Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in West Palm Beach, FL

1324 N Military Trl
West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

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Dispensary – Open

West Palm Beach – A Trulieve dispensary located at 1324 N Military Trail to service Palm Beach County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The West Palm Beach Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in West Palm Beach and throughout Palm Beach County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Debbie Carbajal
Debbie C.
20:46 15 Oct 21
Thank you to Josh T. for such great customer appreciation, he makes my every experience as good as the last. I look for him everytime 🤩 and a special thanks to Sam who quickly cared enough to help and resolve an issue I was having in store, I appreciate the time Sam took to ensure I left feeling like a valued customer. Keep up the great work guys and Thank you for you awesome customer more
Juan Lopez
Juan L.
22:23 13 Oct 21
It feels good to be at a place where it smells like heaven. The staff is pretty friendly, I usually ask for the strain of the smell and I usually get a silly answer. Nice greeters! Crazy big-strongStop-man!Once inside you see Wendell, smooth and chill budtender who takes his time to show you the next -high-raising-sealing-almost psychedelic product you can “legally take home” Thank you Trulieve for the difference you’re makingread more
Leo Armbrust
Leo A.
17:44 21 Sep 21
Getting older is not always easy. Diagnosed with cancer, osteoarthritis and a recent total hip replacement, I needed something help control the pain. My first visit to Trulieve was both informative and productive thanks to Joshua Tiller. His assistance and patience with a novice like me was just what I needed as I explored the many options the store provided. I am grateful to Josh for all he did to guide me to the right product, he was a true more
Alex Cain
Alex C.
22:04 23 Jul 21
Great products, good prices. Everyone is always nice and professional and they answer any questions I have. When you go in ask for Alberto. Great guy! Goes above and beyond to satisfy the customer!read more
Staci Wilson
Staci W.
16:07 24 May 21
The products are quality and this location in particular is a good one. Truleive capsules are definitely a step up from the competitors. Tinctures are potent too. The employees here are professional and knowledgeable. The one time that there was a problem with my pick-up order, the management came through with a solution that was reasonable. Best dispensary hands more
Rachel Roth
Rachel R.
18:41 23 Apr 21
Darin is one of THE best employees. His knowledge of product is superb. He’s always super helpful and polite. He makes coming to this dispensary worth it for real patients who use this as medication. I love his recommendations! Super valuable and I will come back just for more
Frajile Recordings
Frajile R.
23:11 25 Feb 21
Darrin S is one of the Best most knowledgeable Patient Consultants I’ve encountered in this Industry. I got into this back in 1998 in California then Colorado and eventually Florida. Darrin knows all of the strains that I’ve asked him about in great detail. He is awesome at recommending options when I’m in a rush and can’t decide to save my life! He is very good at math because I usually alter my Internet order after arrival and he figures it out before I can every time. Darrin knows all of the Trulieve products extremely well, as I’ve asked him and purchased just about all of them! It’s always a pleasant experience when I get to have Darrin S as my Patient Consultant. Keep Darrin S and people like him around for real patients like myself please. It simply makes things easier for all of us read more
Sal Graziano
Sal G.
01:20 24 Feb 21
Amazing dispensary! 🍃Arthur was excellent and incredibly knowledgeable. He even helped me get the most product within my budget! The product is extremely potent and provides effects as advertised. 5/5 Experience – This is my new local dispensary 👍🏼read more
Jeremy B
Jeremy B
20:09 28 Jan 21
Kevin was awesome. He turned me on to the new crescendo o-pen cart, best recommendation I’ve ever had. I’m thoroughly enjoying it. With the excellent service and product, I will definitely be coming more
Barely Adulting
Barely A.
21:07 31 Dec 20
Quick, efficient, kind, helpful, and patient — even during a pandemic.Update: So I had some frustrating setbacks today when trying to update my prescription and I was extremely stressed because I was going to miss the new years eve sale, which would afford me enough product to last me the month. Sammy was very patient with me and super helpful. She took the time to understand my situation and came to a solution that was very kind. Thank you so much for your help today! Happy New Year! 🤗read more
Deshawn Logan
Deshawn L.
