VidaCann Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Port Charlotte, FL

1100 El Jobean Road #112
Port Charlotte, FL 33948

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 10-7
Saturday: 10-5

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted


Dispensary – Open

VidaCann now has a dispensary location at 1100 El Jobean Road in Port Charlotte, FL 33948 is open and offers qualified Florida MedCard patients relief through a range of all-natural cannabis products, including low-THC, high-CBD cannabis and full-strength medical marijuana.

This Vidacann dispensary products menu in Port Charlotte can includes a variety CBD oils, THC oils, vape cartridges, tinctures, topicals, oral syringes, capsulesflower, and concentrates. Accessories like vaporizer pens, vaporizers and batteries are sold as well.

VidaCann is proud to offer Stanley Brothers MMJ Products including Charolette’s Web as well as Tikun Olum Products.


VidaCann Deliveries RX in and around Port Charlotte is now available. Enjoy the convenience of home delivery of your medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door along with the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone.

Depending on distance, a delivery charge may apply. Call VidaCann to order and schedule a home delivery at 1.800.977.1686 or visit their website to order online.

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What People Are Saying

Buzz Anderson
Buzz A.
22:35 20 Jan 22
I bought the Tikun Avidekel infused cream and am very happy with it. It has 300mg cbd and 150 thc. There is no cannabis smell to it and it works really quickly on my knee pain. It also has anti-aging abilities. This stuff really helps with pain without any side effects. I haven’t noticed any tiredness or effects of lessened alertness. Other pain meds can cause elevated liver enzymes and ulcers so this is definitely worth the money!read more
mike adams
mike A.
17:25 13 Jan 22
Great place,friendly people. Need more flower at 20.
Gregory Ritz
Gregory R.
17:36 22 Dec 21
One of the best selections of marijuana in our area. Special sales are awesome and you can often get items at half price. Only complaint? The depth of items is very small at least in our area. No budder, no crumble, just smokeables and edibles. That's a tad frustrating. The people in the store are VERY nice and correct any issues more
Jerry & Lorie Widmann
Jerry & Lorie W.
19:38 15 Dec 21
They've got some great products. Friendly and helpful. Beat place around !
Kyle Baldrich
Kyle B.
19:05 14 Nov 21
The PCK badder is on point! The medical effects, and terpene % really make this product worth stopping in and picking up. They have good deals avaliable, and Jared is excellent with his product knowledge, and patient more
Laila Smith
Laila S.
23:22 12 Nov 21
Loved how the associate came outside in the rain to give me my meds, its that extra mile and a smile that makes this place more
Chris Lawson
Chris L.
22:37 08 Nov 21
Jade Leonard
Jade L.
21:41 30 Oct 21
I use to love this place as it carried some of my favorite flower and was great quality! That unfortunately hasn’t been the case for about 2-3 months now. I actually gave up during my last visit when figuring out what they had was difficult from not updating their menus in store or online for this location. Go to their website today and you can see what I’m talking about! They have literally types of whole flower only, and only 4 types at all if you include pre-roll with it! I’ve tried different days, checking daily, and this is just their new normal now from what I can tell. If you are looking for decent variety of good flower in the area, I’d avoid this place and check out Surterra. While their edible game isn’t AS good, they are just as good with all other forms and have a variety of strains with effects from mild to strong based on what you are looking for and how the different types effect you. I hope Vidacann gets back the variety they use to have because it honestly use to be my favorite place in the area!read more
Bakincakes Bakincakes
Bakincakes B.
12:21 27 Oct 21
If you don't care about quality this is the place for you. Flower is absolutely horrible. Don't waste your money!
Allstar Jim
Allstar J.
00:51 15 Sep 21
Staff was on point today at the PC location. I really love the edibles from here, they are some of the best as far as taste and potency imo. I also get the distillates from here because they burn the cleanest in my rig. They have some really good product and really good deals to take advantage of. I think people overlook them because they dont have as big a presence as others do but the product is top more
Jerry & Lorie Widmann
Jerry & Lorie W.
17:50 24 Aug 21
Lot of new help. Appear to have excellent trainers and it went very well.
kid flash
kid F.
18:55 13 Aug 21
The staff was wonderful and products are exceptional. I recommend the champagne breakfast and strawberry cough
Bakincakes Bakincakes
Bakincakes B.
15:52 11 Aug 21
