Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Orlando, FL

4192 Conroy Rd
Orlando, FL 32839

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9-8
Sun 10 – 6

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

Dispensary – Open

Titusville – A Trulieve dispensary located at 4192 Conroy Rd in Orlando, FL 32839 to service Orange County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Orlando Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in Orlando and throughout Orange County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Katrina Harvey
Katrina H.
17:26 24 Oct 20
This was my first time visiting a dispensary, so I was a little apprehensive, but the staff here put me at ease. Everyone made me feel so welcome, comfortable, and appreciated! They really take their time and make sure you get exactly what you want/need. I highly recommend a visit here...I will definitely be back! Great job guys!! 💜read more
b d
b d
17:06 22 Oct 20
I love this location, everything is so nice and smooth in here, super clean and organized, every one is great but JACOB S. Is outstanding, he took the time to help me with my medical issues and help me to find something for my condition. Jacob S. Went above and beyond, he truly made me feel that he care about me as a patient. Thank you Trulieve for having Jacob S. You awesome and so much knowledge, you educated me today. Again, JACOB S. Thank more
Zuheily Villanueva
Zuheily V.
22:48 16 Oct 20
Personally I love coming here. The Employee's are outstanding, and are attentive with my needs. And my favorite part is that they are so kind and that's all I truly ask for. Patience and kindness, So thank you! For your hard work and great guest more
Tracy Elliott
Tracy E.
14:05 15 Oct 20
I took my 85 year old mother who is fighting cancer to this location and Jacob took care of us. Everyone at the location was extremely helpful and super kind and friendly. It was all foreign to both my mother and I and they had such patience w us. Jacob took the time to educate us and get my Mom exactly what she needed. She was having a severe problem w nausea and he was able to help her find some options that worked. They “truly” care about helping. Thank you Jacob for helping my Mom find relief for the first time in a year!!!read more
James Cooley
James C.
21:30 09 Oct 20
Jacob was helpful, knowledgeable and made my shopping experience very comfortable. I will definitely be a returning customer. Thank you Jacob and more
Amber Poling
Amber P.
18:34 03 Oct 20
Love this location everyone is always friendly and helpful. Nadya was amazing! She was quick and efficient, and made my experience that much better being my birthday buddy!!read more
Mark Dawson
Mark D.
00:42 26 Sep 20
Super friendly. Super relaxed. The only problem is that they just don’t have a lot of stock on hand. Only a couple of cartridges to choose from. Hopefully, inventory will more
Miguel Morales
Miguel M.
18:11 24 Sep 20
great staff. Great products and variety. Nadya help me and we had a great conversation and good tips on editables and truclear. I can't complain I am a happy customer 😊.read more
Maria Fiorentino
Maria F.
22:22 18 Sep 20
Love coming here. The staff is always nice and welcoming. Nadya always remembers me and she's super nice, friendly, and more
JC c
JC c
17:07 18 Sep 20
This is my number one, my go to dispensary!!! Hands down #1 , specials and quality!!
Candace Bailey
Candace B.
15:56 17 Sep 20
Great staff. Always very friendly and knowledgeable. Large selection of strains with deals every week. I prefer to shop on mini Mondays for $27 eighths and ground flower Thursdays for $25 a quarter. Just started stocking edibles and compared to other states they are surprising good. Their online ordering could be better. Some days it will say they have nothing in stock but if you walk in they have tons. That can be annoying but other than that I've had nothing but great experiences with more
Amadea Toberer
Amadea T.
03:45 17 Sep 20
Very helpful
Collie Cam
Collie C.
01:47 16 Sep 20
Great staff and clean environment!
Andrew Panariello
Andrew P.
22:07 12 Sep 20
There always awesome never a long wait time alexis, nadya, Victoria and Isabel are all great they are always positive and friendly awesome staff i love going thereread more
Milena Ofsowitz
Milena O.
20:30 12 Sep 20
I love this place!!! All stuff are amazing. Best customer service! Best Trulieve!
Elisha Gualdron
Elisha G.
