Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Lady Lake, FL

13940 US-441 - Suite 601
Lady Lake, FL 32159

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available


MMTC Dispensary – Open

Lady Lake – A Trulieve dispensary located at 13940 US 441 to service Lake County medical cannabis card patients is open. Trulieve, the biggest dispensary brand in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for this Lady Lake store products are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Lady Lake Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door in Lady Lake and throughout Lake County. Order online or call over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients that have been certified by a recommending doctor who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$15 Delivery Fee Statewide. Free delivery to patients 65 years or older and on all orders over $200.

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Julie A Cook
Julie A C.
13:46 12 Jan 22
Joe the new mgr over at the Trulieve in Summerfield Florida is one of the best guys are going to do it with you at the store you guys need to give all those people that work there a raiseread more
DJ Chozn
23:22 30 Dec 21
Update:Really great service. They have been freed up from a full lobby given the Summerfield store opening up. Always friendly and great stock.Great customer service. I will revisit this review when I receive my medicinal marijuana more
DJ Chozn
21:56 24 Dec 21
Update:Really great service. They have been freed up from a full lobby given the Summerfield store opening up. Always friendly and great stock..Great customer service. I will revisit this review when I receive my medicinal marijuana more
True Burns
True B.
19:20 20 Dec 21
Jess was great! She took care of my needsIn a very friendly and efficient manner. I wouldreccomend Trulieve and Jess to everyone!read more
Cherie Mc
Cherie M.
02:49 08 Dec 21
My favorite medical marijuana store.The staff are fantastic. It’s clean, education is always top rate,and prices for our area are… well better than others places 😉🔜 maybe it will be more
Merri Krehl
Merri K.
19:44 23 Nov 21
The Villages version is smaller than most in the area but the staff is excellent. Kind, informative and welcoming. Exactly what you have come to expect from more
dorothy Zaloznik
dorothy Z.
22:08 30 Sep 21
Delivery guy Ulysses is great. He has delivered for me several times and is always very friendly and pleasant. He also fixes things on his own when the call center messes up my order, which they do more
Stephanie Snyder
Stephanie S.
00:38 11 Sep 21
I love it here. Everyone is awesome. I usually pre-order all of my stuff online, and Niki is always happy to accommodate changes I have while I am checking out. There is always a good handful of options to choose from, and her knowledge of the products is exceedingly helpful when I need guidance on which items work best for me. She even informs me of new deals every time I’m there, which is the cherry on top! Everyone here is always friendly and welcoming. They give their 💯 all the time!read more
Linda Nasrallah
Linda N.
19:35 03 Sep 21
Nikki was a great Trulieve Representative. I gave her 5 stars as she went above and beyond to help me get the product I needed. The site was crashing, so I walked in. She suggested the other size of Trupods, when the supply of 1 grams was limited. I didn’t realize they both used the same dispenser/battery. Thank you again for the information, great customer service and a great more
Miss Hex
Miss H.
18:09 03 Sep 21
Dallas made my visit to Trulieve awesome, as always. Applied all my discounts, made sure I got my football jersey, and kept me entertained. Best dispensary in Florida by far with the very best staff!! Love these more
Theresa Fraser
Theresa F.
14:53 25 Aug 21
Bruce and Garrett were my delivery guys today and once again they never disappoint! I love seeing them both. They’re so wonderful! Thank you guys, you’re “Trulieve” amazing!!!!read more
Carl R
Carl R
17:42 22 Aug 21
On my first visit to Trulieve, I had no idea what I was doing but fortunately everyone there was very helpful. My wife and I met with Troy, who was very knowledgeable and friendly. Troy helped with every step in making our first purchase. Trulieve has helped my wife and I with our new pain management program. So far things have worked out really well.Update, 8/21/21:We love Trulieve sales! We just got a delivery from Ulysses and Michael in The Villages, Florida. We are always happy to see them because they make the transaction so easy and stress free. Thanks once again Trulieve!read more
Melyssa Prindle
Melyssa P.
