VidaCann Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Orlando, FL

1700 N Semoran Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32807

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 10-7
Saturday: 10-5

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted


Dispensary – Open

Orlando – VidaCann now has a dispensary location at 1700 N Semoran Boulevard near the airport that offers qualified patients relief through a range of all-natural cannabis products, including low-THC, high-CBD cannabis and full-strength medical marijuana.

This Vidacann dispensary products menu in Orlando can includes a variety CBD oils, THC oils, vape cartridges, tinctures, topicals, oral syringes, capsulesflower, and concentrates. Accessories like vaporizer pens, vaporizers and batteries are sold as well.

VidaCann is proud to offer Stanley Brothers MMJ Products including Charolette’s Web as well as Tikun Olum Products.


VidaCann Deliveries RX in and around Orlando is now available. Enjoy the convenience of home delivery of your medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door along with the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone.

Depending on distance, a delivery charge may apply. Call VidaCann to order and schedule a home delivery at 1.800.977.1686 or visit their website to order online.

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What People Are Saying

23:33 14 Jan 22
The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The store is clean and uncluttered. This is the only dispensary that I go to. I’ve been to other dispensaries and just walked right out. VidaCann always has a good vibe and excellent product. 👍👍read more
Beth Thompson
Beth T.
11:51 29 Sep 21
Very accommodating and helpful staff who will take as much time as you need to answer any questions. If you order and there are sales or promotions on your product they will always inform you. They have a great rewards points program they keep track of and they will let you know you have enough to get money off your order. When I visited the first time I was guided through the process with care. I have a VidaCann closer to my house but I still prefer this more
Amber Byers
Amber B.
16:21 13 Aug 21
Great customer service. The best v9 carts in Orlando
Frazzled T
Frazzled T
18:55 23 Jul 21
Flowers had seeds and stems. Nice place.I’m new to all methods / types of medical marijuana use. I’m not new to flower, so that’s what I reviewed. My flowers, 2 different strains, had seeds, stems, and leaves. Both my sister and I bought some flowers with other stuff. Her’s also had seeds and stems. I expected more from a more
Moonbeam Bell
Moonbeam B.
04:36 20 Jul 21
Staff is super friendly and helpful. Great discounts for first time purchases. After that, the prices are pretty expensive. Paying $100 for 7 grams of flower is quite disappointing, especially when it is the quality provided. Really hoping VidaCann and other Florida dispensaries can catch up to the quality standards on the West more
Lucas Speirs
Lucas S.
23:01 08 Jul 21
Friendly staff, good selection. Great deal for first time visitors too.
Garris Molden
Garris M.
13:24 05 Jul 21
Awesome place! Awesome staff. *ask for Geo* if hes there. Strong buds!
Donna Gohman
Donna G.
12:33 29 Jun 21
Awesome customer service! Love the many special deals happening here.
To The Gains
To The G.
21:25 10 Jun 21
Gio was awesome! He was very knowledgeable and told me about some discounts I didn’t know about! Thanks for more
Lilia Linquanti
Lilia L.
00:46 19 May 21
A BIG SHOUT OUT TO: JASMINE L….KIARA….ALEXIS…MALLORY..AND BRITTNEY.. THEY DESERVE 10 🌟 STARS…They’re customer service is awesome. They were very patient with me and very informative. I truly appreciate them all. I also like that the place is clean. And the wait times are low. 5 minutes… I will be returning there…read more
Christopher Gagne
Christopher G.
19:26 14 May 21
Absolutely the nicest people possible there. Treat you like a good friend everytime you go in
Suzelle Miller
Suzelle M.
13:38 11 May 21
Although the prices seem fair I don’t seem to fit in there. As a senior medicinal patient I have disabilities.The atmosphere is not easy to deal with. The tape keeps me more than six feet away!Wearing a mask behind clear solid panel and 6+ feet away? ….Really?I am hearing impaired to begin with… did you say something? I can’t even see your lips move! Are they aware of people that are hearing impared shop there?Quality of product avaiable?Mostly mid to low levels THC. Always out off top level stuff! Why? or are they holding back for a favored patient? (I suspect this of several different dispensaries)This dispensary by far has offered the least amount of assistance, education and customer service than any of the 5 I have visited in East Orlando numorous times.That’s understandable since I could not comunicate well with staff, how would they know. Saying I can’t hear you may be a clue? If I look confused 😕…read more
20:44 11 Apr 21
