Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Orlando, FL

9521 S Orange Blossom Trail - Suite 107
Orlando, FL 32837

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

Dispensary – Open

Orlando – A Trulieve dispensary located at 9521 S Orange Blossom Trail to service Orange County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Orlando Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in Orlando and throughout Orange County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Hernan Rodriguez
Hernan R.
22:19 15 Sep 20
Awesome place!! The staff is super cool very helpful. Richard helped me out and got me exactly what I needed.
Tinae Lowe
Tinae L.
16:25 14 Sep 20
It was my first time in one of the stores and felt very comfortable being there. John Bailey assisted me and helped me find what I was looking for. He was very helpful and hope he can help me in the future more
Brittany Estevez
Brittany E.
03:51 12 Sep 20
Kyle was a great help today at Trulieve south. He was very knowledgeable about the products and inventory. I was in and out quickly and with all the meds I needed! Thanks Kyle!read more
Kenny Tillman
Kenny T.
21:50 10 Sep 20
Checked in online and got a text to go inside. Sat down and watched 6 different people come from OUTSIDE after me. They were all checked in to the dispensary immediately. I ended up just leaving because the wait isn’t worth it to me. Fix your processUpdate: I will literally never go to this dispensary ever again in my life. I don’t bother anyone but they seem to want to piss me offread more
Priscilla Erazo
Priscilla E.
21:45 10 Sep 20
They’re customer service literally got me angry to the point to write this review. I went in to pick up my order and the bud tender “sold” me on a product that I never received. Before I got to my car I opened the bag and realized the error immediately and went right back into the dispensary to explain. I sat and waited while MULTIPLE PEOPLE CHECKED IN AND OUT. Manager told me he couldn’t stop what he was doing and to keep waiting. Terrible terrible terrible. They don’t care and it showsread more
anthony donneruno
anthony D.
21:50 06 Sep 20
Went to this location and Kyle G who was from the Longwood location helped me today. He was super knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. Answered all of my questions and more! Makes me want to take the drive to his store just to to get his help more
Chris Mcgill
Chris M.
20:47 04 Sep 20
I go here because it’s closer than the other but try and avoid this place terrible customer service and they usually take about 5 hrs to prepare even a simple order truelieve north is worth the trip honestly this will be my last order from the south location. You guys really dropped the ball over there you guys have a bad reputation in the community already even your workers complain on how you handle things over thereread more
Luna Snow
Luna S.
16:27 25 Aug 20
They’re always super friendly, the discounts are great, and they really know what to recommend.
A.T. Ferree
A.T. F.
14:41 24 Aug 20
Idk why this place has bad reviews, it’s the best place I’ve ever been in. Specially coming from California. Trulieve is by far the best place to go to for the Florida State if your looking for the right flower. Read their guidelines, rules, and ask questions and maybe you won’t have more
Mackenzie Mcglone
Mackenzie M.
14:30 14 Aug 20
DO NOT COME HERE! This location is terrible they are rude and unorganized. I put my order in at 7pm and it was not filled until 12 the next day ridiculous when I finally get here the lobby is packed with people standing room only I an pandemic! I can understand it being busy but I checked in online and the wait time was 0 but i still waited over 30 min. Don’t waste your time go to the Colonial location it’s 10 minuets farther for better customer service and no wait!!!read more
Zac Roush
Zac R.
19:45 06 Aug 20
Put an online order in at 9am. Still wasnt ready by 3pm, so I called to check on it and the guy told me just to come in. Had to wait in line for 30mins just to find out they said they were busy and couldn’t fill my order even though it was placed at 9am. It’s a good shop, but make sure you put your order in really early or you might not be able to get it till next day. No point in even stopping here for a walk more
Eduardo Cuenca Jr.
Eduardo Cuenca J.
18:08 28 Jul 20
This was my first time to the store the employees are great very knowledgeable and great help will be back to the other one in Tampa the Orlando store had things to Tampa store need to order more stock and keep on hand the products are not that hard to get I’ve been in business over 25 yearswhoever does your ordering needs to order more you should never run out of a Hot selling item but a great storeread more
Richard Marrero
Richard M.
