Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in St Petersburg, FL

8435 4th Street North
St Petersburg, FL 33702

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available


MMTC Dispensary – Open

St Petersburg – A Trulieve dispensary located at 8435 4th Street North to service Pinellas County medical cannabis card patients is open. Trulieve, the biggest dispensary brand in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for this St Petersburg store products are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The St Petersburg Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door in St Petersburg and throughout Pinellas County. Order online or call over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients that have been certified by a recommending doctor who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$15 Delivery Fee Statewide. Free delivery to patients 65 years or older and on all orders over $200.

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Drew Taylor
Drew T.
20:53 13 Jan 22
Placed online order and got confirmation that my order was packaged and ready to pick up. When I arrived to pick up, not only did they inform me that they were out of what i had ordered (the item that had already been “packaged” and was ready) but they couldn’t even match the price on my initial order.Additionally, staff member I dealt with had no knowledge of product.I was told (very dismissively), “We’re not just going to give you a discount for no reason. We have other products that are the same price and you don’t want them.”I use cannabis as a legitimate remedy for anxiety and depression. I’m not going to purchase a medicine that I won’t respond well to just because it’s the “same price”.Very dissatisfied. I got a card so I could get the medicine I need without added stress, not to be practically laughed out the door when I expect an obligation to be fulfilled by more
Jessica Marcantel
Jessica M.
14:04 07 Jan 22
All of the staff here are very professional and respectful, and knowledgeable about medical cannabis. Any time I have questions about what terpene profiles or strains are good for chronic pain and anxiety, or which ratio tinctures are better for them, they can answer them. If you want a knowledge, friendly, professional, and courteous experience, this is where you should more
20:50 31 Dec 21
I can not express my level of frustration and discouragement that they are not just changing their point program, but instead of grandfathering in earned points to date, they place a expiration date on them which guarantees a loss for their MOST LOYAL CLIENTS. I currently have over 7100 loyalty points according to my last and most current e mail. If they do choose to cheat me out of them with no remuneration, I will never enter one of their dispensaries again; it is unacceptable Trulieve is changing the rules unjustly. I would pray whomever reads this would forward to executive suites, but not holding my breath.And don’t bother responding to robotic we’re sorry contact customer service. Wasted too many hours composing e mails to them that were seemingly never read since no reply ever more
Terri Pinkham
Terri P.
22:44 17 Nov 21
My experience here was really amazing from start to finish. They made me feel so comfortable and were very knowledgeable. Definitely a positive experience!!read more
Jonathan Bruce
Jonathan B.
16:28 12 Nov 21
They were quick and informative. One of the best locations I’ve been to. And my teller was awesome helping me get what i more
Eric VanHorn
Eric V.
19:03 10 Nov 21
Service and selection was great! The location and parking is kind of rough. I parked at 7-Eleven so it was all good, grabbed some snacks to go with my medicine 🤙🏽read more
Kathleen Autry
Kathleen A.
15:01 14 Sep 21
Best customer service ever. Products are the best and prices are great. The weed is just so dame good theses days and I love when they know what is good on the menu and prices are just as great. Thank you for your time and help .read more
Michael Machado
Michael M.
23:46 28 Aug 21
Never any issues at this location. Great people, great selection(s) and great service. ESPECIALLY ALISSA! Her knowledge of the product was impeccable and her outgoing bubbly personality was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Alissa. Peace, One Loveread more
Terrill Carlson
Terrill C.
23:30 17 Aug 21
Hands down my favorite Trulieve!! Cannot say enough about the staff. Knowledgeable, friendly, if they don’t know an answer about a product or strain they’ll get one. The staff remembers what medication’s work for me. Kudos to the entire staff especially Kevin at the front, Casey, Cassie, Alissa, David Watson, both Jay’s, happy machine Mackenzie and the entire rest of the staff!! Super blessed for all dispensaries in the area BUT Trulieve St Pete ROCKS the best for more
stacey clarke
stacey C.
17:58 06 Aug 21
One of the best spots to grab your medicinal flower. The staff is nice. After years of coming here, it’s not high n the priority list to try out many of the competitors based on consistently and more
Jessica Moore
Jessica M.