23:54 10 Jun 21
I’m a newcomer to medical marijuana (I’ve only had my card since February) so I’ve felt completely overwhelmed by everything but Trulieve has been great! I moved recently so I’ve only been going to this location for about 6 weeks but I don’t see myself going anywhere else unless I have to. I ask a LOT of questions (most likely questions I’ve already asked before) but Charlie has the patience of a Saint. He never makes me feel like a bother, he is not only professional but very friendly which puts me at ease, something I really need sometimes with my anxiety. I leave feeling calmer, more educated about the products I’m purchasing, and happy because it’s REALLY nice to talk to a friendly person after the year we’ve ALL had. There’s a very positive and friendly “vibe” and everyone is so eager to help…it’s a great location!!! Sean recently helped me with an order and like Charlie, he was so patient and kind. I recommend this location but also this company as a whole, Trulieve has been amazing to work with and I appreciate how wonderful the staff is not only at store locations but customer service as well! Love this place!!!I just want to mention one more thing, I’ve read A LOT of reviews about different dispensaries and the ONE thing I keep reading in every negative review has to do with policy. Please recognize that the regulations are set by the STATE not the dispensary. I’m disabled (in a wheelchair) so my husband HAS to accompany me inside but he’s not allowed to speak to me while we are in there, it’s the LAW. No, you can’t ask a “visitor” what they think or what you should buy, but it’s not because the dispensary is being rude or difficult, it’s because of state rules and regulations which you can find more
Tara Miller
Tara M.
17:55 30 May 21
Bruce and Garrett are the best and I hope to get them always to deliver my product. They are the most respective and out going gentlemen I have have had out of all of the guys. I am not just saying this either, I was literally outside of my home hoping it was them coming this morning. I had my second back surgery about a month ago and did not want to deal with the other guys that have come to my home. So thank you so much for having Bruce and Garrett they are really nice and know what they are doing 😊Tara Millerread more
12:16 27 May 21
Trulieve has impressed me from day #1. The facility is clean and secure. “All” of The Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The Receptionist when you walk in, Raymond and Latoya and many others there have been particularly patient. I learn more and more about their product line. All of them make me feel confident and at ease…and, it’s appreciated!read more
Ashley McNish
Ashley M.
23:48 29 Apr 21
If they are out of what you have ordered they simply do not fill your order and wait until closing to tell you they cannot fill your order. This is the second week in a row that my order was simply unfilled with no notification and most recently I had to pay MORE without notice for something comparable to what I originally ordered. God forbid people who are on a fixed income go through this. I could luckily afford to spend the extra money but I imagine those poor people who have just enough money to afford their medications and they get to this office and not only is their order unfulfilled they don’t even have the right product. Sad experience with Trulieve for the second time in a row more
Thomas Garcia
Thomas G.
19:30 24 Apr 21
The wait sometimes is the only issue, but that simply due to the fact that they have the best “gas” in town. Every strain is great and each have their own benefit. They are always stocked up and always bringing in some new flavors. Highly recommend this Trulieve over any other in the Marion County more
Brandi Mccray
Brandi M.
00:29 02 Apr 21
I am an emotional support assistant for patients with anxiety and other medical conditions. I came into trulieve with my client who was a first time patient. I was present because my client is coping with severe social anxiety. Upon entry we were greeted with very friendly security gentleman. We got her enrolled and discovered that I was not able to accompany her due to limited capacity. We were able to speak to someone who allowed me to enter as a visitor, but was advised that I would be unable to ask medical specific questions with the agents as I am not a medical marijuana card holder. I understood. Immediately upon entry I was met by a gentleman who asked me for identification and advised I could not come in. I explained that we already spoke to someone. He seemed to be frustrated, but allowed me to pass. We were placed into a small room with a specialist. My client asked me a few questions, I gave her my trained medical opinion, and she directed her needs to the specialist. They did not have any kind of menu that gave any details regarding their product. Only the information the agent gives verbally. The girl fumbled around a lot and didn’t seem very knowledgeable. Still friendly for the most part. She went to get the items and returned with the gentleman. I asked the gentleman what services my client should use going forward to alleviate the stress and chaos of the dispensary as this was a stressful environment for her. He rudely responded, reiterating that I was not supposed to be back there anyway so he will address my client directly and rudely advised her to call the toll free number for assistance. We paid for the items and left. I will never ever bring my client back to this store. This was incredibly stressful and chaotic for a client who struggles with severe social anxiety. My client wanted to give two stars only because their security guard was very friendly and personable, and the products were good.Rude staff personUntrained agentNo access to product listing in detailBare to minimum parkingDid not ring up or include topical item my patient specifically came in more
Kim Fowler
Kim F.
