humberto G.
23:14 15 Mar 21
Ruben and Adnan were amazing!! I came in and came right back out with exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much guys for helping me. Customer service is impeccable. Definitely my only choice when it comes to my more
Jenn Burniston
Jenn B.
18:30 20 Feb 21
This review isn’t really against this store, the staff was nice, helpful & it was clean… That being said if you’re a first timer you’ll be happy BUT if you’re already an experienced user TRUST ME you’ll be disappointed…. Looks are deceiving when it comes to “legal weed” in FL, the bud here is expensive & weak, period. Trulieve as well as all these other med. marijuana places overcharge for weak pot, I know FL is “low potency” and all but save your $$ and get your bud the “old school” way… if you can’t do that then “it is what is” as they say so I guess be thankful to our Government overlords for the kindness they’ve bestowed…until the quality matches the prices you won’t be seeing me at ANY of these more
Michelle Miami
Michelle M.
00:52 07 Feb 21
Good vibes! I always have a good shopping experience here. Clean, sanitized environment, follows CDC guidelines to keep us safe. Quality products, great weekly promotions, friendly staff, cool merch, excellent customer service Andy & Walter are always so friendly & professional! Convenient location, free parking, delivery more
Angel Martinez
Angel M.
20:13 01 Feb 21
Brandy was amazing! So helpful and nice. Amazing customer service for sure because she was able to answer all my questions about the products I was asking. Whitney was really helpful too the last time I came here. The Miami Gardens Location is very organized. Best one out more
Jay Will
Jay W.
20:26 21 Jan 21
Went to the Trulieve in Miami Gardens and Ms. Kenyatta Evans was my helper. I must say this was a great experience, she was very knowledgeable about all the products. She was patient and made sure I was fully satisfied with my order. I will definitely come back to this one. Thank you Kenyatta for all of your help and educating more
Carlos Vazquez
Carlos V.
00:23 10 Jan 21
I’ve been to several dispensaries across the state and this one absolutely knocked my socks off. Best dispensary I’ve visited in Florida BY FAR. Great vibes and by far the fastest Trulieve I’ve ever been to. Not only the fastest Trulieve but definitely fastest dispensary regardless of brand in the area by far. Shout out to all the staff who also bring a great vibe to such an already amazing location. Special shout to Fabian, very knowledgeable BudTender with a great welcoming vibe. Definitely my go-to dispensary from now on!read more
Chantele Foster
Chantele F.
23:57 24 Dec 20
Great environment and employees. Especially Grace and Royce, they were more than helpful and very personable. They helped me get the best for my buck and make you feel very comfortable. I will definitely be returning to see them 😊read more
Ryan Calder
Ryan C.
21:48 23 Dec 20
Always has excellent customer service. Will give you genuine opinions and always has something you would want in stock. I have gotten Kenyata 3 times and she has always created a great experience. Very knowledgeable and helpful, even got me the last bit of grounds they had 😁.read more
Ian Martin
Ian M.
17:31 20 Dec 20
I was helped by Kenyata, and she was extremely helpful and made the environment more comfortable for me. I have been helped by her a couple times since I’ve started going and she’s always made things easy. Definitely hoping I get her again next timeread more
Michelle Miami
Michelle M.
13:40 18 Dec 20
Good vibes! I always have a good shopping experience here. Clean, sanitized environment, follows CDC guidelines to keep us safe. Quality products, great weekly promotions, friendly staff, excellent customer service, convenient location, free parking, delivery more
Jeffrey Zuckerman
Jeffrey Z.
19:30 03 Dec 20
The past 3 orders have all been messed up. They do not inform you of any changes prior to the drivers being on the way to deliver, such as changes in acceptable payment methods, to the order being 90% incomplete. How a public company can operate only via cash payments, on numerous occasions, without sufficient patient notification, because they lack proper and/or stable systems leads me to believe that something shady is more
jeannie gonzalez
jeannie G.
03:15 14 Nov 20
I keep going back because of the friendly knowledgeable, Andy. Sosa assisted me as well. The office is always clean and full of friendly and helpful employees!read more
Michael Schwartz
Michael S.
17:18 25 Oct 20
Edward was very helpful with my transaction.He was informative patient and actually fixed an issue. Thank you!
RJ Nixon
00:38 27 Sep 20
Very clean and organized store with super friendly staff. Lots of great products to choose from.
Advanced Hydro Gardens
Advanced Hydro G.
23:06 19 Sep 20
Great place great atmosphere great crew ❤️ It 🌱
jamie stewart
jamie S.
22:26 19 Sep 20
Fast service.
Yeslie Valdes
Yeslie V.
