VidaCann Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Miami, FL

11091 Biscayne Blvd - Unit 11091A
Miami, FL 33161

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri 10am – 7pm
Sat 10am – 5pm
Sun 11am – 4pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted

Dispensary – Open

Miami – VidaCann has opened a dispensary location at 11091 Biscayne Blvd in Miami that offers qualified patients relief through a range of all-natural cannabis products, including low-THC, high-CBD cannabis and full-strength medical marijuana.

This Vidacann dispensary products menu in the Miami area will includes a variety CBD oils, THC oils, vape cartridges, tinctures, topicals, oral syringes, capsulesflower, and concentrates. Accessories like vaporizer pens, vaporizers and batteries are sold as well.

VidaCann is proud to offer Stanley Brothers MMJ Products including Charolette’s Web as well as Tikun Olum Products.


Miami – VidaCann delivery RX in the Miami-Dade area is now available. Enjoy the convenience of home delivery of your medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door along with the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone.

Depending on distance, a delivery charge may apply. Call VidaCann to order and schedule a home delivery at 1.800.977.1686 or visit their website to order online.

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What People Are Saying

14:15 16 Dec 21
Love coming here it feels like family. Phil is awesome at what he does, at first I thought he was manager. The way he connects with people on a personal and business level is amazing. He truly does care about his craft and patients. Very open and honest guy and the rest of the team. Very happy and confident. These guys see me at least once a week, and many more to come!read more
M Newman
M N.
23:01 22 Nov 21
The staff is always wonderful good selección and good potency and flower selection
Jordan Cedeno
Jordan C.
17:53 11 Oct 21
Carmen and Ernie are very well informed, they answered all my questions. The selection is incredible, and prices are great!read more
Bailey Layne
Bailey L.
18:05 02 Oct 21
Love this dispensary! Visited with my partner and all of the staff were very kind, and extra helpful! They helped us to understand a hiccup with my partners purchase all while being patient and they really wanted to get our questions answered. Thank you for being awesome!!read more
Jonathan Chan
Jonathan C.
17:32 24 Aug 21
They have am extensive menu and strains. Take a look at the website or it can be a little much on your first visit. Parking lot is in the back and shared. Not much and not the best for Parking but works. They have a lot of promos and great first time customer deal. Also they deliver if more
Kelly Bouaziz
Kelly B.
18:09 07 Aug 21
Pretty new to Florida and got my mmj card about 6 months ago. I've been to almost all of the dispensaries (except fluent & Surterra). I have to say that Vidacann (all locations in south Florida) have blown me away. Honestly, all of my friends tell me to go to trulieve but I've given them so many chances and I'm NEVER happy! I have NEVER been disappointed at any Vidacann location! Their products are exceptional and they aren't any more expensive than anywhere else! If you haven't tried them yet, you are missing the boat friends!! DOn't understand other negative reviews here. I've never had a problem with any flower and their Tikun tinctures taste the best!read more
Manny Vigo
Manny V.
19:15 22 Jul 21
Disappointed after having been a loyal customer for quite some time. Their flower is inconsistent in terms of THC levels hence I decided to go back to the dispensary that I’ve been purchasing from for the past year. Their sales / support staff is also rude and as such can benefit from a solid customer service training!!! Treat your customers dearly and fairly and you will have a customer base for years to come!!!read more
Ari Shapiro
Ari S.
02:37 06 Jul 21
Horrible. The staff was nice but I am really disappointed. I chose their most potent/highest tested THC level buds and it tasted like wood and no feeling at all. I spent $100 and this is what I got? Their carts tasted disgusting/harsh as well. How does this happen when it is legal?!read more
Alejandro Osorio
Alejandro O.
12:34 28 Jun 21
Weak dry buds sold as Tier 1. Or strain was dry and weak. But some occasionally are nice.
brande clay
brande C.
21:25 08 Jun 21
I love VC.The staff is extra nice and they always get you in and out in a timely manner.
marcel belli
marcel B.
19:34 05 Jun 21
Great dispensary, always have products on hand and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
Thuysi Ho
Thuysi H.
12:01 18 May 21
So glad that VidaCann opened the North Miami location on Biscayne Boulevard. Saves me the trip to Deerfield Beach. Love their terpenes, my go to is Duct more
† Nightwing †
† Nightwing †.
17:30 29 Apr 21
Friendly, professional staff, extremely short wait times, very knowledgeable, and above all great product.
Shannon Mccorvey
Shannon M.
18:31 20 Apr 21
Love Vidacann! They have some kind of sale going on always! Super friendly and helpful staff! Awesome quality! No long wait times! They've never disappointed me!read more
Alex Martorelle
Alex M.
22:32 10 Mar 21
Super nice relaxing dispensary with cool vibes from Alexander and my budtender Elizabeth... I Definitely be going back.. . Guys give Vita Cann a try , dont be affraid to walk in . You are gonna be greeted the moment you walk in ! 🙌🏻👌🏻🥳read more
tina barnes
tina B.
21:01 01 Mar 21
I’ve been to Vidacann when they first opened up north. I haven’t been back for about one year. I was at a local dispensary and they told me that way they can open up down the street and that I should check it out. I went but I didn’t have my card on me so I couldn’t purchase that day, so I hung in the waiting room. Just from my waiting room experience I loved everything about it. My friend went in and purchased some flower with his card. Florida dispensary flower is not that great in general.. but the flower that I tried from this dispensary was the best flower from a Florida dispensary I’ve tried in three years in Miami. Amazinggggggg flower from Vidacann !!!!! Also great service as well. P.s ... And I didn’t bring my wallet and I wasn’t rude to them when they told me they wouldn’t let me in so they are just following the rules so don’t be rude to the budtenders 🙂 Anway .. I like this place it’s a 10/10 !!read more
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