Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in New Port Richey, FL

5623 US 19 - Suite 111
New Port Richey, FL 34652

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

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Dispensary – Open

New Port Richey – A Trulieve dispensary located at 5623 US 19 to service Pasco County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The New Port Richey Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in New Port Richey and throughout Pasco County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Clif Davis Jr
Clif Davis J.
17:24 23 Sep 21
Amber Working the exchange line, very knowledge about product. Makes great recommendations to help fill your needs. She’s a straight shooter and I appreciate her honesty more than anything during our transactions. You need more “Real” people in there with a personality. You guys hit the mark with this lady!10/10read more
Kerry Marie-Pirillo Reilly
Kerry Marie-Pirillo R.
13:57 06 Sep 21
If you are looking for the top of the line cannabis dispensary with great deals that run frequently this is the place. They have a great product and the staff that have the no how. You have a question about what you are buying and the need and they have the answer. Mary helped me the last time I was in there and I was full of anxiety from something previously and she took the time to sit and help me out. Awesome! Very professional and organized. Not a lot of parking in front but plenty of parking in more
Brandy Cutter
Brandy C.
15:09 04 Sep 21
I just want to give a huge shout out to the staff on this crazy Saturday! I came in to pick up some products I had to leave behind yesterday, and I’ve never seen so many patients in one dispensary.They’re having a huge sale today and managing it all with positive dispositions despite some of these rude and negative customers AND having computer issues.Thank you for continuing to work hard to ensure everyone gets their medicine, Trulieve! 🖤💚read more
Kenneth Sumners III
Kenneth Sumners I.
21:48 23 Aug 21
My visit to the store was very great. They greeted me as I walked in. There was barely a wait. They were in stock of the product i wanted. They have amazing new customer and Military Veteran specials or discounts. The store was super elegant and clean. It was like In walked into a mini Marijuana dream land. Thank you all. This will be my main source of medicine. Great store great customer service! 5 starts all dayread more
Scott Walsh
Scott W.
23:43 03 Aug 21
My first time in. I had my Marijuana License back in the day in Hawaii. But nothing like the hassle of the State of Florida ! My gosh Florida made it difficult and expensive. AnywayNicole walked me through everything. She took her time as I learned how much has changed. The choices, the types, flavors, doses, all my questions answered. She made me comfortable and feel welcome. All my anxiety’s went away. Thanks Nicole. You made a difference for me.In Hawaii I got it from the grower. My little tiny old Chinese coworkers husband was a grower. A one gallon baggie half full was $100.Thank you to the whole team at Trulieve.Outstanding from beginning to leaving.The staff up front was extremely professional.Very SincerelyScott-read more
Brandi Clark
Brandi C.
20:09 02 Aug 21
The Wonderful Miss Toni was my tender today! I loved her!! I have recently had surgery, Toni was very knowledgeable and patient with me! She was super sweet also 😍 that is just a bonus!!! I absolutely love this store!! Have an amazing day!!read more
Valerie Oyola
Valerie O.
01:31 28 Jul 21
I really enjoy the environment here. Joshua helped me out on what I would need and was knowledgeable with whatever I asked about. I have trouble sleeping and he suggested CBN gel and it was a fantastic suggestion. I really appreciated his honesty and see how much he love and enjoys his job! Definitely will be back soon!read more
Jacklyn W
Jacklyn W
00:08 11 Jul 21
Christopher T is phenomenal! He’s very pleasant and helpful! I will request him from now on. I haven’t been coming much lately but I’ll be back more often. Fantastic customer service. Thanks again Chrisread more
Jon Maleby
Jon M.