23:38 15 Jul 21
Discombobulated front desk – walk-ins that come in after you can get seen first (ex. my card was entered into their system after walk-ins after me twice). I’ve also tried ordering online for pickup – once text notifies you to come in to see a host, have often waited another 10-15 min before being able to pickup my order. I don’t these oversights are intentional but those “greeting” people have been very sassy if you complain. Backwards customer more
Ashlie Wolfe
Ashlie W.
15:56 01 Jul 21
St Pete Trulieve on 4th St is my favorite dispensary to go to! Everyone there is always cheerful and very knowledgeable on all the products they have there! It’s always very clean and the wait isn’t long! Plus they always have such great deals!! I love all the people that work there! They all go above and beyond to help you!!Today I had Travis N. Who helped me with questions that I had. He answered them professionally and he was very knowledgeable! One of the many reasons why I always choose to go to this dispensary!!Thank you St Pete Trulieve you truly all rock!! ☺️read more
Noelle Williston
Noelle W.
17:23 30 Jun 21
I use them regularly. Last experience was the absolute best. They honored the current day’s special discount even though I had ordered on the one previously. Keith was my budtender and steered me in the right direction, as I’m completely satisfied with his recommendations. I definitely left with improved mindset and I can thank him for more
Erica Allen
Erica A.
20:54 29 Jun 21
Lovely experience every time I visit this location. I like that they running more specials than before. Great staff. I have had the pleasure of being dispensed by Alissa several times and she is always so kind, welcoming & funny it makes the experience even more
Morgan Phares
Morgan P.
01:38 21 Jun 21
This is my favorite dispensary! Everyone is so kind, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Heather answered all my questions about a product I was unfamiliar with and helped me try out some new things! Highly recommend!read more
Carly Murphree
Carly M.
23:53 12 Jun 21
Just got my medical card and this was the first dispensary I visited. The staff is very knowledgeable and explained each product to me carefully. I’m very happy with the products I purchased and their efficacy for pain management!read more
Cristiano Bagatin
Cristiano B.
02:02 28 Apr 21
The friendliest, highest quality dispensary I’ve gone to so far in the st Pete area and I’ve tried them all! Today I received particularly great service from Travis N, who gave me invaluable instructions on product use that I’ve applied tonight, and it worked!! He really represents the company well, and is always super friendly and knows the products through and through. Thank you Travis!read more
Evan Pollard
Evan P.
19:27 27 Apr 21
From start to finish a fabulous experience, even with decent traffic I was in and out within a reasonable amount of time. The front desk gentlemen were very friendly and sent me to Heather, who is super friendly and her temporary sidekick Alissa was also pretty cool and knowledgeable about the store despite saying she recently transferred. Got some orange velvet flower and it was beautiful to behold, haven’t opened other medicine yet as the orange velvet has been good to me so far. One final note, whilst I don’t condone over medicating there was a particular coordinator named Evan and I feel a challenge is in order as my name is also Evan. Keep up the fabulous work and I can’t wait to visit again!read more
kari fenstermaker
kari F.
00:05 25 Apr 21
My favorite dispensary! Always have quality products for a very reasonable price, excellent customer service, have discounts for vets and individuals with SNAP, and throw in swag every now and then! Great experience every more
B.A.S.S H.
20:57 24 Apr 21
This is how a Trulieve store should be ran! Always pleasant & eager to assist, a great inventory, they always have what i want. Heather was awesome! She took her time with me as i made modifications to my order, very helpful & informative, she even ask Brian if she could give me my points discount because of a previous incident (at another store whose name will be private… and he was happy to oblige. All of their coworkers were just as informative & helpful (the lady to her right is a BABE! 🥰) they could see i was new to the cartridge game & gave me a bunch of help. Job Very Well Done! Bravo!read more
Shanise Gosney
Shanise G.
14:59 11 Apr 21
This isn’t one of my favs to come to however they do sometimes have things the other one doesn’t. The atmosphere, chemistry, customer service and just everything altogether is average. I want to come in and feel like more than just a customer. I’m just another order to fill and get more
Fish Eight
Fish E.
