Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Fort Myers, FL

13971 North Cleveland Avenue - Suite 16
North Fort Myers, FL 33903

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

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Dispensary – Open

Fort Myers – A Trulieve dispensary located at 13971 N Cleveland Ave to service Lee County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Ft Myers Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in Fort Myers and throughout Lee County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Renee R
Renee R
19:56 19 Sep 21
Trenton, a employee at this location, is a very helpful, knowledgeable, great customer service along with being able to multitask well. Very happy with Trenton’s help! Everyone is very helpful and good customer service as well in North Fort Myers! I appreciate that very much. Thanks Trulieve staff!! 😎✌️🤙🌞🔥read more
Tanya “Tani” Romano
Tanya “Tani” R.
02:58 08 Sep 21
Whenever I come in to Trulieve in NFM everyone is helpful The staff really cares to help you find which strains work for you and instructs you on how you take them! It’s my favorite time of the week. It’s even relaxing in the waiting room thanks to the killer play list. You should sell a Trulieve soundtrack similar to what that big coffee chain has for sale 😉 I’d buy 1!read more
Elizabeth Jarmolych
Elizabeth J.
19:29 06 Sep 21
I had an extremely enjoyable experience, educational and the kind staff especially Stephanie & Louis made my visit wonderful. I will definitely be returning. Thanks everyone ❤Elizabethread more
Patricia Desousa
Patricia D.
12:50 06 Sep 21
I love their daily specials and points system for more discounts. Friendly staff and convenient online ordering. Always low on certain concentrates. Flower could be betterread more
# cbc
# C.
17:26 02 Sep 21
Changing my review. I went into trulieve in n ft Myers to pick up my order. Everything was good for about 15 minutes until the guard comes up and tells me to put on a mask. I’m not an anti-masker although I do believe in the rights of the American people. I have no problem until you force it on me and then when I don’t comply because of breathing issues which I didn’t get to say before getting cut off to tell me it’s mandatory then I get shamed out by the guard. If you don’t want to be treated like a second class citizen don’t spend your hard earned money more
Lynn K
Lynn K
15:51 29 Aug 21
Constance was so helpful and helped me get the right mod for my pain level and type of cartridge. She was extremely helpful and patient. The North Fort Myers location is one of the very best as far as helping the more
18:47 20 Aug 21
Worst dispensary in Cape Coral. If you go in you’ll have to wait up to an hour max, which is understandable at times. I placed an order online thinking it would be quicker and it has been 4 HOURS. If you try and call and place and order or talk to a representative, you wait on hold for 45 minutes, and placed on a “call back list” which they never call you back with. Horrible more
17:40 17 Aug 21
Never had a problem with anything until today, i got home with some Minis, and one of them had obviously already been opened and only had 2 of the 3.5 it was supposed to have. Seems you have someone stealing from your patients online orders. Id check into more
Jug Ru
Jug R.
00:56 03 Aug 21
Jill s is great always Points me in the right direction of the products I need always very helpful and can always point me to the gasread more
shari taylor
shari T.
22:24 25 Jul 21
HelloI would like to go in one of your dispensaries and say that I would like to purchase a product that has specific terpenes in it. Once I establish what terpenes I want, they could type in those terpenes and give me options. Why do you not have these very important options in your system?The reps at North Fort Myers were very polite and friendly. Very knowledgeable. Thank youread more
Brittany leah
Brittany L.
02:04 15 Jun 21
Honestly one of the best Trulieves that I’ve been too. almost everyone is so nice and sweet. And even though we were a mask i feel like I am remembered every time i go in. Jill is one of my favorites there. 🙂read more
Derek Shupe
Derek S.
15:34 05 Jun 21
A Very Nice Woman named Jill works there and she helped me out Tremendously with my Order! She was Nice, Courteous & Fast! It was a great experience and she was very helpful!read more
14:32 26 May 21
I’ve worked in retail for over 45 years and one thing that you needed is good people skills and every time I go to N Ft Myers everyone is always in a good mood. Today I dealt with Tiffany W. She has the best people skills that I have seen in a long time. Don’t ever get rid of her she’s #1 on my list thank you Tiffany for making my day. Kenny Rread more
Jenny Ziegler
Jenny Z.