21:50 09 Jul 21
Amazing staff and A +++++ customer service.. Went in for a pick up today and the amazing staff made my experience worth while and taught more then I ever could expected, Tony and Kyle took amazing care of me and made sure that my needs was meet …. Yes, I definitely recommend highly coming here for all your medical needs and ask for Tony great guy, the man was on fire, talk about the knowledge behind all the products that was sold and help me pick out my order.. Definitely going back a continuing more
Kristen W
Kristen W
17:47 01 Jul 21
Love this location. Always a great selection and friendly staff. Today I was helped by Mercedes and Nicole and got everything I needed. I’ve had Mercedes a few times and she’s always in a great mood and very helpful. Nicole went out of her way to find me my medicine in my price range by checking the back stock room. Great experience as always, will continue to return! A+read more
Clif Davis Jr
Clif Davis J.
17:19 28 Jun 21
Joshua V. Working the express pickup, very knowledge about product. Makes great recommendations to help fill your needs. He’s a straight shooter and I appreciate his honesty more than anything during our transactions. You need more “Real” people in there with a personality. You guys hit the mark with this guy! 10/10read more
Jessica Zimmermann
Jessica Z.
02:30 21 May 21
I have only been a few times.. Each time I was greeted swiftly and sweetly.. Thank You.. Any questions are answered fully and if you still aren’t sure they will take that extra time to make sure you are taken care of. I only gave 5 stars because that’s all I’m permitted.. but Absolutely Fabulous staff.. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!read more
Philip Jones
Philip J.
14:27 17 May 21
Great place and friendly staff!Edit: do your self a favor and don’t waste time ordering online as there is almost always a problem. The place has great flower but I would recommend just going to the store and waitingread more
Laurel Town
Laurel T.
17:20 01 May 21
The office is clean and comfortable. Masks are needed to go inside, staff wears masks as well. The staff were very friendly, courteous, and answered all my (many) questions. I appreciate going to a professional business. My visit was excellent and I will continue to go there. I would recommend it! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟read more
Jesse Nickolson
Jesse N.
16:38 22 Apr 21
Have canceled more than one order because they were out of something I ordered with no phone, only found out because I called the call center. Seems to have more of a limited supply than other locations.Edited…No point in carrying product that you don’t sell devices to use… $250 for a device for concentrate is a slap in the face to patients.Will definitely be using Trulieve as a last resort from now on, they have become all about the profits and less about the more
erica hinds
erica H.
02:04 15 Apr 21
They have for me so far one the best selection of products. And I think there prices are great. They always have specials as well. Check them more
Brandon Gilley
Brandon G.
01:48 06 Apr 21
Ordered online and picked up in store. I suggest utilizing the mobile check in feature. Otherwise the wait time can be bit before you can “check out!’ The Staff are knowledgable and fast. Always ask about Sales and offers.-read more
Christine McCall
Christine M.
15:37 24 Mar 21
First time I have ever been to a dispensary. What an awesome experience. Jessica was answering every question I had and had great advice. Very friendly when I walked in. Great staff!!read more
Peter Tollis
Peter T.
14:11 18 Mar 21
Love these guys!! Awesome stock , very friendly staff . To get the good deals be online and ready between 630 and 7 , by 745am all the best stuff will sold out. Gotta get there early online!!!read more
Matt Dewberry
Matt D.
16:35 11 Mar 21
I went in today to get a strain of Crescendo that they rarely have and they were good enough to hold it for me for 48 hours! Kenny dispensed me and what a good dude. I had more issues than Sports Illustrated & he made it happen for me. I think upper management should realize that he had the utmost patience with me and didnt make me feel bad, due to issues. So truly thank you again for giving me just one more reason to always patronize your business!! Thanks again Kenny!read more
Austin Flick
Austin F.
14:32 24 Feb 21
I love trulieve products and in person service but their online service is getting seemingly worse and worse. As of the last month I’ve had about 50% of my orders cancelled and only about half the time I’ve gotten a call. I always place orders online and it lets me check out (with confirmation) every time but almost always gets kicked back hours later after all the alternative options have been taken. What is available in store and online are totally misaligned and the website often crashes. A free hat is cool but the it doesn’t really reconcile any technical issues and hours wasted on hoping a product will be there when it sold out hours ago or was never even in stock to begin with.I just want to post an update about the post. They have since really improved their online system and orders have been getting cancelled a LOT less. Thanks for listening to us!read more
Tina Carruso
Tina C.