23:16 31 Mar 21
This is definitely one of my favorite dispensaries in Florida. This particular location has amazing staff that are always polite and super helpful. I’ve never felt stupid for asking questions. Overall a little pricey but, what medical marijuana, in a state where recreational isn’t legal, isn’t expensive?read more
David Desper
David D.
00:17 17 Mar 21
I went to Trulieve St. Petersburg location and found it to be a nice friendly staff. Got some edibles for the first time so was happy about it. It’s a great location and a great selection for all my medical cannabis needs. They also have any of my needs for my medication. Professional staff helped me understand what I needed for my more
Jessica R.
Jessica R.
14:20 12 Mar 21
My favorite dispensary! I love this place. Staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Product is always good and as expected. A++ ❤️read more
Ashley Brosious
Ashley B.
22:51 02 Feb 21
I really enjoy coming here. Probably some of the best product I have received in town. This location tends to be pretty busy, so I generally order online for a pick up. I wish when ordering online, more information about the product is given. Prices are a little steep, but so is every other dispensary in FL. Overall, I’m pretty more
Tony Dodd
Tony D.
16:53 24 Dec 20
PROS: Great customer service. Great selection. Great pricing/discounts. Regular text alerts for sales.CONS: Only five people allowed in waiting room at a time. Parking lot needs to be at least three times larger. Sales area is tiny. Very little privacy at point of purchase. The customer next to me and I were literally rubbing elbows, and could not communicate with associate without everyone in sales area hearing. They need a video board to show available strains/pricing/ more
Don Juan
Don J.
02:08 06 Dec 20
Trulieve has become my only medical dispensary i go to. The flower is on that medical grade i like. And i am never disappointed, if i am they have a return policy and is great because none of the other stores do. Grape Cake, Papaya cake, Gorilla grapes…. and many more are on my #1 of all time favorites from Trulieve a must to check more
A Path to Wellnesss
A Path to W.
22:39 11 Nov 20
Always helpful, If I have to return They always let me in the back if I ask. I communicate with very friendly people there. I think its safer to buy the ground flower V.S. the “Flower” . Dealing with amount. I love the pre-rolls. Oh and the smell Magnificent is when you walk in the door. The security guards are super friendly, but ready ready to kick some more
NoLove Lost
NoLove L.
14:38 01 Oct 20
Another fantastic experience! Jay is awesome but I had a different gentleman who was equally awesome! I love this place and the professional staffing team. Thank you!read more
Wandering Gypsy
Wandering G.
19:06 29 Sep 20
My online order was ready quickly! When I arrived, I was able to check-in online to notify them I had arrived & only waited a few minutes inside before being called back. Excellent service! Kudos!read more
Robert Elmore
Robert E.
15:56 18 Sep 20
Great prices and fast service..
Melodie Ammons
Melodie A.
11:40 17 Sep 20
Friendly staff and excellent
Irene Haggett
Irene H.
20:11 15 Sep 20
Easy in easy out….order online…put up when ready
Jill Estes
Jill E.
09:03 14 Sep 20
Their going to have edibles soon.
Robert Krasnick
Robert K.
15:17 13 Sep 20
Great selection of meds. Great service.
James Brown
James B.
18:27 12 Sep 20
The nicest ppl!! Great products
Jeanie Nardozzi
Jeanie N.
23:15 11 Sep 20
I am very disappointed. Every time I want any 1:1 vaped of 5:3 cbd/thc and 1:1 vaped of thc/cbd they never and I repeat never have it in stock in st more
Shane Kike
Shane K.
02:34 10 Sep 20
Ordered a few things online to pickup in store. They didn’t have what I ordered and overcharged me for products similar to what I more
Kane Juntunen
Kane J.
18:51 08 Sep 20
Amazing and helpful staff. Was in and out roughly 30 minutes! Explained info to me and the two staff that helped me today, answered all my questions and saved me a bunch of money for being a first time more
sharon price
sharon P.
09:46 07 Sep 20
They had the product I needed and we’re very friendly.
Robert Lane
Robert L.
23:44 04 Sep 20
Experience they’re was great people friendly and very helpful, quick services very clean place
Andrew Burns-Short
Andrew B.