15:03 21 Jul 20
Although I’ve had semi-good experiences at this dispensary, Casey will always be an amazing reason for me to visit. 150% of his energy is for the patient and because of this, I’ll be coming in to Trulieve Orlando South more more
Elisha Gualdron
Elisha G.
21:21 15 Jul 20
Amazing Experience although the online system for pick up is hit or miss and the orlando south location rarely seem to have the necessary products in stock For me or maybe just not updated online. I’ve been looking for the last week almost 2 !read more
John Smith
John S.
15:03 02 Jul 20
Accidentally placed an order for the wrong location. The woman with the short hair and tattoos literally told me that I had to drive 45 minutes to pick it up at the correct location. I asked her if I can pick it at this location and she said I had to get back in line. I was the only person waiting to be attended at that moment. I finally get called to get some help fromJean ( who was very friendly and the only reason I’m giving this location 2 stars) Jean pulled my order and asked a manager if he could sell a product and she tells him no that’s the reason I had to go to the other location. Emily was very rude and was talking to Jean as if I wasn’t in the room. I did not leave with that I wanted and instead left this location with a headache. I have never felt so bad about placing a pickup order in my entire life. The two women I dealt today with made me feel I did something wrong and so unwelcome. I really wish this location realized they were dealing with a sick people who are only there because they need medicine. I will be following up with Trulieve personally about this more
Becca Pagan
Becca P.
20:18 01 Jul 20
If I could give zero stars I would! As a patient that was honest and told of my covid status. I have been refused delivery of medicine and no one will call me back. Five phone calls between today and yesterday and still NOTHING! As an essential business how is this acceptable to refuse to give someone their meds when I have complied with all requirements told me on the day my order was placed?read more
Eileen Cotto
Eileen C.
22:30 29 Jun 20
I love this place!! Always welcoming, they make you feel like your part of the family. Always a great experience
18:56 25 Jun 20
Being a relatively new MM patient I’ve been trying different dispensaries over the last couple months and I always found myself going back to the Orlando South location. Always had great deals and quality products, everyone’s always nice and helpful. I recently had my last surgery out of a series of surgeries on my leg so I’ve been buying a decent amount to help with the pain. I put in a order yesterday because of your sale on flower but wasn’t able to pick it up until today (6/25/2020). One of your lovely employees I believe her name was Michelle, was ringing me out and noticed that on a canceled order I picked a particular strain but didn’t have it on my new order. I explained it was my fault because when I went to put my new order in that strain was out of stock so I picked something else. She mentioned she might have some in stock and actually found some for me to my surprise. Michelle rang up the sale and made my day that much better. Thank you for giving me reasons to keep coming back! Highly recommendread more
Faradh Karim
Faradh K.
20:53 18 Jun 20
Wonderful experience as always. Emily handled my express pickup order and she was absolutely wonderful. She was extremely knowledgeable about all of the product and her energy is unmatched. Kylee is also a delight to speak with. Both of these individuals are tremendous assets to Trulieve and deserve the highest of more
Timothy Kirkwood
Timothy K.
21:13 08 Jun 20
Security is tops. They are very good at explaining different goods. And how to administer
Kyle Honeycutt
Kyle H.
18:58 07 Jun 20
Everyone is so friendly and helpful! BT helped me take advantage of some promos that were great! I highly recommend.
methy woz
methy W.
