Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in St. Augustine, FL

1650 US Hwy 1
St. Augustine 32084

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available


MMTC Dispensary – Open

St. Augustine – A Trulieve dispensary located at 1650 US Hwy 1 in St. Augustine to service St. Johns County medical cannabis card patients is open. Trulieve, the biggest dispensary brand in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for this St. Augustine store products are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The St. Augustine Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door in St. Augustine and throughout St. Johns County. Order online or call over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients that have been certified by a recommending doctor who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$15 Delivery Fee Statewide. Free delivery to patients 65 years or older and on all orders over $200.

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Madison Hagen
Madison H.
00:37 13 Jan 22
I gave a five start review b/c every time I go to the Saint Augustine location, I’m always treated with respect. The employees are helpful and polite. Also, the other day I had an issue with the transaction, but didn’t notice it until I got in my truck and looked at the receipt. I went back inside and they were very helpful and fixed the situation and gave me back what I was owed with no problem. The manager at this particular store, I forgot his name, but he is really tall and has a big beard. He was super sweet and customer service like this always makes me want to come back to shop at this location! Thank you!THIS IS MY NEW REVIEW-I just want to say I love the new location in St.Augustine! There is plenty of parking and the building is beautiful. The staff are always pleasant and on point. Also, I’d like to recognize Alex for his outstanding customer service, he is very knowledgable and friendly. Thank you Alex and Trulieve!!read more
My Black Cousin Vinny
My Black Cousin V.
01:21 06 Jan 22
I usually go to Liberty Sciences, but I don’t feel like making the drive across the bridge, I’ll stop here. The employees are nice and very engaging. The product is decent. My only complaint is their check-in system. What’s the point of allowing people to order and check in online if you’re going to let walk-ins go ahead of them? The math ain’t mathing….but it is what it more
jonathon jason
jonathon J.
02:41 30 Dec 21
I don’t leave reviews online so this really means a lot. At trulive what they care about first and foremost is the customer. All they want at the end of the day is for you to be happy and leave the door happy. Zen at this location is an awesome guy and extremely helpful, when I go back I’ll be requesting his help again! Perfect recommendations and very easy to talk to. The manager Scott makes it all run perfectly by taking time to speak with customers and help the floor team deliver a perfect experience. And if it’s not perfect? They will ALWAYS fix it. Thank you so much gentlemen, you earned a life long customer more
Michelle Henderson
Michelle H.
00:50 25 Nov 21
I always have an amazing experience here. I travel out of my way to come here. Great knowledge and customer service.. always leave happyread more
Brian Slockbower
Brian S.
20:28 23 Nov 21
I’ve been coming to this trulieve for about 6 months now and I had Eric help this time and he was awesome! Great customer service and just an all around a huge help. I was able to get a great discount because of him!read more
Max Thornton
Max T.
12:18 23 Nov 21
Sadly I can’t remember the name of my Dispenser, all I can remember is that he is a veteran from the Coast Guard. He was very helpful and knew exactly what he was selling. He knew the perfect strains for the time of day and setting. I really wish I brought cash with me so I could have given him a more
Valli Gibson
Valli G.
18:28 27 Oct 21
I just wanted to compliment Julia for taking such good care of me! New to MM, she took her valuable time to explain things to this old Lady, lol. What a beautiful soul, Thank you so very much! It is my hope that Trulieve appreciates you as much as I do!!!Thank you, Valliread more
Caroline Graham
Caroline G.
15:24 19 Oct 21
Jake and Julia were so great! Jake was on his first day and looked like a natural! Thanks so much for your help! Julia went out of her way to make sure I am always able to get what I more
adam geda
adam G.
02:57 18 Oct 21
I’ve been to Trulieve in St Augustine a few times now and I have gotten nothing but awesome service every time. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable on their products they offer. I will continue to choose Trulieve always. Special thanks to Anastasia on my last couple visits, you helped out tremendously and hooked up some fire stickers!read more
David Santa Maria
David Santa M.
