A 10-pack of UM notes on a Monday:

• Chris Fowler, a South Florida resident, said during the ABC broadcast on Saturday that when the Hurricanes are good, that can galvanize this community unlike anything else here, even in a market with four pro teams.

And we found it interesting that the UM-Notre Dame game was seen in more than 32,000 more homes locally than the Miami Dolphins’ first Sunday night game this decade, just six nights earlier.

The UM-Notre Dame game drew a 15.6 rating on ABC-10 in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale market. That’s equal to 15.6 percent of Dade/Broward homes with TV sets.

That’s higher than every Dolphins game this season and much, much higher than every Heat game since Game 7 of the Heat-Raptors playoff series in May 2015. (That game topped a 17 local rating.)

By comparison, the Dolphins-Oakland Sunday night game drew a 13.6 local rating. Miami’s second game against the Jets did a 13.8. (There wasn’t a rating for the Dolphins-Chargers opener because of the effects of Hurricane Irma.) And Miami’s stirring win at Atlanta drew a 13.0.

• A lot of things Malik Rosier has done have impressed Mark Richt, and here’s another:

“I’m proud of him and he some things [against Notre Dame] that only a veteran quarterback can do,” Richt said. “He made one check that we got a first down on that we really didn’t rep the whole week. We repped last week and we didn’t plan on seeing a lot of true zero coverage from Notre Dame. It just wasn’t their MO, wasn’t what they were doing, but because they got behind, they just started to just try to to zero out on us a little bit, so he audibled.

“He made it look like he was checking to

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