14:39 20 Mar 21
I hate to only give 4 stars but it is what it is. Most of the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly, seem eager to help. BUT….if you need any sort of information from them you can’t reach anyone unless you go in. The call center is horrible and that’s all I can seem to get. Prices are fair but I feel a bit high but I’ve only used this dispensary because of all the bad things I’ve heard about the others. They are much more efficient now than a year ago. It seems to run well for the most part. Products are good more
Marie Grimsley
Marie G.
19:12 06 Mar 21
Was in there a few days ago and was helped out by a very sweet girl that had her hair done in braids and two red buns I can’t remember her name but after refusing to not come into the store for over a year because of the bad service I had the last time I would gladly come back again if she’s the one to help me. She was very sweet and answered all my questions and even though most of the product I wanted was unavailable I didn’t mind because she really did try to replace everything that I couldn’t get with something more
PandaSensei 96
PandaSensei 9.
19:34 26 Feb 21
That place is amazing. This guy named Cody was very helpful. He spoke deep and clear. He worked with me perfectly, a true professional. Give that guy a bonus! $GMEread more
Kendra Crosby
Kendra C.
15:12 22 Feb 21
Truleive is my #1 go to for medical relief. A big thank you to Mr. Jamie for going above and beyond to ensure I was fully satisfied with my order!!! Sometimes its the little things in life that go a long way. Mr. Jamie is definitely an asset to the company and deserves to be recognized for his top of the line service. My family and I all shop at Trulieve and Jamie is the first cashier worth leaving a review for. We will be back soon! Thank you again to the company and mostly to Jamieread more
Pedro Pacheco
Pedro P.
02:17 06 Feb 21
Love it! I am a new patient and had an amazing experience during my first visit, I was paired with snail and received a ton of information! I learned so much during my time there thanks to his knowledge and felt comfortable and confident. very positive and helpful young man! Please visit summer-field’s Trulieve, you won’t be more
tonie honeycutt
tonie H.
17:33 21 Jan 21
I am making this my store. I have 3 stores that are closer to me, but definitely worth the drive. The staff is so friendly and fast. I placed order online amd was in and out in 10 minutes. Love this new more
Jeremy Messenger
Jeremy M.
17:18 21 Jan 21
The afternoon waiting times are ridiculous, but the service when you get inside is excellent. If they could keep their systems up and running consistently and create a better customer flow it’d help tremendously. Overall, not impressed but I appreciate the customer more
Dylan Wisser
Dylan W.
16:25 21 Jan 21
Always a pleasure! Love this place! People kind of go crazy waiting though. They need to realize how blessed we are to even be able to purchase it in a more
Trudy Brumage
Trudy B.
18:43 14 Jan 21
HORRIBLE! Stock this store! What is the issue? You can not run an effective business with NO product. I have not been able to receive a complete order for months! Delivery is at least one week behind the actual date they give you when ordering. The actual store location has no parking, no waiting room, and customer’s piled outside, standing on the sidewalk for hours. When will your computer systems be fixed? When will your delivery be fixed? When will your debit machine payments be fixed? When will you be able to fill orders for the product I want without substitution? When, when, when? Obviously there is a major problem lately with just about every aspect of this location, are you addressing any of these chronic issues? You have to offer the customer more for your higher prices and you are failing that currently. Too much competition, I will take my business more
James Bader
James B.