13:41 30 Apr 21
Great products when they actually get the ones promoting on ad. They promote products that you cannot get off website. Why would you promote something that limited stores have available? Flower promote is a major problem when you have no choice trying to order more
Joy Shulla
Joy S.
10:09 29 Apr 21
Very quick and effective. Employees very friendly,warm and helpful. Noone rushes you through. I liked this store better. more
Tina McCoy Dunmyer
Tina McCoy D.
11:44 20 Apr 21
I love this store. Just gotta go early before all tha good stuff is gone. But hands down best store,staff is so nice and willing to answer any questions you may have. Great work more
beatriz rodriguez
beatriz R.
17:33 14 Apr 21
Ms. Fay is my 5 star Budtender. She went above and beyond to get what I wanted. I recommend you stop by and TIP her a visit! Well worth the experience at this Trulieve. Thank you. Bread more
Tyler Randall
Tyler R.
22:28 22 Mar 21
Went in everyone was super friendly and Kevin is extremely knowledgeable on all the products. It was an awesome experience only place I want to get my medicine from now more
Izzy Bee
Izzy B.
23:47 04 Mar 21
The combination of the loyal staff and this new staff that are coming in is insane. Such great customer service. If you’re ever wondering where you’re going to feel safe and comfortable shopping for your product this is the spot. They go above and beyond to find what you need. Their patience and product are both exceptional. Don’t ever hesitate to stop by this more
Betsy Ransome
Betsy R.
03:33 21 Feb 21
Stopped in today to take advantage of some sales. Great for me to be assisted by Mary. Outstanding job! Mary spent a good deal of time answering my questions and showing me how to get further information through their website. Great experience. Will definitely ask for her next more
Milady Garcia
Milady G.
00:58 05 Feb 21
My favorite store! They might not always have what I want in stock depending on the day, but the employees are wonderful. Marina helped me out today, she’s always professional, helpful and quick to assist. I’m always grateful for good customer service and today Marina nailed it!read more
Luz Torres
Luz T.
19:28 01 Feb 21
awesome service! Marina was very helpful and has a beautiful smile and always makes me have a wonderful experience. Love you guysread more
Randi L
Randi L
20:37 27 Jan 21
It was great, came as a walk in today. They were very nice and accommodating and I did not wait that long. The two girls were very helpful and knowledgeable about the products for my health issues which made me very more
15:34 17 Jan 21
North Fort Myers location might be the slowest marijuana dispensary I’ve ever encountered. They use this location as a training Hub which definitely slows the process. Managers are very nice and pleasant product is averageread more
Tiffany Martinez
Tiffany M.
16:24 31 Dec 20
I love this place! I always get great product. They do get packed and sometimes the wait is long but definitely worth it!read more
Deanna G
Deanna G
23:11 29 Dec 20
Trulieve has MAJOR customer service issues.Cannot call and speak to someone.They cannot do math.They have you call Customer Service and Customer Service can not do what they have you calling Customer Service for.Managers do not work there because the same mistakes keep being made, no one cares.They pride themselves on Self Service yet the website shows Debit Cards are accepted for payment???So the website is only as good as the true information on it.C’mon Trulieve, you know you can do A LOT more
Korin MacDonald
Korin M.
17:37 27 Dec 20
Online stock is constantly inaccurate. I can’t tell you how many times they have been unable to fulfill my order. Recently when that happened, The first time I received the notice before arriving at the store they were unable to fill the order (almost an hour later the stock still shows available online) It took me that whole hour to even get someone on the phone, by the end of it I still was not able to recieve a confirmation on the cancelation of my order. They had “sent” it to the store. I live over an hr away from the dispensary and it has been constant disappointment with Trulieve. I can’t just go back the next day when they get a more
Eric Zalewski jr
Eric Zalewski J.