22:52 07 Sep 20
Thank you Alexis for making my experience so much better! Honestly I can get stressed or overwhelmed with mini Monday / ground release as a Patient with anxiety. I walked in today very frustrated because the site crashed before I could check out (815)and when I go back there sold out so I pull up at 9 wait and they don’t have enough stock she took time to Listen even if she couldn’t do anything and made the world of a difference. Thank youread more
don wesley
don W.
23:10 06 Sep 20
Lovely place to stop back pain
Crista Miller
Crista M.
11:13 04 Sep 20
Love this location better than all the others. staff is always on point parking is never a problem. Fast wait times
14:32 25 Aug 20
This location crushes it. I've been going here since May and the staff seriously knocks it out of the park. When I started going here I didn't know what was what but the staff is so friendly they've educated me a little bit each time I come in. Most recently Victoria V. helped me find strains that are perfect for me and the conditions that I use cannabis to treat. I cannot stress enough that the staff here gets it done every time I come in.Additionally the waits are short, the atmosphere is pleasant and the selection is wide. I will never go anywhere else as long as I live in more
Luis Rosado
Luis R.
15:25 24 Aug 20
Second time was a blast! Lucy served me and she was so nice and really new about the products. Really good service Lucy keep it up!.read more
Jennifer Lent-Sperato
Jennifer L.
17:25 22 Aug 20
Love it There....The Staff is Soo Friendly & Helpful.They are Soo Real & Good w Their Clients!!🍀💨
Dominick Graf
Dominick G.
16:41 22 Aug 20
Amazing staff and amazing products every visit. Nivaldo & Nadya are very friendly and helpful. Stay Blessed.
Michael Shirley
Michael S.
18:32 20 Aug 20
TOTAL WASTE OF TIME! Sends txt messages for deals they don’t have in inventory to try and sell expensive product when you get there. Higher end products are extremely lacking in consistency, SOMETIMES it’s decent. Never worth the more
Aranya B
Aranya B
15:14 08 Aug 20
The nicest staff around!!! Quick, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. This location is spacious, welcoming & always SO clean! Highly recommend 🤩read more
Lauren Feld
Lauren F.
16:55 06 Aug 20
I love the Trulieve experience! I am a new patient and have only been there a handful of times but Amanda and Jacob have been great and I look forward to more positive experiences!read more
Courtney Coover
Courtney C.
13:32 06 Aug 20
Went to pick up an online order today, utilized their virtual queue and was in the store in under 2 minutes. Everyone had masks on and everyone was spaced out. Nadia was my budtender, and she was the BEST! She was such a delight to work with, and she really went above and beyond to give me a quick and painless checkout process (we all know Trulieve normally sucks at the express pickup situation). Nadia is an asset to the Trulieve team, and they are lucky to have her on the front lines as a product/brand ambassador. Background: I was a long time Trulieve loyalist until last year - the main Orlando Trulieve location has become the worst location across Florida. This caused me to swap to other dispensaries. The Millennia location (and Nadia in particular) have won my business more
Jason Newstead
Jason N.
19:25 03 Aug 20
Trulieve does this thing, where they'll sell you 3.5 G of tiny little bottom buds they're called "mini's" and I like the program, the buds at the bottom of the plant are smaller and less potent, but the price makes a big difference. What I don't like, is when I pay full price for 3.5 G and end up getting minis instead of full size buds. It happens all the time, I brought it up with both Orlando locations and with coorporate management, they give me a song and a dance how they're going to contact the Growers and make some changes but nothing happens. It's nice getting the discount on the minis, but it's an insult to my intelligence in a slap in the face when I have to pay full price for the same thing. Trulieve, robs patients of the experience of breaking up their flower and enjoying the aromas when they sell tiny little buds. For patients who use the medication for psychological reasons, this is especially disappointing because the experience is every bit as important as the consumption itself. Not only that, the larger buds at the top of the plant get more light and more nutrients from the plant, and are always better. The only thing I can hope is that some people will see this review and maybe start to call them out on it because one guy complaining about it can't do anything but complain and then keep coming back because none of the other dispensaries even have flower in the first place, or if they do it's these mystery strains. Just because there are some other dispensaries, doesn't mean that anybody actually uses them. Trulieve is the only one, and they know it. That's the great thing about running a monopoly, your customers don't have a more
nick fazz
nick F.
