Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in St Pete, FL

6752 22nd AVE North
St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available


Dispensary – Open

A second St Pete Trulieve dispensary is open at 6752 22nd Ave N near Tyrone Mall to help patients in the Burg that have their med marijuana cards . Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Trulieve staff at this Tyrone cannabis store is well trained to work with local certifying doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in St Pete and throughout Pinellas County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Matthew Lynn
Matthew L.
00:17 06 Dec 21
Best Eddie's in town! Great tenders, the bud kind, have a feeling they don't want anyone knowing about the chicken ones yet. Strain selection is generally nice and varied. Good more
Howard Driggers
Howard D.
14:33 23 Nov 21
So nice to have this addition to the area. Everyone working there is very professional and knowledgeable and the flower products are incredible..!read more
Richard Hardrick
Richard H.
01:53 30 Oct 21
Shout out to Kristy you Rock Great customer service all smiles from when I walked in and on my way out as so thank you keep up good work at TRUELIEVE!read more
lee owen
lee O.
18:29 16 Oct 21
First time visit. I saw Victor , he was extremely knowledgeable, patient and polite. When I arrived I was nervous and anxious but when I left I was a well informed and confident customer. All employees helped each other. The store was immaculate, the glass viewing cases were shining like a jewelry store. And I found the perfect diamond!!! Thank you Victor!read more
17:42 13 Oct 21
Great place very friendly and helpful staff. Bobby did a great job helping me and was very friendly and knowledgeable of product. This is my shop for sure. Great Place!!!!!read more
Anne Marie Doherty
Anne Marie D.
23:25 12 Oct 21
They have the best service and deals and promos The marketing is amazing and their staff is amazing it's a pleasure to shop thereread more
Christopher Baker
Christopher B.
12:54 02 Oct 21
It has now been over 48 hours Since I reported the Truliever point error which occurred on my account this week. If I do not hear back today I will request to speak with supervisor then attempt to bring it to attention of miss Rivers or anyone else. On 3 of my last 3 visits you have made errors in your favor with my points. I wonder if my last 4 year's were fully audited how many thousands of points I would be missing? This is the ultimate in terrible service; ignoring the client. Additionally, adding 4700 to 500 is pretty simple. This is the error your team got wrong and refuses to more
Cheyenne Sims
Cheyenne S.
17:45 28 Sep 21
Always have a great a experience, but Victor definitely takes the cake ! He was so friendly and informative didn't rush me one bit even tho my order was a bit bigger. Love to see people who enjoy working. GIVE THIS MAN A RAISE he deserves it lol thank you Victor!read more
Kathleen Autry
Kathleen A.
19:23 24 Sep 21
Thank you Alex for your help yesterday you're very helpful. You're very good at your job. And you know a lot about the products you sell which I appreciated the most. Thank you for your help and your assistance yesterday keep your head up and I'll give you a five more
23:50 05 Sep 21
Model unit. Friendly, empathetic, professional, and informed staff who set the standard for service and value not just among Trulieves, but across the industry. Their consistency is awesome and they never too busy to discuss a question or concern. Awesome! Keep up the great work😁read more
Shannon Snyder
Shannon S.
13:03 31 Aug 21
Clean and well staffed. They always have something new to try and they always teach me something new about cannabis therapyread more
blake bourgeois
blake B.
13:07 30 Aug 21
This place is absolutely the best...Talk about customer service, when I came in I had a slight issue with a product, and Ashley assured me that, ,"Trulieve stands behind their products!". They got me in promptly to not only fix the small issue, but I when got a free water bottle.BAMM.Customer for lifeEdit:. They only let you reviewa place once, but I have to update this review to include Chris. He has time and time again provided excellent customer service. Trulieve, once again thank you for great more
Ken Lawson Sr
Ken Lawson S.
00:20 13 Aug 21
Doc is very helpful. He provides a high level of customer service ❤ . He's able to explain your products in full more
James Rosin
James R.
23:37 12 Aug 21
This was the quickest in and out ever. There guys have their stuff together. Courteous to the max and very efficient. I'm going more
Damien Fields
Damien F.
22:05 12 Aug 21
The crew at this location were awesome amazing first time experience will def be coming back.
Tammy Robinson
Tammy R.
14:05 24 Jul 21
Always a great experience at Trulieve. Friendly staff, great products, and prices.