Been to a few dispensaries around Orlando and this was probably my best experience. The staff were super friendly, very educated and the experience was very relaxedread more
Account Payables
Account P.
15:35 08 Apr 21
They did not honor the promotion card given to me by my physician. All the other dispensaries honor the doctor given promotions and discount cards when they are distributed to the patients by their physicians however this company did not honor the coupon therefore they will not be getting any repeat business from me. I do not recommend this company. I drove 30 minutes to get pain relief cream for my bad back and medicine and I was denied saying my doctor was wrong for giving out my discount card I go to Marijuana Express MD in Casselberry and according to VidaCann my doctor is wrong and giving miscommunication / misinformation. Maybe I need a new doctor too. Very disappointed with the poor service and I just referred my mom who was a new patient there yesterday. I will no longer go here or recommend anyone more
Chelsea DeVegas
Chelsea D.
17:48 07 Apr 21
The associates were very helpful, professional, and friendly. This store has many products to choose from. One issue I had was that it seemed like they rush to get you in and out quickly rather than being patient and giving new customers time to educate and make informed purchasing more
Derik Goldman
Derik G.
15:34 24 Mar 21
Save your money Nick the manager worst ever. I went the 1st time to this location to try the gummies. I didn’t need them right away I tried them 4 days later the bags were filled with liquid and the gummies were melted. When I called I spoke with Nick the manager who wanted to accuse me argue with me and tell me its not his problem thats how they are. Every bag is sealed except for one he refused to work with me.Do not go NO COUSTMER SERVICE!!! TREATED ME LIKE more
Antonio Harrison
Antonio H.
14:07 06 Mar 21
Im starting to put vidacann as the best dispensary with flower. That duct tape is the truth. Also try the king dosci
Melinda Irvine
Melinda I.
16:25 15 Feb 21
The staff is knowledgeable of its products and its practices. Decent selection of all Florida owned and operated CBD & THC products. Good sales and promos. Point system available for free more
rachel widd
rachel W.
00:11 09 Feb 21
So I went in to Vidacann to get my first time discount after there was a problem with my scripts last time. Yadira S took care of my order and gave evil looks from the start and little to no effort in customer service. The scripts that I had to make sure I had before I returned? She didn’t even seal the containers with the scripts like she was supposed to before she put the packaging together, plus the person at the front had to come help her with the order as she continued to stare me down. Horrible interaction with Yadira S and don’t plan to have her take care of me more
Aqua Thomas
Aqua T.
22:36 07 Feb 21
Thank you all for a wonderful experience. The Tikun Eran Almog is the TRUTH! I have severe RA, migraines, etc….I was in EXTREME PAIN when I walked in and hadn’t slept.Semoran location was very sweet and helpful. They led me to the rt products to help. I was so pleased yesterday, that I made another order as soon as I got home because I don’t want to run out! I hope I enjoy Alaska as much as THE T.E.A! Your bud tenders are very knowledgeable and kind. JUST AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE!read more
Jake Romeo
Jake R.
14:05 21 Jan 21
Clean, safe, and professional. Great customer service and quality products!
Dwayne Habner
Dwayne H.
02:41 08 Jan 21
Honestly is the go to place for carts. I mean fire carts. Take you to the Moon carts. But today I received this one particular c-cell that allows me to control air flow. Str8 fire. Btw the staff friendly and I never wait longer than 5 more
Emily Harvey
Emily H.
19:44 02 Jan 21
First time discount is amazing. $55 off $100. Picked up an Alaska cartridge and an eighth of duct tape! Haven’t tried it yet but I’m happy with my choices and the customer service I more
Scott “Scooter”
Scott “.
19:18 22 Dec 20
Friendly and great quality nugz in classy glass jars instead of cheap plastic like most places.
00:10 10 Dec 20
Major bummer!Sub par flower. I was really looking forward to some nice Durban Poisen but what I got was loose, ratty, low quality dry buds!NOT what one should expect from a “professional” grow dispensary.Yes, it’s a plant and plants vary but these were rushed into packaging with very low qualityI should have known when web site price was $50. but upon check out it was only $36.Great to save cash but not at loss of quality!Add some seeds and you have “ditch weed” of days more
Richard Grey
Richard G.
18:20 30 Nov 20
This is a jewel for me. Always awesome product, well stocked and they love veterans and the points always help. Thanks Vidacann (semoran) you all are more
Evan Maukonen
Evan M.
15:27 14 Nov 20
