Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Sarasota, FL

935 N Beneva Rd
Sarasota, FL 34232

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

Dispensary – Open

Sarasota – A Trulieve dispensary located at 935 N Beneva Rd to service Sarasota County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Sarasota Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in Sarasota and throughout Sarasota County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Jessica and Ryan Boggs
Jessica and Ryan B.
18:12 29 Nov 20
I love everything about them. From the product to the staff. Yeah you have to wait a long while at times, but it’s worth it. The staff are kind and caring. They really make sure you are comfortable and never make you feel like any questions are to silly. Look past the wait and the new systems bugs. They are incredible!read more
Kate Danger
Kate D.
15:48 24 Nov 20
Revised to 2 stars from one only because if it was about the people that work there, they would get 5 stars every time. They are super nice. BUT Don’t bother ordering online. They got a new system installed during the busiest week of the year and you are in for an hour and a half wait, even if you placed an order online and got a text that it was ready. And oh yeah, the online check in that made this decent doesn’t work. And don’t bother trying to call. I called last night and was told 11 min hold time. 40 min later I was still waiting and told at the location not to bother with that because the call center has nothing to do with more
Kate Danger
Kate D.
14:15 24 Nov 20
Don’t bother ordering online. They got a new system installed during the busiest week of the year and you are in for an hour and a half wait, even if you placed an order online and got a text that it was ready. And oh yeah, the online check in that made this decent doesn’t work. And don’t bother trying to call. I called last night and was told 11 min hold time. 40 min later I was still waiting and told at the location not to bother with that because the call center has nothing to do with more
William Tiffany
William T.
16:35 29 Oct 20
All the staff at Sarasota Trulieve are very knowledgeable friendly people. Lucy has helped me twice, and she is extremely professional.Addition: I found a $50 bill outside on the ground as I was leaving—–returned it to a Trulieve customer inside who had just lost it in the parking lot——a good day for all!!!!read more
J Arnold
J A.
12:02 18 Oct 20
Always busy but great products and customer service! Only problem was the security guard tried harassing me about my 2 year old not wearing a mask??? Are your serious? You get a 2 year old to wear a mask? But overall prices a little higher than my more
18:18 16 Oct 20
Barely better than Bradenton. All slow. If they had a better system for service I would consider coming back but there’s simply faster options for the same price and more
20:55 15 Oct 20
I live in Naples and my sister lives in Sarasota. So we went together. I went there for edibles and was I pleased! Naples ,Bonita just don’t carry edibles? That’s a big market. Anyway such a great place, clean , professional and such a big selection of edibles,5 stars!read more
Therese Rooney
Therese R.
00:20 11 Oct 20
This location is very convenient. All the products I’ve tried have been of high quality. The people there are nice and helpful. They do run out of product a lot though and the wait can be long even with online check-insread more
Robert Guiles
Robert G.
19:23 07 Oct 20
Literally sitting in the lobby right now, I came in and there was 1 customer before me. 25 minutes later and maybe 20 people came in after me, so far 5 have went ahead of me. Why does this place prioritize some people over others?? This is the last time I EVER come to This place. Seriously get it togetherread more
Ruthie Dycus
Ruthie D.
13:50 02 Oct 20
Always overcrowded and always out of stock. Despite checking in online and being told there was an 11 minute wait, I’m still waiting after 20 minutes and have been told it will be another 15 more before I can pick up something I ordered yesterday. Something that is supposedly already packaged and ready to go. The last time I checked in online and it said there was a 10 minute wait, I waited over an hour. Incredibly frustrating. Most of the staff are great, but that doesn’t really make it worth shopping more
d m
d m
18:35 01 Oct 20
I really, really wanted to like it here. I really did. I had such a good experience with the first couple of visits here, and the Gainesville location. But every other time I come here, I get extremely uncomfortable due to the staff. To be frank, I’ve constantly been treated nastily and I just don’t wanna deal with it anymore. The products I’m receiving here are not worth dealing with the constant nastiness and passive aggressiveness I’ve gotten from staff for asking simple questions. I give small props because there are some really, really great staff in this store, and the manager was very kind to me the last time I ran into consecutive problems with staff. But I just don’t wanna deal with it anymore. It keeps happening. I don’t know if it has to do with the pandemic or what, but it’s just not worth more
R Flani
R F.
19:21 29 Sep 20
DO NOT SMOKE IN THE PARKING LOT.COPS ARE PATROLLING. COUNTED 5 SUVs TODAY.Noticed they are starting to be more organized and friendly. Unfortunately no one could explain why I received a text that my order was packaged, only for me to arrive and one of the products not be available (seems it was, budtender didn’t know where to look. Went back & purchased same day.).They are starting to turn things around, but still are not great. Hopefully by the time the pandemic is over it’ll be a stand-up more
Jimmy Procopio
Jimmy P.
