The Argos are leaving behind their practice field for a big game in Pennsylvania. The team told Channel 3’s Lauren Wolfe this winter weather is really preparing them to play up north.

“It’s almost like a blessing to have this because all like our whole practice schedule…it’s just been nice and sunny hot– until now like right before the game where it needs to be cold,” said Austin Williams, kicker on the University of West Florida football team.

Head coach Pete Shinnick said, “It was I think 40 last-night and I think it was 41 the night before so it’s getting us ready for what we’re going to face on Saturday.”

In just two years of coaching the team, Coach Shinnick was able to lead the Argos to the national semi-finals. Austin Williams, one of the players, still cannot believe this is happening.

“I didn’t think how it would work out– I mean I thought we were going to start off pretty slow– but now– like I was saying, from fall to now, this is amazing, ” said Williams.

Coach Shinnick is hoping this major accomplishment brings in more key players to the field.

“We think it will open up recruiting but I think it will also open up awareness for the brand of the University of West Florida, now I think students all over the Southeast will kind of see the name and start looking and say hey that’s a place I’d be interested in,” said Shinnick.

The game is Saturday at 11 am CST.

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