19:40 16 Feb 21
The store is one of the busiest Trulieve’s I have been to. With that being said, I waited no longer than 5 minutes and they did not have what I wanted but Josh recommended a different product that actually works BETTER than the product I was using. Thank you New Port Richey for taking such good care of more
Dawn A
Dawn A
22:42 18 Jan 21
The people working at this dispensary seem to know their stuff. I tell them what strains help me, which ones are too much for me- and they always have the best recommendations. Others not so much. I recommend this place!Still they continue to floor me with the customer service. They have used most products so they can tell me exactly what I’m looking at. Still tho only place that stands by product. I tried jack and it was bad. They had me bring it back for another more
Khonsu Lunaris
Khonsu L.
21:54 14 Dec 20
Very caring, professional, knowledgeable staff. Mr. J was a very attentive consultant, and the coordinator was kind enough to take down my information to let me know when a product we thought best for me would be in stock again. I would def recommend this location to both experienced and, especially, new more
Morgan Anderson
Morgan A.
22:57 10 Dec 20
Just spoke with Nathan Hillard on their corporate customer service line. He was willing to contact the store on my behalf to confirm an order without my asking. He took the time to explain some of the technical difficulties they were having and was very understanding and kind. Great work. Gold standard more
Carlos Martinez
Carlos M.
13:39 08 Dec 20
Stuff they sell is pretty good but their website is always having problems. They let you order stuff they do not have in stock and do not call you or text you to let you know, instead they let you wait for an hour in line before they tell you they do not have it. But they will offer you a free hat to hope you feel better about it.Update on response. I emailed the customer service email that was attached the day it happend. No response back. They just post that to make people think they more
Carlos Martinez
Carlos M.
21:30 23 Nov 20
Stuff they sell is pretty good but their website is always having problems. They let you order stuff they do not have in stock and do not call you or text you to let you know, instead they let you wait for an hour in line before they tell you they do not have it. But they will offer you a free hat to hope you feel better about more
Debra Walker
Debra W.
19:28 27 Oct 20
My order was duplicated due to a technical issue. Otis, my bud tender, asked if I would like to purchase both. I explained that I was only interested in the one order and that I was happy that there would be some for another patient. Otis thought that was a very nice gesture. When checking out, Otis explained that I had accrued enough points to get a bonus 10% off. Trulieve is the best hands down! Be sure to ask for Otis next time you visit. Tell them Debra W sent more
Joe Albino
Joe A.
17:08 17 Oct 20
My 1st Time. Awesome Place. Felt Comfortable. Very Helpful The Minute You Walk Through The Door. Was made Very Informative. A Very pleasant Atmosphere. Respectful Of Your Privacy. TY So Much 💯read more
Michelle Howell
Michelle H.
21:46 13 Oct 20
My favorite dispensary without a doubt. Best quality products, EXCELLENT customer service & decent prices (especially with the daily sales!) 💯 Recommend to more
Jacqueline Notmyname
Jacqueline N.
18:28 11 Oct 20
I’m leaving a review for anyone else thinking about using this place for the first time. I’ve never been to the store, as they decided my business was not wanted.I placed an online order on Friday evening, never received any sort of confirmation, despite providing my email and phone number for contact. The order sits at “in progress” in my account day’s later, but still not a peep from the store about said order. If I sign out of my account and search their “tracker” using the order number the entire thing shows cancelled. 🙄Again, they have never bothered to contact me about the order. 🤷🏻‍♀️Based on the reviews here and other online places it is clear that this location has some serious trouble with their online ordering and check in systems. Seems every negative review noted lack of communication and abysmal wait times.Ordered from Fluent in NPR and they had my Order ready in less than an hour and pick up took less than ten minutes. I would suggest them over Trulieve to anyone looking for a great local place.Side note: could never get ahold of anyone via their published phone number on the website. Just rings and rings and disconnects. Clearly customer service is not a priority more
Suzy M
Suzy M
20:53 10 Oct 20
Usually limited flower choices available. Lots of vape choices but all of their stock is typically higher in price than comparable products at other dispensaries. Check around, do your homework, they DO have exceptional products but are quite more
Edwin Natal
Edwin N.
