Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Venice, FL

1290 Jacaranda Blvd
Venice, FL 34292

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

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Dispensary – Open

Venice – A Trulieve dispensary located at 1290 Jacaranda Blvd to service Sarasota County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Venice Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in Venice and throughout Sarasota County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

donna leigh
donna L.
17:26 27 Sep 21
Even though this location is not my favorite, Arlene is such a pleasure to deal with anytime I have issues or questions about my orders!read more
Holly Windom
Holly W.
20:10 08 Sep 21
Bethany assisted with my purchase today and was very patient and friendly. All of the staff greeted me warmly and wished me a good afternoon when I left. I don’t go anywhere else!read more
Lisa Henschen
Lisa H.
16:57 25 Aug 21
I went here to exchange a product that was nonfunctional. The person who helped me was very cheerful even though this is a long, complicated process. Better yet, she knew what she was doing.The dispensary itself has improved greatly on wait times. Before now, I always would wait 20-60 minutes before being waited on, even if I was just picking up an order I’d already placed. This time I waited about 10 minutes. 🙂read more
Vanessa Ruiz
Vanessa R.
00:16 20 Aug 21
I am extremely pleased with their Customer Service that was provided today. I went, for the first time, yesterday and purchased an 1/8 however after weighing it, it weighed roughly 10% off what it should have. I went in explained why I am exchanging it and upon request they pulled out a scale and weighed the old container and the new container to make sure that the new one weighed more than the product previously provided. Sure enough, when I got home the exchanged/new one weighed 3.6grams! The staff there… very pleasant, patient and kind. Also, people complaining about the wait, or people complaining about others being taken back before you while you arrived prior to them… First, get over it and be patient. Secondly, check in prior to arriving after ordering online. Boom Bang Done 🙂read more
j Stepp
j S.
21:51 28 Jul 21
Super clean!! Great people. Very friendly, and very helpful. I wouldn’t go any were else!!
Bret Dryden
Bret D.
01:10 22 Jul 21
I’m updating my rating to 5, because the whole Trulieve experience is more streamlined than it used to be. The website has improved too. The staff are awesome as more
lisa clark
lisa C.
14:39 12 Jul 21
I enjoy it when I can get it. Have had issues with this specific location a few times. It gets VERY frustrating for me sometimes. I can say I haven’t had any issues with other Trulieve locations. When it works out…I am very satisfied with products I purchase !!read more
Jade engelke
Jade E.
16:38 05 Jul 21
Grizzly Dan is the best bud tender there. He is so knowledgeable, friendly, and hilarious. He is now placing orders in the back, however we miss him out front. Dan is the more
D Grant
D G.
14:26 16 Jun 21
Still the best and only place I go. I got Larry yesterday and he was great! Very precise and detailed with my order and made sure my order was on more
Mike Lopez
Mike L.
17:55 14 Jun 21
Awesome place and great customer service. Aaron B. gets five stars for top of the line service.
OneBird AllStoned
OneBird A.
22:11 02 Jun 21
Waited nearly an hour for a pick up order had people checking in after me going in to the showroom before me. The employees pick and choose who comes in instead of going down the order in which they check in. Your employees pick favorites. Seriously this is the worst trulieve in the area. Extremely inefficient and lazy. I had to unfortunately come back to this store, it is the only store that currently has stock, because no one wants to come here. What an absolute more
Maxine Arrendado
Maxine A.
19:46 31 May 21
I had a wonderful experience at the medical dispensary today. i was greeted by an energetic front desk. I spoke with the manager Kaycie she was delightful. what a big difference from all the other visits to this location. i will be returning to this dispensary based on the service I received. very efficient especially for memorial day. Cheers !read more
Lawrence Phelps
Lawrence P.
20:20 28 May 21
All I can say is WOW! This old timer was expecting to wait an hour or more today and I did not!!The first good experience I have had at Trulieve Venice in about a year. I usually have to wait 45 minutes or more. Today I waited 20 minutes and all my product was accounted for! I have been with this store since day 1 . I have watched Kaycie go from a bud tender to apparently being the new store manager. What a great job she has done over the course of the years and now she has the store up and running flawlessly. Good work Trulieve team that’s for the pleasant experience!!read more
Patricia Luncan
Patricia L.
17:52 26 May 21
My visit at Venice Trulieve this morning was outstanding. I even noticed the employees were excited to be there. What a turn around from last months experience. I was loosing hope for the Venice location, as recently I’ve had a few negative experiences. The new manger Kaycie did everything she should could to ensure my experience was a positive one. To who ever in Trulieve that hired the new manger, bravo ! Keep up the great work more
Candice DiChiaro
Candice D.
