Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Panama City Beach, FL

9952 Hutchison Blvd
Panama City Beach, FL 32407

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available


MMTC Dispensary – Open

Panama City Beach – A Trulieve dispensary located at 9952 Hutchison Blvd to service Bay County medical cannabis card patients is open. Trulieve, the biggest dispensary brand in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for this Panama City Beach store products are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Panama City Beach Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door in Panama City Beach and throughout Bay County. Order online or call over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients that have been certified by a recommending doctor who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$15 Delivery Fee Statewide. Free delivery to patients 65 years or older and on all orders over $200.

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Kirstie Walden
Kirstie W.
13:54 13 Jan 22
First Time Going After Getting My Card && One Of The Workers There (didn’t catch his name) cause my anxiety to go super high. And he wasn’t even the one selling/helping me. Just kept creeping up over on me.. Everywhere else will let me talk to my husband of over 10 years but there I can’t. Married over decade, husband has his card but still wouldn’t let me talk to him. I’ll never go back there. Liberty is so much better laid back more
Natalie Gottler-Bowen
Natalie G.
21:54 15 Dec 21
*I’ve been numerous times and still the best 1 in Bay County!Today was my first visit to this dispensary after visiting the ones in town. There was a wait since I was a walk-in, but Mark set up my profile and was great helping me. They have the biggest selection and good prices. Will be returningread more
Matt Smith
Matt S.
16:54 09 Dec 21
I placed a online order 12/8 when they were having a 40% off sale but I was unable to pickup until 12/9. I went in expecting to get the sale price like I always do in tallahassee because the order was placed on the day of the sale only to be refused. I had driven 40 min to get there so I reluctantly paid and left. I won’t be back. From now on all my business will go to Curaleaf. Curaleaf has much better customer service and they treat their customers with more
Nick Hunter
Nick H.
14:35 17 Oct 21
It was my first visit to a dispensary and I was paired with Mark who was awesome. He was very informative and answered every one of my questions thoroughly, making recommendations for what I needed. It was an awesome experience and I will be back. Thanks again Mark!!read more
23:25 15 Oct 21
I have to say after trying all but one of the other dispensaries in town, that Trulieve has been by far the best. I have to give a shout out to Mark as a budtender who spent great time with me and helped me pick out some great product. And while I will name him by name, everyone there has always been friendly, helpful, and supportive. This is a great location, and I encourage everyone to try it out and give them your more
CDiverMatt Crunch Time
CDiverMatt Crunch T.
23:00 07 Oct 21
After being a customer for over a year now watching slow improvement to a respectable 4 stars… YOU LIED TO ME on my last delivery EVERY SINGLE STRAIN was at least 5%less thc than listed when ordering. One strain was listed @34% was 24% when it arrived. Not okay. Loss of all stars. You get one cause I have more
Trevor York
Trevor Y.
14:11 03 Oct 21
The Trulieve representative I had was named Lexi. She was very patient, informative and knowledgeable. She answered every question I had as well as giving me some great suggestions. Highly recommend her expertise!read more
Shawn Williams
Shawn W.
01:10 02 Oct 21
First time visitor of the dispensary. The staff was awesome. Very helpful and really friendly and professional
Elizabeth Ostinett
Elizabeth O.
03:46 15 Sep 21
Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Very informative. I appreciated being treated like family. Thank you
Angela Sorenson
Angela S.
17:58 11 Sep 21
Drove thirty five minutes only to be declined to come in for not having a mask and then I was told “they did not have one for me to wear.” The attendant was rude and said, “Trulieve is a private company and they can do what they want” so I went to my car and got an old dirty mask to put on my clean face. Only to come in and find a cashier eating at the counter hand to mouth and then helping other customers without washing his hand first. well y’all go ahead with your ridiculous practice, my fully vaccinated butt will go literally anywhere else from now on to get my prescription with out without a mask!read more
Melissa Gene
Melissa G.
23:03 07 Sep 21
This is the only place I shop. They have awesome deals and very friendly helpful employees. Service is always quick.
Anthony Fleming
Anthony F.