12:37 27 Sep 20
Very rarely have stock on flower. No stock on rosin ever. They bring out products and you find something you like and that works for your issues than no stock ever more often than not.You can only by 1/8s. WHY can’t I purchase packaged ounce’s if I choose. Why is there no availability for ounces? The State allows me to have ounces. I’m guessing it’s because you can charge more buying 1/8th at a time. Why are you ripping us off?read more
Family Fued
Family F.
00:39 26 Sep 20
Best place ever
Joshua Regan
Joshua R.
18:08 25 Sep 20
I had the most amazing experience in here. Wonderful staff and I was in very quickly. There is an ATM inside if you forget your cash!read more
shelby dog
shelby D.
17:50 19 Sep 20
Got right in and right out with quality products every time. Thanks Trulieve
Saphire 2543
Saphire 2.
14:12 19 Sep 20
I was at truelieve on Thursday and had the pleasure of a man Named Michael Whitney helping me. He was very nice, professional and patient. He was awesome!!! I recommend this dispensary to everyone and the employee!!!! He really is a 5 star employee. I hope they know at truelieve how lucky they are to have him!read more
Dana Drymon
Dana D.
22:15 18 Sep 20
Awesome service
Tom Paul
Tom P.
13:41 18 Sep 20
They need a better system!Always a long wait , even with online orders. People going before me even though I have online order and had been texted it was ready. The people in the back filling the orders are great! It’s the people up front not up to more
Justin Adams
Justin A.
01:50 18 Sep 20
Great meds and wonderful service
Shanna Deliso
Shanna D.
19:36 16 Sep 20
Clearly the staff is not trained to be courteous to anyone. The woman at the counter is beyond rude and always miserable. As a caregiver I place an order ahead of time and the check-in prior to arriving and still end up waiting an hour for an order that’s ready. A business can not be successful when they staff does not want to actual help people. Empathy, compassion and kindness are all things that do not exist at this more
21:26 15 Sep 20
I definitely get trulieve a five-star rating if the online order process was expedited. Thank you Simon, Kevin Tony and Jesse for making my experience is great. Very knowledgeable group of people to help you select what is best for you. I like the process of ordering online however once you arrive to pick up your READY online order it is usually one hour before they take you back so that you can give them your money pick up the product and leave. This process needs some serious revision. I will starting ordering again from Trulieve when I turn 65. That is when they will deliver for free. No more waiting 1 hour to pick up a READY order. I’ll see you then. You just lost my few hundred a month for making this a painful waiting more
Eric Elson
Eric E.
12:07 12 Sep 20
Greatest dispensary of all time
Heather Withrow
Heather W.
12:55 11 Sep 20
Truelieve products never disappoint! The wait can be longer, because their products are superior and everyone knows it! Quick hack for that one: Order online and check in online on your way, then you won’t have to wait when you get there! Easy! The staff is incredible, they’re constantly dealing with nonstop high volume yet everyone remains calm, pleasant and still willing to go the extra mile. Tony D is one of my favorites, always so kind and more
R Flani
R F.
14:31 10 Sep 20
Be prepared to wait. Even if you do an online order and use the email to “Early check-in” you are still going to have to wait in order of store arrival. Makes no sense, have 1 register for online orders only. I have been told my bag is prepared and ready for pick-up only to wait 25 minutes in store and watch everyone that was in there before me get to do their shopping first regardless of when or if they had already placed an order. Super Silver Haze crumble I bought melted to a wax, fine discovery upon arriving home. Could be decent if they got their ish more
Katie Wilson
Katie W.
14:35 09 Sep 20
Easy in and easy out. Professional and helpful! Highly recommend. Also have great deals for newbies.
Mackenzie Walker
Mackenzie W.
20:18 07 Sep 20
Any dispensary in Sarasota is better than this one. You can walk right in and they’ll take care of you at most places, but here, the wait is never under 30 minutes and usually lasts about an hour. The people are clearly not happy to be working here, whereas at other dispensaries, customers are greeted with smiles and quick more
Brian Harrison
Brian H.
14:52 04 Sep 20
This location has gone completely down hill over the last 3 months. Waste of time.
andrew vaughan
andrew V.
19:56 02 Sep 20
I am more than satisfied with this company and its employees. especially tony d his attitude is positive and consistent.
Johnston Radliff
Johnston R.
