FLORIDA, United States — Jamaicans living in South Florida reacted with shock and worry as Republican business tycoon Donald Trump pulled off a stunning upset win over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s US presidential election.

“I am surprised and disappointed because I know that Clinton was the better candidate,” said Bevan Earle, a veteran broadcaster at

WAVS 1170 AM Radio in South Florida.

“I am a registered Democrat, but I don’t vote along party lines. I vote on issues, and Trump did not come to the table with the issues I wanted to see him address during the campaign.”

Earle, a former member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force who emigrated to Florida in the 1990s, said, however, that despite his disappointment, he wishes Trump well.

“As it is now, we should move on and allow him (Trump) to do his job,” he stressed, adding that immigration, crime and job creation must be given priority attention during his tenure in office.

In the elections to choose America’s 45th president, Trump convincingly defeated Clinton, winning several key battleground states, including Florida and North Carolina.

The Republican Party now seems set to take control of the Senate, House and presidency.

Danny Simpson, formerly of Bunker’s Hill, Trelawny, while expressing regret at Trump’s triumph, argued that if Clinton had won it would be difficult for her to govern as the Republicans will also have control of the Senate and the House.

“I am very, very disappointed, but on the other hand, if Clinton had won, the Republicans would block the policies and the programmes that she would have liked to implement,” he argued.

“So let Trump go and screw up; we (Democrats) will get back the House and the presidency. It’s only one term he will be doing; he won’t be able

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