Okay, so the Margalope is amazing and I am starting to really like Vidacann alot. Thank you for making my day a little better! 40% OFF OF Sativa and got huge buds glistening with beautiful Trichomes.When other dispensaries have a sale in my experience its usually garbage. Everytime Vidacann has a sale its fire not no garbage just a real sale!read more
Maxine Lanford
Maxine L.
20:45 03 Aug 21
Currently my favorite dispensary The people, the selection, and hardly no wait time makes this a absolutely painless process and they're so informational and willing to help guide you through your purchase highly recommendread more
Becky Eastwood
Becky E.
23:18 10 Jul 21
My enthusiasm was awesome 1st time here! Front desk Lady deserves a raise. So sorry I forget her name. Very sweet- she informed me of more information than I could ever imagine- ☆☆☆☆☆Ben was the best bud tender ever- this Dispensary is awesome, great knowledge, great service, fast, clean, friendly, 5☆☆☆☆☆ stars !! I'm so excited, I can't wait until my next visit!! Everyone I refer you to check this place out- awesome Swag!!5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆read more
Sabrina Williams
Sabrina W.
21:23 10 Jul 21
Had a good experience all 4 times visiting this store. They have really good deals, and discounts.
Becky Eastwood
Becky E.
23:53 22 Jun 21
My enthusiasm was awesome 1st time here! Front desk Lady deserves a raise. So sorry I forget her name. Very sweet- she informed me of more information than I could ever imagine- ☆☆☆☆☆Ben was the best bud tender ever- this Dispensary is awesome, great knowledge, great service, fast, clean, friendly, 5☆☆☆☆☆ stars !! I'm so excited, I can't wait until my next visit!! Everyone I refer you to check this place out- awesome Swag!!5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆read more
Becca Joyce
Becca J.
13:22 14 Jun 21
Saturday was my first visit. It was fast and so easy. Tiffany was such a pleasure to meet and was a tremendous help. I definitely will make the drive again.. Thank you !!!read more
Bakincakes Bakincakes
Bakincakes B.
16:37 02 Jun 21
Tropicana haze smells like hay and has very mellow tiring effects. And its a top sativa??..Mac 1 smelled good and had good effects tasted good as well. Definitely getting that Mac 1 again but, never wasting $50 on that Tropicana more
Michele Mcleod
Michele M.
18:02 30 May 21
Again quick, friendly service . Tiffany was helpful and pleasant. My meds were good as well. Ty
Rob Norwood
Rob N.
17:34 06 May 21
Nice staff, stopped in to take advantage of the 55 off 100 deal and I couldn’t resist trying out the Pakistani chitrail Kush. Smells interesting, actually the weirdest smelling weed, it’s like perfume and now I smell like I’m wearing a nice cologne, not like I just smoked some weed. It’s not at all what I would hope for in a Kush strain. The smoke is smooth but has very little flavor. I didn’t think I liked it until the buzz kicked in, very pleasant uplifting high that makes you feel like you’re wearing a headband (why headband is called headband) I would never guess this was a Kush, my favorite strain! Not bad just nothing close to what I was hoping for for in a Kush, flavor wise.. Also they don’t have concentrates which is kind of a bummer. I’ll try a few more strains before I cast my final judgement. First experience there and so far meh!read more
21:35 22 Apr 21
Where do I even begin?? The entire staff has always been very patient and kind to me. I am the mom that wants to know all of the terpene profiles on everything I purchase to help my son. They are always more than willing to help me look those up!! I will also say that I have gone to 4 Florida dispensaries and VidaCann is the only one that I’ve dealt with that has the lab reports readily available on their website and it’s accessible to the patients!!! (you just need the batch and lot number from your product) but since it’s right on the website you can review it before purchasing.I haven’t encountered any employees that aren’t courteous, friendly and professional!!I originally went to this dispensary because they carry Tikun Olam products and I am so thankful I did. It’s been a rough road learning the ins and outs of medical marijuana and what will and won’t work for my son with autism but the staff at Port Charlotte VidaCann have made it a pleasant journey!!! They ROCK!!! Thank you so much for being so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly!!!read more
LArry RIch
LArry R.
02:40 18 Apr 21
This place is my favorite , full carts of quality products I love the Tikun Brand, real medicine 👍👍👍read more
John Sanders
John S.
15:32 12 Apr 21
Great place in and out pretty quick . Great stuff little pricey but good stuff . Every time I've been service was great .read more
donna kordes
donna K.
21:05 04 Apr 21
They are experts in the field of THC / CBD pain relief, always willing to help with your questions.
angela stilwell
angela S.
14:29 08 Mar 21