Dennis Watkins
Dennis W.
15:43 15 Jun 21
Very welcoming people will walk you through and help you make the right decisions for you. Always nice to go in and talk the more
Phenomenal One
Phenomenal O.
23:17 26 May 21
Awesome location everyone is amazing and super friendly. Ruth*Ashley*Loni and more. Everyone is so welcoming you feel at home. Thanks! Irisread more
Frank Diaz
Frank D.
23:55 13 May 21
I had a really great experience here. Ethan was very knowledgeable, professional, and genuine. Excellent facility and inventory. Highly recommended!read more
Caroline Hartsfield
Caroline H.
23:48 23 Apr 21
I don’t usually go to the Tyrone location, I live in Parrish and work in South St. Pete, but Tyrone had the flower I wanted online. I got in and out quickly, my can pay didn’t work which was kind of a bummer for this trip. But I know for next time to bring cash so nbd. Erica helped me and she totally hooked me up, she knew they had sativa I would enjoy.I would drive 20 minutes out of the way again 🤣 the weed was great and so was the service!read more
10:55 17 Apr 21
This seems to be the dispensary that they have as an overflow. I like Trulieve so I have to run to Clearwater. Why????????And delivery I will never use again. Never get sale item at sale price. Get reward points taken. No more
Lorie Soul Support
Lorie Soul S.
15:24 13 Apr 21
Trulieve has some quality products. I have enjoyed their littles having the quality of the more expensive cannabis. But lately most of their flower was dried out when you got it. That is not a good thingI have had bad luck with their ordering service. I got in text telling me my order was ready for pickup and I drove all the way to the place when I got there They were going to lock the door and told me to wait and they would get to me. They locked the door at 8:00 p.m. I didn't want to weigh another hour and a half so I got permission from them to pick my order up in the morning and when I came back in the morning my order no longer existed. When you're a patient and you're in a lot of pain and you were counting on that medication for the weekend that is a horrible thing to have happenAlso on a separate time I went in to get flower and they told me I had nothing left in my profile until 2 weeks. I went to another dispensary that told me they lied to me and I still had 2 oz. I don't know what Trulieve is trying to pull. But you're not going to steal my recommendations I will never go back to trulieve. Rise and Cureleaf have excellent products and treat you with respect. They never lie. They never misrepresent what they have. They never take orders from me and when I get to the store the order magically disappeared. Trulieve has no ethical business practices and the more I talk to people I am finding out there are many other people having the same issues I didread more
Savina Moonlight
Savina M.
15:49 06 Apr 21
I have been to a lot of dispensaries since I have gotten my medical card and this place is by far the best and most informal place I have been to I highly recommend this place. I love all of their products they answered my questions correctly they didn't rush they were so nice if you haven't been to this location I recommend you go here. Will be back for more
Tony Esposito
Tony E.
01:40 30 Mar 21
They were clean and courteous at the front desk. Once I was called to be seen, Greg was very helpful and knowledgeable. Will come again🤘read more
Estee Miller (Emily)
Estee Miller (.
00:17 12 Mar 21
As a first time customer, I was thoroughly impressed and delighted both by Trulieve's inventory and service. The bud tender who helped me, Victor, was clearly very knowledgeable about their products, gave me solid tips and advice, and was an all-around Cool Guy(TM) to chat with. Highly recommend this dispensary, will definitely be returning!read more
Justin Sheehan
Justin S.
00:23 19 Feb 21
Great product selection. Well run store with good customer service. Can't remember the name of one of the ladies who is a manager there. Very helpful and more
Jeff Williams
Jeff W.
16:28 15 Feb 21
Always aces in my book. Knowledgeable staff who's never to busy to take their time to (re)explain as needed. Great selection of products and I don't have to drive across town. Keep up the great work and keep the new products coming in this location!read more
billy barrett
billy B.
22:10 04 Feb 21
Really nice place. Big, clean and well-lit. The people are very friendly and knowledgeably helpful. People from all over the country with all kinds of experience working there and want to be more
Section 8 Trap
Section 8 T.
15:15 03 Feb 21
I am never disappointed when I go to trulieve.🍃 They always have amazing customer service. The wait time is never too bad and it's always clean. Only problem I've ever had is ordering online but that's probably on my end 😅read more
blake bourgeois
blake B.