These folks have always been efficient and kind; staff is knowledgeable and helpful.Edit: it’s also worth noting that whatever they’re “in” or “out” of seems to be reflected almost instantly on their website — which is very helpful — and they have frequent specials and flash sales.Additionally, I’m super glad I tried the sublingual concentrates; *chef kisses* — second best idea I’ve ever more
M Belnour
M B.
19:36 07 Nov 20
Great employees, friendly and knowledgeable about their products. I bought few different products. The RSO syringe is pretty great as well as the carts. The flower is just horrible and over priced. Smells like expired tea 😂💀read more
mark estrada
mark E.
06:19 27 Oct 20
They are good but flower had been low or sold out🤷🏽‍♂️
amber rose
amber R.
20:00 24 Sep 20
I LOVE THIS STORE!! I never wait long. Everyone has a good attitude. It’s hard to understand just what might work for me. So all I can do is describe my issues. I always walk out happy. My product is what was described to me. I appreciate that. It’s never a waste of money. Like another location I once visited! I really appreciate you guys customer more
Teddy Diaz
Teddy D.
17:13 21 Sep 20
Really chill but hated that they upsold my gf.
A Google User
A Google U.
12:38 17 Sep 20
Not a fan of the strains, the flower is old and dry and not flavorful.. the carts aren’t bad
Cordel Comrie
Cordel C.
14:45 12 Sep 20
The best dispensary I have been to yet in Florida.
Ga L
Ga L
11:40 12 Sep 20
First time coming in to Vidacann and was very shocked at the service. Place was highly recommended but the desk clerk didn’t even acknowledge it was my first time. I tried to ask a few questions and was very short with me. And they ran out of ones so I was paid in quarters. I really hope you get better with your first time patients. Patients are the reason you guys have a business and should try a little harder to impact your customers more
Carlos Ruiz
Carlos R.
13:35 28 Aug 20
Very knowledgeable staff and I always feel welcome!
Evan Maukonen
Evan M.
16:11 13 Aug 20
These folks have always been efficient and kind; staff is knowledgeable and helpful.Edit: it’s also worth noting that whatever they’re “in” or “out” of seems to be reflected almost instantly on their website — which is very helpful — and they have frequent specials and flash more
Dave Staley
Dave S.
16:27 30 Jul 20
Excellent product and service, have fantastic DABS, hoping they will carry shatter and crumble soon…
Adrian Robey II
Adrian Robey I.
14:21 30 Jul 20
I’ve walked into most Dispensaries in Central Florida since March 2019, and while It has not been a long time, I have come across many different people. Now I won’t name names, but it seems that VidaCann has a higher level of professionalism than others. It seems that everyone who works there is aware and awake. They are very inviting and very calm. It was very pleasant to walk out of that store with my Good Quality Product. Without a doubt, VidaCann easily places among Top 3 Best Dispensaries in Central more
Richard Duran
Richard D.
17:27 28 Jul 20
Gio and Sam were both great! Very knowledgeable, pleasant first VidaCann purchase. Flower is great, will definitely be back👍🏻read more
Evan Maukonen
Evan M.
18:53 20 Jul 20
These folks have always been efficient and kind, even when I absentmindedly tried to walk out without paying, they were kind. I take all the credit for this as it’s more or less par for me most days.Also, Tikun is the way to go :)Edit: it’s also worth noting that whatever they’re “in” or “out” of seems to be reflected almost instantly on their website — which is good for a number of more
Savvy Blake
Savvy B.
21:48 15 Jul 20
Kiara was super helpful and answered all our questions. Product line was was really interesting and she explained them all very knowledgeably. Very impressed w how clean and hygienic the store wasread more
Jeremy Perez
Jeremy P.
16:19 13 Jul 20
Knowledgable, friendly and respectful staff. I come from the Midwest cannabis industry and have had dissappointing interactions with most Central Florida dispensaries. VidaCann is one of the few that offers consistent service, product and just overall a professional and friendly experience. Don’t let the prices deter you. You get what you pay more
T Dennis
T D.
02:02 13 Jul 20
Great place and great staff and flower.must visit if your in the orlando area.
Meg Rhodes
Meg R.
18:27 25 Jun 20
Very clean, fast, and professional, make sure you stand behind the red obsticle they have. Pleasant first experience and you get $55 off when you spend over $100 ( 1st time visits only ) one thing that sucked is they weren’t sure when some merchandise was going to be in? And the employee made me feel like I’d be lucky if it ever came more
Nathaly Carney
Nathaly C.
18:00 12 Jun 20
Outstanding Customer Service!!!!!! And employees with great attitudes. I’m glad I found you all thanks again for everyone’s helpread more
Silver Starguard
Silver S.
17:04 05 Jun 20
Love it. Use their brand instead of the other ones. It’s locally grown and usually cheaper, but still more potent.