The best service! I love this dispensary. It is such a quick in and out when I am in a rush. I love the vibe I get when I go in this place the team members are so pleasant and upbeat. Makes the day that much better❤️❤️read more
Felicia Walsh
Felicia W.
15:39 01 Feb 21
I decided to revise my review of this location. I receive consistently friendly service with the representatives and in a timely manner. Miranda specifically, has a very personable and happy attitude every time. I enjoy my visits here and will continue to come even though a new dispensary has opened up much closer to me.Thanks for the great customer more
14:27 28 Jan 21
Thus far the best experience that my significant other has had with dispensaries and we drive out of the way to go to more
joseph ennis
joseph E.
18:46 10 Jan 21
The man working in front was very polite and so were the staff in bCknof the dispensary very helpful this was a good dispensary in my opinion and had everything in stock that I came to get inwill continue shopping here because of good customer service and product availabilityread more
Sandra Williams
Sandra W.
21:43 08 Jan 21
Well Heelllooo MJ, staff friendly and knowledgeable, will be BACK!!
Tim Glod
Tim G.
15:10 02 Jan 21
There staff is very knowledgable, helpful and friendly! Great dispensary!
Alyssa Karr
Alyssa K.
20:18 01 Jan 21
My online order was ready instantly and Miranda was an absolute delight. So polite and willing to answer any questions! Brian at the front was awesome as well, thanks y’all, I’ll be back 🙂read more
Kyle Baldrich
Kyle B.
10:02 24 Nov 20
Vape carts are always good. I like this place when I'm in a hurry because your in and out quick.
Taurino Perez
Taurino P.
00:13 14 Nov 20
Really low staff waited 50 mins in the lobby to be brought to the back I get there's online orders to make this faster but its really not even that its crazy how q dispensary has you wait this long thankfully there is other dispensary that take alot better with more
Mr. W!seguy
Mr. W.
19:33 10 Sep 20
can not order or get any information over the phone and i cant always look online.
Keith Ricciardi
Keith R.
16:21 29 Aug 20
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Top quality strains that are not available at other dispensaries in the area. Highly recommend more
Laurel Infante
Laurel I.
12:27 06 Aug 20
My favorite dispensary. The staff at Vidacann Port Charlotte is by far the best I've come across. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Their products are always in stock ( as to what their website says) and I've never been disappointed with anything that I've purchased. Three added bonuses- if you sign up to receive texts and/or emails you're notified when they have sales and they are definitely worth taking advantage of, and they seem to have sales almost every day. Also it's a good idea to sign up for the rewards program where you accumulate points towards $$ off your future purchases. And lastly I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate the curbside pickup. It is the only dispensary around my area that offers it. Great job Vidacann!read more
Cassandra B
Cassandra B
18:25 23 Jul 20
I typically use delivery service, and this was my first time using this company. Great and properly cured product, nice staff, and easy website. Delivery went very smooth. Looking forward to returning!read more
David S
David S
19:39 18 Jul 20
I've always enjoyed Vidacann products, especially the Tikun line. I was disappointed that as a senior citizen who requested curbside delivery, my purchase was delivered by an employee not wearing a mask. When asked about it, she told me there's no law requiring masks. Not the answer I expect from a "health care" more
Felicia Walsh
Felicia W.
02:43 18 Jul 20
After a year of coming to this location, I was turned away. The last time I was in I had mentioned that my card was expiring and had an appointment to renew and asked to confirm that I couldn’t come back until I had the new card and I was then told that as long as I had the confirmation email that it was renewed then I could return while I waited for my card. However when I went in today with the email in hand they would not accept it. I had driven a very long way to get there and after being provided misinformation by them I was denied service. Inform your team of your policy if you’d like to keep your customers happy because this one will not be more
Vanessa Beaton
Vanessa B.
23:15 17 Jul 20