09:32 27 Aug 21
I personally shop at all of the Dispensaries in our area. They all carry something that keeps me coming back, however Trulieve is my go to shop & the one I frequent the most. Their flower is almost always top quality and if you happen to not be satisfied then simply return it. Never heard of any place with a return policy like Trulieve. Our location now has a wide selection of products. Over 20 different strains of flower everyday. Majority of the staff is really cool & very helpful. Also they have a mini-fridge is the waiting area full of complimentary bottle water. The only issue with our Trulieve is the issue of time. If your planning on coming to browse & shop be sure to be ready to wait or check the times when it’s the slowest. Express check in via online orders always gets me in & out within 30 mins, checking in online helps out tremendously more
Susan Whosan
Susan W.
22:15 22 Aug 21
Very kind, knowledgeable, resourceful and professional as well as friendly and pleasant.Shout out to bud tenders Mark, Amy, Paula! Great atmosphere, extremely clean and pleasant and so much RELIEF! LOVE TRULIEVE IN PCBread more
Natalie Gottler-Bowen
Natalie G.
21:00 18 Aug 21
Today was my first visit to this dispensary after visiting the ones in town. There was a wait since I was a walk-in, but Mark set up my profile and was great helping me. They have the biggest selection and good prices. Will be returningread more
Matt & Ginger S
Matt & Ginger S
22:28 15 Aug 21
This is my go to dispensary. The staff are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about the products. Michael and Lexy are always so amazing and patient! Michael has helped me a few times now and understands my condition and the products that work best for me. That’s such a relief to know the staff can empathize.The delivery crew are my saving grace. They are so kind and communication is so much smoother than last year. Love their products and the flower is always high more
ImStereotype Reviews
ImStereotype R.
23:02 10 Aug 21
The staff is friendly and the building is nice. My biggest issue is they never have any product. I’ve waited months for sometimes just to be able to by some concentrates. 200$ + just to be unable to find any legal more
Dyani Thomason
Dyani T.
05:07 09 Jul 21
I love my Trulieve in Panama City Beach. Especially Cat behind the counter! Everyone there is welcoming and helpful, from the first time I stepped in until my most recent visit they always treat me the same. Very professional staff and clean store. 5 stars!read more
Woodsy Owl
Woodsy O.
15:41 02 Jul 21
Trulieve was good once and I frequented it. However, this will be the last time. Employees just doing their jobs. Products are overpriced. Wait times are entirely too long. Last pick up order i was told it would be another hour wait after I received notification that my order was ready to be picked up. It takes entirely too long to get in and out of the store. Half the time their website is also inaccurate. If you see something on the site theres no guarantee the store has it, even when you make a pick up order. Trulieve is making obscene amounts of money in comparison to the recreational market. Make your store a better experience for your customers and a faster process pleaseread more
Skwash House
Skwash H.
01:55 16 Jun 21
Consistently the best flower in town. The customer service is getting better….maybe because people quit going there? 🤏🤪🤘read more
flooring jonathan
flooring J.
14:46 12 Jun 21
I have not been back to our vacation home in Panama City Beach since last year. The experience at the Trulieve in Panama City Beach was exquisite and the service was superior over my experience last year. The Trulieve locations I visit in the North West Florida are pleasant and I am now convinced it is from the change in management over the last year…..WOW to the executive responsible for the district for Trulieve in the North West part of Florida – fascinated by my more
22:57 08 Jun 21
Everyone at this location is always super helpful and friendly, especially Mark. He provides excellent customer service and is extremely knowledgeable on the product. He is always so nice too and genuinely enjoys his job. He always makes my experience is a 10/10 and makes sure his customers leave happy. Thanks Mark!read more
Daniel Kail
Daniel K.
19:11 05 Jun 21
Been going here for the past year, never had one bad experience! All staff is extremely helpful and always ready to help you stay lifted. I recommend Amy or Rich, they both know their strains and how they help you!read more
Kimberly Smith
Kimberly S.
20:12 03 Jun 21
Pretty decent place. Still makes you wear a mask. And wish they update thier website so strains show thc context
cindy bryant
cindy B.
18:00 02 Jun 21
The Staff was very helpful and friendly. One of the products was opened that I bought and they exchanged it with no problems! Excellent Customer Service!read more
Rachel Schmitt
Rachel S.