19:46 30 Dec 20
Great selection always; Terrible service at nearly every location. Always seems to be an issue with online ordering and timeliness. Any other dispensary will fulfill an order within 30-45 min & have you In and out. Every trulieve location I’ve been to has had me wait 2+ hours for the order to even be ready… and an additional 20-30+ minutes waiting inside the lobby just to grab an order that should already be more
Kimberly #REVAMP2021
Kimberly #.
11:35 22 Dec 20
Love this location manager and staff! The manager has been there some time already and has always acted in a very professional and accommodating, friendly manner, keeping the place quite well-maintained and under control considering how busy it can get. The staff have always been professional, friendly, knowledgeable and always ready to help!Though I have had occasions to be checked out by fabulous employees, I wanted to call out one in particular, JOEY! He was not only super cool and awesome, but went above and beyond to ensure I got what I needed and expected! Props and thumbs up to you Joseph, thank you again, and to all, and happy holidays to everyone! Thanks for the great service! And the way you handle the crowds!👍🏻♥️read more
Kevin was incredible. He was so informative on what to look for, how to decide what’s best for you. I appreciate the individual approach and how much better I understood what I need!read more
Erica Ortiz
Erica O.
20:58 22 Oct 20
This location was really good! Trulieve has a good variety of products and this location didn’t make me wait long, I got helped right away by Joey who was super helpful/knowledgeable. I bought what he recommended and it’s amazing! Definitely ask for Joey!!read more
22:09 08 Oct 20
I’m not sure the name of who served me today but his attitude is consistently awful and puts a damper on my visits every time I have to work with him and I simply dread the pending experience whenever I know he’s involved! I’d really like to investigate this further if possible. From a management perspective I wouldn’t have confidence in him representing my team with his current level of more
18:57 29 Sep 20
Definitely my favorite of all the local options. They have a wide selection and are super organized. Giselle and the team keep it easy for me to get on with my day with a smile 😊read more
Amber S
Amber S
19:14 24 Sep 20
Ryan is the best! I’ve had a couple good experiences with him since buying from the WPB location. Today he called to ensure I got the flavor of product I wanted before arriving so it was in stock. Our first encounter was not so ideal as he had to call and let me know a product wasn’t available when I received confirmation for my online order. He was incredibly patient and listened to me vent my frustrations regarding the situation. He was receptive and understood where I was coming from. After our discussion he was able to stand by his word and get my order to me the following day as the issue was due to the error of Trulieve. Super appreciative and always happy to be assisted by him!read more
John Giamundo
John G.
23:01 22 Sep 20
Today was my first time going to a dispensary, and I didn’t know what to expect. It can be very confusing. However, I was assigned to Jackie who was very knowledgeable, and patient with me. She explained all the options and what they were best suited for, and she helped me make an informed purchase. Trulieve has earned my business thanks to Jackie. I won’t take my business anywhere else!read more
Tim Mehaffey
Tim M.
18:56 19 Sep 20
Thanks Kevin for the fast service on a busy day with another great recommendation
Tom Fowler
Tom F.
18:27 19 Sep 20
Always love having Kevin as my Consultant. He picked out Crescendo crumble for me.cant wait to try it
15:43 18 Sep 20
This location as well as the one in Stuart set up their phone system so you can never actually speak to an employee. I have called over 20 times and it’s always “we are experiencing a higher call volume than normal “ but that is a lie. They try and force you to use their website. I have had specific questions where I need to actually talk to someone on the phone. I have tested this out by calling many different times and different locations and it’s always the same. Every other dispensary in the area answers their phones. I will not be going to trulieve unless I absolutely have more
22:52 16 Sep 20
Great products. Nice, efficient staff.Covid safety 100%. Kudos for that, too.
