VidaCann Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Orlando, FL

7400 Southland Blvd
Orlando, FL 3289

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 10-7
Saturday: 10-5

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted

Dispensary – Open

Orlando – VidaCann now has a second dispensary location at 7400 Southland Blvd that offers Florida medical card patients relief through a range of all-natural cannabis products, including low-THC, high-CBD cannabis and full-strength medical marijuana.

This Vidacann dispensary products menu in Orlando can includes a variety CBD oils, THC oils, vape cartridges, tinctures, topicals, oral syringes, capsulesflower, and concentrates. Accessories like vaporizer pens, vaporizers and batteries are sold as well.

VidaCann is proud to offer Stanley Brothers MMJ Products including Charolette’s Web as well as Tikun Olum Products.


VidaCann Deliveries RX in and around Orlando is now available. Enjoy the convenience of home delivery of your medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door along with the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone.

Depending on distance, a delivery charge may apply. Call VidaCann to order and schedule a home delivery at 1.800.977.1686 or visit their website to order online.

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What People Are Saying

11:02 20 Oct 20
Mallory was so sweet! I enjoy the curbside pickup, havent tried the product yet but just the experience went great, will be back!Flower is dry, low thc, very more
22:33 15 Oct 20
Mallory was so sweet! I enjoy the curbside pickup, havent tried the product yet but just the experience went great, will be back!read more
JC c
JC c
19:51 15 Oct 20
I like quick places, and vidacann delivers.. I would love to see even more flowers.. But its still a great dispensary
Ashley Boyle
Ashley B.
14:21 09 Sep 20
I will never buy from this place again . I went and purchased 4 re rolls one didn’t burn at all it basically burned the pre roll without be being able to smoke . I called location for help and asked if I could exchange it as this is my medicine and it helps me cope with my pain . The lady who answered “ crystal “ was super sweet and helpful I asked if I could exchange she went to manager and the manager basically told her there is nothing they can do to help me all flower sales are final . So basically they took my money sold me a defaulty product and there’s nothing they can do how ridiculousread more
Lee Cohen
Lee C.
19:57 06 Sep 20
First time visitor today. Loved that it had curbside pickup. I also really liked the first time perk. Bud seems pretty good, but I haven't tried everything i got so more
Dee B
Dee B
23:20 26 Aug 20
Very Professional! Kearria, Reed, Alexis, and I didn't get the fourth guy name were very informative, patient and answered all questions that I had. I went to the nearest Vidacann as a walk in and I'm glad that I did. Thank you very much Reed the King Douse is a good tier 2 indica! The fastest Dispensary I have been too! I also like the black rope (6ft) more
Dazed Vaper
Dazed V.
22:44 14 Aug 20
Received an email alerting that Tikun Alaska flower was stocked and also 20% off today only (8/14/20). Placed my online Express Pickup order at the VidaCann Southland location this morning. Within a minute receiving the auto-generated text message, another comes in notifying pickup is ready. Arriving on location twenty minutes later, my two Alaska Sativa flower is fulfilled. Upon entering I’m given a warm welcome and assisted immediately. Sujay was the budtender who helped with my order, friendly and knowledgeable. Clocking in at 13.2% THC with 1.99% terpenes, inexperienced patients will assume it’s of lesser potency. Let them keep thinking that - save the quality flower for us. Keep the amazing products flowing VidaCann! Follow IG: Jay @dazed_vaperread more
ulysses vargas
ulysses V.
15:25 11 Aug 20
Excelent, One of the best dispensaries I've ever been to, also very fast .
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