14:24 20 Jul 20
Aranya was super helpful and super nice! She made my first trip to the dispensary a fun and exciting experience. Amazing staff and location to visit for sure!read more
Crissy Matthews
Crissy M.
13:23 17 Jul 20
First time to this location, the whole staff is friendly and the store is clean and well kept. Michelle was my budtender and I had such a nice experience with her. Even with a face mask she was smiling and friendly as ever. I will come back to this location specifically because of her, she was such a joy to be around. Thanks Michelle 💛read more
Raheem Mohiuddeen
Raheem M.
00:44 17 Jul 20
First time coming to a dispensary. Jacob was absolutely amazing. Very knowledgeable and informative. The staff as a whole was very friendly as well. Would recommend Trulieve to anyone. Im sure everyone is great but if you stop by Be sure to ask for Jacobread more
karyna Aguilar
karyna A.
18:25 14 Jul 20
LITERALLY THE BEST! Always come here. Nicest staff ever. Great customer Service. Love coming here !
John Luke
John L.
13:31 13 Jul 20
The staff at Millenia store goes above and beyond my expectations. The customer service is always exceptional. Michelle is a great employee, and she rocks everytime. The place is just a great environment for more
Shae Friou
Shae F.
17:28 07 Jul 20
Juan is always so nice and helpful! Nadia is there to greet you with a smile (under a mask of course, but you can tell) and a compliment. All around a very welcoming and comfortable environment!read more
Gianesse Figueroa
Gianesse F.
23:16 02 Jul 20
Love this place great staff Jacob was amazing today he literally made my day by taking the time to truly ask how I've been!! He makes a difference. Overall great service very friendly and helpful. Very more
Zack C
Zack C
22:34 25 Jun 20
As a first time customer, I had a wonderful experience! I felt welcomed by the staff and appreciated the attention to customer service. Amber S. did a great job at explaining how everything worked and familiarizing me with Trulieve's resources! She made sure all of my questions were answered, and even tossed in a complimentary pride lighter! Thank you, Amber!!!read more
Max Lupo
Max L.
19:48 24 Jun 20
Let me tell something, September 12, 2019 I became a Medical Marijuana Patient in the state of Florida. I have debilitating GI pain I have to deal with on a daily basis. This is why I became a patient.I have been to Pretty much every dispensary you can go to in the Orlando area. Out of everywhere I have been I find Trulieve's Millenia Location to be the most consistent in quality of service. Some of these dispensaries prey on your emotions. Out of the dozens of times I have been to Trulieve, I haven't been let down. Nor have I had to return anything.Their entire staff is extremely reliable, friendly, and are genuinely helpful, Jacob has been tremendously helpful. Going above and beyond answering my questions about the differences between Wax and Shatter, how I can increase duration, and different routes of administration.Considering I have very acute health issues, sometimes you need to place an urgent order for extreme pain relief. I am Thankful for Jacob's existence at this location. Seriously, It has made Trulieve Earn my long-term business. Thank You Jacob for the amazing service you provide more
Madison Moore
Madison M.
16:38 18 Jun 20
Best dispensary!! It’s farther from my house but 100% worth the drive!! Everyone’s always so helpful and friendly. I’ve had Adrian the past couple times and he’s always super knowledgeable about everything and hooks me up with strains I love!read more
almighty al
almighty A.
15:35 15 Jun 20
i just found out of this new location and i love to visit! It’s so spacious and clean and the staff is always super friendly! I went a few days ago to return some damaged merchandise and Jacob was wonderful helping me get everything situated! Every visit i’ve had to this location so far has been great, I highly more
Faradh Karim
Faradh K.
23:06 10 Jun 20
Such a phenomenal experience every single I come into this store. Milena aka Milly in the lobby is such a delight to speak with and she always brightens my day with her kind words. Every single employee here is so awesome to interact with. Tim and Armand always have the inventory on point when I'm there, and always greet me by my name. Yaya, Nadya, and Adrian Reeves are so knowledgeable and friendly. The manager Derekalways has the best recommendations and makes me feel like I'm a part of the family. Recently was helped by Victoria and she went out of her way to make my experience phenomenal. I've been to just about every location Trulieve has in Central Florida, and this is by far my most favorite and hands down the best one!!read more
Shelly Lebron
Shelly L.
