Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Palm Coast, FL

28 Old Kings Road N - Suite B
Palm Coast, FL 32137

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

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Dispensary – Open

Palm Coast – A Trulieve dispensary located at 28 Old Kings Road North to service Flagler County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Palm Coast Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in Palm Coast and throughout Flagler County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Steven Valdivia
Steven V.
13:02 04 Sep 21
What can I say? Probably my favorite store in Palm Coast for obvious reasons. Awesome and friendly service every time
Jon Gibbons
Jon G.
18:23 20 Aug 21
Love this place, easy parking and big lobby when there’s a short wait. Trulieve has great weekly sales/discounts and offers $15 delivery to my rural home which no other dispensary does. They stand behind everything they sell 100% and have friendly and helpful staff. Way to go TruTeam!read more
justin donato
justin D.
14:39 08 Aug 21
The staff there is unbelievably nice! They treat my dog like a King when he goes in there. I think he loves going there more than I do LOLread more
forrest ali
forrest A.
13:23 29 Jul 21
The staff is always so friendly here. Nicole and Ashley are super sweet. Joshua is a total cutie.
01:20 09 May 21
It is like shopping for high end jewelery that you can smoke. You get a dedicated weed connoisseur that will answer all your burning questions. Super friendly staff in a “high” end setting. The best way to shop for your alternative medicine needs. You will leave with your head in the more
Mikyla Hall
Mikyla H.
21:48 04 May 21
I came down for work but needed to re-up! So I decided to check this store out. One of the long haired male presenting employees working in the front was very sensitive and mindful in the way he addressed me after I had come back in with a bit of confusion about pricing. He spoke as if he recognized that I came for healing ultimately and that he was there to help and bring ease. Weed was fire too 👍🏿read more
Gwen Foster
Gwen F.
22:59 06 Apr 21
Andrew is helpful, knowledgable about the product. Today was my first time in a dispensary and Andrew kindly and patiently walked me through explaining the various products. I am happy with my experience and look forward to more
13:09 31 Mar 21
Good luck finding flower. They are opening new stores constantly but can’t keep product in the ones that are already open. Same generic response for everything if you waste your time complaining. Disappointed after years of being a customer and spending lots of money there. Whoever runs this company should be fired. Have not had flower in stock for days. I have checked 3 stores that would be closest to me and all out of more
Eileen Reeger
Eileen R.
23:22 21 Mar 21
It can be really hard if you’re truly using marijuana for medical purposes to navigate all the products and it’s been kind of difficult. Not crazy about the doctor I got my card from he’s been zero help. That’s another review. But trulieve has phenomenal customer service tons of patience and a very compassionate kind and fair return policy if something doesn’t work for you ❤️I absolutely hated the whole dispensary experience at first but truly was actually become a source of comfort for me as far as a couple of the budtenders there have been specially compassionate but all of them are awesome.I gotta say I haven’t met anyone I didn’t like yet ❤️But I have learned which ones have some similar experiences to me and know what I’m looking for now 🙂 it’s really cool they all have a different type of knowledge base.Thank youread more
Peter Albizu
Peter A.
19:41 25 Feb 21
Great place. Amazing experience. Customer service was excellent from the moment i walked in. Definitely would recommend.
Deer Park
Deer P.
02:23 09 Feb 21
Josh and Stephanie are great. Truly caring about the clients/patients. I have been a difficult patient. THC sensitive. I needed that consultation session. Josh was the consultant. He demonstrated sincere caring. He told me what he thought about my situation. He told me all that he knew about a remedy. He was humble enough to tell me he would get the opinion of another clerk. That’s when Stephanie came on board. They put their heads together and came up with what they felt might work for me. They really made me feel cared more
betty mulhall
betty M.
17:06 26 Jan 21
I have been going to Trulieve in palm coast for several years and everyone nice But yesterday Andrew B.put the icing on the 🎂 cake for me So polite sweet and patient with an old lady like me Sincerely Betty Mulhallread more
Curt Richard
Curt R.