23:23 11 Oct 21
Awesome service as usual.They always make sure to take care of their patients.Julia, Nomi and Madison have assisted me recently and are very friendly, knowledgeable and will take care of you and any issues you might come across.Scott and Nick do an amazing job managing the new location.Thanks!read more
Gypsy Patriot
Gypsy P.
14:12 07 Oct 21
Beautiful new store! I came in today to get details about a sale, and Julia was amazing. She answered all my questions, helped me select products, and generally just made my experience wonderful. I’d give more stars if I could!read more
David Santa Maria
David Santa M.
18:41 05 Oct 21
Awesome service as usual.They always make sure to take care of their patients.Julia assisted me and is very friendly, knowledgeable and will take care of you.Nomi is great too!Scott and Nick do an amazing job managing the new location.Thanks!read more
Kleo Minor
Kleo M.
17:27 27 Sep 21
The new location is much better than the former and all of the staff are friendly every time I stop in. Alex was the most recent person to help, he answered all of my questions and told me about discounts that I could benefit from. I’ll continue to go to Trulieve because of people like Alex and the front desk person (with cool gold glasses) who always greets me more
Dave “SATSU” C
Dave “SATSU” C
18:51 21 Sep 21
The new building and location are great! Best part is the staff, especially Alex! He’s very easy to understand and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Alex explained the superiority of the cured resin vapes vs the other options. If you want to be well taken care of, ask for him!read more
smithy Dmith
smithy D.
22:10 16 Sep 21
After shopping around this is my go-to store. Staff is extremely nice the minute you walk in the door and are knowledgeable about the products they offer. While shopping today I had Alex and he advised me after telling him what I was looking for on a great flower that he thought would be exactly what I was looking for. Alex was excited that he knew he had something I would love and if I’m being honest I had my doubts lol but was more than willing to give it a try. I’m glad to report Alex 1 Me 0. You nailed it Alex thank you so much!!!!! The reason I had my doubt was I’m am indica lover and today I took Alex advice on a hybrid.It’s really nice when you have knowledgeable staff that a customer can feel comfortable taking advice from and spending money more
15:21 09 Sep 21
Love their new location, so convenient!!! 1650 US HWY 1 S. Between target and Home Depot. They have an amazing team and great parking, make sure you stop by and see them! 😁read more
22:28 19 Jun 21
I love this place- they are super informative and offer guidance, while not trying to upsell you, and even try to steer you from over- buying. And everyone is so kind and respectful and welcoming – from the front desk staff to the sale staff. Everyone I’ve encountered is great, today I worked with Nick, and he lived up to what I’ve come to expect – all of the more
Jed Savage
Jed S.
16:22 06 Jun 21
Made order very early, waited for confirmation an never got it, Called, they said they canceled because they were out!
Christopher Schrope
Christopher S.
23:05 20 May 21
I’ve been a patient at this location for a little over a year and this is my main Trulieve. It’s way too small but I’ve watched it get busier over this past year. There is definitely a feeling of being rushed by management at the door to the showroom. I don’t know, it makes it a little awkward.With that being said, I did have a great experience with Joelle once I got to the counter. Super knowledgeable and super more
linda anderson
linda A.
16:04 24 Apr 21
I had the most extraordinary moment with a staff person at Trulieve today. He complimented my mask, and I asked him about the jewelry he was wearing. He began explaining his bracelets and then showed me the small electronic device he also wears for his mom. She wears one too, and they can send vibrations to one another and it means I love you and am thinking of you. He said they have special codes for when one another are in need. “She’s my best friend”, he said. I burst into tears, and without hesitation he reached across the counter to hug me. (We were both masked.) He was young, I am old, but we shared that transcendent 10 seconds of looking into one another’s eyes and appreciating the light that shines there. The best kind of more
Brittany Bunde
Brittany B.
09:10 08 Apr 21
The customer service here is outstanding! The lady at the front desk was super informative and warm. & Patrick T. Helped me out & made me feel comfortable ! && he was super easy to talk to! The whole staff here was super friendly and helpful. The store itself; is super small , and a bit congested, especially compared to the Trulieve in Palm Coast. The parking lot is pretty bad too honestly. They also had no flower in stock when I went there at 11:30 am which was a little disappointing with it being my very first time in a dispensary and a new patient. .. So to summarize; weird store itself but super GREAT staff!!read more
Kelly Sweat
Kelly S.
