On Wednesday afternoon, Jacksonville City Council members convened to discuss a recurrent topic: enforcing regulations in Hemming Park.

The so-called “front door to city hall” has encountered challenges of late, with the most recent narrative twist being the mayor’s office saying last week that it was time that the “Friends of Hemming Park” experiment end.

Funding from the city for FOHP runs out at the end of March 2017.

Despite over a million dollars of city money being spent on trying to turn the park into a showcase, the predictable problems created by the transient park population (alcohol and drug abuse, vociferous squabbling, and so on) have stymied the city’s attempts to create an oasis of gentrification in the heart of downtown.

While Hemming Park’s future is in doubt, council members sought to refine the rules governing the park on Wednesday.

Among the discussion points on Wednesday, a potential expansion of park rules, with Councilman John Crescimbeni noting that rules mandating pants, shirts, and shoes might get some “weird challenge about not being able to wear a dress, a kilt, or whatever they want to wear.”

A representative from the sheriff’s office suggested that rules “not address bottom covering at all,” as that would fall under the aegis of indecent exposure bans that exist citywide.

Park boundaries were also discussed, with the boundary of the roads surrounding the park (Hogan, Duval, Monroe, and Laura Streets), and the Skyway stop also coming up for discussion.

Those given trespass orders banning them from the park could pass through the park on the Skyway, but would be disallowed from getting on or off the people mover at the Hemming Park stop.

There is case law to back this up, said a representative from the office of general counsel.

“This gives absolute clarity,” concurred Councilman Greg

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