18:16 18 Sep 20
Pedro ,Rafael, Gina, Fabian , Andy , Tatiana Edward and Luis are so amazing with me every time I come . This is my ultimate favorite location to come to : they are always so welcoming and warm . It feels like home when I walk in the door ! Keep doing an amazing job Miami Gardens .your the best!!!read more
Ileana Garces
Ileana G.
16:48 15 Sep 20
First time at this location and I must say the staff is very kind, knowledgeable, and simply on point! They recommended some really great products and the Pineapple Upside Down Cake flower and it is absolutely AMAZING! Thank you for the great and speedy service! Will be returning soon!read more
Deborah Klein
Deborah K.
14:39 06 Sep 20
Brandy was absolutely amazing and really took the time to explain things to me . She had a beautiful attitude and really made my day!!!read more
Jin Ouji
Jin O.
20:20 02 Sep 20
Helpful nice employees knowledgeable good options of products.
fatpuddytat rocky
fatpuddytat R.
22:28 31 Aug 20
Very pleased with this location. FRIENDLY, PROFESSIONAL AND efficient
Jason S.
Jason S.
17:39 24 Aug 20
This Trulieve location was a great experience. The service was amazing and my associate, Alex was very informative. Ill be back for sureread more
Lauren Kutner
Lauren K.
14:00 09 Aug 20
This is the best dispensary by far here in Miami. Every time I go I wait no more than five minutes and I’m in and everybody inside is very Informative and they know what they’re talking about. Plus it’s kind of affordable compared to some other more
Alejandro Castro
Alejandro C.
16:53 06 Aug 20
I’ve been coming here for a while and they have great employees. Very helpful and professional. I specially like dealing with Kenyata Evans, very helpful and has excellent knowledge of the products available. She has a great personality and along with her product knowledge and awesome customer service, she is definitely worth my wait, that’s why I always request her. Great job Ms. Ken keep up the great job.. more
c brown
c B.
00:02 27 Jul 20
This was my first time ever going to a Med Marijuana place. Had a great experience with the salesman, Ernesto, who was patient and willing to answer all of my questions. At no time did I feel that he was exasperated with the numerous question. He literally did an amazing job representing the company and I felt good when I left with an education on the various routes of delivery and the products. Anymore, Customer Service tends to have been abandoned. Not here. Thank you Ernesto. I really appreciate it!read more
Andre Montoto
Andre M.
14:50 15 Jul 20
With out a doubt one of the top notch dispensaries in town! From parking, to minimal wait time, and exceptionally amicable and knowledgeable staff & security. I must say each and every time I walk in those doors to Trulieve Miami Gardens I am welcomed as a part of their community. Thank you for making each experience there so more
Kim Davis
Kim D.
18:28 12 Jul 20
Alex is the best as soon as i walk in he always greets you with a smile . He also takes his time is very helpful he explains In detail about the different strains. I can honestly say i love going to this store also i cant forget Kenyata she is very helpful as well. And always nice to the customer. Again This store rocks!!!read more
16:16 08 Jul 20
I would like to thank Kenyata Evan’s for the great customer service upon arrival to departure. She is very knowledgeable of all the products and assist you with reassurance on all the products. Kenyata just want to say keep up the good work; your doing an awesome more
Shannen Castaneda
Shannen C.
23:15 26 Jun 20
No complaints so far!! Have been coming to this dispensary for a while now for pick up orders and have never encountered a problem. Staff is super friendly always, they also follow social distancing guidelines and they check in process its pretty more
Yami G.
Yami G.
17:04 17 Jun 20
One of the best dispensaries that I have visited. The staff is always so polite and very helpful especially Steven! Great prices and quality as wellread more
Surge 32
Surge 3.
18:49 09 Jun 20
If you’re a new patient I highly recommend this location. Brandy helped me out and she was an angel sent from above. She was very clear and thorough with excellent customer service. Brandy was amazing! I was a little nervous upon entering and by the time I left I felt like I had been going there for months. Well managed establishment and very clean which is important during this more
17:42 29 May 20
1st time at this location. Ive always heard good things about this location having good customer service and different products that are available. Today I went to pick up Papaya Cake Strain that was out of stock in pretty much every other location nearby. Today I got to experience what I’ve heard. Great service! Especially Jose who was extremely helpful. Customer service like this will make you reconsider changing more
Dani Buhot
Dani B.
03:18 26 May 20
Love coming to this loction, the staff and service are great. Always appreciate Steven with the awesome product recommendations, and very patient with all of my inquiries! I highly recommend this more
Janelle Gonzalez
Janelle G.
16:54 24 May 20
This place has always been my go to. you can find a more friendly or more educated staff anywhere else. They always there to help and make your experience an unforgettable one. Thank you so much to Steven for always showing me the latest and greatest as well for his amazing customer service. If you’re serious about healing and medicating. Trulieve & Steven are go to’s!read more
Slim C.