21:39 06 Apr 21
I came here for my first time after receiving my medical card. I shopped with Patrick. He was very knowledgeable and straightforward about all of the products. He had great charisma and was just awesome! Great customer service! I will be back to see him!read more
Haley Mills
Haley M.
01:24 09 Mar 21
Trulieve is amazing. By far the best dispensary I’ve been to. They have great prices discounts and a wide variety of product to choose from. The staff is awesome too. Celeste, Joy, Joelle, Brittany, Zach and a few others are so sweet and informative. They make you feel at home. Love it!!read more
Don Fowler
Don F.
08:43 02 Feb 21
First time in, just received my card from the state.Very friendly and easy to talk to. Understood what I was looking to get out of the product and explained what products would do what I needed. All in all was very happy with the experience and Patrick was a great more
STA Entertainment
15:13 29 Jan 21
My experience started off with a professional and warm greeting, timely introduction to the system, and the process to follow. Environment was clean, healthy, and friendly. Technology is used very well to ensure you are ready for your walk in or pickup appointment. Once inside, I was guided in and introduced to Nomi as my personal advisor. She heard me out, listed to what I said, answered all my questions, offered wonderful suggestions, and was a wealth of knowledge on her products. She had a very professional and caring approach to her role and she deserves the majority of the credit for my exceptional experience!read more
Kathy Matthews
Kathy M.
01:24 03 Jan 21
Absolutely a nice place to go, starting with two very knowledgeable,sweet and made you feel welcomed, Celeste and Sarah both Capricorns and wished me happy birthday as I did them. Patrick T. Was so patient with me. I had a lot of questions and I couldn’t get on line and he explained and wrote down stuff for me. I was able to get on line. He explained he product very well. AWESOME team you have. Also your other staff busy but smiling and friendly. I would like to know when the drops are back more
Willie Masson
Willie M.
17:08 30 Dec 20
Edit: I’m increasing my review from 1 star to 4 because of the service provided at this location by Bradley Smith. He is exceptionally polite and super helpful. He seems to really care about the best interest of the patient. Unfortunately, 1 man is not an organization and this company has serious organizational problems. Still, Bradley deserves to be recognized and commended.Absolutely terrible. I placed an online order and got a message saying I’d be alerted when my order was ready. After four hours and no response I tried to call for an update. I was left on hold for 31 minutes before I had to hang up. I called back when I had a chance 20 minutes later and after another 15 minutes on hold I got through to someone. He told me my order was canceled because they didn’t have the product I ordered and that they tried to call me. I told him I had no missed calls and he said, “Actually, it looks like they were going to call but they couldn’t because of system issues.” Then I asked if I could substitute a similar product. I made a new order and asked when I might hear from someone. He said it would “probably be a few days.” I was genuinely shocked. I cancelled my order and I’m not going back. This was a heinous experience. The guy I spoke to offered me a 10% discount for the inconvenience. Hours of my time being wasted is apparently only worth a ten percent discount. This was an embarrassing show of institutional ineptitude. Total more
Morgan Perkins
Morgan P.
15:06 21 Dec 20
3 times i have been unable to pickup my order because they lost it or computers are down and they fail to tell us that they can’t take patients until its back up. But they still will tell you 15 minute wait. I was polite and do not get the same respect. They don’t seem to care about customers, I asked if there’s something I can do to make sure my order is processed and they said no just have to deal with it. Palm Coast is amazing!read more
chris hern
chris H.
04:54 18 Dec 20
Don’t even know where to begin.Lack of products. Thier motto is “Relief you can rely on”. Which will not be the case here.Employee’s in the back constantly fooling around and talking about Employee kickbacks, and being medicated on the job.Its maybe why there is no products for customers.The parking is terrible in such a small location.The store is very clean, and a few employee’s seem very knowledgeable and caring.Needs some major more
Mike Weiss
Mike W.