I am a regular at VidaCann. The employees are very nice. The products are good. The products are reasonably price. I also like that I don’t spend a lot of time waiting when I come to get medication. I normally always have a very positive experience when I come here. I even referred my mother to this establishment to purchase medicine. However this time I didn’t have a very positive experience. I know that VidaCann closes at 7 PM. I showed up literally as it turned 7 PM. I even had watched the manager walk back in the back after she had just finished lockingthe front door. So I totally understand that I showed up at the very last second, literally right at closing time. I understand that there’s duties that need to be done at closing, so transactions need to stop at a specific time in order to ensure employees get home at a reasonable hour and can get other duties done. However a patient walked out at 7PM allowing me to have access inside. I asked if they could take one more person considering it had just turned 7PM, I was told no. It would have taken maybe a couple of minutes for my transaction considering I already knew what I wanted. Not to mention, because the patient had just walked out I knew they were nowhere near closing out their books or whatever it is they need to do prior to leaving. I just Wish that considering the current times, they would’vetaken a couple extra minutes to make a sale before the end of the night especially for such a good customer who has even brought them several patients. A little bit of compassion goes a long way. Just my opinion more
21:17 07 Jul 20
It seems I never have a good experience when I visit this location. First off when you call to see if they have product in their inventory they tell you to check online. Some people are not computer savvy and if I’m already calling as a customer why is this information not provided over the phone. Even if you have customers I’m also a customer inquiring. My wife and I are licensed medical card holders for some time now an we’ve been to this location a few times before with no issues me accompanying her. I’ve provided my license but my wife was planning to purchase since I forgot my card. My license was returned to me and I was told I couldn’t go in as a visitor even though I’m eligible to purchase. My wife had a hard time understanding what she wanted when she was being served because usually I’m with her or vice versa. I understand you guys have your rules & regulations to follow but you guys are very inconsistent, and no explanation on why I couldn’t be there to assist my wife or possibly me making a purchase myself. Me personally from my experiences with you guys, I would never return or support any VidaCann dispensary nor more
Victoria Nealy
Victoria N.
20:03 03 Jul 20
BEST MANAGER EVER!! If everyone who worked here was like that man there, this place would be bomb af. So let’s make some clones and get it poppinread more
Amanda Berndsen
Amanda B.
10:55 19 Jun 20
Amazing place. Products are great and staff here is even better! Highly recommended!
17:49 10 Jun 20
I haven't had delivery yet, but I've been inside a couple dozen times, and every time is a breeze. The employees know their stuff and are willing to answer any questions, everything is restocked pretty frequently, the prices are great (relevant to people who are just comparing companies), and from the time I walk in the door WITHOUT an online order to the time I leave is no more than 10 minutes at any time. Plus, Tikun products are more
Lynda Parker
Lynda P.
00:47 03 Jun 20
Very first time ever in a dispensary and they made the experience simple and easy and quick
Tyan Ellsworth
Tyan E.
02:37 31 May 20
Love the people who work here, it's just that VidaCann is really slow at getting tabs in Sativa. I have been waiting month's for them to get em out. It's not the people in the dispenser it's the freaking company. I'm an agoraphobic, which the capsule helped me to get out of my home!!!!!!! Please get the tablets in, like yesterday!!!!!!!! I will definitely raise my score when this more
Robert Mueller
Robert M.
18:58 05 May 20
Purchased a vape cartridge on March 13 did not try it until April 27 at that time it would not work battery is ok other vapes work ,took back to store in original package and was told there is a 10 day return policy. First of all I good find nothing about a return policy in all of the website and secondly with covid19 I waited until the governor gave us the ok to maybe stick your head outside. Very poor customer service would not recommend this dispensaryread more
Tymia Benton
Tymia B.
15:12 05 May 20
Love Vidacann. Very clean! And professional staff. Flower is great.
Meg Cornell
Meg C.
18:15 14 Apr 20
Oh man. Such a disappointing experience with the delivery service during a pandemic. My husband is a permanently disabled veteran who thankfully is able to keep a part time job. Unfortunately for him and his service related PTSD, the driver said that no matter what time you schedule a delivery, not only will the person bring it whenever they feel like it rather than the scheduled time, but if you aren't home you don't get your delivery. When asked why this was the driver responded along the lines of- if he is ahead of schedule and you aren't home when he brings it, it's not his problem. Frankly after spending more than $1200 there, we expected a little better customer service for our more
jacob hensley
jacob H.
16:29 13 Apr 20