17:42 30 May 21
Very fast service. Super friendly and easy process! James Saint was very knowledgeable and helped me get everything I need and get in and out ! Thank youread more
15:35 30 May 21
Place an online order and when you go to pick it up they will switch items with substitutes and not tell you. Even if you ask the manager to please check the order they will tell you yes, it’s all there. EVERY ONLINE ORDER this happens and/or they try to over charge me. Every express pickup online order this happens to me. I go every other week just to not get what I ordered? I drive over an hour and wait in the waiting room 30 minutes to be let down everytime guaranteed. There delivery service is even worse! The drivers are not descreet at all, like other companies, and will actually make “A SCENE” in front of your house or workplace. I love Trulieve’s products but there customer service is almost nonexistent in every way, and for not supplying what I order online I will be taking my business elsewhere. It’s really a shame they have the potential to be so great but they can’t fix there own issues and always with a poor excuse as to why. No wonder they have so much employee turn around… It really is a SHAME!!!read more
13:03 30 May 21
Cancelled my order. Ditch your mask policy or make it a “personal choice”. If you need a mask, try delivery. I’ll shop elsewhere until you do. No issues at Curaleaf or more
Lots of variety in product and strands much better selection of edibles than anywhere else I have been tow
Eric Vinson
Eric V.
00:19 25 May 21
This review is actually for the Panama City Beach store. I have used this location a few times with very poor experiences. My last was by far the worst yet.I only go when I can get a really good discount.This trip was for my renewal discount on my MMR card. Long story short I was insulted by a employee and a manager. I was given my discount after I was able to prove the employee was wrong in the reason they gave me, for not wanting to give me my discount.I have decided if I want good service at Trulieve I have to go to Tallahassee or Pensacola.This sucks I live in Washington more
Eric Vinson
Eric V.
16:17 24 May 21
These peopllike to tell you your wrong a lot. They also make you wait very long periods of time.Management is poor customers service at more
Catherine Williams
Catherine W.
23:59 18 May 21
Received a delivery today and my consultant Mark was great. He was able to answer all my questions and help me with my concerns. And they arrived right on time. Thank you!read more
Vc Woods
Vc W.
01:49 20 Apr 21
Best dispensary in the area. Very friendly consultants n fast service.Awesome in every way
Debrah Coury
Debrah C.
22:14 01 Apr 21
The location and store are great…The staff isn’t very knowledgeable and needs to learn basic math…Product wise…greatread more
Hayley Bass
Hayley B.
03:08 26 Mar 21
As far as the rest of the reviews go, I can’t speak regarding the delivery or order pick-up services.I went in for my first time after getting approval on my card. I was immediately greeted by the front desk who quickly got my information and checked me in. They called me into the dispensary the moment I finished with her. NO WAIT and it’s spring break here in PCB so I did not expect that. Mark called me over and was happy to assist me in guiding me through what strains are most effective for my condition. Not only speaking from the book, but through his personal experience as a card-holder. He was perfectly pleasant, patient and relatable.As a General Manager in retail, I could not be more pleased with my experience. Would absolutely recommend and excited to try my new products and go back!read more
Pig Wright
Pig W.
02:03 22 Mar 21
Trulieve PCB is always on point… Mark is always helpful and knowledgeable about the product and delivers A1 customer service. 2 thumbs up for Mark.. cool sleeve tattoo alsoread more
Carrie Cherry
Carrie C.
23:40 23 Feb 21
Always a wonderful visit. The budtenders are knowledgeable, and are respectful. By far so far the best all around. Cheersread more
Daniel Gish
Daniel G.
16:43 19 Feb 21
I will definitely shop here again. Thank you Dustin for your help and your excellent service.
These aren’t your usual pharmacists!These guys know their bud. Usually has a pretty good variety between various THC products, i.e. Shatter, Vape oil & refills. Prices are average but loyalty points & discounts. Sudden sales and old people discount.Wait times vary. Use the website for best resultsread more
Woofer McWooferson
Woofer M.
13:42 07 Feb 21
This is a great dispensary. It’s clean and well-organized, and the staff is always courteous and knowledgeable about the products. I stopped by for a pickup last Sunday, and I was in and out in a flash. Thanks to Dustin, I picked up an extra flower, too! From check-in to security to the shopping itself, the staff here always make the experience a more
Alecia Davidson Brown
Alecia Davidson B.
13:04 07 Feb 21
I could only like it more If somehow a person could place an order online.I love Truelieve. The employees are extremely knowledgeable. Courteous n overall great to do businesswith.Walton Co..we hope you bring Trulieve to us soon!read more
casey bain
casey B.