01:41 12 Dec 20
It’s hard to rate your location. The staff is outstanding especially considering the computer system they’re dealing with. It seems that there’s always something going wrong with it or product ordered isn’t really in stock.I’ve dealt with Julia, James, Megan, Joelle, Sarah, Julia and ( a few times) Peyton. All are stellar….5 stars!!!😎Your computer system… not so much- 2-3 more
Michael Smith
Michael S.
12:25 03 Dec 20
I would love to give them 5 stars, but they are just wholly dysfunctional right now. You order product that shows available on the website only to not have your online order given priority status, and you never get a text telling you to come pick up your order. I like their product when it’s in stock and the employees are super friendly. Just too many options now that are moving product much more smoothly. The worst part is I don’t get the inclination that they are working to improve this situation.I had to edit this to one star. Went there again last night @ 630PM after placing an online order at 10AM. My order still was not ready and she told me it would be a 45min wait. So much for online orders being quicker. It’s impossible to plan with these guys. Last week the same thing happened. I put an order in at 8AM never received a text to tell me it was ready. When I finally checked the order status at the end of the day they had canceled my order saying it was no longer available. I would steer clear of these guys until they get there order processing system more
Madison Hagen
Madison H.
13:27 30 Nov 20
I gave a five start review b/c every time I go to the Saint Augustine location, I’m always treated with respect. The employees are helpful and polite. Also, the other day I had an issue with the transaction, but didn’t notice it until I got in my truck and looked at the receipt. I went back inside and they were very helpful and fixed the situation and gave me back what I was owed with no problem. The manager at this particular store, I forgot his name, but he is really tall and has a big beard. He was super sweet and customer service like this always makes me want to come back to shop at this location! Thank you!read more
22:23 21 Nov 20
Love it. This place is amazing. The staff are always pleasant and very knowledgeable. Usually in and out in less than 20 minutes. I highly recommend Trulieve for your cannabis more
Lee Ann Broussard
Lee Ann B.
17:05 17 Nov 20
I love it when I can get Ashley Hubbard to deliver my products! She is very compassionate, super knowledgeable, and helps educate me on the various strains for me. She is the kindest employee I’ve encountered at the St Augustine dispensary. Please keep her on as a driver as she is the best!read more
Madison Hagen
Madison H.
16:11 28 Oct 20
I gave a five start review b/c every time I go to the Saint Augustine location, I’m always treated with respect. The employees are helpful and polite. Also, the other day I had an issue with the transaction, but didn’t notice it until I got in my truck and looked at the receipt. I went back inside and they were very helpful and fixed the situation and gave me back what I was owed with no problem. The manager at this particular store, I forgot his name, but he is really tall and has a big beard. He was super sweet and customer service like this is makes me want to come back to shop at this location! Thank you!read more
Michelle Simmons
Michelle S.
18:48 10 Oct 20
Ordered on line. Checked in on line. They text me in 30 seconds. Order correct . Friendly staff.Very easy. All had on masks .read more
natasha boyden
natasha B.
14:55 25 Sep 20
The customer service at Trulieve St. Augustine is great – special shout-out to Ashley. They have a great selection of product (when it’s available) and are always on hand to offer advice as to the best form of more
Jerry Francisco
Jerry F.
00:59 17 Sep 20
I did an online order got to store and they had what I ordered I was in and out in 15 min.i think that the bad reviews they got are if you call or go online you should not have no problems.great job more
Zachary Shytle
Zachary S.
12:55 16 Sep 20
Great experience this morning with a pick up order. Andy was my consultant and helped me adjust my order when I had accidentally miscalculated my Medical recommendation. 5 stars to the early morning team. Front desk also extremely friendly and more
17:47 12 Sep 20
Waiting forever.makes you feel like a fiend wairing for a fix.
Essence _
Essence _
01:53 09 Sep 20
Items said to be in stock are never in stock. Also there are some rude judgmental people working here makes me uncomfortable to shop freely more
Dawn Silverio
Dawn S.