23:41 22 Nov 20
Bo was absolutely fabulous with not me but ALL of the customers in the waiting area…He encouraged us through the system change, that we all matter so very much, and as a patient himself, he loves the staff.. Which I cannot deny. They all handled me with calmness and poise, even though I came late…Hands down though Bo absolutely MADE MY EXPERIENCE AWESOME, FUN AND MEMORABLE!!!20/10 WOULD RECOMMEND BOread more
Ashley Marie
Ashley M.
04:11 22 Nov 20
I absolutely love this store… the staff is super friendly & the store is all around clean… when visiting to pick up my orders Brishaad brings me nothing but pure satisfaction and joy with his welcoming hospitality and kindness. He always gets me in & out with ease, it’s never a hassle. We need more people like him 🙂read more
Kyle Smith
Kyle S.
15:44 16 Nov 20
Use to be the best flower. Now it’s premature. And butchered. Absolutely terrible product now. Use to be my favorite. Now everything I buy from this is a disappointmentread more
Evalese DiGeronimo
Evalese D.
23:06 26 Oct 20
Friendly staff! Kind of small inside, but very clean. Down side to ordering online is a 2+ hour wait. Great prices for varying budgets, and lots of choices too. Ordering ahead of time makes it easier in terms of getting in an out and their site is user friendly, but know you could be waiting a while, but at least you’re not waiting that long inside. Reccomend for good service and good more
Crystal Rose
Crystal R.
23:40 23 Oct 20
This location needs a serious building & parking upgrade! The office is like an uncomfortable Dr office that makes your anxiety even worse! Would like to see the Villages get a nice building with a nice showroom. I don’t appreciate the fact they hire people who are not patients. I could do a better job than the bud tenders I’ve had at this particular location! Orlando is a much better location! Trulieve makes enough money off me they should be able to invest in a nicer location for the Villages trulieve. The standard should really be set higher in this area too. I vote new building asap!!! The customers deserve a better building!read more
Wendim Andrew Gregory
Wendim Andrew G.
15:49 22 Oct 20
Trulieve the Corporate the brand gets 4-5 stars. The issue with this Lady Lake location is its too small!! Cannabis is a Mega business and that location, is like a small grocery/smoke shop 😂. Most Trulieve locations I’ve been to have enough space to accommodate large orders/ customer presence. This location is very small in comparison. The staff is 💯 they do there best 😎. Just remodel or have a drive thru window! Stay Blessed!read more
Some One
Some O.
08:27 20 Oct 20
The staff was really nice and very helpful. It would be nice if you stocked more ground flower. I know it comes in and goes out very quickly, that’s the first sign you need to order more! ;-). Good products. I purchased some new items. Tried one so far. Very good. This is the second Trulieve I have been to. Trulieve carries a good line of products. The one in Orange Park, Fl had a great variety of products. I appreciate the way each store has air cleaners…due to Covid-19. Thank you.(Note: Update – as of now recent visits – September-October – the air cleaners are no longer there due to the virus, but such was very greatly appreciated. 🙂 Masks are still common. Thank you. And limiting the number of people inside is much appreciated. And, as usual, the staff is very kind, respectful, and attentive to my wants and needs. Highly recommend Trulieve!)read more
Samantha Pantall
Samantha P.
17:31 15 Oct 20
Today I placed my third order at this location. I was able to finally go on early enough in the morning and order the Thursday deal. When I arrived there was quite a wait. No big deal I don’t mind waiting. Well after waiting in the heat outside for a while I stepped in. Well after 20 minutes inside everyone was told it was becoming over capacity . Everyone sitting in the chairs provided to do so, stayed sitting down. The waiting room cleared very quickly and a chair opened up right next to me. Before going back out to the heat I asked the worker that was directing everyone how many people were aloud to stay inside, because I would like to sit down in the chair next to me if possible. The guy instantly raised his voice at me along with his hands in front of everyone else sitting down in the chairs waiting and demanded me to leave the building. I was literally in shock that it even happened not to mention how embarrassing. I once again nicely asked if I could just sit down inside like everyone else. He then again ignored the question and raised his voice even more demanding me to LEAVE THE BUILDING. I minded my own business the whole entire time I was there! I didn’t harass him or any of the other workers about how long it would take like everyone else was doing.. nothing, just stayed to myself waiting for my name to be called. There is no reason to treat another human being the way he did to me today. I left right away. I do not plan on returning. Not to mention the very first time I went the same guy just sat there and stared at me, with no help or welcoming words. Quite a miserable and mean person to be working somewhere people come to pick up the peace and zen in their life. What a more
Ty Davis
Ty D.