Josh Coombs
Josh C.
17:45 16 Sep 20
My consultant Kevin was awesome and even gave me a discount I didn’t even know I had.Thanks for recommending your new edibles.Total game changerread more
A Google User
A Google U.
02:51 16 Sep 20
One of my first Trulieve experiences was amazing thanks to Giselle, Jackie and Nick. Thank you all for your knowledge on the products and for educating me according to my medical needs. You went over and above to take care of my request and I am so very grateful. I will be back for sure!!read more
A Google User
A Google U.
19:55 15 Sep 20
I really enjoyed the officeThe worker was very nice n help me out I will return back real soon
Josue Gonzalez
Josue G.
21:24 14 Sep 20
Went in as a walk-in and was in the lobby less than 10 minutes. Was paired up with two awesome ladies, Sandra & Morgan. They answered all the questions I threw at them. They recommended a few strains and the best uses for each, we narrowed the down the selection based off my preferences and needs. I paid for my selection and out I went. Over in about 15 minutes. I was originally going to skip this place and drive further away based off of a previous experience. Thankfully these ladies made the experience much more welcoming and I’m grateful they were so helpful. Thank you!read more
Max Berk
Max B.
16:44 13 Sep 20
Jorge V. Was by far one of the best “bud tenders” I have ever experience in a medical or recreational setting.His Knowledge was beyond helpful and he new how to connect my questions with the right product. I have been loyal to Trulieve as a brand for yrs now, but it’s the quality of the staff that makes the difference. Keep it up trulieve WPB!!2read more
Colin Holder
Colin H.
23:57 09 Sep 20
My first Trulieve experience was awesome and My consultation with Kevin was very educational.cant wait to try the keif he recommended to go along with my Blue dream more
21:20 09 Sep 20
Thanks Kevin for suggesting the bubble gum crumble
Mal Forester
Mal F.
11:58 06 Sep 20
Can not believe the wait! Forget that!
69 chevy malibu
69 chevy M.
19:02 05 Sep 20
It’s refreshing coming to West Palm Beach Trulieve and having Kevin educating me the proper way to defeat anxiety and depression.ask for him I’m feeling much betterread more
Dennis Smith
Dennis S.
23:20 04 Sep 20
Very enjoyable experience! Very clean and sanitized. Staff is very friendly and very knowledgeable. This will be my Cannibis store for life. Thank you all, Trulieve staff!read more
valerie chrystal
valerie C.
20:05 03 Sep 20
Sandra helped me and cant wait to try it out
Matt Durso
Matt D.
14:44 03 Sep 20
The front desk staff was extremely helpful. It was one of my first times visiting this location and Morgan and James were able to answer all my questions and concerns and made the experience a joy . I will for sure be returning to this location because of the customer service !read more
Matthew Gallo
Matthew G.
19:56 26 Aug 20
Garrick is great, he helped me find the perfect product for my consistent back pain
Jalissa Winston
Jalissa W.
15:03 24 Aug 20
I love trulieve – best dispensary around. I always have amazing customer service and the products are quality with the bag prices. Sharon did such an great job helping me last week. I can’t wait to go back! Thank you!read more
Omar Amizael Lopez
Omar Amizael L.
19:04 14 Aug 20
Best flower ever i like trulieve always got in stock what im looking for good staff friendly 2nd home now btw imcin love with the cashier 🤣read more
Lori Katz
Lori K.
20:12 13 Aug 20
My experience at Trulieve was awesome!Cookie, Saba, and Liz were outstanding! They spent time explaining all the differences in the products never losing patience with my many, many questions.8/13/20. Brittany is the best. Extremely knowledgeable friendly and efficient. Thanks Brittany you are fabulous. Made my experience very more
Zach Taffar
Zach T.
