VidaCann Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Jacksonville, FL

5298 Sunbeam Road Unit 6
Jacksonville, FL 32257

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 10-7
Saturday: 10-5

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted


Dispensary – Open

Jacksonville – VidaCann now has a dispensary location at 5298 Sunbeam Road in Unit 6 that offers qualified patients relief through a range of all-natural cannabis products, including low-THC, high-CBD cannabis and full-strength medical marijuana.

This Vidacann dispensary products menu in Jacksonville can includes a variety CBD oils, THC oils, vape cartridges, tinctures, topicals, oral syringes, capsulesflower, and concentrates. Accessories like vaporizer pens, vaporizers and batteries are sold as well.

VidaCann is proud to offer Stanley Brothers MMJ Products including Charolette’s Web as well as Tikun Olum Products.


Jacksonville – VidaCann delivery RX in North Florida is now available. Enjoy the convenience of home delivery of your medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door along with the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone.

Depending on distance, a delivery charge may apply. Call VidaCann to order and schedule a home delivery at 1.800.977.1686 or visit their website to order online.

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What People Are Saying

Michael Kramer
Michael K.
22:03 06 Jan 22
Nice clean place with a head shop vibe.. I’ve finally found one that has the hippie head shop vide. Good smell, good music, and a welcoming feeling with excellent products. The other shops should take note of how it supposed to be. Justin the person who helped me is probably the best I’ve dealt with in Jax period. The deals are unbeatable and it’s locally grown. Definitely my new more
Lyn Croom
Lyn C.
15:56 01 Dec 21
They are caring and follow through with that care till you walk out the door. I enjoy chatting with them as we do more
Alex Sawyer
Alex S.
15:44 30 Nov 21
Worst company in the city. From the grow op to the product its all sub par.
Marcus Rebhan
Marcus R.
21:17 14 Nov 21
Always have a ton of distillate opinions, quick and friendly
Robert Aspinwall
Robert A.
23:07 13 Nov 21
I absolutely adore this place and everyone who works there. Their kindness begins the moment you walk in, and continues throughout your entire experience. (I’m terrible with names but would love to shout out!) All questions are welcomed, they take their time with you, and you never feel rushed. Their products, whether in-house, Stanley Bros, or my personally favorite Tikun, are stellar. So far most things I’ve tried have had very potent and targeted effects. The best part is the consistency! If you find something that works for your condition(s), to have itThank you guys forread more
Salina Sanchez
Salina S.
19:35 28 Oct 21
VidaCann (Sunbeam Location) is my favorite dispensary in Jax! I absolutely ADORE every single person that works here!Every. Single. Person.Everyone is so friendly and super knowledgeable any time I have questions about a product or need a recommendation. They carry TONS of V9 carts and distillates AND they just started carrying Batter concentrate which is pretty legit, if I do say so myself (Mac 1 is where it’s at, btw). I would definitely recommend signing up for the mailing list, they have a new deal every day and you earn points for every dollar you spend 💰🤑.Seriously though – if you have your MMJ card and you haven’t stopped in to check them out, you’re doing yourself a huge more
Megan Carter
Megan C.
18:09 01 Sep 21
I love this dispensary! The atmosphere is very chill compared to trulieve where I feel like I’m being talked at instead of talked to. They always try to sell me more than I want at trulieve with a total attitude shift when the transactions are done. Vidacann does not do that! They are way more knowledgeable about the products than their competitor as well. Every experience at this location has been a pleasant one and I’ll definitely be going back. Professionalism at its finest more
Renee Puryear
Renee P.
06:50 12 Jul 21
Everyone there was friendly but Tiffany helped me out and she is great! Very knowledgeable and pleasant. Out of my way but well worth it and it’s my new more
YunG CuzziN
YunG C.
20:46 06 Jul 21
Very nice!!! The woman at the front register helped me out with courtesy and was patient with me. I’d recommend this store to anyone who has a MMCread more
14:41 31 May 21
Great spot, however they randomly stopped delivering to my area recently and cannot find out why.
Casey Bailey
Casey B.
12:11 29 Apr 21
This was my very first time going into a dispensary and, holy cow, they were so kind and helpful. I walked in there totally clueless and Erica helped me every step of the way. She gave me great suggestions that, after trying them, were totally spot on for what I needed. Im a customer for life!read more