19:18 05 Jan 21
So for all the truleivers out there who have had trouble with the website. It’s getting better!!!! Please be kind to your flower people!!! It’s not their fault!!!! the web is not under their control. Palm coast location is my go to place because the employees are awesome. When I didn’t get my online confirmation i was contacted by truleive palm coast and they immediately let me know there was a problem with the order and with their help i was able to adjust my order and was very happy. They will do whatever they can to make you happy so stop giving them sh*t for something that’s out of their control. Five stars from me, always!!!!read more
Kaitlyn Rivera
Kaitlyn R.
18:37 03 Jan 21
Love this location -everyone is SUPER nice. Especially Andrew B , Brittany and Kelly AND JOSH. They always take such great care of me and make sure I’m good to go ! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them ❤️!!!read more
Kaitlyn Rivera
Kaitlyn R.
23:43 04 Dec 20
Love this location -everyone is SUPER nice. Especially Andrew B , Brittany and Kelly. They always take such great care of me and make sure I’m good to go ! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them ❤️!!!read more
John Wic
John W.
14:25 29 Nov 20
I love going to the palm coast location! I get great service from Andrew B. He is my go to guy! Awesome job
alicia collins
alicia C.
19:56 28 Nov 20
How do you get a new system and not have it tested for bugs clearly there is a issue. The call center you’re on hold for more than a hour. They use to be a five star with this issue, if i could give a negative star i would its been more than a more
Brande Martz
Brande M.
18:05 21 Nov 20
went in for the first time very friendly — I can say Andrew B. made it easy and Helpful – when i go back in going to ask for him !!read more
Liz Jones
Liz J.
15:53 15 Nov 20
Customer service is getting better. Website has improved. They still have problems with keeping items in stock. Probably because it’s the only well-known dispensary in more
Michael Khlebopros
Michael K.
17:35 09 Oct 20
Wouldnt let me bring my old man in to show him how the process works since he wants to get a medical card. Stated because of Covid. Most ridiculous thing ever when the back is filled with other people anyways and we both had masks. Tired of coming here and dealing with constant issues from shortage of flower to incompetent employees. Go to surterra a few minutes down the road. Won’t be coming back hereread more
Donald Edwards
Donald E.
15:00 21 Sep 20
MOST REVIEWS ABOUT THIS PLACE ARE FALSE!This is the Worst Dispencery in Florida. The sales people think their doing you a favor by serving you. Most of them look stoned and very uneducated at what their dispencing!DONT WAST YOU TIME OR MONEY! ALLWAYS OUT OF more
Tracy Markham
Tracy M.
16:15 20 Sep 20
I do contract work for Trulieve and as clients go they are tops. My recent service call at the Palm Coast location was a pleasant experience. The manager was especially helpful with my more
Bill Buskirk
Bill B.
18:41 18 Sep 20
Great! Update depends on what day u go on. Got time for a 2 hour wait ???
Brian Williams
Brian W.
20:41 10 Sep 20
I’m a new and they treated me great
Brent Baker
Brent B.
01:17 07 Sep 20
Great place!!
matthew driggers
matthew D.
02:39 27 Aug 20
As a first timer, not only was I graciously greeted by Matthew and Kara, but I was lucky enough to get Logan as my rep. With a great attitude and willingness to educate me, he took his time to answer LOADS of questions. I felt like a pro after I left. DEFINITELY ask for Logan if you are new or want great Customer more
Andrew O'Neal
Andrew O.
14:52 25 Aug 20
Very clean and professional environment. Associates were knowledgeable and energetic!
17:28 05 Aug 20
Knowledgeable and friendly staff. I have only purchased flower. While not at the level of West Coast or Colorado products, their quality and potency has improved with time. Availability is hit or miss(high po flower only), hence the 4 🌟. Only wish they had coffee and let you sample your medicine there. They have a plethora of products aside from flower, give them a try!read more
Donnie Pemberton
Donnie P.
16:54 15 Jul 20
I just wanted to add to my review and say thank you to Brian C. for the outstanding job and going above and beyond to help us out. Be an amputee its hard to go out and trust people today. Thank you for the, “Being at Home” feeling every time I come more
Karen Stevens
Karen S.