23:43 08 Oct 20
Great staff. They are always trying to get you in and out of there fast, sometimes though you have to wait for a bit especially if they’re running a promotion. Recommend ordering online or even better, get your prescription more
Martin Levinson
Martin L.
11:57 08 Oct 20
Staff is nice and welcoming. The higher ups in this company are always holding onto stock while only pushing what’s on the floor instead of what’s in stock. I called the call center to make sure a product was in stock only to get there and them tell me it’s out and try to push a less selling item on me. I called the call center after leaving and the reassured me they had what I needed. It shouldn’t be this hard to get medicine .read more
Brittany Pursley
Brittany P.
21:14 05 Oct 20
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Super clean facility and while its a busy little place it moves pretty quickly so no long wait times. I would recommend trying some other places as the product I’ve gotton so far from Trulieve is on the less effective side but still decent quality if you don’t want to spend the time to more
Jayme Lea
Jayme L.
16:56 04 Oct 20
I love visiting Tyler at this location! He is amazing! He is professional, kind, courteous, he listens to what I need and always chooses the best for my needs! Tyler is amazing! Looking forward to seeing him again and hopefully in management!read more
Rose Ohara
Rose O.
01:30 02 Oct 20
I just recently shopped here due to the newness of the location. Friendly and helpful staff. Could use a bigger variety but all in all great strainsread more
KiteBum ByChoice
KiteBum B.
01:33 01 Oct 20
Great service and experience as always for my medicinal needs. Always a large variety of distallite…3 for 2 deals are always a blessing.Online ordering and online checkin makes the process super quick and more
Mary Abbondandolo
Mary A.
17:49 23 Sep 20
This was my 1st experience at a dispensary, the 2 young ladies who helped me were AWESOME! We talked in private consultation. They got my needs and what was important to me. Thank youread more
Scot Siegman
Scot S.
05:40 20 Sep 20
Went above and beyond to take care of me! Thank you!
jaime kitting
jaime K.
01:59 17 Sep 20
Waiting took longer then e pected but they must be busy for a teason!
03:45 15 Sep 20
Knowledgeable associates and very few things found on the website arent at local locations. My advice is to ask associates their personal opinions as they’re usually experienced in their own more
Terry Riley
Terry R.
22:21 14 Sep 20
Nice place, helpful and friendly staff. Very knowledgeable.
Aryanna Copening
Aryanna C.
19:30 11 Sep 20
TRY FLUENT OR SUTERRA OR CURALEAF This is my second time visiting this location and the customer service is terrible. It’s always crowded even during the pandemic they have a waiting room full of people sitting and waiting to get checked in. I placed an order over the phone and was told it when I arrived at the location and the older gentleman with the glasses and handheld that it would be a 25 minute wait. ALSO THEY KEEP YOUR CARD while you wait OUTSIDE. I’ve never been to a dispensary where they need to hold your identification in order to guarantee you medicine. When I inquired about this he VERY RUDELY told me it’s the only way to keep my place in line. This makes absolutely no sense. I will no longer be frequenting this location. I’d rather spend my money where the customer service is better and the staff has clear more
Danielle Mullins
Danielle M.