13:58 04 Jun 20
In the beginning, in a galaxy far, far away, there was Adam. No, not just some ordinary, run of the mill Adam, we’re talking a Stellar creature here. Yes, this Wookie in disguise (he was dutifully wearing his mask, virus transmission deactivated) was standing at the ready to help me battle the darkness of not one, but two TruPODs that had gone rogue, both of which had activated their flavor deterrents in an effort to taste yucky, escape, and live to see another day. But yea, here was this master… clearly this was not his first flight, as he navigated the vast space and the selection from a universe of products that could ease my pain and let me slip into a deep and restful slumber. After some intense training, he informed me that those were not the TruPODs I was looking for, and then Adam introduced me to the ways of the Skywalker OG, I’m frankly surprised and a little disappointed they didn’t call it Skywalker OB (wan, you’re our only hope). His guidance was solid and I detected no pushy salesman tactics, so I took his advice and made the purchase. Before I left to continue on with my journey, Adam handed me a small card and implored with me to write a review of this experience online, instructing me to write “dude needs to shave!” and that “he’s horrible!” but alas, it is written, let him who hath understanding reckon that Orlando South Trulieve is the dispensary I trust, the home of customer service that’s outta this world. But whoa, can we just talk about this strain for a second? This was powerful stuff. I slept like a solid rock that was hurtling through space at warp speed. And all the Ewoks came out to sing in celebration. Thank you Adam, you’re officially a rockstar, I think you’re beyond Padawan status now, quit being so humble. All the stars for you, dude! And many thanks to Trulieve, y’all are doing it right. Do wee doo wub yubread more
Anthony Camacho
Anthony C.
03:56 25 May 20
Friendly staff.. Nice clean facility. And great product..
JayTheOne AndOnly
JayTheOne A.
16:04 23 May 20
For great customer service, in a convenient location and not to mention the medicinal relief. A great place to go.
Jean Gautier
Jean G.
17:05 18 May 20
I was having difficulty getting notified when my meds were ready. Adam went above and beyond by helping me resolve the issue. Anora was more than courteous to make my visit as efficient as possible. These guys always go the extra mile! 5 ☆s!read more
Desiree Bagamary
Desiree B.
19:39 06 May 20
I’ve been using Trulieve for almost a year now and I am always so pleased! Adrian has helped me from day one, and every time I see him there we chat and he checks on me. Jon was so helpful last time I was there, giving advice as it seems we have similar needs for the products. They are ALL knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. I am grateful for this location, their products, and especially their caring staff!!read more
Chris Wojcek
Chris W.
16:09 22 Apr 20
I made my first and only purchase from this store the other day. I placed an order online at 11 am, and did not receive instructions to arrive and get it until nearly 6:30 pm. After driving for 40 minutes, they then tell me I have to wait in the parking lot for an additional 2 hours for a grand total of an 11 hour transaction. By the time I do get to check out well after 8 pm, they still have issues and must partially ring up my transaction manually. This would not be seen as acceptable by any retailer, so I’m not sure why this acceptable by management. Either have systems in place to inform your customers of what is happening, or shut your doors. I would recommend Trulieve in Lakeland. That store does know what they are doingread more
kenny tillman
kenny T.
14:14 14 Apr 20
My Budtender was Kahlanie. He’s the reason I will always come back to this store! I’ve tried other dispensaries but the customer service here is top of the line. Kudos to this location for being organized even when things may seem more
Chris Cor
Chris C.
21:26 10 Apr 20
Came for an “express pick up” and took over two hours I would suggest a different location or even a better dispensaryread more
Mathew Torres
Mathew T.
19:37 26 Mar 20
Good customer service for the most part and very good products. The downsides would be their ordering System. 3 hours for a pick up order when I could go in and get it faster but it also takes forever to go in, I’ve waited up to an hour and a half for a walk -in. They also have a pretty bad online system. For instance they posted that they had restocked on ground flower and I tried to make an order at 8 am and it was already out of stock on their websites. I called in and waited 1 and a half hours for a call back but never received anything so I called again and waited around 30 minutes. Once I finally spoke to someone I asked about the ground flower and I was assured that they did had it in stock and to go to the store itself so I wouldn’t have to wait the 3 hours. Went to the store and there was no ground flower. About an Hour and a half later, so roughly 3-4 hours in total, I finally received my call from Trulieve that I had requested. But even though their system can be very frustrating their products don’t disappointread more
Debrah Coury
Debrah C.
17:01 12 Mar 20
Great experience Knowledge staff. I will be back to see AJ. She really helped me understand product and how they can help….THANK YOU!!!ALL the staff here is really more
Addy Diaz
Addy D.
