Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in West Tampa, FL

4410 West Hillsborough Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33614

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available


MMTC Dispensary – Open

West Tampa – A Trulieve dispensary located at 4410 West Hillsborough Avenue to service Hillsborough County medical cannabis card patients is open. Trulieve, the biggest dispensary brand in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for this West Tampa store products are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The West Tampa Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door in West Tampa and throughout Hillsborough County. Order online or call over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients that have been certified by a recommending doctor who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$15 Delivery Fee Statewide. Free delivery to patients 65 years or older and on all orders over $200.

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Roxann Loredo
Roxann L.
20:11 01 Jan 22
I was at the W. Hillsboro store today and everyone there is awesome. Joe G. waitedon me and he was great.They always figure out a way to give you the best deal with discounts that may more
Sandra Christie
Sandra C.
22:04 30 Dec 21
The first time I walked in to the dispensary I was greeted by this lovely cheerful voice and I found later that that was Jackie! I look for her specifically whenever I’m in and fortunately for me she’s been there every time. Everyone at this dispensary is kind, warm and mostly helpful. I will never go anywhere else! 😀♥️read more
Obi Juan
Obi J.
18:06 25 Dec 21
They hoard the good weed in the back. Multiple times I’ve ordered a rare item and I go to pick it up , it’s not there. Then he acted like my order didn’t exist and tried to sell me something else . Spoke to a manager, no help . I can say a lot more but I just won’t be going back to this location . I love Trulieve’s weed and their prices (for Florida 😖) but It is real real shady at this location. Which is why I’ve shopped around because I never get what I go there for .read more
Nicholas Pannell
Nicholas P.
21:20 23 Dec 21
So I’m getting very frustrated with the non communication and the no texts letting you know ow what time they will be coming for delivery. Like today no text letting me know what time they would be coming. No text when they were otw. Only text is your delivery is now arriving which I was at work and had no way to come to my house that fast. I have been receiving product completely melted and unusable. Which I can say they always do the exchange and honor that which is great but the communication between clients delivery drivers staff at the hub shop and the call centers need to step up and start communicating better. The products are amazing but they definitely need to step it on on customer service. I do want to say though they have always been nice to me and taken care of every problem that has come about they are a great store just need a little more customer careread more
Steph Cortez
Steph C.
00:26 18 Dec 21
The staff here is absolutely phenomenal! Service was quick and my budtender Austin was an absolute sweetheart
haley cerasuola
haley C.
20:11 09 Dec 21
There are not enough words to describe how much I love this location. As a big fan of Trulieve, I love that the workers there take so much time and energy into every single customer that they’re encountering. Steven, Jackee and Malachi, among many others, have done nothing but make sure I leave their store happy every single time and also make it fun with scratch offs and merchandise! I’ve made friends, have had tons of great deals and an overall feeling of reassurance every time I walk through the doors. Thank you Trulieve Hillsborough, you guys are simply the more
ivan afanasenko
ivan A.
17:15 01 Dec 21
Awesome store , shout out molekai . Quick and easy transaction . Trulieve always got the best prices and sales . Backed with no question asked warrantee on their products . Best customer service. I recommend their half gram more
Pamela Elliott
Pamela E.
13:52 22 Nov 21
Have been to many dispensaries around Florida and this is the best hands down. All staff very friendly and very knowledgeable! I don’t go anywhere else!read more
19:54 21 Nov 21
Staff was very nice, no wait time and had everything I was looking for! I’m from out of town and forgot my battery piece, they sold me one that didnt fit and easily did a even exchange with no problem!!read more
Luna V
Luna V
22:54 04 Nov 21
Excellent service and good deals. Also happy to finally find some Sativa flower I really like 💚
mickey perez
mickey P.
21:16 22 Oct 21
This store has a great staff. They are all super helpful. My only review is on product not staff. Paradise Waits? I’m still waiting. It’s supposed to be 27% nothing but sticks and stems with a bud on the end or a piece of a bud of very dry flower . Honestly I wouldn’t waste $ on this if it were ten bucks . It’s that bad and not even a Good disappointed Dont recommend this at more
Palma Ceia Cosmetics
Palma Ceia C.
22:41 21 Oct 21
Lovely experience. Kristopher was polite, informative, and handled my transaction in a timely manner. I was hesitant to come back but will be making sure to stop by again after this pleasant experience. I was also very happy with my purchase. Thank you!!!read more
Roberto Abreu
Roberto A.
23:57 01 Oct 21
Brett and the whole staff at the dispensary are awesome I give 5 stars to this place 👍
Efilly Ortiz
Efilly O.
16:18 19 Sep 21
Great employees. Great customer service and great atmosphere
14:04 27 Aug 21