cesar guerrero
cesar G.
20:32 04 Jun 20
Really good people and great service I like to go to vidacann
Joey Arlo
Joey A.
20:49 20 May 20
Brittany was fantastic! I also work in the medical cannabis field and I was super happy to see someone so educated. The product she suggested was awesome and our transaction was a breeze. The girl at the front desk was also very friendly but I do not remember her name. Overall it was a great experience!read more
16:09 15 May 20
Wonderful and close by! I recently got my card approved but they have not mailed it yet. They accept your driver’s license instead! Thanks for not turning me away like they did at curaleaf. Your staff is very knowledgeable and chill AF. I totally forgot the name of the girl who helped me, but she was a total peach and was able to reccomend the best products for my condition. I have chronic pain and your vape cartridges are fast working and effective! Dtp is my favorite so far. My only complaint is that it can get pricey. But they have a lot of different affordable options like the pre-rolls and capsules. I want to sign up for the rewards program but you have to be 21. I guess I’ll sign up next month when I turn 21 next month, lol. But I will surely be a loyal customer now, you guys are the best! Thank you VitaCann for making my life a lot easierand pain-free!read more
David Sebba
David S.
19:28 13 Apr 20
This store deserves all the love. Clean, friendly and efficient.I feel like I’m family when I walk in and they have great effective products.Make sure to use your first time discount on the Tikun Olam line of vape cartridges.I’d love to give kudos to Nick and Charlie for excellent customer satisfaction skills as well. They turned me into a loyal customer for life.Thanks gang!read more
Giehl Fit
Giehl F.
16:46 09 Mar 20
The best place in town only one you can get Tikun. One you try Tikun brand name strains of anything you will never go to any other brand. Straight from Israel. They have been in cannabis research way longer than us. You’re more
Luke Marcus
Luke M.
03:27 03 Jan 20
Nice little spot but it’s hard to know what they have in stock sometimes because Leafly and their website aren’t updated too more
Stuart Levine
Stuart L.
18:14 14 Dec 19
Major concern each trip…… their stock is always in question., yet it doesn’t stop their advertising via text and email. Why offer discounts and flash sales when your out of stock items regularly? The disappointment adds up and pushes your customers to other stocked businesses. Demand appears to exceed their ability. The discounts attract you in, only to find “out of stock” is what you have to work more
Roger C Minger jr
Roger C Minger J.
16:59 12 Dec 19
The hands down best medical marijuana ive had the pleasure to come across. Staff is excellent amd very knowledgeable. Atmosphere is second to none compared to most other locations. HIGHLY recommend!!read more
David Cajigas
David C.
18:47 08 Dec 19
Full spectrum products are phenomenal but staff can use work. The floor is empty looks shady that way, workers are nice but all they asked is what I want not what I more
16:35 20 Aug 19
I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to write a review, but this is my favorite dispensary brand in the state. The Tikun line is phenomenal and the Alaska specifically will change how you look at vape carts I promise. Tikun’s tinctures are also awesome, easy to use and taste like orange as opposed to everyone else’s that taste like mint which I hate. Their house branded line is also great. I love the duct tape and PCK strains At this location the staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. They also run great sales often if you sign up for their text alerts and have a great rewards program! What’s not to like? That’s rhetorical there is more
Predatormv .
Predatormv .
16:34 20 Aug 19
I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to write a review, but this is my favorite dispensary brand in the state. The Tikun line is phenomenal and the Alaska specifically will change how you look at vape carts I promise. Tikun’s tinctures are also awesome, easy to use and taste like orange as opposed to everyone else’s that taste like mint which I hate. Their house branded line is also great. I love the duct tape and PCK strains At this location the staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. They also run great sales often if you sign up for their text alerts and have a great rewards program! What’s not to like? That’s rhetorical there is more
Andrea Bartosh-Collins
Andrea B.
17:17 13 May 19
I’m not a pessimist nor an optimist but a realist . And , to be real … my first impression was incredibly shotty from the Orlando location . As , they gave away MY order . Not cool . However,Daytona was the opposite. 100% customer service from the initial call to place my order down to the long drive and pleasant greetings upon arrival . Heck of a job VidaCann Daytona!read more
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