00:49 26 May 21
Good store. Nice people. Just wondering though: It says Ground is available now, but they usually do not have Ground until more
Dray K
Dray K
20:51 10 May 21
I just left Trulieve in Venice and had the best experience ever the staff was prompt and very polite Aaron even helped me save a couple bucks. Best Trulieve hands downread more
Opin Formation
Opin F.
13:40 27 Apr 21
Love the people, love the product. Trulieve always has what I’m looking for at reasonable prices with good incentive more
RA Troxell
21:17 14 Apr 21
Wonderfull place in Venice. Helpful, makes me comfortable by bringing chair in for me to sit due to my disability. Most favorite place!! Englewood is just the same. Great people!!read more
anonaramz philter
anonaramz P.
00:29 11 Apr 21
Great place. Better off to go during the week afternoons. Not as busy. Limited supplies.
17:10 10 Apr 21
This place has great products but the only problem is the app that you download on your phone will show you incorrect inventory, it will show things that they do not have in stock and not show things they do. And the fact that they run out of flower all of the time, it’s like KFC not having any chicken. Overall great place but they need to have someone seriously change the app to provide optimal service to the patients, And maybe not run out of your inventory consistently. I’ve gone to trulieve many times and I’d say 3 out of 5 times they don’t have flower and when they do its almost always under 20% THC. This place has so much potential please step your game up. I’ve also invested publicly in your stock considering it seems to be a potential winner, you guys could do this right. Be more
Jordan LaRoche
Jordan L.
02:40 27 Mar 21
Jeanette was so AMAZING and was VERY Helpful! 100 out of 10 Highly Recommend
Roger Velazquez
Roger V.
19:43 04 Mar 21
Always helpful staff. Kaycie is extremely knowledgeable and sufficient. This location is lucky to have the amazing employees they have!!read more
Mark Castle
Mark C.
15:09 04 Mar 21
Great staff and wonderful experience. Kaycie went above and beyond to ensure my needs were met. Thanks so much!!
The Elike
The E.
21:51 12 Feb 21
2021 Update: wait times have become intolerable. Cannot spend less than an hour and even then there’s no guarantee they have your product even if it says they do online.Great place! Friendly staff, wide selection, lots of useful information to help find exactly what you need, highly recommended!read more
Sue McKinney
Sue M.
18:16 14 Jan 21
Always take me right away when I order online. The check in process is easy and helpful. Everyone is pleasant to work with. I can’t say the same about the Port Charlotte more
G Money
G M.
19:13 21 Nov 20
Always have great service, never an issue with my order. If I happen to be a walk in that day I’m certain to leave with a product of some form that gives me the relief I need. Constantly cleaning and making sure people mask up. Very much appreciated 👍👍read more
Blake Rampy
Blake R.
20:08 03 Nov 20
This is hands down the best staff of any local business. The staff is what makes people like me keep my business at this particular location.Always friendly, patient, full of good information.From the front desk, to the back of the house, everyone is professional and helpful. I appreciate them. Bethany was especially helpfulread more
Nick Rizzi
Nick R.
12:56 24 Oct 20
well the staff is great. the system for purchasing has some issues. a list of available product to review while in the waiting area would be helpful and save every ones time. bethany was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. main issue i have is product more
Kacey Yuhas
Kacey Y.
14:21 06 Oct 20
One of the best weed stores! The people who work there are so helpful and kind, will explain everything to you if needed. They use a point system that helps you save a good amount. I highly recommend trulieve in venice if you are a medical marijuana card more
rocco bailey
rocco B.
14:14 06 Oct 20
My review is for Bethany’s 5 star service everytime I come into truelieve. She is very informative and helpful. Thanks again Bethany for going above and beyond by helping me have a great week 😊 more
Isaac Kinder III
Isaac Kinder I.
03:44 03 Oct 20
Awesome service always at Trulieve Venice. The staff is awesome especially Angie!!! Always a pleasant experience.
Misty Anon
Misty A.
18:29 15 Sep 20
Usually my visits at Trulieve are outstanding. My visit at Trulieve today was abnormal. I was in the showroom making a purchase and I over hear a bud tender James Miller berate my usual bud tender Melanie. I was so caught off guard as I thought James was a good tender. Sadly after today’s experience I do not want to step foot into that location. In my 48 years of life I have never heard someone blatantly disrespect and demean another person. I am still in shock and I hope the poor woman is ok. Trulieve better take action And hold the bud tender accountable or I’ll never shop at that store more
Troy Kitt1
Troy K.
15:48 12 Sep 20
Closes at noon on a Saturday. Come on now
Casie Whims
Casie W.