03:20 07 Sep 20
I’d rather visit ANY other dispensary than this one.
Coby Wilcox
Coby W.
11:44 06 Sep 20
My first time going to this trulieve location and I was surprised at how much better the customer service seems to be at this locale compared to the others. Patrick was my medtender and he was beyond helpful… he had a super positive attitude and seemed to really enjoy his job, which says a lot compared to some of your employees at Jacksonville locations. Patrick also let me know that I still had a 75 off of 150 coupon so I used that and saved a lot on distillate.. I will likely be making a trip to st Aug soon just to visit this trulieve.10/10 would smoke more
Paul Gellers
Paul G.
01:24 05 Sep 20
Very helpful and friendly staff. Clean facility and good selection of quality products. This was my first time there and I will definitely stay with more
Daniel Irvin
Daniel I.
23:09 31 Aug 20
Had Zachary ring me out. Super cool. Got some wonderful pineapple upside down cake. Will be coming in again thank you all!!!will be coming back again for sure!read more
Richard Tipton
Richard T.
13:16 31 Aug 20
Awesome customer Service. I love Megan, she answered every question I had and then some. I will be back. The staff treat you like family and the Security Guards are really funny. Makes the experience way better. Make sure you get there early if you don’t want to waitread more
Tracy B
Tracy B
22:32 25 Aug 20
All the employees are amazing and informative. The product is truly worth the price and everyone goes home happy , what more can you ask for 😉read more
Joseph Torregrosa
Joseph T.
20:42 21 Aug 20
Chelsea deserves some love! I was having a rough time and was actually quite frustrated with Trulieve from a botched order and bad communication.However, today I went in to the St. Augustine. On top of the frustration with Trulieve, I was also just having a stressful day. Chelsea helped me and her positivity and bubbly personality really changed things around for me for the positive. She just seemed very happy to be able to help someone and as if she really loved her job. Also, she was very thorough without being “scripted” or as if it was a chore. She pleasantly told me my recommendations, she made sure I know the deal with the stickers and she also made sure I was aware of my points and my discounts. She was knowledgeable, sweet, kind, and I really appreciated her overall disposition.Trulieve also has the best product in the state. I have tried many of the others and have yet to have anyone compare to Trulieve.Well it’s safe to say that Trulieve is back in my good graces thanks to Chelsea and the staff at St. Augustine. Also, the security there is very good. They are very alert but they also don’t intimidate you. I really appreciate the safety and the atmosphere that the guards emit. There is one guy who really went above to make me feel welcome and even complimented my dog!Well I can’t say enough, Trulieve is great! With any good place it can be busy and that is understandable but I believe that you all are doing a great job and getting better by the more
Jennifer Nicholson
Jennifer N.
04:49 21 Aug 20
I visited Trulieve for the first time this evening. I was very impressed with their cleanliness and level of professionalism. I was assisted by Patrick and he was absolutely incredible! He was patient with me, as I just received my card. He was very knowledgeable and took time to answer all of my questions and help choose the products that best serve my needs. I must admit I was nervous before going but the staff were kind and made me feel at ease. I used the products this evening and am very pleased with their more
Pierce Kruse
Pierce K.
12:59 18 Aug 20
Good range of products, strains, and strengths. Online shopping can be a bit of a hassle unless you order the day before or with at least 4 hours before you want to actually pick it up. Staff is friendly and more
lorraine green
lorraine G.
14:31 17 Aug 20
It always goes smoothly everybody is always so accommodating and very nice I’ve never had a bad experience
Tessa Herndon
Tessa H.
12:30 06 Aug 20
Customer service is good, employees are always nice but lately the St Augustine location is out of EVERYTHING. They have a huge selection of nothing, meaning they have a bunch of stuff on their website but are out of 80% of their inventory. It says just about every other location has it except for St Augustine. What gives? Is it just a glitch that’s been going on for 3 weeks or more now? Maybe instead of opening new stores every other week you should concentrate on keeping your stores stocked. If I have to drive to another town to get my medication, I’m not going to go to Trulieve. I’m going to try a new dispensary. I used to really like Trulieve bc they always had a big selection. Not anymoreread more
christopher dent
christopher D.