18:35 01 Sep 20
Got chastised the second I got in for not bringing my ID in after I did online check in, nowhere does it say with online check in do I need to bring my ID in before I get invited into the lobby. I never bring my ID in to the bradenton location until I get the text to come into the lobby. Front desk seemed rude but when I got back to the register it was alright. Same as always they have great product but nothing in stock. And compared to other states extremely more
connor green
connor G.
16:21 30 Aug 20
Tony D needs a promotion. I can’t count on my hands/feet how many times I’ve been in ,but when I get Tony I know I’m getting sent home happy , informed, and with quality product. Can’t say the same for the whole staff yet but that mean should be training everyone again EVEN the ones with “training”read more
Raegen Higgins
Raegen H.
17:53 29 Aug 20
I love Trulieve it’s always clean and everyone’s very friendly. Shoutout Tony D for excellent service always
Joshua Wecht
Joshua W.
00:56 19 Aug 20
This place is top notch! Really explain their products very well and make sure you are paired with what you want and need. I’ll definitely be a repeat patient! Keep up the great work!read more
Tiff rohn
Tiff R.
16:36 10 Aug 20
I just wanna start out by saying this is a popular place, which means the stock is almost never available depending on what your looking for I try to go for the cheapest flower as that is all I can afford but it’s always sold out before Noon. This place is unfair to the customers unless your friends with one of the employees. Some of the workers are rude if you ask questions. It’s an unpleasant wait if ur sensitive to heat as you will have to wait outside and sometimes the wait time can get up to 1 1/2 – 2 hoursread more
Joshua Powell
Joshua P.
14:20 23 Jul 20
I wish I could give Trulieve a good review! My store location is ok, depending on the associate working that day. But their customer service as a company is HORRIBLE! They encourage you to use their Website for ordering but the system is always down! If you are like me and can’t get out there in time, ordering online seems like a great idea, but the website is ALWAYS DOWN! With the system down means I won’t be able to get the medicine I need! You guys always sell outta products or just don’t have it in stock! So why tell me to order online when I can’t and my medicine won’t be there. Oh and try CALLING Trulieve, you’ll be on HOLD for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! give you a call center phone number and make you wait an eternity just to be told we are out of your medicine or tell you they DO IN FACT have what you need WHEN THEY DON’T cause the CALL CENTER CAN’T SEE what you have in your Store’s location! Which is why I think Trulieve should have a WORKING PHONE in ALL of their Dispensaries! Cureleaf & Muv have Phone Numbers that connect you DIRECTLY to a person working inside of the dispensary! How hard is that! Make your information more accurate, have a working website and phone for someone! Please fix your system! I’m tired of fighting to get my medication/ getting a run around! It’s getting Ridiculous!read more
cupcardriver .
cupcardriver .
20:05 27 Jun 20
My comments are definitely not directed at the staff, they are always helpful, bright and cheery, unfortunately they are Only the face of the brand. Please remember that. A patronizing manager (or appeared to be) was less than helpful, apologizing ad nauseam doesn’t help the ongoing shortages.It’s about Trulieve and their “so called” systems. Again I placed an order, it was confirmed, waited 6hrs plus for the call that it was ready. Drive 40 minutes, check in online to get in queue. Got to the facility and the most important item, Tru Pod Dos I Do on the order was shorted without warning. Again. I’ve have 7 back surgeries in 4yrs and it’s the only item that helps the significant pain at night, and I’m left hanging. Trulieve after 3yrs into this foray should have way better inventory control. This is medicine and should be treated as such, consistent outages on lab produced items is unacceptable. It’s not flower, which is another problem, but not the subject today. I’ve been to Colorado dozens of times and can’t remember consistent shortages. Trulieve is a quality provider, when they have inventory. If you’re planning a tremendous sale, such as today one would think order heavy!People are always searching to save money especially given the state of the economy, but a sale with limited inventory isn’t a sale, it’s false advertising.Trulieve is my sole provider for the moment, but the shortages are becoming more consistent and trying my patience.Time to step it up, more
Salina Adair
Salina A.
18:59 27 Jun 20
I’ve been here before multiple times trying to give you guys a chance. Each time express orders are still a 30-40 minute wait. That’s ridiculous & defeats the purpose of express ordering. The staff is okay. Some friendly, some not. Other places do not work like. You guys need to figure something out, or you’ll lose more
Brian Scott
Brian S.
21:38 20 Jun 20
Staff is great and products are amazing. Today, however, front desk lady told me I HAD to have a mask on. Well two weeks ago I didnt HAVE to. She wasnt sympathetic and told me to go buy one. Listen, if that’s your policy…no problem. But if you just changed the policy, how about sending out mass emails or texts informing all current customers of this change?!?!?!read more
Devin Spiering
Devin S.