00:47 27 Dec 20
Officially cutting back on Trulieve products I love this place but the fort Myers location today I was accused of doing to many returns and I think they are switching stickers on buds my business is going elsewhereread more
Brother Odysseus
Brother O.
17:45 19 Dec 20
Amazing products…..terrible inner workings. I stopped coming to TL because almost every single (literally 7/10) purchase came with some b.s. that added stress to my life from being charged too much for another persons order to having multiple short containers or being called for an order that was never ready or available. Friendly workers for the most part but I will never go more
Miles Rupert
Miles R.
22:41 26 Oct 20
It’s quite a shame I forget the man’s name who helped me. I hoped there was a name on the receipt, but unfortunately there wasn’t. Either way, I felt welcome and in good hands. He caught on quick to what I was looking for and answered all my questions. Just make sure to call ahead as it was said by another staff, that the online inventory isn’t as accurate as it could be. I appreciated the honesty and didn’t change my opinion of the company at all. Lastly, one thing that sets them apart from the others is they have the highest THC levels for flower that I’ve seen. 31.5% to be exact.BTW, if you’re looking for the entrance its totally concealed by the short palm more
Joshua Hart
Joshua H.
13:24 19 Oct 20
Not sure where to leave my review for Brittany S and Brittni J at the new store on 41 but my experience there with them was by far the best I have had at any dispensary. They worked great as a team and answered all of my questions. I will definitely be visiting that store again soon!!read more
00:09 18 Oct 20
Great dispensary friendly staff. Never a complaint about products not being there not enough. Quality is what I look for and by far Trulieve has the best representation of this in every product they have from bud, vapes, and edibles also to my experiences. Fair prices. Trulieve better than the more
rhodora salinda
rhodora S.
21:42 08 Oct 20
My first time going loved it. Great energy people are very nice. But it was a hour wait and it was small. With only four seats but very more
Travis Board
Travis B.
02:25 03 Oct 20
My suggestion is to do an online pick up order place it the morning or night before and then you can check their wait time for when you’re ready and then get your spot in line and watch when you’re about to be called in online/through text and makes the process easy. Staff was friendly and good selections I picked this one for my first one to go to being for their more
mary page
mary P.
16:47 01 Oct 20
Very friendly, clean and following guidelines for a safe visit! I recommend them over the 4 I’ve experienced
Alyssa Perry
Alyssa P.
01:16 29 Sep 20
Stopped in here while I was visiting my family in town and I have to say, as an employee of Trulieve myself- I have never seen such exceptional service! Skye was my consultant and she was so helpful and so kind! The TruHost, Michelle made me feel so relaxed and calm in the store waiting to be seen. I will DEFINITELY be stopping in here next visit to Fort Meyers!read more
Christopher Barnhart
Christopher B.
13:29 19 Sep 20
Fast service, good prices, and most importantly a very large selection of in stock items.
Aleshia Garland
Aleshia G.
18:14 18 Sep 20
The last few years I’ve been going through some very painful things in my life that resulted in me experiencing PTSD on a level that I was unable to function enough to go to work.I would break down constantly. And I probably would’ve been dead if it wasn’t for some of the staff members at Truelieve one in particular I am so grateful to because this way of medicating has truly changed my life since I started. I just wanna give a big thank you to your Team member Randy J. I had a very brief but meaningful conversation with him that change the course of my life at very painful time for me end it led me to Trulieve and I’m very grateful thank you so much you all are so blessed to have such a caring team member. I would encourage anyone to go to Trulieve They are extremely helpful and they actually care about their patients I would encourage anyone to take advantage of their consultations well as any other service. And if you’re in the Southwest Florida area they hands-down have the best selection of any cannabis products and services. Thank you Trulieve! read more
Teddy D'Alessandro
Teddy D.
12:43 16 Sep 20
Clean, nice people, great service.
Bio Bane
Bio B.
23:57 13 Sep 20
This is an amazing dispensary! The employees are very helpful and friendly.
suave agave
suave A.