02:20 12 Sep 20
Michelle and the crew at this Trulieve are amazing! Everyone is so kind, patient, and friendly while maintaining a professional more
Gabriel Gutierrez
Gabriel G.
12:13 11 Sep 20
You know we hear unappealing stories sometimes about negative experiences for these places, and that is why I’m taking the time to write this. My own personal experience at this location has been nothing but superior service from the individuals I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to { MEL & TRINA }. Taking the time to explain the products and also going ABOVE and BEYOND explaining the best way to get an overall great experience with the business for smooth transactions for any lifestyle situation that could arise. A Real wholesome experience with people who more
Michael Larkin
Michael L.
17:43 10 Sep 20
Will not ever go here will tell people to never go here. Wait was way to long untop of wouldn’t let me bc I chose not to wear a mask. My choice not to give them money as well…read more
anthony giacalone
anthony G.
19:00 08 Sep 20
Scarlett is not only a keeper but very sincere helpful knows customer service please keep Scarlett in Venice store
Adam Ziebarth
Adam Z.
18:29 04 Sep 20
Fast pickup with a short wait, socially distanced and masks required.
A Google User
A Google U.
23:01 03 Sep 20
The one and only place I will go. I have always had an awesome experience when I go. Judy Cheryl Michelle James Bethany & Brett all go over and above when I come in!! I always feel welcomed and never have any issues with my online orders or anything in store. They make suggestions and explain the differences. Times are “different” right now and unfortunately it’s the retail workers that get the short end of everyone’s frustrations. I think you guys have done great and continue to find new ways to do better given the circumstances. As always thank you for always more
Joseph Randazzo
Joseph R.
14:44 03 Sep 20
Very awesome store! Very professional! I will be back for sure!!
andrew vaughan
andrew V.
18:49 02 Sep 20
victor and james gave the best customer service and made sure to get me the medicine I need. there attitudes and humbleness kept me so calm I had to wright this God blessread more
Kristen miller
Kristen M.
13:00 31 Aug 20
Death with Bethany today! She was a very sweet girl very up to date with all the products to they sell. She gave great recommendations and look forward to seeing her and truelieve again!read more
jessica archibald
jessica A.
17:40 28 Aug 20
Nice people, never had a problem. Bethany is amazing , very helpful!!
Danielle Lakins
Danielle L.
22:07 26 Aug 20
Brett and James were so helpful with my whole experience. They helped recommend products that would help with my different concerns. I am very happy with the quality of the products and the very awesome staff!! The wait wasn’t long at all either!read more
Mary Schwass
Mary S.
17:56 18 Aug 20
Recently I’ve had my flowers delivered because of a recent surgery. The process is flawless. Delivery perfect. Delivery staff awesome. Thank you for taking such good care of me! I love my Trulieve Venice!read more
Dennis Raftery
Dennis R.
16:13 10 Aug 20
Okay first of the reason a 1 star rating is seriously every time i.come to this local no matter what i wait close to a hr.. even if i place a order online and check in online i seat here and wait.. i have gone to other dispersery and I never have to wait more than more than maybe 5 mins.. time to start going back to liberty…read more
Jason Akers
Jason A.
18:04 06 Aug 20
I had to make changes to my order which can be difficult. But Bethany was more then helpful and I could even see her smile through her more
Shay The MUA
Shay The M.
14:04 06 Aug 20
Great place. Lots of parking which is a major plus. Staff is friendly and works diligently to provide amazing customer service and more
Toby Lamb
Toby L.
17:40 03 Aug 20
There’s always such a long wait. What’s the point of placing an order online if one must wait and wait? Surterra in North Port is worth the drive from more
Beckett Wales
Beckett W.
19:00 27 Jul 20
Staff and team members have always been more than accommodating for my issues and for information I needed. I mostly do online orders and they are filled quickly and accurately every time. My store of Choice! Bethany and Geenie are great! Two favs 🙂read more
Therese Rooney
Therese R.
03:30 18 Jul 20
People are pretty nice, the people in back are nicer than some in front. Products are good, but they are pricier.
Chase Urdreams
Chase U.
21:07 27 Jun 20
It’s was Saturday around 11:00 so it was a little busy but everyone was very professional and did a excellent job at getting people in and out in a timely manner. Lucas was my bud tender he was very helpful and answered any questions I had 💯 they had a chair ready for me in case I needed it.. witch was great! Because I’m on crutches right now. They got both doors for me as well!! So Huge thank you to all the staff for being awesome ✌🏻read more
Jessica Novak
Jessica N.