21:27 24 May 20
Great location , with incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff. I’ve been to several trulieve locations and this one is fantastic. They had a great selection. Comfortable waiting room. And they had me in and out in no time. My bud tender was very knowledgeable and help me pick out some new items that I think will really help out. Make sure you visit this location on your next trip out to the dispensary. Thanks again trulieve Sarasota . Until next more
Maria Williams
Maria W.
20:57 08 May 20
I’m not a fan of actually going to this location for many reasons….but the delivery service is highly recommended. Mike Whitney just made my day! He kept me posted on the time of his arrival. Thanks!read more
Becky Price
Becky P.
16:02 23 Apr 20
Michael was our delivery person. He was courteous, prompt and extremely professional. He appropriately used social distancing and was considerate of my husbands weakened immune system. He’s coming back today and we are thrilled that he is a returning distributor at our home. Thank you Michael!!read more
Serah Gonzalez
Serah G.
16:49 23 Mar 20
I’ve been going to this location for 2 years and I can honestly say their customer service is wonderful! They have good stock and wait times are nice as well. I especially love Shawn, he treats me kindly and with respect. You can’t go wrong with this location or anyone who works here!read more
Billy Caravello
Billy C.
17:09 14 Mar 20
Would give zero stars if possible. Reserved an order online only to receive a call explaining that they are in fact sold out of that product. Next, certain products are described as in stock but only available for in store order. If the website is up to date that’s an acceptable concept. However, this is not the case with multiple trulieve locations. The website is not up to date with no employees answering the phone and I have found myself driving to the store to receive the news that they are out of stock. These issues have happened at multiple locations on multiple occasions over the last year or so. The employees are not capable of providing a legitimate reason why this occurs. The incompetence runs rampant among these stores. They’ve lost me as a customer for good, this was the last opportunity to provide proper service to a more
Garri DJoY
Garri D.
20:08 22 Feb 20
These guys, this team are the best and super friendly !!! I strongly recommend these wonderful people. Visit with them, you won’t be disappointed. And most sincere thank you to the owners and the staff. Trulieve is the best team of people I have come across , I won’t go through all the names for the fear of leaving someone out, but all of you are really amazing and kind people. Thank you. Should be 7 stars, but there is no option for that 🙏😍read more
katya madden
katya M.
20:39 03 Feb 20
I have had two experiences at this Very conveniently located storeI was immediately impressed the first time with the respect and consideration and genuine interest the technician took in getting Me situated.Today I had to exchange some of the items that I’ve bought four months ago! (I was awaY). There was no stress no hassle and my technician ALYSSA Took Careful interest.To determine my objectives. And be a problem solver. She was upbeat friendly and smart. One of my friends told me about a place that she Orders from online. I would never do that With such a great place like this in my backyard. Thank you Alyssa!read more
Sebastian Wlazniak
Sebastian W.
00:51 30 Jan 20
Great hot dog spot!
Sebastian Wlazniak
Sebastian W.
00:51 30 Jan 20
Great hot dog spot!
Jackie Dodd
Jackie D.
18:24 21 Jan 20
Shawn w/ the dreads is awesome! Super knowledgeable and friendly. Trulieve has really improved since the old days, their flower is honestly the best quality I’ve seen on the market here in Florida and my store stays stocked. I’ve found the best times to visit are Tuesday’s and Thursday’s late morning/early afternoon. Gorilla Grapes is my all time favorite- try it!!read more
Dennis Small
Dennis S.
21:59 15 Jan 20
They seem to have everything running very smoothly. I was in and out in under ten minutes. Ordering online is relatively simple. Plenty of product to choose from. Friendly, and knowledgeable staff as well. I highly recommend Trulieve to anyone that seeks my humble more
22:39 14 Dec 19
They have the supply hand over fist above other dispensaries. Tons of concentrates but limited flower. Slow service.Update!! They finally updated their system!! Much faster behind the scenes, wait times are a little better but flower delivery is not on a regular basis so getting what you want is still hit and miss. But much better than the first few months.. 👏👏read more
22:39 14 Dec 19
They have the supply hand over fist above other dispensaries. Tons of concentrates but limited flower. Slow service.Update!! They finally updated their system!! Much faster behind the scenes, wait times are a little better but flower delivery is not on a regular basis so getting what you want is still hit and miss. But much better than the first few months.. 👏👏read more
ari bartow
ari B.
20:03 25 Nov 19
Been going to Trulieve for over a year. Love their consistent quality and discount programs. Most of all their staff is always cool and caring and make the experience professional and fun. Shout out to Bernard who always takes care of me and adds a sparkle to my day! He is a quality professional and a stellar being. Just wish y’all had more flower!read more
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