The change at the top of the Florida football program with Dan Mullen taking over is Sun sports columnist Pat Dooley’s top UF story for 2017. (Alan Youngblood/Staff photographer]

The older you get, the more you realize a couple of things.

It wasn’t better when you were younger, it’s just that you are struggling with everything new. Youth is still wasted on the young. There wasn’t hair growing there yesterday. Sports memories are an annual excursion.

Every calendar year is going to be filled with moments you will remember the rest of your life, and yet, you know that there will be a bunch of them next year.

Even the most indelible snapshots have an amazingly short shelf life in the present. When Chris Chiozza hit “the shot”, it was all we talked about for weeks, but Florida’s remarkable run in the NCAA Tournament lasted only another 36 hours before it was snuffed out like a campfire in a rainstorm.

The “Heave to Cleve” was one of the best plays of 2017. It was only 43 days later that Florida’s football coach was fired and the Gator season was headed for a landfill.

Alex McMurtry won the national championship in gymnastics on one night, but a day later Florida fell short and left St. Louis disappointed. Mary Wise got to within one win of her first NCAA volleyball title before the bubble of swollen pride was popped.

The point is that these memories fly by like the rabbit being chased by greyhounds and the ones you choose to pull out and place into your mental scrapbook depend on you.

So will the way you remember 2017.

You can remember that Tom Petty left us or that incredible celebration at the end of the third quarter of the LSU game. You