19:02 31 Jul 20
I’m revising my review down a star because the wait issues have gotten worse not better. And I don’t get why, they always seem to have plenty of staff there, and I’ve gone to other busy dispensaries without anything near the waits here (which are 30-45 mins average, based on my experience, and that’s with ordering ahead). At the other place in town I can walk in, get my medicine, and walk out, done in under 10 minutes. Also the waiting room is just too small, even without COVID. it just doesn’t seem like it was a great space for a dispensary. Other than that it’s a fine company, good products, wide variety of them, decent prices and helpful staff. But because of the wait issues I am often finding it less stressful to just drive to Jax and go to one up there.EDIT – looking at the other reviews maybe I’m just coming at bad times, but that has been my experience, at least 30 min wait at this place every more
Mike Weiss
Mike W.
18:51 10 Jul 20
Went in to exchange a vape pen. Everyone was great. Short wait and I was in. I worked with Patrick Tracey who helped me pick a different model vape pen and some other purchases.Great attitude, great customer service from more
Clyde Nowlan
Clyde N.
16:53 30 Jun 20
Very pleasant staff, even the armed guards are very nice and helpful. Celeste did my checkout and she was super friendly and answered several of my questions. She had great recommendations too! Thanks Trulieve St. Augustine!read more
kimberly johnson
kimberly J.
19:21 29 Jun 20
Trulieve is the best! Always knowledgeable and ready to help answer any questions I may have. Joelle ALWAYS greets me with a warm smile. This location is clean and the staff is very friendly. I recommend this place to anyone needing this service. They are awesome!read more
15:27 29 Jun 20
Went there today and while initially disappointed they didn’t show any indicaAvailable worked with Eric and he was able to go above and beyond to locate me some. Eric was very professional and knowledgeable.Also want to shout out Celeste who is always extremely welcoming and kind. Great team more
Kim Wright
Kim W.
17:01 26 Jun 20
I love the St Augustine location. Everyone that works there is so helpful and kins. I especially look forward to dealing with the fantastic personalities of Emily, Madison and Cody. They always go above and beyond with customer serviceread more
Elise Jaudon
Elise J.
15:18 17 Jun 20
Love their selection! Over 25 strains of flower alone the last I counted…and that doesn’t include their huge selection of vape cartridges. Also have awesome concentrates.. like shatter, crumble, tinctures, and capsules made from their various strains of flower. They even have $25 quarters of PREMIUM ground flower occasionally!read more
Teresa Griffin
Teresa G.
21:42 04 Jun 20
💜💜💜 this is the only store in St Augustine. Everybody that works there are absolutely wonderful people. But we do need another store South of more
edward gordon
edward G.
18:12 30 May 20
Great experience. I dealt with Dennis at the Saint Augustine location he was knowledgeable , friendly and helpful. The flower i purchased was very reasonably priced and although i had an issue with a leaking bottle of sublingual oil Trulieve made a home delivery at no chrge to me to correct the issue. GREAT Customer Service!read more
Kurtis Jones
Kurtis J.
14:53 29 Apr 20
I love this Trulieve. Zachary is an awesome worker, and is always very helpful whenever I have question regarding any products. The staff is always friendly, and service is excellent. I’ll be back!read more
Jonathan Stamps
Jonathan S.
17:49 13 Apr 20
Friendly staff, quality medicine, terrible customer service and ordering process. Constant issues with orders, they bait customers with inventory that they don’t have, then offer to substitute after order has already been CONFIRMED. Trulieve is the only company in 2020 that thinks confirmed means MAYBE. I’ve asked several people in the store and on the phone why their company can’t manage inventory and online ordering in real-time like every other company, they’re all aware of the problem, and don’t know why the company hasn’t remedied this SIMPLE problem. I have a simple theory – it’s called bait and switch, just get that order!!! Also, what’s the point of ordering ahead when you have to wait half and hour to be served when you get there anyway. Wish Trulieve could just streamline the customer experience, maybe competition will help with more
jimmy norris
jimmy N.