18:08 11 Sep 20
Product selection is fantastic but don’t be surprised if when you show up whatever you we’re told would be in stock in actuality, isn’ more
Daniel Gossenz
Daniel G.
17:09 08 Sep 20
This location must be EXTREMELY popular because they are almost always out of flower, edibles, and most concentrates. It clearly isn’t about them not ordering enough because im sure common sense would tell them too. So maybe the distributor needs to step their game up if they keep opening storesread more
Cindy Caudill
Cindy C.
03:32 08 Sep 20
Now 14 occasions that Trulieve has lost my order, sold my order cancelled my order, employees have stole my order, witnessed the security officer using product on premises and was allowed to follow me in a threatening fashion and remain employed, told that even though I have been given confirmations for my orders, I still have to pay more for less medication because Trulieve purposely continues to sell product after inventory is depleted. After several emails, chats and messages, I am now blocked from contacting Trulieve and can no longer post Trulieve answers to my concerns on their own facebook page Shady Trulieve, shady.. To date Trulieve has made me pay well over $800 more than I should have because of the trainwreck it calls customer service.. Getting my medication through Trulieve is like playing the lottery. I am still trying to find the answer to how much does a company have to cost/steal from me before I can take it to a higher authority for justice, is it $500 or $1,000 in Florida? ……………..wait for it……. OH NO! Please email us for that 10% discount. (It will be the ONLY action taken as it is the only action taken the previous 10 times even when asked to give solutions in public forum so I would not be lied to or ignored. AGAIN.)read more
Earl Matot
Earl M.
19:32 05 Sep 20
Love this place…
Renee Haines
Renee H.
15:14 04 Sep 20
Awesome and knowledgeable staff. Thank you soo much
Tommy Burford
Tommy B.
22:06 28 Aug 20
It would be alot better if they actually had what you wanted in stock.
Faith Ashley
Faith A.
13:14 28 Aug 20
Honestly, it’s places like this as to why most people will not get their medical marijuana cards. It’s easier to get it off the streets than it is to order it in their shops. The only thing they strive at is successfully giving me a headache at the end of the more
00:25 23 Aug 20
Went a Saturday morning and all went smooth & very helpful, I thank u & hope u guys keep up the great service:):)
A H.
15:55 08 Aug 20
It takes about 30 minutes to get in and out of this place no matter what. Even when you place an online order and check in online. Also, it gives you an estimated time that you would be able to enter and for me, it usually extends well past that time. Once inside, the workers seem very pushy, rushing you through the experience and the girl at the front desk is very short with everyone. For a weed dispensary, you would expect a much more laid back vibe. They are out of almost everything flower wise often and they won’t tell you what day they restock. Im really not more
14:21 04 Aug 20
Why they bother to open there doors is a Mystery to me, they are so under stocked it’s pathetic, they send me emails about specials & 70% of the time they done have it. I believe this place is not far from closing there doors for good. They can’t sell what they haven’t got! I’m looking for a new place to buy!read more
Adrian Bedinotti
Adrian B.
19:12 31 Jul 20
This company treats its customers and employees like dirt. They charge exorbitant prices for all their product, while it is high quality nobody should be forced to pay $43-$53 for an EIGHTH of flower. All they care about is making sales especially during this pandemic. I watched them use Covid as an instrument to generate more sales, creating happy hour sales especially for seniors who are forced into high risk environments so they can save money from their ridiculous prices. The only decent thing was their minis and now they’ve restricted that so much you cant even get 1 eighth of $27 bud without ordering online first thing monday morning, it gives nobody else the chance to get their product at a reasonable price. The workers here can be great people, but they overwork them and pay them around $11 an hour which is less than anywhere else (Even though Trulieve makes the most money out of all the local dispensaries) a friend of mine who worked here never even got paid for the work he did. Management and HR is a joke. All they care about is MONEY. Please don’t support this business! Take your service and money elsewhere to a local dispensary with people who actually CARE about their patients, not a huge company whose only concern is screwing over employees and ripping off their customers. Plenty of other dispensaries have great staff, amazing product, reasonable prices and a phone line you don’t have to wait 45+ minutes just to talk to someone. Half the time you order online at Trulieve they don’t even have your product in store and you drive up their just to be told by some 18 yo kid who smokes pot and works at the dispensary for the discount to go home and you pretty much just wasted your time and your money. Please don’t support this poor excuse of a marijuana more
Deborah Dancsec
Deborah D.