17:27 14 Oct 20
The workers are super nice but are unprofessional in the aspect of priority as in the person who came up a walk in shouldn’t go in front a person that been waiting in line in que for 30 minutes on An estimated 10 minute wait time. Past few times it has been around an hour I waited after my order that had been together for around 8 hours. Just coming back to add that two weeks after emailing the email they provided to me almost instantly I still haven’t heard back from them. Tried to wait long enough to give them a chance before adding to my old review didn’t want it to seem I didn’t give them a more
Jessika Davis
Jessika D.
00:22 10 Oct 20
Quick and friendly. First time ordering online, and I was pleased with how easy Brishaad made it. Thank you for your help yesterday, I appreciate you!read more
Effie Kellar
Effie K.
00:19 05 Oct 20
Very helpful and friendly. It’s my favorite place thank you Charlie and Jesse for making me feel comfortable. Wonderful experienceread more
Rick Homs
Rick H.
00:36 30 Sep 20
I would love to give the people inside five stars but the business fails in so many ways. The facilities are no where near the size they should be for the patient load. Force you even before the pandemic to sit or stand outside the building and then once let in you’re watched like you’re in a top secret facility. I know State Regulations are a pain but still most of the people coming here have real medical more
Debby Kidder
Debby K.
22:11 26 Sep 20
Delivery drivers Melissa & Kristin from The Villages Trulieve are both very professional, helpful & informative. Both ladies are very nice. Thanks for great service!read more
Some Dude
Some D.
00:59 22 Sep 20
Product quality has declined while prices have remained. The only reason for the 4 stars are a select set of employees that are consistent in their top tier customer more
Dennis Grady
Dennis G.
23:17 20 Sep 20
Very organized and clean place of business, but a little crowded. Employeess were very helpful and friendly.
A Google User
A Google U.
10:04 18 Sep 20
I’ve been here twice and each time it takes 40 minutes to be get in and out. I arrived at 11:10am to pick up my online order and didn’t get out until 11:50am. People would come out of the back and then it would take forever to call someone new. They just don’t seem to have it together. All of the other Trulieves will bring someone back as soon as someone else leaves.My anxiety was made worse because I needed to be at a meeting at noon. The door keeper didn’t care and even gave me an attitude. My bud tender was really nice tho. He listened to my concerns which made me feel so much better. I tipped more
Sterling Baker
Sterling B.
22:45 16 Sep 20
Awesome people
00:03 12 Sep 20
Thanks to all the staff who helped me and my husband select the right products for his condition. Special thanks to Laurie and Corbin Cantrell. You made our day with your care and attentiveness!read more
Stephanie Robinson
Stephanie R.
17:20 06 Sep 20
Always fast and easy. I order online and pick up my order in store, hassle free
Tammy Lewis lambert
Tammy Lewis L.
17:20 05 Sep 20
They take time to explain their products if you don’t like something you can return
Kimberly Collins
Kimberly C.
02:25 03 Sep 20
I’m so glad that you can just walk in and get what you need instead of having to order online first. Plus I just love all the Trulonians that work there. 😁read more
Aaron Coleman
Aaron C.
00:04 30 Aug 20
Generally has a very good selection, compared to other dispensaries. Very nice people.
Karen Allen
Karen A.
18:48 27 Aug 20
Very nice establishment people worked well in a business situation
Road Trips photographing
Road Trips P.
16:33 27 Aug 20
I’d give you more five stars in the Bob I’ve been shopping with you for years I wouldn’t change stores if you paid me a million dollars a minute I want to say thank you to all the managers and all the drivers that come from citrus heights to buy all the medicine for all of us and the State of Florida so thank youread more
corey edwards
corey E.
