BATON ROUGE, La. — Members of the LSU football team were justifiably frustrated after the disappointment that was Saturday’s 16-10 loss to Florida.

As they do every weekend, many LSU football players took to Twitter to express their emotions about the game. But this week, things were a little different.

After the loss to Alabama two weeks ago, players were optimistic. This week, some players came off as a little more defensive and critical. That said, there were a few key exceptions.

Here’s a roundup of some of the most notable tweets from Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Strong words from Donte Jackson

Jackson, a sophomore cornerback, had a rough game Saturday. He was burned one-on-one by freshman wide receiver Tyrie Cleveland for a 98-yard touchdown, and he fumbled a late-game kick return that led to 3 points for Florida and made it so LSU needed a touchdown, not a field goal, on its last possession of the game.

Unfairly, some fans called out Jackson online after the game. He was quick to defend himself.

“These haters on my body shake em off”

— Donte’ Jackson⚡️ (@Donte3_) November 19, 2016

Boy shut your lame ass up,

— Donte’ Jackson⚡️ (@Donte3_) November 19, 2016

Yo momma not good!

— Donte’ Jackson⚡️ (@Donte3_) November 19, 2016

Your so lame and irrelevant it’s a shame smh

— Donte’ Jackson⚡️ (@Donte3_) November 19, 2016

But things weren’t all negative. Jackson thanked the fans after his responses were over.

I Love Y’all, God Bless 🙌🏿

— Donte’ Jackson⚡️ (@Donte3_) November 19, 2016

A message to fair-weather LSU football fans

LSU wasn’t supposed to lose to Florida. The Tigers were favored by two touchdowns and coming off a decisive road victory over a team that

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