18:02 03 Jan 21
They are always friendly and go out of their way to look for products when you ask for them. Absolutely love this location!read more
Timothy R. Christie
Timothy R. C.
02:43 02 Jan 21
Great products. But even if you order 24hrs early online , and only go when told its ready for pick-up you may wait a hour or more. Ive seen folks married to their second cousin run smoother operations from the back of a single wide trailer with only a pager . just more
Harrison Chapman
Harrison C.
15:34 30 Nov 20
Always 45-60 min wait even when you order online. (If you can get online ordering to work) there’s always an excuse of something going on with the site. It’s happened multiple times. I used to like Trulieve but I’ve grown to feel the complete opposite with how things are being managed. Prices are too high for low quality THC as well. Also always out of stock too. Everyone complains about the same issues over and over and no one does anything about it!read more
Timothy R. Christie
Timothy R. C.
12:56 03 Nov 20
Great products. But even if you order 24hrs early online and only go when told its ready for pick-up you may wait a hour or more. Ive seen folks married to their second cousin run smoother operations from the back of a single wide trailer with only a pager . just more
John Kerry Edwards
John Kerry E.
23:08 19 Oct 20
Trulieve is again my new favorite. Met a friendly supervisor at the door and she was friendly. The young lady made me comfortable. I like this store again. Recommend letting my spouse use my veteran discount. We spend our more
zac ard
zac A.
01:35 13 Oct 20
I’ve spent way too much money at a dispensary that has no problem wasting your time they will not take care of you they do not care that they made you wait two hours just to deny you for something completely preventable if they would have warned you before your doctor closed. I strongly urge anyone who reads this not to give them your business. You will not be satisfied with the quality of the product does not match the trouble you will go through just to give them way too much money for mediocre product and horrible more
Shamrock Photography
Shamrock P.
02:28 10 Oct 20
Takes a long time to get through the process and the two guys I’ve seen so far are not so helpful to me. I would be better off taking my time to go through the website and order for pick up, which you still have to sit and wait for your name to be called but a assume more
Dylan Guidry
Dylan G.
01:11 09 Oct 20
If you don’t mind waiting an hour to get your medication and paying black market prices this place is great.
d sojo
d S.
18:08 02 Oct 20
Everybody is real nice. Convenient location. But, more than once, I’ve found my medicine has been unsealed and is short, upon opening. What’s up with that?read more
Maggie Sunshine
Maggie S.
16:15 01 Oct 20
Such wonderful people work at the Panama City Beach location! Always humble and quick to resolve any issues that may arise. A+ in my book!read more
kevin whitworth
kevin W.
19:19 22 Sep 20
Rich G. was extremely courteous and helpful. Very professional environment. My only complaint is that the prices are a bit high but the products are top notch and service is excellent and more
Krystal Aragon
Krystal A.
18:14 21 Sep 20
Excellent In Information n Suggestions of Products. . Best To Order Products Online for Pick Up To Get Certain Products example Capsules Awesome Customer Careread more
Allison Myers
Allison M.
00:49 19 Sep 20
Big change from last visit.
Angela Golden Burton
Angela Golden B.
00:18 19 Sep 20
Awesome friendly but busy!!!
phyllis ivey
phyllis I.
02:29 15 Sep 20
Fast and safety first attitude.
Debby Foster
Debby F.
15:56 11 Sep 20
This store has its issues, but hopefully soon they will get it running smoothly. Best way to get the hard to get flower, is simply to place a pickup order then shop when you get there! Especially if you don’t live on the beach! Hope this helps you ♥️read more
Ben Slay
Ben S.
21:55 08 Sep 20
This is the third time in a row that my delivery order has been rescheduled for a different day without telling me in advance. This is the third time I’ve waited all day for a delivery without them telling me they wouldn’t make more
Wayne Woodham
Wayne W.
18:36 05 Sep 20
Road Trips photographing
Road Trips P.
16:03 03 Sep 20
I only shop at tule I only shop for the last three and a half years ladies and gentlemen I do 50 shares of the stock in this company only company that I will shop at grass is not greener than the other side because they have the best products in the world to me only in the State of Florida anyway thank you Panama City Florida thank youread more
Lee McCarthy
Lee M.
22:15 31 Aug 20
My visit went very smoothly Staff very helpful and friendly
Joint jutsu Konan
Joint jutsu K.