21:07 02 Sep 20
The parking situation here creates a small nightmare with every pickup. Staff are nice, but the facility is very cramped and very busy. This is clearly too small of a location to adequately handle peak demand. The Tyrone store will be a much needed addition.Update – I sent an email to this address and have received no reply. There is enough staff to address the critical google reviews on the same day, but not enough to follow up on customer support emails in a week? Minus one more
Paul Bachmann
Paul B.
19:35 31 Aug 20
I get my medicine here and the staff is the best! They know their stuff and are always ready to answer questions about products. I love to walk in and see familiar faces who know more
jason huffman
jason H.
16:12 26 Aug 20
Nick is AWESOME!! Trulieve products are good, but Nick really makes it worth it. He goes above and beyond when it comes to answering questions or other customer service related help. I hope you guys take great care of him, while appreciating what a wonderful attitude can do for your clients and surrounding staff. Thank you NICK and Trulieve!read more
Andrew Burns-Short
Andrew B.
15:22 26 Aug 20
The parking situation here creates a small nightmare with every pickup. Staff are nice, but the facility is very cramped and very busy. This is clearly too small of a location to adequately handle peak demand. The Tyrone store will be a much needed more
J Wolford
J W.
20:59 24 Aug 20
As usual a great experience at Trulieve. However the syringe I purchased was sticky on the outside which has never happened before. No worries 😜 probably someone new. Always quick and more
Mary Taylor
Mary T.
13:26 21 Aug 20
This company seems to have products when other dispensaries are out….nice staff that seems to be well informed…..they do have protocol for covid….I like placing order and pick up…..their prices are a bit higher….I’m still after three yrs of using my card do not understand why prices everywhere seem to be higher than back in the day of other access to flowerread more
Ivan Muncy
Ivan Muncy
16:20 10 Aug 20
Hello all this was my first visit What a professional staff on board …everyone very helpful & friendly. I will definitely return. Thank you all…read more
Frank Quadri
Frank Q.
15:22 08 Aug 20
Friendly and informative! Absolutely great people doing great work 👍
robin m
robin m
21:38 22 Jul 20
Lots of parking, precheck in from car, walked right in, order ready, no delays and everyone was friendly. Also easy to get toread more
Stephen Wallace
Stephen W.
14:00 20 Jul 20
Trulieve is quickly becoming a regular headache, whether it’s the in-store mistakes, the lack of customer service from the call center reps or the impossibility of the website. If that wasn’t enough, now I am being limited on what meds I can receive, even though the stock is available? Trulieve has been the only company I have gotten my meds from & I’m seriously considering not shopping with you any longer & going to your competition as it is not worth saving a couple of dollars to deal with the stress & continuous headache that have been given to me while trying to work with more
Anthony Sciriha
Anthony S.
14:58 23 Jun 20
Everytime I go there, the inventory is nicely priced and at a great quality. They have larger variety of products and strains the most dispensaries in the area in my opinion. Also, not only is the medication good, the employees there are absolutely friendly and knowledgeable of all there products. They never make you feel like you’re in a rush and they always try to help you get the most for your dollar, while staying with higher quality. Shouts out to Nick(The Weed Nerd), Nicole, Mathew, and several others I just cant remeber there names. You should definitely check it out!read more
Stephen Perrault
Stephen P.
17:32 15 Jun 20
The most friendly staff you could ever want to meet. I worked with McKenzie who was sweet, knowledgable and a pleasure to work with. Prices are fair and selection is top notch! Would highly recommend!read more
Gitano34 Key West
Gitano34 Key W.
20:18 04 Jun 20
Very fast yet professional service, I personally loved it since mine back home in Key West is like actually waiting for a real Dr. who’s always late n takes forever with half the traffic, crazy. You guys were great!read more
dan fernandez
dan F.