04:52 07 Sep 20
Great location, knowledgeable staff, decent prices and usually not a long wait
Jared P
Jared P
01:07 02 Sep 20
Trulieve is truly an experience from the moment I stepped out of my car the door was opened for me and a customer service representative greeted me with a massive smile (through his eyes, obviously wearing a mask. With that said, I have been to all the dispensaries in the area. Fluent, Curaleaf, Surterra, etc. and as as a self-proclaimed connoisseur of THC, it is safe to say Trulieve has the best concentrate, specifically shatter, is the best in the 727 area. Not to mention, they have phenomenal second and first time patient discounts, as well as the customer service representative, Nathan, was great at showing me reserve oil that was not displayed in the case. Overall great experience and will go back again, and again, and again!10/10⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️read more
I love this place and their amazing stuff and Dr. Always smiling and friendly ❤❤
Carol Horner
Carol H.
18:39 25 Aug 20
Always a great place and explain the products. Friendly and professional. Thanks
Amber Shockley
Amber S.
03:58 21 Aug 20
Greg checking people in is very rude. Ive had a couple of employees be short and rude.. But they need to remember that every patient in there has traumas, triggers, and issues and that they need to be respectful of that. Also there was a small incident today where I had to run out to get cash for my order because the ATM wasnt accepting my card and they wanted to make me wait just as long the second time around even though my stuff was all bagged up on counter ready to go.. I had a kid with me I couldn’t wait that long again and they just wanted to talk and gossip about it that rather help my more
Johnny B
Johnny B
00:49 16 Aug 20
Counter service VERY POOR not customer friendly. There out for themselves. Sorry sorry sorry place. Use a diffrent retailer. Better safe than more
Donald Caldwell
Donald C.
18:18 09 Aug 20
Its worth the time to drive across the county to Wesley Chapel and go to a store with real service. This store barely ever has any stock. In store stock does not reflect what the website says. Even with an online order and check in you will wait for over an more
Suzy M
Suzy M
14:31 08 Aug 20
Usually limited flower choices available. Lots of vape choices but all of their stick is typically higher in price than comparable products at other dispensaries. Check around, do your homework, they DO have exceptional products but are quite more
Amber Norvell
Amber N.
19:03 28 Jul 20
This place is awesome! Staff is awesome and very friendly never had a bad experience here.
Brandi Dotson
Brandi D.
18:33 11 Jul 20
Did not get proper change back 20 dollar difference, “manager” could not do anything for me he said her register was fine and would not be willing to watch the cameras. The associate remembers me( although it was very busy) and claims I was given proper change. They were also out of what I wanted at first and it’s almost impossible to contact these people directly, after several phone calls with long waits and several opened chats online I was able to get through to someone. Bad customer service it was my first time there and last. (Someone commented to email them and I have heard nothing from them)read more
Ashley Jackson
Ashley J.
23:26 06 Jul 20
So you get 4 stars because Cameron and Matt are amazing patient care techs. The customer service in this location is awesome, and Cameron and Matt always go the extra mile, and are extremely patient and humble. I love that. They always take great care if me. I would give five stars but every time I place a puck up order, and I come all if your walk ins who come in after me seem to always get served first . It makes no sense I check in before them I, placed a pick up order that says my order is ready to go and still I wait 30 mins compared to those who again are walkins coming after me. It’s very frustrating 😣 can done please explain this. I mine as well be a walk in I will get taken care if faster. I hate it!read more
Michael Kersten
Michael K.
18:23 28 Jun 20
Very nice went there to get wax because Wednesday said no rosin… Get there and budtender said good news we do have what you’re seeking! And with discount too!read more
Maria Serraty
Maria S.
22:17 25 Jun 20
Easy to get to, great merchandise and the prices could be a little better, and have a full month supply of medicine, not 25days for us that got to pay out of pocket cash to have some kind of relieve. I think it should be $100 for 30 pills instead of 25. I’m going to be using this medication throughout the year so, some consideration towards retired people that worked for the Civil Servant work and are receiving a small retirement check, this is a heavy load.☹️😥😓😢read more
Don Prokidansky
Don P.
12:30 12 Jun 20
This is my Favorite place to get Medical Marijuana and Vapes , with the rewards program and specials You can always save 20% or more. The Staff is great and very knowledgeable , Online ordering is easy and they usually have something to more
Charlie DiVita
Charlie D.