13:36 27 Aug 20
I usually give these guys 4.4 out of 5 stars because the service is usually good ,the staff are knowledgable and they almost do whatever to help, this time the service was lousy they said they update the website, keep an eye on it from 7:30 to 8:00, which i had an eye on until i got an email at 8:21 about a product which means they finally updated it, i goto order it 830 sold out, such sorry service for professionals they need more stock on items so everyone has a fair chance like what was the point if you were just gonna sell out so quick! Whoever updates the website needs to handle this better, wheres management?! Just lousy and not to mention the wait it dont matter if u order 1 item prepare to wait, anyone else can get this handled no problem, muv, harvest, rise , all of em!read more
sherri sanford
sherri S.
17:23 15 Aug 20
I absolutely Love the atmosphere at Trulieve in Ocala. The staff is Super knowledgeable and genuinely there to help. Jen provided me with the most Fantabulous consultation with tremendous product knowledge. She, Jen, will be my go-to girl from now on. I can’t thank you enough Jen…you are Superread more
Beth Robinson
Beth R.
21:30 04 Aug 20
Today was my first time using vape. I’d only used Flower. A friend told me how helpful they were and she was right! Brooke was a gem! She asked me what symptoms I was treating. She took time to research what was available. Jen was just as helpful. I left knowing how to use my equipment. Thank you Brooke & Jen! I’m a satisfied client and found my new dispensary!read more
Robert Chase
Robert C.
17:33 17 Jul 20
Very knowledgeable helpful staff. Able to see the showroom not curbside. Mask and social distancing in effect. Variety pf products availableread more
Linda Frazier
Linda F.
17:00 13 Jul 20
I love this place. They are a little pricey but well worth it. Best flower around. Their staff are the friendliest and most helpful med tenders in any of the dispensaries i have been to and ive been to them all more
Kim Pastor
Kim P.
02:50 10 Jul 20
I would have given 5 stars except for the fact that we are in the midst of Covid -19 and the lobby at this particular location is quite small, I felt that far too many people were allow in such a small space, for my comfort level. Service was good and much more
David McConnell
David M.
16:14 09 Jul 20
I just want to give a shout out to Kala and Dawnelle at the Ocala location. I want to say thank you for the great customer service and I look forward to doing busy with this location in the future. Great products and great customer service!read more
MSGT A.T. Windle
17:22 02 Jul 20
My home away from home lol 😂You guys see me so much I should be on payroll… You guys rock. I would give 6 stars if possible. See you tomorrow morning. 👍 Best Dispensary and Cannabis products in more
Road Trip
Road T.
15:53 29 Jun 20
Oh I wouldn’t go anywhere all the managers all friendly they’re all the staff friendlyeven the people that I meet in the store or out of the store or just connected with the internet you are very knowledgeable and I will give you one thousand starsand by the way it is now four years and a wake up for me at the same dispensaryread more
JP Gauthier
05:03 24 Jun 20
I arrive 900am first time it was a line I enter about ten minutes after. First ask couple question wait for showroom and was told pricing and I option cheapest was 20dollar pen and 20 cartridge so pen and 3 types of herb is 80 dollars then oil concentrate will run 80 plus four different types whatever you need had a woman in front of me with leukemia getting her concentrate she puts two drops on her tongue to relieve the pain and continue livingI highly recommend this spot very professional clean personal security guards always protecting this is a cash business they do take debit cards. This is truly a medical necessity a many people are finding through medical marijuanaI was never a believer till I tried but if you have serious cases especially leukemia there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to deal with your symptoms and make you feel a hundred times more
Shannon Church
Shannon C.
03:30 18 Jun 20
Love their products..when thay have them in stock that is! Has a very large variety and great selection to pick from. High potency products also! Everyone who works here is great and goes above and beyond. Good rewards program and great sales! Def check it out ASAP!read more
Patricia Masters
Patricia M.
19:22 15 Jun 20
Talked to Emily on the phone today because I was worried about going over there with this pandemic situation. She was really sweet and assured me that they were taking all the safety precautions required. I feel very comfortable going more
Some One
Some O.