23:23 11 Aug 20
🔥 great 👍 dispo. Handle covid well. You go in they give you a number. Quickest I’ve waiter between 12- 2 pm. Quickest wait 10 minutes, after 2-3 pm it can be up to my longest wait 50 more
14:54 08 Aug 20
Trulieve is a fantastic dispensary. They are great about answering questions, getting first timers some basics to start with and are very friendly. I really appreciate that they state there products with the name of the strain. It allows you to google it on your own time as well and learn more about it. I spoke with Kevin last time who taught me the importance of switching up your regimen and trying each product individually to really see what you get from more
Malique Gowie
Malique G.
13:42 07 Aug 20
There is something to be said about a knowledgeable budtender. They are rare and filled w an immense amount of information. Any new patients please seek Kevin at this location. Flower is not the only intake method and Kevin will make sure you know what’s available to you in full. No pressure sales, Kevin seemed very passionate about just informing the community. A very very good resource to have at this location. Thank you Kevinread more
Jennifer Rodriguez
Jennifer R.
01:52 04 Aug 20
Had a wonderful experience this afternoon with Kevin. He was very knowledgeable, and even used a visual chart to help me understand what products would be best for my short term vs long term treatment plans/goals. Thanks!read more
Omgshelinda ‘
Omgshelinda ‘.
17:51 03 Aug 20
I had a great consultation with Kevin! Thank you so much for explaining and creating a long term wellness plan with me. I’m so excited to put this into action!read more
Michael Littlejohn
Michael L.
14:40 31 Jul 20
Very Friendly staff. Easy to use website to preorder or just browse current selection of Medical Marijuana products, the order will be ready when you arrive or they can text you when your order is ready. Store is very clean and safety barriers are used at counters. Selection varies daily, and they can sell out of some strains, so check website or get text alerts for current specials. Try White Buffalo if they have it, good for pain.Good parking early in the day,but gets tighter in the more
Diane Stuart-Catullo
Diane S.
19:36 19 Jul 20
Very pleased with Trulieve!! Their customer service is ALWAYS positive. April and Don Make for a great experience with their kindness and respectful communications and such well organized delivery service!! Every contact I’ve had with Trulieve has been perfect, so kudos to your company for picking employees With a basic understanding of kindness and good customer service. Trulieve, please keep up the wonderful work!!! The products are always wonderful more
Tammie Boylan
Tammie B.
18:34 11 Jul 20
My experiences at a Trulieve have changes my life. They have the best assortment of delivery methods and an even bigger selection of strains. When I go in to the store, I truly enjoy my experience. Robbie helped me out on 710 and was smiling and helpful the entire time. And then there are the sales, which really help during this more
00:19 09 Jul 20
I’m a new customer at Trulieve and everyone’s been really cool there. Robbie helped me out the last few times I’ve been in. He’s pretty knowledgeable about the different strains and easy to talk to about what I’m looking for. The flower is really good and there are always quite a few to chose from. Would definitely recommend stopping more
Ashley Biehl
Ashley B.
20:33 08 Jul 20
If you want to shop somewhere that you’re going to feel like family, come to this location! They will treat you like your family as soon as you walk into the door. Raquel is the best budtender you will ever come across. She truly takes the time to ensure you’re prepared and that you’re educated on their product. She will not let you leave unless you’re completely satisfied. If you happen to be needing some medication, go see Raquel at the West Palm location. She will truly change your life and the way you medicate! Every time I go I specifically ask for more
Meli Gomez
Meli G.
20:29 03 Jul 20
Trulieve is an excellent dispensary with excellent product. Usually Wednesdays can be busy so I placed an online order last time. I realized there was a problem with the website so I took a screenshot of the order number and location. Upon arrival at the front desk me and several others were told “you don’t have an order in the system”. After some back and forth, Maggie noticed what was happening and was nice enough to interject and see if what I ordered was in stock before I sat to wait 30min to be called back like I was told. She really went above and beyond to help me and it saved me a lot of stress. Also, Nick is always very helpful in explaining products to customers and providing great customer service. He is very helpful whenever I order online or just come in as a walk-in.Im giving Trulieve 5 stars. Although there can be some improvements with the online order system and the from desk, the regular staff I encounter, especially the ones I mentioned are great with customers. Sales are great, regular prices are reasonable, and product is always top more
Karen Paczkowski
Karen P.