Seth Cotton
Seth C.
16:29 19 Apr 21
I’ve physically been to this store once last month and just had a delivery today. In-store I was helped by Tiffany who was wonderful and super helpful, and my delivery guy was Cameron who was equally as wonderful and super communicative. I received my order timely and the flower is fantastic! BUY FROM HERE, THEY’RE AWESOME!read more
Stephanie Richardson
Stephanie R.
15:57 18 Apr 21
Fantastic knowledgeable super nice staff pretty consistent with the good strains . I want to give you guys 5 stars but No shatter crumble or soft wax .read more
Starlight Lifter
Starlight L.
14:25 12 Apr 21
Clean and safe, great service from friendly staff. Quality of flower is low. I purchased 3 different strains and did not like any. Potency is more
Kristina Moore
Kristina M.
23:44 11 Mar 21
They have some good deals on text message so I appreciate that. Always fast and prompt.
16:35 04 Mar 21
I absolutely love this location, employees are so courteous and professional, treated me more like a friend than a customer, and answered all my questions.The product is top shelf too.Kudos Vidacann, I will be back again more
S Harrison
S H.
05:43 02 Mar 21
I love VidaCann! The employees are always super nice and super helpful! The Sunbeam location has become my favorite dispensary out of all of the ones I have been to. Plus they run really great deals on stuff. I get texts with coupon offers that I can’t refuse. Great place! My ONLY complaint is that I wish the jars they used were smell proof. The smell comes straight through them. Nice glass jars, they just need a seal. Other than that, they are perfect!read more
Wayne Daniel
Wayne D.
23:37 28 Feb 21
I like my thc level to be at least 20 and higher and I purchased 3. Nice solid buds and I love the glass containers! Best dispensary I have been to so far!😁read more
Nicole Davila
Nicole D.
21:52 12 Feb 21
This is by far favorite dispensary. Always having good sales and the reward points are an extra bonus! Staff has always been helpful and more
Shanda Hill
Shanda H.
21:16 12 Feb 21
So KindI Love This PlaceAlways Exceptional..ProductEveryTime….
Candace Rich
Candace R.
02:24 31 Dec 20
This was my first visit to VidaCann And I had a very pleasant experience. I felt confident in my conversation and their product knowledge. I appreciate the time that they took to answer my questions and help me make educated decisions. I look forward to seeing you more
Kelly Seitz
Kelly S.
20:14 21 Nov 20
Absolutely love this place. By far my favorite pharmacy. Great product and great staff. Love you guys.
Zack Nebula
Zack N.
10:11 17 Nov 20
Excellent Experience.First time going to a dispensary, very polite and gave me what I needed. Effectiveness of products is also excellent.Edit/Update: After going back several times, I can safely say that the quality of service has been amazing still. The staff are very helpful and have educated me on various topics about more
Jenn Clark
Jenn C.
23:44 02 Nov 20
I love this place. Products are always excellent, especially flower/prerolls. Customer service representatives were kind and knowledgeable. Thanks VidaCann!read more
Candace Broward
Candace B.
19:37 06 Oct 20
I bought the Pakistani Kush an eighth of it. It had the worst smell like fertilizer/mold, as if it wasn’t flushed. Or maybe even just not cured right. It burns my throat and I have half left with no desire to smoke it. I’m a fairly new card holder and have been to a couple other dispensaries. The quality of vidacann compared to others doesn’t compare. I’m an experienced smoker btw soooo…. I called and they won’t compensate with a credit or discount but, did say I could bring my product that was left in and talk to Cindy and try to work something out. I’m not driving all the way over there to be told they can’t do anything. Better telephone service would have been great. I may try tomorrow to stop by, but all in all I wont be a returning more
Jc Carmichael
Jc C.
19:39 26 Sep 20
VidaCann – I have nothing bad to say about VidaCann, I always walk out happy.
Savannah Golden
Savannah G.
14:12 20 Sep 20
This was the first store I visited so I was a bit nervous but, the staff was absolutely amazing! They made me feel so comfortable and the lady that helped me was so sweet and knowledgeable. I didn’t have an appointment but I was still in and out pretty fast. I will definitely be visiting again!read more
Kalvin Robert Jones
Kalvin Robert J.
19:21 08 Sep 20
One of my favorite places, excellent service .
Curly Vixen
Curly V.
20:18 02 Sep 20