14:29 27 Jun 20
Chelsea is very kind, personable and makes my shopping experience a delight! I always look forward to coming in and having her requested makes it an easy and quick check out process! She is extremely knowledgeable about her products!read more
Beth Adams
Beth A.
21:40 25 Jun 20
This place is awesome!!!! Melanie is the best! Always friendly and knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile. Glad to have found a friendly neighborhood dispensary with quality more
John Jones
John J.
00:57 17 Jun 20
Terrible establishment. My child works here. My child’s tires were slashed in the last 24 hours. My child drove home and crashed their car. The store has taken zero action to rectify this situation or even to check on the well being of my child. I am taking this matter to the news outlets. The store will be held accountable. You have 24hr camera recordings. Stop being lazy, do the work and watch the security footage of customers entering and leaving the store between 5-6 pm. TL, I suggest you take action before you have a lawsuit on your hands. My pockets go deeper than Kim Rivers, I am certain her and her team wouldn’t want to exhaust their resources fighting this case. So how’s about we make this right TL before I contact the local news stations and make this a public matter that you will have to deal more
Dorothy O'Brien
Dorothy O.
16:43 05 Jun 20
This was my first time going to them. I have gone to competing dispensaries in Sarasota and Bradenton and I have to say this location had the best inventory management system and selection I believe I had seen.I ordered for delivery online and it was a total breeze. I gave only four stars because I had a very difficult time figuring out when exactly the delivery would arrive which is a pretty significant issue as I do work and have other scheduled activities away from the delivery destination but it all worked out. The prices they were very reasonable and clearly laid out. The staff was very helpful both by phone and online chat. My delivery drivers Bethany and Jen were exceptionally sweet, helpful, communicative and efficient. They seemed to be really enjoying their jobs while being absolutely stringent and professional. Thanks to their amazing customer service I will absolutely be a repeat customer many times over. Thanks for everything Trulieve!read more
dranilome .
dranilome .
16:45 04 Jun 20
Courteous staff, nice facility. Always an issue with waiting times. Even ordering on line. You check in with your link as usual, but get ready to wait 50 minutes plus!! This is unfortunately the downside of this location.Sarasota 15 min waits tops, Bonita even more
Daryl Culbertson
Daryl C.
15:13 29 May 20
I’ll start by saying that Trulieve offers a great product that truly is helping people.My problem and I’m sure plenty of people experience this I have yet to try most of what Trulieve offers. Many times I’ve ordered for pickup only to be informed in between me ordering and picking up (24hrs.) that they are out of stock. Outside of camping in front of the store how are you able to get your proper medicine not all strains work with my body chemistry. It seems to me the supply isn’t meeting the demand. Today they just released two new strains hopefully they grew enough. At some point I feel that they care about selling what they have more then helping more
Hannah Grove
Hannah G.
02:12 26 May 20
I went for the first time a few weeks ago and met with Brett, the manager, who was very kind and gave great advice. Then, my bud-tender was Mel, who was just fabulous. She gave tons of information that I was looking for and was able to supply me with great products. Then a few days ago, I met Scarlett as my bud-tender for the day. She was very helpful and provided me with the best service ever. Very relatable and gave really great recommendations for me. I love the place!read more
13:39 25 May 20
Tulieve, my go to dispensary. There’s always a wide variety of products available and highly knowledgeable and kind Patient Consultants like Lucas, to assist you with any questions or concerns. Every Trulieve staff member I have ever dealt with, from check in to check out, has consistently been Great. To Lucas, Brett, and Everyone at Trulieve, Thank You! You are very much Appreciated!read more
Julia Wyatt
Julia W.
17:46 16 May 20
Let me start by saying this was my favorite trulieve and the only location I’d go to. Every time I go in the back I’ve been greeted by respectable staff and I ALWAYS tip more than enough. I’m so angry with this location right now. As the world changes and rules are put in place I’m noticing 1 thing. You guys are doing your best to protect yourselves but not your guests! I’ve had people standing over me talking in the lobby and in the back your 6 ft tape that protects YOU ALL leaves us standing neck to neck. I didn’t feel safe the last time I was in there! I’m wearing a mask while the man next me is not and he’s shoulder to shoulder speaking very loudly RIGHT ON TOP OF ME!! Not to mention I watched 3,4 people get called to go back in after me! I didn’t speak up until I knew for a fact this was happening. I understand 1 or 2 people but 3,4 and I know they came in after me because I watched them hand there cards over AFTER ME! I’m sure this is stressful for everyone especially the employees. The change in some of the staff is noticeable. Protect your customers like you protect yourselves!read more
19:05 28 Apr 20
I have searched the dictionary for the proper set of words to adequately describe how poorly this business is run/managed. But alas, I have found none that will do the job. So I will create one. This is the most dangdusturdly run business I have ever encountered. It takes up to 3 hours to get an order filled. 3 HOURS folks! I think you could cross breed a blue whale with a sloth, then eat the offspring, then poop it out on a plate and put that plate of whale-sloth offspring poop in the office and it would do a better job of running more
Billy Caravello
Billy C.