18:43 03 Jul 20
Amazing experience I thought I had placed my order but I don’t think I actually pressed send but no worries Cass and James did an awesome job accommodating regardless. Didn’t even realize James was in training!! I’m leaving happy and less stressed!read more
17:41 02 Jul 20
I became a medical patient in April and have been going to Trulieve WPB since day 1. I love it. The staff is friendly and the product is always excellent. I pretty much always order pick-up so i don’t really browse around.. Just the other day though, I had the pleasure of being attended by Raquel. Now until then I really hadn’t been explained much about the TruSTIK, but Raquel put me on and I love it. I’m really grateful she took the extra time when I did my pick up to explain the convenience of more
15:49 02 Jul 20
Went to trulieve to pick up my usual order and was greeted pleasantly by Mike! This guy is awesome and deserves a raise!
Marijuana Doctors
Marijuana D.
23:23 29 Jun 20
Alberto made this experience wonderful. Thanks to alby I get to refer a pleasant dispensary. Quick, easy, polite and very more
Danielle Cave
Danielle C.
21:03 27 Jun 20
I stoped in here today for a quick pick up order my sales associate name was Raquel she so supper nice and friendly and very efficient I loved her upbeat personality she gave me great customer service and got me in and out of there supper quick just the way I like hope to get her again next time 💕read more
Ross Jarrett
Ross J.
18:57 26 Jun 20
My experiences at Trulieve of West Palm Beach have been nothing short of enjoyable. But I have to give recognition to Darin S. He went above and beyond helping educate me on my options. Darin was very patient as I had a lot of questions and concerns since I have throat cancer. Thanks to Darin S. when I left today with my medication, I left with the confidence of knowing what I need the next time I come in. I highly suggest you request Darin for your appointment!read more
Daniel Horne
Daniel H.
15:52 18 Jun 20
Saby, Sharon, and Alex made a rainy day shine. I love the staff here and they are always professional, courteous, and fun! You are all awesomeread more
Dylan Campbell
Dylan C.
13:17 18 Jun 20
Great selection and good prices. Very friendly & safe atmosphere. My medtender Sharon was knowledgeable & able to explain my order in its more
Mike N
Mike N
18:23 15 Jun 20
Not enough good things to say about this place. The staff is organized and actually seem to care about their patients(unlike the Boynton location). Feels like Cheers the way everybody seems to know your name. Great product selection, with new stuff all the time. Alway great deals too. But the staff is what really sets this place more
Gary Fulton
Gary F.
17:53 15 Jun 20
Very helpful team Thankyou Erik Wong for all your help very professional. Recommend every patient to go see Erik at Trulieve will make your shopping experience memorable. Store looks very clean and welcoming. Best Trulieve I’ve been to since becoming a patient 2 yrs more
Willie Green
Willie G.
22:38 04 Jun 20
Really disappointed! I have walked in and gotten faster service than when I order online and still have to wait over 30 mins just to get called back. I dont think I will return unless some changes are made! Really nice staff more
Evert Luke
Evert L.
23:08 03 Jun 20
Dee was great! Good attitude and knew her products. Highly recommend
Marlo Cecilio
Marlo C.
15:40 03 Jun 20
Very nice staff. Knowledgeable of product. Very clean and safe. Also very fast getting you back.
Jeff Smith
Jeff S.
02:48 29 May 20
Great staff that had an extensive knowledge of all the products being offered. They have fantastic specials and offer discounts for new clients. I would highly recommend shopping at this location for all your medical marijuana needs!read more
Melissa Corbett
Melissa C.