03:48 24 May 20
The best trulieve location. Got helped last by STEVEN super helpful knew exactly what I’d need for my medical condition and symptoms. Very satisfied with the staff and overall have recommended this location to others. 🙌🙌🙌read more
Luis Vidal
Luis V.
21:33 19 May 20
Great location and always great service. I love the respectful staff. Steven did great helping me today. My favorite south Florida dispensary by more
Andi Plotkin
Andi P.
17:20 08 May 20
This is my favorite place, staff is quick and efficient. Jorge was great at giving me suggestions and showing me how to use the products. Knowledgeable staff and friendly!read more
Cesar Smith
Cesar S.
21:46 06 May 20
Best staff I’ve encountered at any dispensary plus a really nice waiting area with plenty of room and comfy seats. This location is my favorite dispensary in Florida. Trulieve dispenses excellent medicine with a wide selection for all your more
Brandon Lopez
Brandon L.
04:27 17 Apr 20
Absolutely love this place, it was the first place I went when I got my card, and it is my go to every time I need to purchase my medical cannabis products. They always have a great selection, if there is one thing that is frustrating about these Florida dispensaries it is the availability, but it seems that every time I come here I am never disappointed. David the manager is extremely helpful and always finds a way to have me leaving satisfied with my purchase, as well as employees Jose and Steven. Definitely recommended!read more
Joseph Zerilli
Joseph Z.
23:13 17 Mar 20
Always a pleasure, great service & selection, when I was on one leg due to serious injury manager let me come in after hours as I was running late and really needed the medicine for pain control. Thanks again guys, Public please remember to stop Lawmakers from raising the price to medical more
18:01 20 Feb 20
I’ve been to several Trulieve locations in the S Florida area but the Miami Gardens location is the best. Every member on the team is friendly and knowledgeable about what Trulieve has to offer. My personal favorite staff member to go to is Brandy. She makes sure she bridges the gap between knowing and understanding your Rx, products and accessories. Her patience is impeccable and to sum it all up, she makes sure you’re comfortable with your purchase. So thanks BRANDY and the Trulieve staff in Miami more
Jennifer Pike-Vassell
Jennifer P.
23:34 04 Feb 20
The Miami Gardens location provides a quick wait time and positive customer service. I was a patient who consulted with Steven last Sunday. Steven took the time to explain a variety of medicine options to me. He was patient, pleasant, and did his best to make the experience that day a great one for me. I will definitely continue to visit this more
Brina Chouza
Brina C.
18:57 02 Feb 20
Highly recommend. All staff was extremely kind and attentive. Jose was the gentleman who saw me. He executed on educating me on each strand. .He was very polite and was very knowledgeable, he suggested different variety that best fits my lifestyle. I am very happy with all my purchases and will definitely going more
Dudoon o.g
Dudoon O.
22:22 19 Jan 20
They have the best quality that I’ve tried thus far everyone one there is really knowledgeable and I’ll share some pic with you guys sometime soonread more
Veira Ferrufino
Veira F.
13:46 13 Jan 20
My favorite location and all I have to say is I wish I could give them more than 5 stars!! This has been the best experience I’ve ever had in a dispensary. It really is a 5 star/ top notch dispensary. Products are always in stock. The store is extremely clean, smells amazing staff is friendly knowledgeable, and always give great service.. I have personally congratulated the manager Dairis of this location. She’s always on the floor making sure everything run smooth. I been to a lot of dispensary who the manger is not even in the store. She shows face and in involved in as many transactions as she can be. More mangers should be like here. I live closer to other dispensary but I rather drive to this location to get the service I do. Thank you Trulieve Miami Gardens Team. You are all amazingread more
L Santos
L S.
15:38 15 Dec 19
I drive to the Miami Gardens branch, despite having other dispensaries closer to me, because of the excellent service, professionalism and knowledge of the staff, especially Andre. I always wait to be attended by him; he has extensive knowledge of the product, and I always learn a lot every time we talk. His customer service is something to be especially mentioned. He will go above and beyond to give you the 5 star service, will listen to your questions and will provide a wealth of information of each product, and will give you suggestions. I always feel that he truly listens and cares. People like Andre give excellent reputation and credibility.The place itself is very clean and has a very nice and calm atmosphere. The front desk staff is always very welcoming and professional, and everything is very well timed and organized. I could not recommend this dispensary more
Manny Drogas
Manny D.
03:37 11 Oct 19
Very welcoming & helpful staff. Caring & attentive to your needs. Wait time was not long at all, like 5 mins. Back area was wide, clean & well managed. Thank you Trulieve I had a great experience! 🌿read more
Nicki Elise
Nicki E.
16:47 17 Mar 19
Service is amazing! Great Location,tons of parking, No lines or traffic. Speedy service, product is always available. Love the staff….from security to management AMAZING!!! The new location has been open since March 14. Everyone stop by and see the new more
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