12:02 15 Mar 20
The prices are Black Market prices from 2005. There is absolutely no reason that flower should cost this much. They are fleecing the public. Prices should be half of what they are today, maybe even less. Basically, they will rip you off. What product they have is only decent. And the chances of finding flower is almost nil. The Florida Cannabis industry is a giant rip more
Ruk Listed
Ruk L.
10:46 14 Mar 20
The staff and the selection are both fantastic. They have many different options and can help you selecting what is best for your situation. The location is very small and you sit shoulder to shoulder with the other patients as you wait to be brought back. The good thing is you will not be waiting long as they are efficent and always seem to have enough staff to handle many patients. The products are some of the best in north more
Nicole Davila
Nicole D.
19:56 28 Feb 20
The facility was very small. It was very busy, that means they are doing great obviously. So they need a bigger space. There was no parking when I arrived and circled the building for 10 minutes. Inside the waiting area, small, some people were waiting in a corner on the window. Staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I will try again an update review. I could have went at one of there peek more
Sky Gre
Sky G.
19:12 27 Feb 20
Great dispensary, always helpful staff. Today I had the pleasure of being assisted by Peyton, who was extremely polite, knowledgeable, and helpful. He went above and beyond to ensure that I got a product that would work for me, and I could not be more satisfied with the help that he more
Jeremy Siens
Jeremy S.
22:28 17 Feb 20
Amazing dispensary! The place was packed my first time in and I was still done in under 20 minutes!! Everyone working was friendly and helpful. This will definitely be my new regular!!read more
Jeremy Siens
Jeremy S.
22:28 17 Feb 20
Amazing dispensary! The place was packed my first time in and I was still done in under 20 minutes!! Everyone working was friendly and helpful. This will definitely be my new regular!!read more
The Republic
The R.
03:47 01 Feb 20
The staff at the St. Augustine, Florida, store were very nice and compassionate. They understood that I live in sever pain and am terminal. They should run all of their stores, like this one! They, went out of their way to help me. And, their products are top of the line! I highly recommend this store!!!😋🇺🇸read more
Eric Villani
Eric V.
05:59 16 Jan 20
My Tolerance with Marijuana is so high, that Edibles didn’t work, including concentrates. Only Flower works for me! I told Eric (counter person), that what I had purchased 4 months back, didn’t work for me. Eric said, bring what you have back and he would replace it.ERIC REPLACED IT, AS PROMISED!read more
Cassandra Rusticus
Cassandra R.
23:06 15 Jan 20
I recently became a patient and was really nervous the first time I visited. I had a private consultation with a staff member named John. He was super nice and definitely quelled the pretty intense anxiety of my first visit. I’ve visited a couple other times since then for pick up orders which is a really awesome service they offer. I have not waited more than fifteen minutes to pick up an order more
Laurie Carnes
Laurie C.
22:48 22 Nov 19
I can’t say enough about he staff at Trulieve. Two visits ago, I was assisted by Danny. Danny has a wealth of knowledge on Trulieve products and Medical Marijuana. Ask him anything, I’ll bet he has the answer. Ashley also assisted that day. So shout out to Ashley as well.During my visit yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Joy. I really made her work hard for me. I had questions, additions, returns … she ran around that store, happily, and met every need. As a bonus, she was a lot of fun.I trust Trulieve products. Trulieve has been my preferred dispensary since I first went to them in Jacksonville in early 2017.Thank you, Trulieve, for your extraordinary staff. And opening the St Augustine more
Shelby Rider
Shelby R.
15:50 15 Nov 19
I love coming here! I always feel welcomed and the customer service here is excellent! They are always friendly and so helpful! Megan helped me today and she was so nice and also very informed about all of the products. I prefer to come here instead of Jacksonville because they really have that friendly, small town feeling. I love Trulieve and I am a very satisfied customer! Every time I come here I have a good experience and I wish I could remember the names of everyone that has helped me, they have all been so nice and patient! I will be coming back here for a while!!read more
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