15:59 27 Feb 20
Coming to this store is always a pleasant experience. I was greeted by beautiful smiling faces. Michelle, Emily, Adam, Anora, Casey and Mike were super amazing and welcoming. I initially came in looking for something to relieve my nausea because I’ve been feeling under the weather for the past two days, Michelle’s and Emily‘s energy made me feel better by just being around them. I was able to get the products that I wanted and needed and I was able to add a little extra for my mental health. This place is so amazing everybody is so welcoming and knowledgeable and they really do their best to accommodate everybody. ❤️❤️❤️❤️read more
Jeff Hart
Jeff H.
12:42 21 Jan 20
If you haven’t acquired your medical marijuana card, you should do so. This dispensary is one of the cleanest and chill places I’ve been out of all of them. A bit pricy, due to the high quality of their products, so not really an issue. All employees are friendly and knowledgeable, go by and see for yourself!read more
Carmine Deprima
Carmine D.
02:37 07 Jan 20
So… Robbie, I didn’t forget about you. I just needed to make sure you are real. Anyone can give good service one time. MY DUDE! Have to say Robbie is always ready to help me. I am not the easiest customer. I can say Robbie has an upbeat attitude, willing to go the extra mile. With everyone I see him interacting with. Some people don’t get customer service. Robbie GETS IT! He is a ABOVE and BEYOND customer service SPECIALIST! Robbie gets a FIVE LEAF more
14:54 04 Jan 20
Trulieve Orlando South is an excellent dispensary! I really enjoy the calming and enjoyable environment and the staff there are really helpful and friendly. The product is absolutely on point too! Definitely recommend this dispensary! 🙂read more
brian shapuras
brian S.
23:29 05 Dec 19
This was the first dispensary I went to after recieving my card. I so thankful I did. The staff was very friendly and very informative. Everything was explained in detail. Thank you for the great experience. I will definitely recommend!read more
Ismael Blanco
Ismael B.
04:07 04 Dec 19
From the minute I walked in to the door I got greeted every one was really on point hello’s welcomes and quickly hit me with questions before I can even ask every one was so nice positive and VERY GOOD VIBES the building it self walking in was just wonderful very good energy reps were all polite would highly recommend to any and EVERY ONE !!!!you will see me back in 34 daysread more
Debra Wright
Debra W.
22:05 08 Nov 19
Excellent customer care for first time patients. I was a little apprehensive about ordering because I’m not as informed as I should be. I was welcomed as I was walked in the door. Registration was simple. Someone talked me through an informative booklet explaining the different types of cannibus. I read it while waiting to be called in.Within 10 minutes I was called into a room that loosely resembled a jewelry counter. I worked 1-on-1 with a very helpful young man who provided lots of info about different products and answered every question I had. I was treated with respect and dignity throughout the entire process. Couldn’t ask for a better experience… except that they accept credit cards.VERY IMPORTANT: Bring cash with you to avoid ATM more
Debra Wright
Debra W.
22:05 08 Nov 19
Excellent customer care for first time patients. I was a little apprehensive about ordering because I’m not as informed as I should be. I was welcomed as I was walked in the door. Registration was simple. Someone talked me through an informative booklet explaining the different types of cannibus. I read it while waiting to be called in.Within 10 minutes I was called into a room that loosely resembled a jewelry counter. I worked 1-on-1 with a very helpful young man who provided lots of info about different products and answered every question I had. I was treated with respect and dignity throughout the entire process. Couldn’t ask for a better experience… except that they accept credit cards.VERY IMPORTANT: Bring cash with you to avoid ATM more
Brian Frank
Brian F.
19:43 30 Jul 19
Have been here 4 X’S now for Meds. Amazing Quality Products! Fun, Friendly, and very knowledgeable patient consultants. Front desk staff was very welcoming and checked me in promptly. The Showroom was very clean and welcoming. Carmela was knowledgeable, well- mannered, and professional during the transaction. Will definitely be back again!!read more
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