UCF, FSU reporting decline in college applications

ORLANDO, Fla. (WESH) – Applying to college is always an uncertain time for high school students but the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be adding to that uncertainty.

Major Florida public universities are reporting a decline in college applications for first-time students compared to past years.

The University of Central Florida is not only seeing a 26% decline in applications, officials say the school is getting 50% less SAT or ACT scores.

Florida public universities require a standardized test score in the application process.

“I think it’s more understandable because I know a few kids that have decided to just get a GED and take that path instead of taking the SAT,” Max Hartig, a Senior Boone High School, said.

Florida State University says it has received about 7,200 applications compared to 10,600 applications at this time last year.

FSU officials say the pandemic is disrupting the lives of students and “students may not be as focused on college right now as they might have been historically.”

Another reason for the dip in applications could be that students are just submitting applications later.


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