15:55 21 Jul 20
Love visiting. Everyone is friendly and caring. Thanks for being there Trulieve people!
Matthew Mead
Matthew M.
20:43 20 Jul 20
I’d give 0 stars if I could. Trulies has been the worst dispensary I’ve ever dealt with and I used to live in Michigan and visited almost all of the dispensaries up there. They may have some decent product but they have the worst customer service ever. I would avoid this place at all cost. Takes 20 minutes to get connected to someone on the phone. They not allowing people with Breathing problems not wear a mask And won’t do curbside service like most other dispensary. I get better service from Walmartread more
Laguna Music
Laguna M.
13:41 20 Jul 20
Store manager relayed messages through his minions to me since he’s too good to address me himself. First said he would help me with a curbside order since I broke one of my sandals. Then came back and had his minion tell me that he changed his mind and that I would have to go buy shoes. Would give less than 0 stars if I could. Apparently they do stuff like this a more
Cannabis Connoisseur
Cannabis C.
20:36 05 Jul 20
Every time I come in Brittany is professional and caring. You can tell she is passionate about helping her patients! I will be returning and asking for my favorite budtender moving forward! ( :read more
anni gabriel
anni G.
09:13 05 Jul 20
Excellent service. Helpful, as always. Thank you also, to your Security Guard, who’s kind+patient☮
Jake Jake
Jake J.
15:22 15 Jun 20
I drive the extra 10Miles out of my way in order to dodge the store location in Cape Coral. These ppl here are friendly and have you on and out. Thanks guys!! The best one in lee county when it comes to trulieveread more
Ashley Basile
Ashley B.
19:50 13 Jun 20
If there was a -5 star they would definitely be getting it. I went in, they told me there was going to be a wait and they would text me when it’s my turn. 20 minutes go by and I see people going in and out so I go inside and sit down. They helped probably 6 people that walked in AFTER ME! I’m not the kind of person to complain but I thought this was absurd. I asked for my card back and left after waiting 40 minutes. When I left I called and I asked to speak with a manager and he couldn’t do so without my patient number and I said I just wanted to speak to the manager and I got hung up on. I do not recommend this location at all!read more
Angie Burchetta
Angie B.
21:36 04 Jun 20
The staff at this Trulieve are always so kinda and accommodating! I appreciate all they do for their patients, and will continue to get my medicine here!read more
Justin Greenblatt
Justin G.
20:19 25 May 20
Great service and great product ❣️😊
Justin Greenblatt
Justin G.
20:18 25 May 20
Great service and great product ❣️😊
bonnie owings
bonnie O.
20:21 21 May 20
Employees wearing masks around their necks. Really? I walked in, mask was on the girls face. When she starts talking to me from less than 2 feet away, she put it down around her neck. People just milling about, bumping into others. Not feeling very safe in there. Good discounts for first time customers but for a place that deals with medical patients, some with very serious illnesses, not very healthy practices going on. The employees were nice and helpful. But still not properly practicing basic covid more
Angel Lynch
Angel L.
12:36 16 Apr 20
Super helpful friendly staff my pup and I adore them dearly! Always aim to answer all my questions and fill my medicinal needs 🌱😘✌😇 thank you for being you and super essential! Fellow truelievers take a pause and enjoy the greatness@hand while they help us diligently! I appreciate y’all⭐🌟read more
Billy Caravello
Billy C.