First terrible experience after years of good service. Sales person was simply transactional as if I was not a person. Defensive and improperly trained. Poor social skills and should not be in a customer service more
Monique M. (Mo_pacalypse)
Monique M. (.
00:05 10 Jul 21
I had an amazing experience with Austin H @ this location. He was very knowledgeable, humble and kind. He understood my issues and solved my problem with ease. I highly recommend his brand of customer service and more
12:52 07 Jun 21
Very helpful and friendly staff, conveniently located, carry every product to meet your needs, and if your not sure, they are happy to help by educating you rather than using a pressure sales tactic. Prices seem to be similar to other dispensaries, but promotions or sales on product seem to be lacking a bit. Regardless, still highly more
Susan Keeble
Susan K.
11:16 25 May 21
Very pleased. Thank you Alissa for your help. You brought me back to Trulieve. With so many options out there it was really nice to talk to a really knowledgeable person. It is confusing with so many options. Thanks again more
Smoke Shop Zone is the place to get anything you need. They have I believe four locations. I frequent the one at the corner of Independence/Memorial and Hillsborough. It is quite difficult to get into but if you can you will be pleased with what they carry. Unless you’re running in and out expect to say quite a while they have quite a selection. You keep having a feeling the need to keep looking. The staff there are very pleasant and as well knowledgeable. I enjoyed my visit and also went back quite a few times. Now I don’t live close but after searching for a few items in the smoke shops near me who didn’t carry what I was looking for. I was so happy to run past Smoke Shop Zone. As soon as I went in and asked for what I needed I was told I do have it I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you Smoke Shop more
John David
John D.
19:53 17 Apr 21
Love this location! Really nice and clean! You walk in and you immediately have that attention that you look for in a company. Really satisfied with the knowledge of the staff! If you haven’t already, check this location out.Peace ☮️read more
Madison Holmes
Madison H.
20:17 06 Apr 21
One of the best locations I’ve ever been too. Great quality. Amazing service. Everyone here is amazing and take great care of you. They do amazing job of walking you through every step of the more
Joe Civita
Joe C.
20:27 02 Apr 21
I’ve been shopping at Trulieve since they first opened in Florida and only had 3 strains. They now have quite a repertoire of products that are always high quality at a fair price. The flower I’ve bought from them has been perfectly cured and potent. It’s no surprise that they’re out of stock of many things but being able to see ahead of time what’s in stock online makes it much easier to pick out exactly what you want and submit a pickup order than just walking in and having to find out in a more time consuming manner. I hope they continue to thrive and expand. The staff is always welcoming and more
Tammy Robinson
Tammy R.
15:45 20 Mar 21
Absolutely a go to. Their products are high quality. This store seems to always have a better selection than others around as well. Amber with the delivery staff stays in touch and updated on status and discounts 🙂. Will be going back for more
Marlena Jimenez
Marlena J.
00:03 13 Mar 21
I love shopping at Trulieve Hillsboroigh specifically; this location always is stocked with product, has friendly customer service and it usually a 15 minute in and out if it’s not busy. Dylan helped me out today, a fellow Pisces, he was so kind and friendly it really made my mood elevate. My day has been crazy long and it was nice to be able to interact with someone who was such a light, you could feel the smile through the mask – keep up the good work!read more
Nitza Olivero
Nitza O.
19:56 09 Mar 21
Nick & Travis were amazing and super helpful on my first visit. I have been ordering online and have it delivered, when a missing item did not arrive with my delivery, my delivery driver made notes on his tablet and instructed me to call, he also waived the delivery fee since my order arrived missing an item, he was awesome. I contacted them by phone and the customer service was impeccable. I went in person to pick up my item and Nick and Travis were super super helpful and the notes were notated in my account, so I got my item no problem. I highly recommend Trulieve, amazing and helpful every step of the way. Thank you!read more
james Jamstrr
james J.
22:42 13 Feb 21
I tried many dispensaries as a new patient. When I tried this one, I found my favorite. I met Fouad and he was able to run my initial order quickly and easily. Since then, I have have many encounters where he was very helpful for any questions I had, helped me find great strains for what I need and helped me to always take advantage of any promotions and/or coupon offers. Trulieve products are great, but the service I’ve been getting is what made me more
19:49 06 Feb 21
I have been to this location twice, and both times my experience was PHENOMENAL. Major shout out to Andy for his knowledge on the variety of products, as well as taking the time to educate me further about products I was on the fence about. His recommendations proved to be exactly what I was looking for, and I found products that worked so well for me that I never would have considered on my own. My second visit was just as fantastic as the first, Steven went above and beyond to answer my questions, search for a particular product that I have been trying to purchase for months (they go quick!) and made sure to update and notate my account to ensure all my discounts were applied, that I got the best deal for the specials they were running, and helped ensure my future visits would run as smoothly and efficiently as they had been. 100/10 would recommend this location, they are clean, efficient, friendly, knowledgeable, and respectful!!!! You guys ROCK!!!read more