Very bad concentrate packaging. Every other dispensary I’ve been to uses a wax paper so that the product doesn’t melt and seep into jar lid and ultimately loosing product. Which obviously happened to me on my short drive home. I called the store to ask for an exchange and they simply said no because it wasn’t their fault. In my opinion it is because of your packaging. Also I was expecting either crumble or shatter but it’s just loose oil... I’ll shop more
23:58 26 Mar 20
First time in the dispensary, first glance very clean very welcoming.. I had got the tinkin Alaska vape...Not bad lil pricey and no flower the difference is a cleaner hit I think vs harsh or smooth or nothing for some..lookin forward to my 2nd vist..thanksread more
19:50 14 Mar 20
yesterday my friend and myself bought bg vape..i have 2 cracked ribs..needed something smooth..hit her vape once..coughing...bad coarse throat ..never opened mine.NO REFUND POLICY...even on unopened pkg.!! Vidacann needs to burn some acetone out of product!!! MUV will be in Northport in 3 weeks..and Trulieve ALWAYS or un open...will never go to Vidacann again. But the manager and desk girl were awesomeread more
Joseph E
Joseph E
18:26 12 Mar 20
This is a decent dispensary prices are ok product quality is good for your first purchase if it's over $100 they give you $55 off and then a good discount on your second purchase as well they were a lot faster at creating my account here than some other dispensaries i have been to so i didn't have to waste a lot of time here they called me into the back pretty quickly and were very friendly,helpful,knew their product line the vidacann products were cheaper than the name brands which is nice i would recommend this dispensary to anyone looking for quality cannabis products i go here mainly for the pain cream because i have terrible shoulder arthritis as a side effect of the immunotherapy i take for cancer their cream is stronger then the other dispensaries at 300mg so i really recommend tou try it out it's very useful lets me get to sleep at night i will make this the only dispensary i use from now on i believeUpdate: i saw another review mention that there was no hand sanitizer on site i was just in this Vidacann location and did see hand sanitizer available for clients on the counter maybe they were out at the time this other customer stopped in and please be aware that there is a massive shortage of hand sanitizer everywhere from people panic buying Vidacann is a very modern,clean establishment i was pleasantly surprised when i first saw Vidacann it's spotlessly clean likena doctors office i wouldn't be worried about contracting anything here and i am an immunocompromised cancer patientread more
Tyler R
Tyler R
16:10 25 Feb 20
Will never be back used to go all the time. Purchased a pre rolled for top dollar when i opened it the paper was not even sealed shut so it was loose flower pretty much too fine to re roll and just good for bowls. I dont smoke bowls so i buy these. Went to location to see what could be done and they told me nothing not even a discounted price on a new one. I will never be back and will go to Trulieve from now on where they run a company that will stand by the products they sell. It is more
wyatt dineen
wyatt D.
21:57 25 Jan 20
The mandarin cookies was fire. kind of a creeper very soothing and uplifting. overall the nugs looked really nice. The selling point was the taste hands down best taste ive had in a while for medical flower. The female staff upfront were cool. my budtender was a dude and told me the thc content dident matter as much as the other stuff after I asked him for a couple percent's of the strains. I dident know if he was trying to rush me out the door or he believed that. But I feel like a lot of the patients want to know the batch and what it tests at. just to begin with you should know that's great info for the patient. Also if your saying 13 percent makes me feel the same as 23 percent with a bullet fragment in my neck on my end your just wrong. not even close to be honest we measure that stuff for a reason because it matters. Bud tender felt like he was selling street weed. i wasent feeling it. The best part of fl medical program is the sincerity of the batch tests. Any other state has town people growing good stuff but you really don't know how strong it is because the companies that measure that data are really quick to take money to boost percents of the flower for the open or medical market. the fl program I feel has honest test results because you see a lot of low batches for reasons I am not aware. seems to be a natural pattern like they are getting there facilities or genes dialed in. instead of everything being off the charts like cali where greed runs the market not science. please don't tell a cannabis nerd the thc percent does not matter. IT KINDA MEANS ALOT no cap. more
Julie Christian
Julie C.
13:25 02 Dec 19
Wonderful, helpful and patient staff! They had more variety of flower than anyone I have visited in Florida. I plan on going back next time I need more products. The buds were very good quality - up there with Colorado where I used to live!read more
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