16:18 12 Jul 20
Most all the staff here are incredible, polite, and extremely patient with you. There was only one gentleman who works there who’s very abrupt, rushes you, and made the 3 time experience for me rather odd, so now I preorder and just pick up. I tip really really well, and it’s frustrating when the persib rushes you, but beyond that ONE person, this is an amazing place. I like how helpful they are in guiding me to my pain relief, asking if it’s working when they see me again. I just can’t say enough about this staff, how clean it is, to how polite the front staff more
Tori Troino
Tori T.
16:52 06 Jul 20
Great place.Great people. Since getting my card, I’ve finally felt some relief in so many ways. Its a joy to come here and I always leave smiling. FIVE STARS!read more
abbi stephenson
abbi S.
22:05 20 Jun 20
Awesome and close to home. Very friendly staff, easy online check-in. Fast and professional with much to choose from in several different forms. They even deliver to your home!read more
Diane Kelly
Diane K.
16:37 20 Jun 20
Formerly a newbie, Trulieve reps educated my husband and I with an abundance of information along this journey. I would still be on pharmaceuticals without their more
Tony Dach
Tony D.
12:19 15 Jun 20
This place is great!! Staff is amazing and quality of product is the
Gixx Zilla
Gixx Z.
00:45 06 Jun 20
Everyone so nice here. They usually have good products. They had a sale today that I took advantage of. I’m a satisfied more
Amie Ayersphotography
Amie A.
18:02 05 Jun 20
They were the first dispensary to serve the NE Florida area.. Every visit is pleasant. So for that they get 5 stars!
constantine tzortzis
constantine T.
23:00 25 May 20
Very nice friendly people & environment as well. Fast service A+++ all the way
Arthur Soucie
Arthur S.
13:03 16 Mar 20
The workers very polite helpful. Love going there. You have a great team. I highly recommend truelieve. To anyone with card tell them big art sent you. Cant say enough about. Palm coast pharmacy. A cut aboveread more
Thomas Dougall
Thomas D.
14:52 11 Mar 20
Tina always is knowledgeable patient and professional. I’m a former Airborne Ranger Combat medic, Broken neck 2x just to name a few.. Every one makes me feel like home and more
Karri Mitchum
Karri M.
04:34 07 Mar 20
Defiantly on the new experience list and has some quirks to work out but everyone there made me feel very welcome and made the new experience very welcoming and easier to understand. 1 thing tho I didnt get my 15% off 1st order and I spent about $150 but I saved my receipt so I hope they will honor it my next visit/order =) The prices are a little higher than some places but its good more
James Garofalo
James G.
18:01 19 Jan 20
I am very pleased with the service, products, incredible staff, management, cleanliness, and friendly atmosphere. The staff always goes above and beyond with their kindness, compassion, patience and expertise in the exceptional products that I’ve only found at Trulieve. The Palm Coast location is by far the best location that I have visited in the state and I am proud to call Trulieve Palm Coast my dispensary. 5 stars all around!!!!!read more
Adrian Crook
Adrian C.
22:27 17 Jan 20
This dispensary is tucked away out of sight in Palm Coast Fl. But what the miss in curb appeal they triple in quality. A must have medical marijuana store. Thank you Truliev of Palm Coast !!! Respectfully your loyal patient/client, Adrian Cread more
Chris Brumbaugh
Chris B.
14:19 27 Dec 19
I was actually parked next door but You’d never know they sold pot in there if it wasn’t written on the signage.Looks like a normal pharmacy from the outside.I don’t see how this is a bad thing for our community so welcome to Palm more
Chandrika The Intuitive
Chandrika The I.
20:13 22 Aug 19
Super friendly and informative staff. They answered every question and concern that I had and they even provided me with resources so that I could do my own research. Since ditching pharmaceuticals and honoring my body by switching to herbal medicinals, I trust the quality of their products greatly. Get your Medical Marijuana Card and give Trulieve a visit. Thank me later ✨😁✨read more
Chandrika The Intuitive
Chandrika The I.
20:13 22 Aug 19
Super friendly and informative staff. They answered every question and concern that I had and they even provided me with resources so that I could do my own research. Since ditching pharmaceuticals and honoring my body by switching to herbal medicinals, I trust the quality of their products greatly. Get your Medical Marijuana Card and give Trulieve a visit. Thank me later ✨😁✨read more
Ken Quignon
Ken Q.
22:28 11 Apr 19
Helpful and informative staff, compporable prices
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