Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Ocala, FL

1927 SW College Road
Ocala, FL 34474

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9 – 8
Sun 10 – 6

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

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Dispensary – Open

Ocala – A Trulieve dispensary located at 1927 SW College Road in Ocala, FL 34474 to service Marion County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Ocala Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in Ocala and throughout Marion County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Steve G
Steve G
12:12 18 Oct 21
First time here was so pleasant. Its great to have a staff that cares about the people it services! Thank you for everything, see you soon! Update Travis C. has to be one of the best employees and will listen to your concerns with absolute focus on how your feeling and what you're looking for. Outstanding work Travis C. Thank you sir for your dedication to my needs!read more
Livie Smith
Livie S.
03:45 30 Sep 21
I absolutely love Trulieve Ocala! Everyone I have dealt with at this location as been polite and friendly, helpful, attentive. The atmosphere at this location is far superior of those surrounding locations! Everyone appears to enjoy their job and those they work with. It’s always a great experience when interacting with happy individuals!read more
Sonic Boekhout
Sonic B.
12:45 19 Sep 21
Very well organized. Travis helped me so much yesterday. He explained all the products that I purchased. Very friendly, customer service was outstanding, and knowledgeable of all the products. This is the best Trulieve in the area (Orlando and the Villages are ok). I have never had to wait more than 10 minutes as a walk in. Keep up the great work everyone. Big shot out to Travis! You helped me so much. Thank youread more
Carley Osteen
Carley O.
21:54 12 Sep 21
When talking with Megan, it felt as if I have known her forever. She made me feel very welcome & helped me understand the promotion that was going on & even though I didn't use the promotion, she let me know that I had points available & was still able to save money that way!I have honestly never had a bad experience at this location but Megan truly made this one special.If I can I will definitely ask for her on my next visit!read more
James Rensel
James R.
22:56 28 Aug 21
I would give this place 5 stars, the employees and product are great. The location is kinda inconvenient though, and the wait times here are the longest I've seen at any dispensary anywhere in the state. Again they do have a great selection and some of the best flower I've had in town, but be prepared for the whole thing to take 1 hour or more at most more
Laurie Vazquez
Laurie V.
21:33 27 Aug 21
As the saying goes, "3rd time's a charm." I've been to 2 other dispensaries and purchased at least 10 different products; none of which helped. So, I went to Trulieve and, hallelujah, the pain is 99% gone. There's plenty of parking; the store is very clean; the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful; the website is easy to use and online ordering is a breeze; and the prices are great and the products are very high quality!read more
Mallory Caleron
Mallory C.
13:38 18 Aug 21
Aden was wonderful. I am new to all of this and he helped me and answered all of my questions. I will be back soon. Thank you for your kindness. New patients get 50% off which Is awesome. Thank you more
Yesterday I had my first experience with a dispensary and it was awful. My buddy tried to guide me through the process but wasn't allowed to. There was no real customer service, no information, and I ended up with something I didn't want. As a business/bikelife promoter what do I tell my followers about my experience? Trulieve is right here in my community so it's convenient and I want a nice working business relationship. I would like the opportunity to experience all the good things that I was told about Trulieve. I hope my next visit is a whole lot more
Jackie Korpela
Jackie K.
20:06 05 Aug 21
Clean and nicely decorated space. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Good strains and options available. Always satisfied with my experience when I more
Billy Howell
Billy H.
14:00 27 Jul 21
Great store. Awesome products and a knowledgeable staff. If you are almost 60, like me, the new items available may not be familiar to you. The Trulieve staff will listen and help you learn about the products that will best fit your needs°read more
Neill Fisher
Neill F.
20:25 20 Jul 21
Today I was helped by Brian. He was able to get me in and out He's a really nice person and hope to see him again next time.. This location is usually fully stocked. It is best to go to in the afternoon. Check out their website first to make sure that the particular item is in stock. When you order online it locks in the item and cannot be sold until you get there. Great people!read more
Dona Boone
Dona B.
21:21 29 Jun 21
I want to say I'm out of all the dispensaries that truly actually has the best product and well package and make sure that no one can make any mistakes. Excellent customer service and extra good pain relief thank you. Excellent staff and drivers as well delivery is great always on the phone and keep you well informed. Very consistent thank more