18:34 14 Mar 20
Would give zero stars if possible. Reserved an order online only to receive a call explaining that they are in fact sold out of that product. Next, certain products are described as in stock but only available for in store order. If the website is up to date that’s an acceptable concept. However, this is not the case with multiple trulieve locations. The website is not up to date with no employees answering the phone and I have found myself driving to the store to receive the news that they are out of stock. These issues have happened at multiple locations on multiple occasions over the last year or so. The employees are not capable of providing a legitimate reason why this occurs. The incompetence runs rampant among these stores. They’ve lost me as a customer for good, this was the last opportunity to provide proper service to a more
Happy Belly Traveler
Happy Belly T.
18:40 19 Feb 20
Your one stop shop for Medical Cannabis. Staff is friendly and willing to guide you through your shopping experience. I have found myself walking out each time with a smile on my face. One of the more consistent locations when it comes to inventory which is perfect when I receive the text alert to tell me a deal is going on. On a normal day you won’t find much of a line here but even on the day I came in for $25 ground flower the lobby was packed but the line moved quick!read more
Happy Belly Traveler
Happy Belly T.
18:39 19 Feb 20
Your one stop shop for Medical Cannabis. Staff is friendly and willing to guide you through your shopping experience. I have found myself walking out each time with a smile on my face. One of the more consistent locations when it comes to inventory which is perfect when I receive the text alert to tell me a deal is going on. On a normal day you won’t find much of a line here but even on the day I came in for $25 ground flower the lobby was packed but the line moved quick!read more
wendy Graham
wendy G.
22:06 17 Feb 20
I have been going to the North Ft. Myers dispensary from the start and everyone there has always been just awesome! Always polite and informative. Nicely done everyone!! Victoria and Carte were there this last time is went and they were great. But all so far are the best. Thanks guys!read more
Nina Malavia
Nina M.
15:45 17 Feb 20
Have been a Trulieve patient for about a year and everyone’s been great but Ashley really is absolutely amazing! She is incredibly knowledgeable on all the products and is able to explain them all. In addition to knowing the products, Ashley provided extraordinary customer service and is extremely friendly. Trulieve is lucky to have Ashley on the team! Now every time I go to Trulieve I specifically seek Ashley out for the great experience and how she patiently answers all my questions. Thanks for everything Ashley 👑read more
Sara Weeks
Sara W.
00:03 25 Jan 20
Always a good experience when I come. Everyone is super nice and inviting. Also the last two visits I’ve had very little wait time which I definitely appreciate. Today, Nate helped me and was super knowledgeable on the product I was asking for and was time efficient. 20% for veterans and 10% off for EBT holders each visit- Definitely will continue to purchase my medication here. Thanks, Trulieve North Fort Myers 🤙read more
16:44 20 Jan 20
I love coming here. They are very patient with me every time I go there. I love it there that are respectful there so easy to get along with and they always give you a lot before you leave that door. And my favorite there, is Ashley. You are so amazing and you know what I like and you remember everything I like when I go there. You are such an amazing person and they should be happy to have you as an employee more
13:45 14 Sep 19
I’ve just had such a weird two experiences at Trulieve locations, I don’t know how to feel about them. The first visit was here, I placed an order over the phone and came in…I was told over the phone I wouldn’t have to wait since I placed an over the phone order and they’d just have everything ready for me. Well that wasn’t the case, I had to wait like 20-25 minutes behind everyone who still hadn’t ordered…kind of annoying since I could just pay and leave really fast. My budtender wasn’t very talkative, I mean he was nice but definitely didn’t ask me any questions which seemed odd considering it was my first visit to a Trulieve ever. I purchased flower and shatter. The flower was fine, smoked good, nice bud structure…did help my migraines. However the shatter was another story. I’ve never had a shatter sit as heavy as it did on my chest. I thought maybe my anxiety was flaring up so I tried it numerous times…it did it every single time. I didn’t look up the PPM results, but I do wonder what the test result was on that shatter. Personally, I’d rather just travel to Liberty Health or Curaleaf…my customer service experiences there are just 1000x more
jason minner
jason M.
17:10 25 Mar 19
Best wax & shatter in town ! Over priced bud !! But high quality. $55 an 1/8. Wax $60 a gram. But it’s fire !read more
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