20:18 06 Jun 20
I just came back everyone is fantastic 👏. I did take 1 star away because nick the security “guard”thinks he’s better suited for parking lots. He said he is in charge of that lot mean while there are 2 entrances and exits anything can happen robbery, assault if you need help just check the lot if nick is not out front check the side of the building where he vaps. Probably out of view of the cameras cause his words they have cameras 📷 they know what I’m doing. If they can see him. Keep your eyes open and stay safe you might be on your own. PS nick did have his mask on, now we’re all safe. Thank you nickread more
Jackeline Owen
Jackeline O.
23:35 04 Jun 20
A year ago today… I started purchasing from the Kendall Trulieve. I have to say it’s been an amazing experience. They always greet me by name and make sure I am comfortable. I injured my ankle and couldn’t walk for 2 months. The staff was always so amazing and understanding. Especially thru the pandemic. Thank you Trulieve for the amazing Customer Service!!!!read more
18:33 29 May 20
In something is very consistent in order online and then arrive check-in sit around in your car and wait. I was told 20 minutes. I left it an hour with nothing. I watched people come and go. I have always had an online order never once have I ever went there without one and yet I wait longer then the homeless people that stand out front and panhandle you doThe Clearwater store is much better take the extra 15 minutes and drive Southread more
jeanette Lorensen
jeanette L.
21:41 28 May 20
It’s convenient, but be prepared to wait…I ordered online, (as usual, they had only some of what was advertised in the “new product” text, not all)waited 4 1/2 hours for the email that my order was ready, but will only be held for 24 hours. So I got there in about 20 minutes, checked in online as soon as I parked, still had to wait an hour & 20 before I picked up my order. Spoke with several very cool people while waiting!read more
Tyler Kazery
Tyler K.
22:32 21 May 20
It’s an okay dispensary, very clean. The staff are pretty kewl too. I think the biggest down falls are the wait times in general, whether it’s walk in or order online your gonna wait an hour. This store is just about always out of flower products too, I’ve been shopping here for over a year and 90% of the time their out of flower. Other than that it’s a pretty well rounded more
Becca Bailey
Becca B.
19:20 10 May 20
I have always had a good experience here! I had to wait around an hour on my first visit as a walk-in, but with their text system was very convenient and I could sit in my car to wait. Being my first time at a dispensary, they helped me pick out my products, gave me a ton of information, and a very sweet first timer discount! The front desk staff, Tony who checks us in, the consultants in the back who help me decide what to get, everyone has been lovely!read more
Myles Bacon
Myles B.
23:24 07 May 20
The staff that work here are great! Not their fault. That being said, this location needs to get it together….no other locations in area are like this place. Place online order and wait hours just to arrive and wait hours. Absolutely ridiculous wait times that can easily more
Maureen O'Brien
Maureen O.
01:43 29 Apr 20
I love to visit here its like visiting old friends! I call and order ahead as to see what. Products are available, that I want Then usually they tell me a discount I have available .Then I’ll come in or now, I can have it de livered!!read more
Tyler Murdoch
Tyler M.
11:47 22 Apr 20
Understanding the new laws and having in-depth knowledge on a substance that is still looked down upon by authority in Florida has always been a concern. With the new wave of information on pharmaceutical companies, I’ve looked for alternatives for my pain. Ms. Gillispie had all the answers to my questions and helped ease some tension around exploring a new method for my pain. I’d highly recommend this more
nekea93 .
nekea93 .
15:38 18 Apr 20
Wait times are horrible. 3 hours to wait for an online order after the text to come in is incredibly ridiculous and should be fixed….this would fix the numerous unhappy patients…..If you can go anywhere but here you will be much happier with the waiting time. I recommend Fluentread more
23:31 27 Mar 20
3rd time at this location and it was horrible. 45 minutes to wait for an express online order that I never received. workers hanging out in the front room when other workers cashing people out are stressed out because they haven’t had a break in hours. No order and very hectic for no reason. Management definitely needs to come in and clean house. The 3 other local dispensaries are very professional and get you in and out in under 15 minutes. Save your time and go anywhere more
Tracy g Hannah Rodrigues
Tracy g Hannah R.