19:36 18 Aug 20
Love this place! They have the best pods in town, hands down. As far as consistency and higher thc potency, its the usually best option in the county for flower. All staff (in the front and in the back) are very nice, knowledgeable, and helpful, especially Richard. Their pick up orders are processed pretty quickly and its optional but, they also have virtual check in through their site. Even with a full waiting room, without a pick up order, ive never waited more than 20 more
Justin H.
Justin H.
23:18 17 Aug 20
Shop somewhere else if you can. This place seems to forget that it serves patients not customers. 1.) The staff in the front are very rude and un-welcoming. The security guard is on some kind of power trip to the point where I witnessed him bully a patient into standing outside in 90 degree heat because she cant sit down like he wanted her too. Even after her repeatedly telling him it was hard for her to sit down. This was the last straw with this place.2.) The online check in serves no purpose at all. You check in online. wait for 30 mins in your car, only to be called inside to sit for another 10 to 15 minutes in a packed lobby. THIS DEFEATS the purpose of online check in.So like i said shop somewhere else if you can, if not…just know what you’re in for with this placeread more
Kristin Herman
Kristin H.
00:05 04 Aug 20
Over worked. Like endless black friday.. Still super friendly and upbeat. And accommodating to order changes.
April White
April W.
17:17 24 Jul 20
Been in many times and as long as youre chipper and happy to agree and smile all is well that means not appearing to be concerned about incredibly ling wait times or questioning the front desk as to anything… now masks are required and i had a shirt on hand i fashioned a mask with…apparently that drew the ire if the crabby women and they demanded i tue it around my head. When i asked why as im covered just like her homemade cotton mask she was proud to shout its the law.. not law im sorry. Their policies and thats their right. Today was just the day i decided to review this store after dealing with the front end staff that appear to need to be anywhere else but dealing with the public. Be sure youre medicated before attempting to visit this location! Edit- went back today and did not have an issue. Nick helped me in the back and he was great. Kind and friendly even a to stressful environment and mask controversy surrounding us all. Thanks Nick youre a rock star and you made my day and redeemed this location💗💋read more
Jamie Kitzmiller
Jamie K.
12:44 20 Jul 20
Placed order last week, got order number. No confirmation email. Can’t get ahold of anyone on the phone, 20 mins of ringing until call ends. No customer service on website either. My order doesn’t exist from tracking it now. But I have an order?This week I can’t even make an order on the website because it’s unusable. Don’t waste your time trying to go here. They won’t even take your more
Frank Whitehurst
Frank W.
01:10 19 Jul 20
Awesome customer service social distancing was managed very well also. Gr8 experience.
Kam Rod
Kam R.
23:23 13 Jul 20
The worst dispensary I have been to so far. The staff could not answer questions about their products such as is it grown indoors. The products are not worth the price as the bud is dry and the wax has a superficial sweet taste. On top of that they refused to let my fiance enter even though we are both medical patients. The lady was rude and at first said he had to be a patient so when he said he was she doubled back and explained he had to buy something to enter. Could have at least had some prior notice on website..came all the way from in town to go. If I could 0 out of 5 stars. Would not more
christy rae
christy R.
00:30 12 Jul 20
Great people especially Richard.. so helpful and Great selection ❤️ new favorite dispensary
April White
April W.
15:48 29 Jun 20
Been in many times and as long as youre chipper and happy to agree and smile all is well that means not appearing to be concerned about incredibly ling wait times or questioning the front desk as to anything… now masks are required and i had a shirt on hand i fashioned a mask with…apparently that drew the ire if the crabby women and they demanded i tue it around my head. When i asked why as im covered just like her homemade cotton mask she was proud to shout its the law.. not law im sorry. Their policies and thats their right. Today was just the day i decided to review this store after dealing with the front end staff that appear to need to be anywhere else but dealing with the public. Be sure youre medicated before attempting to visit this location!read more
Travis Pierce
Travis P.