Veronica Stokes
Veronica S.
18:12 18 Jun 21
The staff are super friendly and helpful going through the different items they have. It was my first time there and it is clean and smells amazing. Will return and would recommend to a more
Jenn Mosher
Jenn M.
23:39 17 Jun 21
Trulieve is great! Everybody at this location has been awesome! I am brand new to cannabis and they answered every question this newbie had. Just be aware that the parking is horrendous, especially on Saturday. It is a shared parking lot with a grocery store and some other small businesses. I have my roommate drive me there and drop me off and he just circles the parking lot until either a space opens up or I come out. It's a lot easier then driving myself lolread more
Steve G
Steve G
15:45 16 Jun 21
First time here was so pleasant. Its great to have a staff that cares about the people it services! Thank you for everything, see you soon!read more
20:30 30 May 21
Trulieve may have some of the highest testing flower around, but good luck getting any.If you can't afford the outrageously priced $350 to $400+ per ounce flower they sell every day, you have other options.A whopping two (2) days per week are dedicated to affordable flower, with Minis (usually Mondays) and ground flower (usually Wednesdays), for the poor unwashed masses who must compete for a limited amount by waking up early (7am) and being lucky enough to get them in their shopping carts before they sell out (usually before 8am). It's like Black Friday with weed instead of 60 inch flat screens.If you do manage to check out, don't celebrate just yet. You still may receive the dreaded phone call that they don't have what you ordered. Or, after circling the crowded parking lot until you finally find a spot and then waiting for 30 minutes or more in the lobby, you may be told in the dispensary as you try to pick up your order essentially "Oops". "But, here, try this $400/oz. overpriced flower..." I have experienced both scenarios more than once.If you are a delivery patient, you come after everyone else. You may check out with the flower you want but you will most likely never get it. That's because they don't pull from stock when you order. They do it when they get ready to deliver.. If it's gone by then you are S.O.L. This was told to me by their own employees. You will probably not find out until delivery day when someone calls you, which may be days after you placed your order. My suggestion is to order for pickup so they pull your order from stock. Then call and switch it to delivery.They keep their wax in cold storage, so that also doesn't get pulled for your order - pickup or delivery. Which means you may not get it if you wait a day until you pick it up. I'm sorry - what was the point of having website ordering again? It's a hot mess right now.Until they can resolve their many issues with online ordering, overcrowding at the location, and customer service, Trulieve is going to continue to lose customers to more
Dre Pugh
Dre P.
22:26 25 May 21
Consistency. I recently moved from Fort Myers and enjoyed a superior level customer service. Much to my surprise I received the the same superior level of service and patience. Thanks guys and gals !!!read more
23:53 17 May 21
First time there & everyone was nice & inviting. I needed education on a lot of The products. I’m sorry to forget the guys name that helped me learn a bit. The young man that was new to working there & checking me out was very patient with me & did an awesome job. I highly recommend this dispensaryread more
Amy Pinder
Amy P.
02:37 29 Apr 21
This truelieve is very clean fast and thoroughly check to make sure they gave you all your discounts and don't mind taking time to help with a smile. Plus they move along not letting the place get slammed forever!read more
Lauren Wright
Lauren W.
15:53 20 Apr 21
Gabby the manager is incredible here! She makes the drive worth it! Everytime im here she goes out of her way for the customers. The staff all around, is extremely kind. I definitely recommend this more
Kristina Gritt
Kristina G.
21:41 01 Apr 21
Love this location!! Every employee has been super nice and has no problem answering all questions and will try to find exactly what you want!read more
Deb Nichols
Deb N.
01:18 31 Mar 21
The staff were well trained professionals. The blue light special of a gram of crumble for $30 was welcomed! Joy upon joy, they are 15 miles closer than my last store. Grow more Sativas, more
Desiree Campbell
Desiree C.
18:17 11 Mar 21
Meagan was exceptionally great in offering her services today.She was very knowledgeable about the products offered and was also very friendly. I left happy and confident knowing I purchased products that will help me.Thanks Trulieve for having such a great player on your more
Sherri Dunn
Sherri D.
01:06 24 Feb 21
I found truly to be very customer service oriented. Educational informational and willing to assist at every turn they possibly could the gentleman who met me coming in the door I apologize I'm unable to remember his name but was excellent at what he was doing as far as customer service was concerned and then he introduced me to Steven the young gentleman who helped me in the back which was able to answer all the questions that I asked and also able to give me information that I wanted to have in writing I hope to deal with him again when I go in and we'll see how things go thank you very much and I hope to visit again soon. 😋😋🤗read more