16:13 10 Jun 20
The staff was really nice and very helpful. It would be nice if you stocked more ground flower. I know it comes in and goes out very quickly, that’s the first sign you need to order more! ;-). Good products. I purchased some new items. Tried one so far. Very good. This is the second Trulieve I have been to. Trulieve carries a good line of products. The one in Orange Park, Fl had a great variety of products. I appreciate the way each store hatd air cleaners…due to Covid-19. Thank more
Renee Terry
Renee T.
16:55 04 Jun 20
Excellent Customer Service as always Trulieve Lady Lake. Jeremy was extremely helpful and courteous. Love the new strain Papaya Cake is definitely a new favorite. Lady Lake Trulieve Excellent experience as always. Thanks for what you do. I appreciate you allread more
Cody Olin
Cody O.
18:05 02 Jun 20
It was nice, everyone was friendly and informative. I had a young gentleman helping me today he was also training someone new he was doing an excellent job multitasking. My visit was around 11:30am todayread more
W.S. McMurphy
W.S. M.
23:33 31 May 20
Thank you, Aden and Bob. Professional, knowledgeable, great memorable experience excellent service 👍🙏
21:03 22 Apr 20
Night and Day compared to the New Port Richie location. They just make it easy. So very thankful to be serviced by this location now!read more
Jonathan Curlin
Jonathan C.
12:29 31 Mar 20
The quality of the medicine is worth the long wait. You can always plan it into your day to where it’s not even a long wait at all but just a part of your daily routine . I definitely recommend this more
Tim Karnes
Tim K.
18:17 10 Mar 20
The people at this location are exceptional. Very nice. Very professional. They are not afraid to answer your questions. They really help guide you through which one of the products you actually need.The system the way everything works here is really check in, you give them your phone number, and you receive a text right before they’re ready to call you back. let’s face it this type of business gets very busy and there could be a lot of people in the waiting room. it is very nice to be able to sit in the comfort of your vehicle and know that you’re not going to miss your name being called.If I could I would give them 10 stars!read more
Rowland Whitford
Rowland W.
22:28 26 Feb 20
Place was closed. Went to another dispensary which blows away Trulieve.Paid visit to Trulieve this afternoon and updating ratings. Trulieve has better selection and more details on the strains. Jacob was great help in explaining what we had ordered. Great kidread more
Jet Tet
Jet T.
23:49 11 Feb 20
Garrett Robertson i doff my cap to you sir. You were so patient & helpful, thank you.Trulieve has a decent selection of flower. I am stoked to try the truclear. CBD oil out-of-stock, but there are other stores around so no big deal.Again, thank you Garrett for making my first dispensary visit a pleasant one! You’re lucky i didn’t get on a political soap box😂read more
Melissa Adler
Melissa A.
15:42 21 Jan 20
AMAZING!!!!! The staff is incredible and very helpful as well as the staff being very informative on what products will be best for your personal needs. I used coupons to get my products and had multiple products to pick from. The wait time is sometimes long but I say it’s very much worth going here!read more
Vincent Notaro
Vincent N.
01:48 15 Jan 20
Paul C. is my favorite sales person. Always polite and funny and always lets me know whats new and how good the product is. He was training Sarah B. and she is also a sweet person that will be a good sales person. two thumbs up to both of youread more
Greg Inman
Greg I.
21:03 05 Jan 20
Love this place! They are very concerned you get a top notch experience. Great buds! Thank you Trulieve for supporting our Veterans with a 15% discount. They’ve developed a community of Medical Marijuana Users which meets every Saturday at Trulieve. They really believe in both their product and in their client more
Williams Mcmanaman
Williams M.
10:09 24 Oct 19
Top quality and fair price
Jason Betts
Jason B.
20:50 08 Aug 18
Great product and wonder ful staff.
Todd Edwin
Todd E.
21:11 23 Apr 18
Trulieve in the villages was very professional and knowledgeable above and beyond expectations.from walking in the door to being dispensed was all a pleasure.I was not rushed,and every question I had was answered..CORRECTLY.FIVE STARS..TWO BIG THUMBS UP TRULIEVE..will NEVER have a need to go anywhere else..thanks to the entire crew thereread more
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