04:39 05 Mar 20
This was the Horrible Concentrate Pen I had #4 different ones and none worked after one inhale it would die(fully charged battery).I JUST GOT IT RETURNED!!! Too long for credit. They left out a $75.00 Rosin also that day. They’re GOOD ABOUT Exchanging or credit given. Good Discounts I have to keep that in mind.✌️read more
Master Pro
Master P.
19:54 14 Feb 20
EVERYONE here just ROCKS!! They are so helpful and willing to help. They explain ANY question you may have with a smile..😁..and are extremely knowledgeable in their field.😁Thank you to EVERYONE at this very busy locution, where they handle it VERY well!read more
Kaitlyn Cassell
Kaitlyn C.
16:18 14 Feb 20
I usually always go in with an idea of what I want and I sometimes ask a lot of questions. Anthony my consultant was very patient and helpful with helping me pick the product that I wanted. He is always the best when I go in there definitely ask for him when you go to the port Charlotte more
robert buckalew
robert B.
16:10 14 Feb 20
Having worked for this company for well over a year. I feel I’m uniquely qualified to make this review. The patient consultants are some of the best people I’ve ever had the chance to work with. Their hardworking attitude and care towards the patient was the only thing that kept me there for as long as I was. Having said that the management is laughable at best. Any business that changes Store Managers three times in a single year is showing it’s true colors. The current store manager has never worked in the medical field before and it shows. Neopitism runs rapidly in the minor management and pushes out people who genuinely care about the product and their patients. While I was working there the pay was about 40% below the industry average, which also pushed out the people who are passionate about cannabis. Even after many complaints Trulieve still remains the lowest paid dispensary in the state while collecting millions of dollars every month. Patient consultants are being told to come in even when they are contagiously ill, and are being written up and fired for refusing to put patients in that dangerous situation. This company has and continues to treat its patients like money more
Brin hines
Brin H.
21:28 20 Nov 19
I absolutely love this place !! It’s helping me so so so much !! I had a really bad surgery on my foot a year ago. The RSO and concentrate helps take the edge off when I have horrible pain ! Only thing I wish they had is edibles! Hopefully sometime soon. Also I live in brooksville so I’m about 45 mins away 😢! Sometimes I have to wait a few hours at trulieve just to go back and shop ! And then drive another 45mins back home ! Wish there was a trulieve in Spring Hill /brooksville! But the staff and the place is just so so nice. And of course their products rock !read more
Brin hines
Brin H.
21:28 20 Nov 19
I absolutely love this place !! It’s helping me so so so much !! I had a really bad surgery on my foot a year ago. The RSO and concentrate helps take the edge off when I have horrible pain ! Only thing I wish they had is edibles! Hopefully sometime soon. Also I live in brooksville so I’m about 45 mins away 😢! Sometimes I have to wait a few hours at trulieve just to go back and shop ! And then drive another 45mins back home ! Wish there was a trulieve in Spring Hill /brooksville! But the staff and the place is just so so nice. And of course their products rock !read more
John Adams
John A.
23:23 02 Nov 19
Let me start off by saying excellent service and attention to detail from all staff. My cashier Briana (whom I mistook as the manger from her professionalism and depth of knowledge) not only listened to everything I had to say attentively but she went above and beyond to make sure I knew my way around a new product she suggested, she explained it so well that when I went home and tried this new product I had never heard about before, I used it and did it confidentially and successfully! I have found the right product for me and my pain because she took the time to listen and understand what I needed personally. This will be my ONLY store I shop with. Thank you Trulieve and Briana for making me feel like more
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aaa A.
22:23 17 Dec 18
Great place. Lots of selection. Will be great when you can grow at home, but until then this place is highly recommended
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