17:09 14 Mar 20
Would give zero stars if possible. Reserved an order online only to receive a call explaining that they are in fact sold out of that product. Next, certain products are described as in stock but only available for in store order. If the website is up to date that’s an acceptable concept. However, this is not the case with multiple trulieve locations. The website is not up to date with no employees answering the phone and I have found myself driving to the store to receive the news that they are out of stock. These issues have happened at multiple locations on multiple occasions over the last year or so. The employees are not capable of providing a legitimate reason why this occurs. The incompetence runs rampant among these stores. They’ve lost me as a customer for good, this was the last opportunity to provide proper service to a more
Gaming Clipz - Dragon_Ballzac
Gaming Clipz – D.
21:06 11 Mar 20
All the employees are pleasant, this store is never without flower sometimes specials go quickly but some flower always there. Great variety of vape cannabis oil. Prices are between High and low but they have nice incentives. Points build up for 10% off card re apply is 75 off of 150. And others love this place sometimes you can expect a wait though, small price to pay for the medicine more
Justin Young
Justin Y.
16:42 28 Feb 20
So I ordered ground flower from Trulieve Thursday 2/27 online. I got my email confirmation for my order at 10:38 AM. I never got a call to confirm my delivery. I called them, and entered my phone number into the system to be called back. By 6 PM I still haven’t gotten a call back and leave my number to be called back. NO PHONE CALL BACK!! I called this morning ( Friday) to be told we are sorry but your order fell through the cracks. We are all sold out, but we can give you 10% off of medicine that I don’t want! I can’t get what I ordered and all I’m told is we are aware we have problems and hopefully we get it fixed in weeks to come! Are you serious?!? What kind of establishment are you running? I asked for a manger to call me back or to talk to me and I’m told what am I trying to accomplish with my phone call! What kind of customer service is this? Where is your compassion people???? I got off 7 medications daily with 3 being narcotics to be treated this way.My mind is blown on how this company treats patients as $ symbols. Think twice before you go and spend your hard earned money at an establishment that doesn’t seem to care about your well being!read more
18:14 15 Feb 20
This is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. Every single time I place an order, they mess it up. Either they give me the wrong items, or they take 10 hours to get a 1 item order together.For a company that makes millions of dollars a year this should not be a recurring issue. I would not expect this from any other company in the medical industry. All of their products are inferior, and made with the cheapest materials available. If you think they are high quality, you clearly do not know about this industry. Every time I have stepped in the door, it takes me at least 30-45 minutes to even see someone. Even if I made a pickup order, and wait for it to be ready it still takes 30-45 minutes of waiting.The people working know nothing about the products they are selling and cannot answer any of my questions.I would strongly advise everyone to go to a different more
Maxine Johnson
Maxine J.
22:22 06 Feb 20
I feel as I must do the great people who are new to medical cannabis a service and guide you in the right direction. If you are new to alternative medicine or medical marijuana then I absolutely recommend you start with Trulieve. From the moment you walk in to the store you are greeted by an enthusiastic front desk. Security is present so you feel protected at all times during your experience. The security officer Craig is former military. He and my husband converse everytime we visit. Having a security presence helps you feel comfortable during your visit. Judy and Dan at the front desk are hilarious and make you feel welcomed. Your information will be taken from reception. You then wait for your name to be called. From that point on you go to the showroom and are greeted by a bud tender who will assist you with every question you have pertaining to the medicine. My bud tender was Eric and he did an amazing job informing me on all of the products I inquired about .. you can spend as much time as you want with your bud tender you are not rushed at all. Overall a fantastic experience for a novice marijuana user. If you are debating on visiting do yourself a favor and Go!!read more
Blake Rampy
Blake R.
01:01 24 Dec 19
This is hands down the best staff of any local business. The staff is what makes people like me keep my business at this particular location.Always friendly, patient, full of good information. From the front desk, to the back of the house, everyone is professional and helpful. I appreciate more
Megan Davis
Megan D.
21:10 19 Dec 19
This is the best dispensary in my opinion. You get the most for what you spend, and they have discounts and loyalty points program. The staff has always been fantastic. At the Venice and Port Charlotte location. Trulieve saved my more
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