03:42 05 Jun 20
Love this new store! Everyone is always friendly! I visited today and Amanda K helped me! She was so sweet and was extremely helpful in answering all my questions. I will definitely continue to make the hour drive back to this store! Thank you Amanda!read more
Jeff Ting
Jeff T.
16:32 29 May 20
Had some frustrating experiences at this location thus far.I've tried walk-ins and been forgotten in the queue (then put at the end of the line). Then I tried pick up orders. I've arrived at the store when I was texted my order was ready for pick up, only to find items in my pick up were sold to other customers. Another time, I arrived when notified my order was ready, checked in with the front desk who told me it would be about 20 minutes, then waited in my car. After an hour I went inside to check my place in line and I had been told my order had already been fulfilled. After a back and forth, I had finally convinced the front desk that I had in fact not received my order, so the solution was to put me in the back of the line, where I waited for another 30 minutes.After all of these situations, the manager's only response was to apologize, blame the faulty system, and put me in the end of the line. I'm sure this is an issue that comes from higher up, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating.The silver lining was my patient consultant who offered me a free lighter for the troubles. It's a small gesture, but when the employee with the least control of the situation does more than than the manager with the most control, it says a lot.Tl;dr: New location is nice, but always double/triple check with the front desk so you are not forgotten, otherwise you will be put at the back of the more
Jason Glover
Jason G.
11:50 28 May 20
Made my first visit to this location yesterday. Everyone is super friendly, and ready to help. Special thanks to Jacob. Not only was he very knowledgeable about the products, and answered all my questions without hesitation, but he was just a genuinely friendly person to talk to. All in all, one of the best dispensary experiences I've ever had!read more
Karen Fortuno
Karen F.
21:57 25 May 20
First time using the online pickup option through the app and had a very bad experience. We did our order yesterday and we came to pick it up on time. We checked in through the app and waited, but never got notified to come in through a text message or email. Went inside and explained what happened and the host told me that we had to check in and wait another 30 minutes and that he was sorry for what happened. He told us we never got notified cause the contact number was a Puerto Rico number (PR is part of USA by the way). There is no notification through the app that Puerto Rico numbers will not get a ping to come in to pick up order. We have a cancer patient waiting for her medicine due to pain and it was not easy telling her to wait another 30 minutes due to a system error. I feel when the issue is from the system, we should have priority on the waiting list simply because is not fair to wait longer times just because of a systematic error. All of this was at the 4192 Conroy Rd Suite #111 Orlando, FL 32839. We had to leave and cancel the order due to the patient having lots of more
Jared Taylor
Jared T.
00:51 25 May 20
Visited today and wasn't a bad experience but interesting location. Very commercialized as it is near the Mall, so traffic is heavy and getting onto the right roads to leave is a challenge.The location for Google brings you to the right building but just look at the right suite. Large waiting area and prompt service. Nothing overly impressive-not extremely fast but not more
Orlando Donegal
Orlando D.
18:15 21 May 20
Just took my 1st trip here and Adrian was amazing he really took time to explain medication and offered some great suggestions. Will definitely returnread more
JayTheOne AndOnly
JayTheOne A.
20:02 19 May 20
Lucy Lucy Lucy. The best help I've had at a dispensery in a year. She persuaded me to get a puffco plus. And she was so right. Thanks to Trulieve and Lucy for making me feel so comfortable. Her customer service tops all, thats why the tip jar is always full near her lol. I will always more
Xandra P
Xandra P
17:22 19 May 20
Beautiful facility in a great location plus they have a great selection and variety of cannabis.
Troy monteagudo
Troy M.
14:06 18 May 20
THIS STORE IS AMAZING!! I had an amazing experience here and love the atmosphere! The entire staff is very friendly and knowledgeable! I will return here very soon one day!!!!read more
Janey Thomas
Janey T.
00:04 18 May 20
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