risa katynski
risa K.
23:55 25 Jan 21
I was at this location Sunday. Speedy in and out. I was assigned to Arthur, great guy. New his stuff, very professional. Told me of a product I should try, told me to go online and check it out to see if It was what I thought would help. No pressure. I will be back to this store for good. Every staff member is very professional and for me a big thing is they spoke with a smile with masks on. I hope I am assigned to Arthur every timeread more
Maira Camacho
Maira C.
22:39 22 Jan 21
This was my first time at this location and I was very happy with the experience. Not only did Fouad answer all of my questions, he recommended products that were personalized to meet my specific needs. Definitely coming back!read more
Tyler Carlson
Tyler C.
16:40 16 Jan 21
The best in the game. Annie and Lindsey are AMAZING! they make you feel so welcome. The positive energy is contagious. Don’t waste your time going elsewhere go here. Tell em Tyler sent you for 0% off lol but in all seriousness Annie and Lindsey are spectacular at what they do!read more
Poetic Angel (ibresmiles)
Poetic Angel (.
09:19 08 Jan 21
The customer service here is INCREDIBLE! Daniel S. helped me, and his energy was so incredibly contagious that it made my entire visit that much more enjoyable! The wait times aren’t long at all, the lobby is so clean, and they take extra steps to make sure it’s safe for us as we come in. My new favorite location!read more
Frank Seaton
Frank S.
12:29 02 Jan 21
I’ve been loyal to TL for almost three years. I’m finally done with them and their “customer service”. Between pickup orders being canceled when the items were in stock. Beware of delivering with this company as they lie and almost never come when promised (I’m talking days not hours). Communication is horrible. Just avoid!read more
Robert Kildoo
Robert K.
19:54 20 Dec 20
Very helpful easy in easy out, fast service. Unlike some of their other outlets. This one is the one to visit if you value your time. Very friendly staff. Great more
16:12 29 Nov 20
This is definitely the best Trulieve store around first off the product is amazing! Customer service is second to none, ***Alyssa***is one of the most helpful bud tenders I’ve ever encountered in about four or five years. This store is amazing customer service I would give six stars and I guess you would have to give Alyssa seven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!read more
Connor Bevirt
Connor B.
20:50 07 Nov 20
My first trip here was a very pleasant experience from the moment I walked in! The staff were very friendly and helpful, and a special thanks to Daniel and Annie for ensuring I happily walked out pleased with my purchase. Will certainly come back again!read more
T San
T S.
18:04 03 Nov 20
Amazing place! Very clean and organized. Quick and easy service. Very nice and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend Ben S! 5 stars all dayread more
Screwdriver Kelly
Screwdriver K.
22:25 30 Oct 20
Never been to this location until today. Pleasant friendly atmosphere. I’m no good at remembering names but they are so helpful and polite. Great location with plenty of more
16:32 27 Oct 20
Place is great! Everyone there is very nice. Personally I’ve been helped by Justin R and Alex on separate occasions. Alex was more than helpful to me the first time I went there. It was also my first experience at a Trulieve. He was very knowledgeable and took his time with me as this is all entirely new to me. The second time I went Justin helped me. He asked all the right questions to help me continue to lock in exactly what I’m looking for. He also answered a variety of different questions I had come up with since my last visit. He was on top of every one of them and took his time to make sure I really understood. Both were very friendly and helpful.Currently no need to go anywhere else!read more
D'Angelo H
D’Angelo H
19:05 18 Oct 20
This is one of the best ones I ever been to across the United States. These people are awesome! Thank you Kendal, Amber, & Justin!!!!! I will come back to Tampa to visit monthly!! 🙂read more
Angel Tattoo
Angel T.
16:47 11 Oct 20
Alyssa was very helpful and Knowledgeable about The different strains that were available and which ones would best suit my condition would definitely recommend this dispensary and especially Alyssa. Thanks for your helpread more
Stefanie LeRiche
Stefanie L.
17:03 09 Oct 20
I love Trulieve!!! Their products are amazing and they always have such a variety of strains and deals every week. Whenever I visit the shop, the staff is always super friendly and helpful, especially Corey who has helped me out several more
Lobo Rankz
Lobo R.
03:55 09 Oct 20
I love this place , best customer service I’ve ever had speedy service and well also great employees Corey, Cierra , Kristie and all the other staff I can’t name because this would be very long review lol but all the staff are great friendly and helpful and very caring I love this Truleive from others but still im a Truleiver, I want to thank all the staff because every day they show how great they are , – Harryread more
21:58 08 Oct 20
I came in today a little nervous as I’ve never been to the new location, but I had such a warm welcome! My bud tender, Alyssa P, was beyond helpful and made my experience one to remember. She had quick answers to every question I asked and genuinely seemed to care about me. If I could have Alyssa every time I came in, I sure would!read more
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