21:32 27 May 20
Actual dispensary snd crew at this location are great. That is not my complaint. Mine comes with the customer service system. I’ve been shopping here over a year and given them a lot of business. Here’s the entire situation you guys cancelled an order on me on the 15th without so much as a phone call so I call to see why they said they don’t know why but it was canceled. So a few days later I go to pick up an order only to be told I don’t have any rec left. I knew that was wrong so checked it and you guys took out the half ounce you cancelled for the second time in 3 months. Being my last half o I couldn’t pick up my order and had to rely on black market for a week which I got my card so I wouldn’t have to. So Thursday I call 4 times waiting on hold almost 3 hrs only to be disconnected each time. Finally I get through through the place a new order prompt (funny 3 hrs of hold for “issue with order” prompt but for place new order I got through within seconds… tells me he’ll fix it… 5 days later no resolution. Also sent 5 customer service request emails a message to each social media with only one reply finally yesterday (3 days after messages) asking me for my info then no follow up even though my messages are marked seen. So finally I got the issue handled by manipulating your customer service system by placing an order I knew would be rejected just so I could get a call back from y’all and the location manager fixed it. I requested a call from a call center supervisor to report the issues I’ve had just getting a hold of someone and low and behold another 2 days with no phone call. These guys have good product and great in store staff, unfortunately I’d advise you to steer clear, bc if you ever do have an issue you need customer assistance with they clearly value obtaining new customers over customer more
Ross Hale
Ross H.
20:44 10 Apr 20
I have been shopping here for a year now and now will not be. I have never had such a terrible customer service experience than at trulieve. There is no such thing as an online “express order” you wait the same time, and if you do an online order you can’t change it once your at the store. Today I placed an online order, several hours later I received a notification my order was ready. Shortly after I went to the store and was informed they were busier than usual and took my phone number and would text me when my order is ready approx. 1 hour of waiting time. So I cruise around and grab some coffee and wait on the text. Got the text and promptly went to the store, about ten minutes after receiving text message. The receptionist told me then I had been put to back of the line because I was not present five minutes after they texted me. I am honestly at a loss of words. The lack of professionals running this business is obvious. I have spent thousands of dollars here and they are making a lot of money I know. I don’t have all day to sit in a parking lot waiting for my medication. Trulieve does not care about their patients time, money and certainly their business more
amanda haugh
amanda H.
01:28 05 Apr 20
So I’ve been a few times and I have to say that the girl Alex is awesome! Super knowledgeable! The first time I was there she over heard me asking questions with the guy I had but he wasnt sure how to answer and she asked permission to step in and help and she really steered me in the right direction and gave me very useful tips! The second time she recognized me and made me feel like I was important and not just some sale! This girl is the bomb!! I’m only going to see her from now on! She was able to answer all my questions every time and definitely was honest about specific things and how to use them! Shes phenomenal at sales!read more
Steve Watson
Steve W.
14:03 26 Feb 20
Going in at 3 or so in the afternoon is the Best time I have found. Very few people and the wait is minimal. Super friendly staff. They are very knowledgeable and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. The veterans discount is very much more
Jaime Roberts
Jaime R.
12:41 06 Feb 20
Usually have a good variety and the line moves quickly. Great quality!
Jaime Roberts
Jaime R.
12:41 06 Feb 20
Usually have a good variety and the line moves quickly. Great quality!
Cyril Castleberry
Cyril C.
16:19 21 Jan 20
Super friendly and upbeat staff. Nice and clean inside. Their 20% Veteran discount is outstanding. Thank you for your support. I highly recommend Trulieve St Pete. Stop in and talk to Holly; she’s very knowledgeable on the products and makes you feel very welcome. Thank you. See ya more
Michael Carvalho
Michael C.
17:21 16 Jan 20
Amazing quality for all products. Very impressed. One thing I wish they would do is have observation jars for their flower and also have their shatter also a way to be seen before being bought. Other than that overall one of the best dispensary I’ve checked out thus farread more
Angel Of Chaos
Angel Of C.
15:33 14 Jan 20
Awesome place. People who work there are super cool. Very helpful. Explain anything to you if need be. Great first time patient discount. Great verity of supplies in house as more
Paul Bachmann
Paul B.
20:57 20 Dec 19
Trulieve is the best. I have tried other companies and Trulieve ALWAYS delivers. I go frequently enough I build up my points. 500 points gets you 10% off. SNAP adds an additional 10% off and Veterans 20% off every purchase. Friendly staff who remember you and very knowledgeable. I “highly” more
Mark Weisenstein
Mark W.
02:48 10 Dec 19
They have the best staff and they really are fantastic people and very knowledgeable about what they do.
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