20:37 20 May 20
Had a great experience with Barry – knowledgeable on all the products, gave great information on ways to save money, and recommendations of flavors to try. Will definitely be ordering some of the suggestions!read more
Nyah Dowling
Nyah D.
20:04 09 May 20
Where do I start??? From the meet and greet , to the back office, I’m beyond impressed!!! Robbie my customer service rep was beyond attentive and extremely knowledgeable & helpful… I can’t wait for my next visit!!! Thanks again to the entire staff of the West Palm Beach Store!!!!!!read more
Rod Bender TV
Rod Bender T.
20:25 05 May 20
I was at your west palm beach location yesterday and there was a young man there who was so knowledgeable and helped me with all my questions. I have been to several dispensaries and now, thanks to Bobbie, you have a customer for life. I thought he was a manager due to his calm demeanor and outgoing more
Brii, Sharon R, and Barry are the Best! Amazing customer service and very informative and professional. The dispencery is very conservative and hip. Big selection of products and alllllllways has flower available. As a disabled veteran I feel clean and protected and comfortable acquiring my medical from here. They have a vision others don’t and the levels them up, like truilevers connect where other veterans like myself can network with other vets. Also they provided information on products that’s easy to understand. Overall this has been a great experience and now I can purchase and use my medical and feel guilt more
Natalie M
Natalie M
17:19 11 Mar 20
LOVE this store! All the workers are so friendly and helpful. I always walk out with a smile on my face. Thanks guys!
Op. Mary Jane
Op. Mary J.
00:26 07 Mar 20
I always place my order ahead of time. Only takes 10 to 15 mins in and out. Sometimes faster. I have nothing but good things to say about the staff here, Robbie and Nick have been warm, informative, and made me feel confident in my decisions. Hands down my go more
S Burke
S B.
20:52 06 Mar 20
I am changing my post because I had a bad experience but I was contact by the company very quickly to fix that issue and I REALLY APPRECIATE them reaching out to me. Raquel @ Trulieve in west palm beach gave me amazing service today. My pick up order was lost, she took it upon her self to go and search for it until she found it which she did! Instead of turning me away. She had a big smile on her face and was pleasantly ready to help me. A pleasant surprise from the usual service I receive there:) keep it up Raquel!read more
jon b
jon b
21:07 19 Feb 20
Professional staff and a good selection of flower. The manager Anthony provides top notch customer service, he goes above and beyond! The only down side is supply is not matching the increasing demand for flower.It’s 4 months since my last review and flower supply is no longer an issue, it’s always in stock!Briana at the West Palm location also provides amazing customer service. She’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the products. She maintains a positive attitude and and is always willing to help. You guys better give her a raise fast, you don’t want to lose her!read more
june wiles
june W.
22:29 31 Jan 20
I loves the people their and their products is very great
june wiles
june W.
22:29 31 Jan 20
I loves the people their and their products is very great
Andrea Goldman
Andrea G.
21:02 18 Jan 20
I am at the Trulieve in West Palm Bch, FL regularly.The service is the best! Everyone is friendly & knowledgeably. The manager, Anthony, is warm, friendly & getsthe job done. This place gets more stars than they offer. Thanks for being there, Trulieve, with the staff you have. You’ve got a winning team. Thank you. Sincerely, Andrea Goldmanread more
Amber Gleason
Amber G.
18:46 22 Dec 19
I’ve been coming to this dispensary for two years now and I’m impressed again and again. Very professional, they will answer all your questions and take time to help introduce you to their products. Morgan is AMAZING. She knows her products inside out and really cares about the wellbeing of the people who come in. She’s patient with worried relatives, kind, and always works to make your experience as calming as possible. Amazing more
Andrea Bartosh-Collins
Andrea B.
21:47 19 Jun 19
What a terrific experience. From entering the door , kind smiles were there waiting to greet you . What a night and day difference opposed to other locations . Keep up the awesome work and education ! #cannabisculture #westpalmbeachread more
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