16:50 24 Jan 21
This place is absolutely the best...Talk about customer service, when I came in I had a slight issue with a product, and Ashley assured me that, ,"Trulieve stands behind their products!". They got me in promptly to not only fix the small issue, but I when got a free water bottle.BAMM.Customer for liferead more
Nancy Twelves
Nancy T.
22:37 21 Jan 21
Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Very efficient and I've never had to wait. Whether it's a small order or a large one you are always treated with respect to you and your situation.Nancy from St. Pete more
Miss Molly
Miss M.
16:03 04 Jan 21
Great atmosphere, friendly staff, patient & polite in assisting and decision making, quality service, extremely knowledgeable. Quick, affordable, absolutely delightful staff enthusiastic about customer service!Victor and Doc #bomb.comread more
Andrea S
Andrea S
18:17 01 Jan 21
Unfortunately I have had nothing but awful experiences in both St Pete locations. They say your order is ready for pickup, and after arriving they tell you they are out of a majority of your order. The inventory online is never accurate, the customer service is hit or miss (mostly miss) with so many other dispensaries around this is the last one I would recommend. And from looking at their social media I am not alone in my more
Crystal Trevino
Crystal T.
02:53 19 Dec 20
Always a super clean place. So far every staff I have encountered with have been so nice and knowledgeable. Plus, they have the best strains and more
Daniel Mitchell
Daniel M.
01:52 29 Nov 20
Incredible experience EVERY visit! Trulieve Tyrone has it all. Pristine and clean store, high quality products, and best of all an excellent patient consultant team. Lonnie is terrific! He always makes me feel welcomed, very knowledgeable about the products on offer, and has great recommendations based on my personal preferences and needs. 5/5 stars from this three year Florida MMJ patient!read more
Jade Trimble
Jade T.
11:21 23 Oct 20
Been to this location a few times now. Kris is lovely- fantastic help and consistent. Had an experience with Alex (manager?) that left a bad taste in my mouth but will keep coming back thanks to the other employees. Love that 9LB!read more
Meredith Hudson-Bourdeau
Meredith H.
13:49 19 Oct 20
I ordered online and it was ready quickly. Everyone was wearing masks and waiting is socially distanced. It was a short wait for my medicine and a quick, easy checkout. They had everything I needed. Very friendly staff. Great more
Joi Dubin
Joi D.
18:30 07 Oct 20
I live in Manatee County and met Alyssa (the Tyrone manager) at the Sarasota location. When we found out she moved to St Pete Tyrone, we moved with her. Her understanding, her compassion, her knowledge base, is all outstanding. Both my wife and I are huge fans of Alyssa. The assistance she provided has been matched at no other dispensary and no other Trulieve. I cannot thank her enough.Additionally, she introduced us to Greg. What a great guy. Again, informative, helpful. These guys go out of their way.GO VISIT THEM!read more
Katelyn Munroe
Katelyn M.
20:26 02 Oct 20
Great location! The staff is always super helpful and efficient! I have been in and out every time! Lonnie my bud tender was also very helpful in assisting me with my product today!read more
Two Joint Tommy
Two Joint T.
14:59 29 Sep 20
Awesome deals here...come in early on Monday for there minis. Kris helped me out without making me feel rushed or like a dollar sign $$. Time for me to medicate... 🙂read more
Jared Morse
Jared M.
18:58 26 Sep 20
The moment I went in Ashley and Alycia were amazing. Ashley was friendly and inviting! Her charm was impeccable. She had a great knowledge of what they had and what it does. Within a short amount of time she was able to find me the perfect strain for me. I will definitely return if not only to have Ashley help me out again and again 🙂read more
Jenna Rae
Jenna R.
14:44 26 Sep 20
This was my first time visiting- the guy at the front desk w the glasses and blondeish hair was so nice and welcoming. The security guy was on point and super friendly. I was helped by Mackenzie, she answered all my questions and didn’t try to bamboozle me w the b/s. She quickly identified what I was looking for, and met all of my questions with knowledge and great suggestions. I got everything she recommended. Great experience, clean and fast facility. The new customer discount was AWESOME!! I will definitely be back more
Patrick McLean
Patrick M.
14:15 25 Sep 20
This is my home store now...great spot. Kris was awesome — really cares and knows his stuff. Recommended some bud I will definitely be back for. Never thought I’d like an indica! Front desk could be more
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