Jackie D.
Jackie D.
13:35 14 Feb 21
Quick and painless. I've never sat longer than 5 minutes in the lobby. Love the online ordering and that they have a line specifically for pick-up orders. All of the staff is friendly and knowledgeable about all of the products. I've been to a few of the "other" dispensaries and Trulieve is by far the best. They have better deals and more stock than the other places too. I have never gotten a call that they were out of something I ordered. If you've been to all of the other joints but not this one definitely give them a try!read more
Blanca Torres-Laureano
Blanca T.
01:59 04 Dec 20
My first experience! They all are very nice and professional. Love that I can order online and they have great deals on Thursday. I got my first 14 grams for $50 today. I'm very happy with my experience. Thank you for such a great guys rock! Keep up the great job!read more
Desire'e Campbell
Desire'e C.
17:11 12 Nov 20
Brianna was exceptionally great in offering her services today.She was very knowledgeable about the products offered and I left happy and confident knowing I purchased products that will help me.Thanks Trulieve for having such a great player on your more
Neill Fisher
Neill F.
18:17 07 Nov 20
This location is usually fully stocked. It is best to go to in the afternoon. Check out their website first to make sure that the particular item is in stock. When you order online it locks in the item and cannot be sold until you get there. Great people!read more
Lizzy Bidgood
Lizzy B.
00:44 25 Sep 20
They were busy when I got there. Even though I placed an order online, wow crazy busy! Speedy service, clean and just wow! First time customer. Very Professional 🌞🌠read more
Eric Elson
Eric E.
18:39 12 Sep 20
Rebecca's was extremely helpful, a very nice and informative budtender. The manager Melissa even came out and assisted us on picking out some new Tru swag! Thanks trulieve! Best dispensary in the more
Sasha Martinez
Sasha M.
17:18 10 Sep 20
Normally, this was our go to store. However recently, the passed couple times going it seems their customer service is steadily declining. I have MAJOR, sometimes crippling anxiety with anger outbursts... my husband and i BOTH have our medical cards and obviously we partake in the cannabis together. So, naturally, we always shop for product TOGETHER as well. Crippling anxiety and whatnot. We don't normally have issues with this but one time. I HAVE to have my husband most days to because well who would want to opt for an anxiety attack?! He's my rock and that's on paper work. My dissatisfaction and disappointment today is not with the employees that serve us, but rather the "HIGHER Officials" that try to tell people like ME that I can get a Marijuana script from My Dr and come to fill it, buuuut if i come in with my husband I CAN'T talk to him, whom also has a card and because again we shop together for a REASON and clearly partake AND live with... that's a flippin Conundrum to the max right there! I just wanted the Higher Officials there today know that whatever control trip you're trying to pull, you might want to take it down a notch. I spend a minimum of $150-$200 each visit by myself. That's a good $200 from one customer you just caused #trulieve to lose. That might not seem like much to you, but I'm sure the owner might think otherwise. People like me, have certain ways we need to do things to function properly everyday. If we need someone by our side sometimes when making certain decisions that effects US, Not You, then you, the company, the owner, the employee and whoever in-between- have no right to tell us not to do that things that help us. Someone needs to fix this. And not just for me. 🙏read more
Selina Padilla
Selina P.
14:02 02 Sep 20
I was about to drive outta my way but seen they opened the trulieve in ocala! Which is awesome. First time in a medical dispensary and it was easy and Nina who helped me and gave me tips on my items was such a big help! She was very friendly and open with me on her opinion, she made my experience stress free. Totally would recommend coming here. Staff was awesome all the way around!read more
I wouldn't shop anywhere else it's just like going to a closing store that you like you just don't go somewhere else I choose not to go anywhere I love this store the quality to quantity their service to personality is very educated and I want to say thank you to mrs. Kim rivers of the CEO of this company thank you so very muchread more
Sandy O.
13:08 23 Jul 20
Was an extraordinary kinda of awesome! Great service, great staff (Korey & Justin) were very informative!! I will shop here again, the set up of the store looked amazing, everything was on display and the priducts were in view. Keep on keeping on!P.S. I was informed if all the high technology testing you do, so I feel protected against pollutants!read more
stephanie correa
stephanie C.
22:07 15 Jul 20
The people here are all great! Very friendly and knowledgeable. Very clean and spacious. I worked with Danny today and he was so helpful! And always a pleasure to see Gabby and the entire team!read more
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