17:37 28 Jun 20
Thank you to the wonderful staff such a positive vibe and atmosphere. Always treated with the utmost respect, quality products you can rely on. I’ve had a card since day one and I’ve used them since day one when you were in Tallahassee only but Panama City Beach trulieve is awesome thank you guys for all the help. If you have a question that usually always can answer it products are top-notch! It’s kind of like cheers everyone knows your name and it makes you feel welcome especially when you’re fighting a terminal illness thank you💚😁read more
JC Shark
20:29 27 Jun 20
Richard, Satchell, and Tannis were all so patient with me during my first three visits. They offered amazing suggestions of products I had not yet tried—and ended up loving them!Not those three employees I mentioned earlier—everyone at the store was really nice, and refreshingly witty. The more I laughed, the more they did—which really helps with my social anxiety. They didn’t ask too many personal questions about my medical condition (as not to pry), instead using their training & intuition to offer products based upon my needs. This branch is my go to, without a doubt!If you’re reading this PCB Trulieve, please consider getting some of the CO2 syringes in stock. Thank you for you all the great customer more
Bart White
Bart W.
00:17 21 Jun 20
They were very helpful, being very knowledgeable of their product. Quick and PROFESSIONAL service. Thanks yall.
Tiffany Bobbitt
Tiffany B.
16:58 05 Jun 20
Great place Rick gave me great recommendations can’t wait to go back 👍
Donkeenart  Keen
Donkeenart K.
22:07 21 May 20
Wonderful Staff! Great first experience from door to door. Knowledgeable staff and wonderful product. Just tried Stardawg and I more
The Sharps
The S.
12:53 02 Apr 20
If I could give NO stars I would. Visited with a friend and witnessed the WORST experience ever. I witnessed a livestock present AND PHI/PII being shared with a different person! I would assume this should fall under the same securities as any other medical office. The lady’s name was Wendy and I was SHOCKED she was carrying a chicken around and blatantly sharing other patients’ information openly! I HOPE this has been fully investigated. I do NOT recommend doing business with her. The shop itself is perfectly fine, but… free range livestock?! No more
James Hamilton
James H.
14:56 14 Mar 20
My experience is always a great one at Trulieve. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and expedient. They have the best variety and highest quality strains. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars!read more
Beach Lady
Beach L.
15:51 01 Feb 20
I love Trulieve!!! Awesome selection of medicine. Fast service. Deals pretty often. I only deal with David. David really knows his stuff!! He always gives me great recommendations on which product(s) I should use. And it never fails to be great! Thank you David, my life is better because of you!!read more
16:52 30 Jan 20
What can I say, Trulieve is the only place I know I’m receiving amazing quality medicine. Ole “Hippie Dave”, as I like to call him, in Panama City Beach has really shown me the different ways and different terpens that there medicine has to offer, he definitely knows what he’s talking about. Cannot thank him enough and Trulieve for providing.Thank youread more
Jacob Metzger
Jacob M.
16:50 24 Jan 20
It was such a delight to come to this Trulieve. I was greeted with smiles and positive vibes, and it felt really good. On another note, the flower here is a little overpriced for my blood, but it’s honestly fantastic. I always am awaiting MINIS to arrive 🙂 Trulieve has some of the best flower I’ve ever had. The employee I dealt with was Savannah, and she was really lovely. Overall, I had a super great experience!! Thanks PCB Trulieve!read more
Debby Foster
Debby F.
21:14 14 Jan 20
I have been shopping with Trulieve since the beginning! But I shopped at the Tallahassee store, and they were awesome too! I think the best customer service and education I have received has been in the Panama City Beach Trulieve location! Ryan helped me understand the law, store procedures, product information but most of all, he made me feel like I was completely normal. Ryan helped me with a genuine smile and interested in what I needed. I have now shopped at ALL 3 stores in Panama City area, the others never came close to being as professional and caring! Thanks again for your help Ryan! I’ll see you next month!read more
Carolee Harper
Carolee H.
23:58 22 Dec 19
The people at this store are so incredibly, they know their products, there is never a long wait. They have a great variety. They are familiar with their customers. 🤗read more
Carolee Harper
Carolee H.
23:58 22 Dec 19
The people at this store are so incredibly, they know their products, there is never a long wait. They have a great variety. They are familiar with their customers. 🤗read more
Connie Kailer
Connie K.
23:59 20 Dec 19
Went here for the first time and I am very impressed. Clean, fast, friendly and great pricing. John helped me and he was great. He answered all my questions and concerns and also after listening to me he suggested something different for me to try and I LOVE IT! Thank you Johnread more
Tracy Harden
Tracy H.
18:42 25 Nov 19
Lauren is the best. Always greets me and informs me on new products
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