I didn’t want to leave this bad review, but the more I think about it, the more upset I get. I purchased 3.5 grams of one of their popular flower strains called King Dosi. I found five seeds within this batch, which is unacceptable for high-quality products. All I was offered was a 20% discount on my next order, along with some swag. I was hoping for an exchange since most of the product was unused. I found two seeds when I initially requested compensation. By the time I finished the product, five seeds were found. This was a very low-quality strain with low potency. The manager told me she could not give me an exchange due to COVID, and because I got my first visit discounted. My first visit discount should include high-quality flower without any seeds. COVID should have nothing to do with an exchange or making sure I receive what I paid for. I’m highly disappointed in Vidacann and their ability to rectify an issue such as this. Be aware if you get flower and there are seeds, you will not get an exchange. The other question is, why are there seeds in the first place?read more
Linda Ditta
Linda D.
01:56 01 Sep 20
I liked the people, quick service. 3 stars because they were out of what I needed.
Brittany McCreary
Brittany M.
17:02 28 Aug 20
Love this place local business here in Jacksonville must stop by and see too bad they all out of the 🛒 that’s I would say the cleanest tasting in Jax!!! Stop by say hi to my friends here at VidaCann 🌴read more
Faizah Mixson
Faizah M.
22:48 21 Aug 20
Great sale for first timers excited to see how good it is
Robinson Rodriguez
Robinson R.
20:16 15 Aug 20
Had a great experience here. Was greeted warmly by Amy right away. Wait was minimal and the GM, Cindy made sure to answer all my questions thoroughly. Staff is very knowledgeable about medical cannabis and what works for patients. Other staff on hand were Justin and Julia, and they were great as well. Will be coming back for sure!read more
Denise Waters
Denise W.
22:03 14 Aug 20
The black bald headed guy very unprofessional. Rude I say
Debrah Coury
Debrah C.
18:10 08 Aug 20
Good product Helpful staff Prices are a bit high
Zack Nebula
Zack N.
15:58 14 Jul 20
Excellent Experience. First time going to a dispensary, very polite and gave me what I needed. Effectiveness of products is also more
Larry Rogers
Larry R.
17:58 08 Jun 20
Very knowledge staff. Very friendly. The kind of people you can open up to. Ask your questions. They don’t judge.
Martin Sedlacko
Martin S.
18:39 27 May 20
Definitely the best Dispensary in that area and has very good flour I highly recommend VidaCann.
Jason Hess
Jason H.
02:43 25 May 20
Very knowledgeable staff. They always take the time to answer any questions you may have.
iAm_Logical Gaming
iAm_Logical G.
00:13 07 May 20
Chris was the Gentleman who assisted me in my purchase. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Made me feel very welcome. The rest of the staff geeeted me and was very pleasant. Thanks for a great experienceread more
Bridgette Mention
Bridgette M.
00:48 28 Apr 20
It was my first time,they made me feel special. Got a call same day about item they didn’t have,we figure out another item.LeAnn was so professional and polite when she brought my order.I will order again. Good job.VidaCann😊read more
Bridgette Mention
Bridgette M.
00:48 28 Apr 20
It was my first time,they made me feel special. Got a call same day about item they didn’t have,we figure out another item.LeAnn was so professional and polite when she brought my order.I will order again. Good job.VidaCann😊read more
Katheryn Holliday
Katheryn H.
21:18 02 Apr 20
They have my all time favorite vapes here… Everybody is friendly and you leave with a smile.I appreciate that.
Joe G.
Joe G.
13:39 09 Mar 20
I absolutely love VidaCann products, their flower is one of the best in Florida, their vapes are great too. I love my store in Tallahassee, they have amazing customer service from day one! But this stores customer service is lacking for sure. I sure up on Saturday morning at open. Once I got in the back they didn’t even say 4 words to me other than, what do you want! I’m glad I don’t live in Jax because I’d be going other places than more
Paul James
Paul J.
20:34 06 Mar 20
By far the best dispensary in Jax!
Rayveniael Kel'Adoria
Rayveniael K.
04:19 06 Mar 20
Clean facility, friendly knowledgeable staff. A good selection of products. I have not tried them all but will report back if they don’t meet my expectations. Prices seemed typical. Convenient more
00:22 01 Feb 20
I recommend VidaCann to everyone. I just got my license a month ago. I’ve shopped all the places. VidaCann is the best priced by more
Richard Taylor
Richard T.
11:26 31 Jan 20
Great service, no waiting. Best bud I’ve had in years. Will definitely be back
Debbie Montgomery
Debbie M.
21:02 20 Dec 19
I love their products. VidaCann is the only place I shop. Its not expensive because it’s good vape and it last longer than the others. They always have great sales!read more
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