Trulieve in St PetersburgTrulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in St Petersburg


The Burg – A Trulieve dispensary location in St Petersburg is open to bring relief to med card holders in Pinellas County. The staff at this Trulieve dispensary in St Pete, Florida is well trained to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure you get the care you need.

The medicinal cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries are hand-grown in an indoor environment. They keep the process as natural as possible to bring high quality Trulieve products in St Petersburg to MMJ patients. Low-THC, High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. 

Don’t have a med card yet from a local recommending doctor? See if you qualify today!

Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in St Petersburg

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Address: 8435 4th Street North

St Petersburg, FL 33702

Phone: 727-498-5115

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 Hours Of Operation:

Mon-Fri: 10:00AM-7:00PM
Sat: 10:00AM-5:00PM
Sun: 12:00PM-5:00PM

Contact: [email protected]



Trulieve medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door in St Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Seminole, Treasure Island and throughout Pinellas County. There is now the convenience of ordering online or over the phone without ever leaving your home. Depending on distance, a delivery fee may be charged. The low-THC/CBD products are available now for patients who need non-euphoric care.

Please call 727.498.5115 or email [email protected] to schedule a delivery.

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S. J.
S. J.
19:24 08 Jul 18
Outstanding communication and customer service. Trulieve fairly resolved a problem I had with a recent order. These guys are the pros!Special thanks to Assistant Manager Miles and to Evan for helping me out today. Highly recommended!read more
Sue H
Sue H
17:08 01 Jun 18
Unprofessional, poorly trained and unfriendly staff. Not sure how these guys are getting good reviews. Staff at front desk are not trained properly so you wait. Back door staff are loud and unprofessional laughing and yukking it up with other staff. Poor attitudes and not at all knowledgeable about which medicines to prescribe for what the patient needs. On any area of performance measurement of customer service I would rate them poor. I predict when other companies get licensed they will blow this place out of the water. They shouldn't even be allowed to operate like this. A joke.Response to owner: Train your staff on how to recommend the right product, smile and act pleasant to customers, and how to use the register and software. That is how you can make it right for me and the entire community counting on you to act professionally. There is too much riding on this. Want to be taken as a serious business? Get this place in line. They barely know how to maneuver through the software. Was there when someone who had just started THAT day was left alone to help me check in at the front. Been there 3 times and each time I thought the back was packed with customers because it was so loud behind the doors. Nope, just the staff being loud and laughing. People can hear all that in the check-in area. It's suppposed to be medicine not a GameStop. I will try back in a month and hope to change this review. Good luck. We all want you to succeed in making this a professional more
Bill Rhinehart
Bill Rhinehart
01:10 16 Feb 18
I was very impressed with the professional and knowledgeable staff at St Petersburg office today . And...their products far exceed those from another brand dispensary in the area. And the S provider I haven't visited yet. The products far surpass the first ones I purchased , by far! Prices good too. All the employees worked as a Team when issues arose. Thank you Trulieve for your service today!read more
Tara Nissen
Tara Nissen
16:08 20 May 18
My husband is a patient and at first he wasn't a fan but now he loves the true flower and the volcano is worth every penny! Also his 2nd choice is the true stick.when it comes to his medicine he profers an Indica or a Hybrid with a high thc low cbd strength Even though we live in Sarasota he prefers the 4th Street North location in St Pete. If you tried Trulieve and you were not fond of their products I strongly recommend you try them again because out of all 3 companies in bradenton to Tampa area this is my husband's favorite. It's a little bit of a drive for us over the Skyway but it's a beautiful drive and it doesn't feel like a long drive at all. The people in St Pete are always friendly and polite and treat my husband with the upmost respect and truly care to help his pain. Only complaint is its pricey and the true flower goes quick! If they could have a little more inventory he would be probably not say to much about the price. The product is top notch!read more
Robert Bell
Robert Bell
14:04 11 May 18
Trulieve has the worst customer service I've seen in any industry. Rude staff. Completely disorganized. Poor quality control on thier products. Nasty security. Dealing with this company is a nightmare. I have no idea how they stay in more
Providence Paintball
Providence Paintball
22:53 04 Aug 18
Unprofessional, con artists and thieves. I went in to get my medicine the other day and was quoted a price of $75 for the 600 mg Vape. I gave the employee $80 cash. He put my money in the register printed my receipt and then closed the cash drawer again. We talked further about a couple items that were on the shelf and then I told him you didn’t give me my change. I then looked in my wallet and he told me are you sure that’s not the six dollars right there. That sent up another red flag why would he tell me six dollars when he quoted me the price of 75 and I gave him 80? So for one this employee quoted me the wrong price intentionally trying to keep at least one dollar for himself. On top of that he decided not to give me back my change at all. This guy is a thief and a criminal and is abusing sick patients like myself that come here as a safe haven to get my medicine. The store manager told me that every time the register print out a receipt it automatically opens the cash drawer. So when he gave me my receipt the cash drawer open and he intentionally closed it as not to give me my change and keep it for himself as a stolen tip. The manager also lied to me and said he was unable to access the sound on the cameras and only the corporate office could do that. This is a blatant lie to cover up criminal acts that are being conducted on their property by their employees. Maybe that’s why they feel it necessary to have all those people down there carrying guns to defend the criminals they employ. The employees and managers of this business are engaged in shady and criminal business and will do everything they can to cover it up and keep it quiet. Please let me help you help yourself do not spend your time or money with this business. Please go somewhere else where they actually care about you not your pocketbook. Praise Jesus thank you for reading my more
Christopher Padgett
Christopher Padgett
15:24 09 Aug 17
Wonderful experience coming to St Pete Trulieve! Harvey's smile is so wonderful and greets each person as they come through the door. Everyone who works here knows their stuff, and is extremely helpful. Allison (there are two of them), are great. Zach and Jordan have helped me several times since this location has opened and I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you Trulieve St Pete for all that you do. Very thankful for you guys. !! 🙂read more
JC Mills
JC Mills
02:36 16 Aug 18
These people are the best. They always welcome me like family, and take care of EVERY need/question I bring. It has made this my go to location - don't pass this one by!read more
Joshua Streng
Joshua Streng
21:13 10 Sep 18
This company was so good to their customers when they first opened, reminded me of shopping with Publix how they treated the importance of their customers. Now you can expect an arrogant attitude about constantly being out of products, the fact your limited to what you can order online, be told they have something available but it’s on the customer to be responsible to drive an hour+ out of the way just for them to be out of the product they said they had but can’t hold for you or allow you to online order the product your trying to get. Screw this company and the entitlement that has come with their more
brad boggs
brad boggs
23:56 19 Sep 18
the new stores are the only ones that stay stocked with product while all the other stores like this one get hardly anything now...they plan to open 10+ more stores before the end of the year and they can't even keep the current ones stocked unless they are new....(review update I went by today just to see what was going on and they actually still had some of the more sought after products still in stock the day before delivery not sure if they have lost this many customers or if actually keeping their stores stocked but I'm raising my review by a star..we'll see what the future holds soon enoughread more
steven mead
steven mead
17:28 30 Oct 18
Quality customer care. Outstanding store very clean. I have always been greeted with respect and helped with any and all questions. Highly recommended!!! 😎read more
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