VidaCann Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in St Petersburg, FL

10688 Gandy Blvd
St Petersburg, FL 33702

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 10-7
Saturday: 10-5

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted

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Dispensary – Open

St Petersburg – VidaCann now has a dispensary location at 10688 Gandy Blvd that offers qualified patients relief through a range of all-natural cannabis products, including low-THC, high-CBD cannabis and full-strength medical marijuana.

This Vidacann dispensary products menu in Pinellas County can includes a variety CBD oils, THC oils, vape cartridges, tinctures, topicals, oral syringes, capsulesflower, and concentrates. Accessories like vaporizer pens, vaporizers and batteries are sold as well.

VidaCann is proud to offer Stanley Brothers MMJ Products including Charolette’s Web as well as Tikun Olum Products.


VidaCann delivery RX in and around St Petersburg is now available. Enjoy the convenience of home delivery of your medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door along with the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone.

Depending on distance, a delivery charge may apply. Call VidaCann to order and schedule a home delivery at 1.800.977.1686 or visit their website to order online.

VidaCann Dispensaries

What People Are Saying

Joey b
Joey b
23:56 30 Sep 21
Excellent dispensary! The staff is very knowledgeable about their products and go above and beyond to help you find the right products for you. Willie is awesome and everyone else is absolutely amazing! at helping me figure out what I need,they makr you feel so welcome. your not just a sale, like the actually more
Brooke Holstrom
Brooke H.
16:29 13 Sep 21
Came in today not expecting to have a huge sale in carts. Willy or Willie had helped me he was super knowledgeable and friendly!! He’s the best !read more
20:52 30 Aug 21
First time customer and bought vape cart that stopped working after first day!! Contacted customer service and they said to call shop… Explained issue and told not sure why it would not work. Told me to drive across town to make sure it was not my new vape pen, it is not. Then when I tell her the issue is it it not screwing all the way, she says “well we are getting rid of that line” Helloooo this is probably the reason. guess Vidacann does NOT stand behind their product, guess because they know it is sub standard. Reddit reviews have same issue with same product!Not driving across town for you to decide if you should do right thing or send me away unsatisfied!! Too many better companies that stand behind their more
Andrea George
Andrea G.
21:30 31 Jul 21
Super service, and the quality is on point everytime. Vape cartridges to flower they have never disappointed me.Second visit: showed up sat in lobby waiting for the guys behind the wall to stop gossiping, just for them to come around the corner and tell me they are closed, they can’t help me. The door was open, lights on, sitting in the lobby. more
J Wolford
J W.
20:32 25 Jun 21
Everyone at Gandy Vidacann is awesome. Willie your the man! 💯Vidacann, thank you so much!
Trevor Papachristos
Trevor P.
18:11 24 Jun 21
Great experience and top quality products, the only reason I’m giving 3 stars is because they don’t allow their employees to collect tips which is insane. This is the only cannabis store I’ve ever been to that doesn’t allow employees to be rewarded for going the extra mile. Other than that this place is amazing 😬read more
18:57 19 Jun 21
I went in today 6/19/21 at around 3pm. The guy that was working at the front desk was rude, short, ignored me. Just overall a terrible attitude and very negative vibes. Love Vidacann. Love everyone at this location, except for whoever he more
Kathleen O'Connor
Kathleen O.
19:37 15 Jun 21
First time patient there,yesterday morning, Anthony and Bev helped me to decide what would work for my particular, illness, they were knowledgeable ,patient and just a pleasure! Will be going again!read more
Christian Lemus
Christian L.
15:48 15 Jun 21
Satisfactory for what it is. From the service to the product: it does just enough to get a passing grade. A little low on inventory more
Joey b
Joey b
15:52 26 May 21
Excellent dispensary! The staff is very knowledgeable about their products and go above and beyond to help you find the right products for you. Clayton was absolutely amazing! at helping me figure out what I needed, everyone was friendly and made you feel welcome and not just a sale like the actually more
Matt Faler
Matt F.
17:50 21 May 21
Awesome, got 30% off with Veterans and snap discount stacked. RSO at 60%.
20:24 13 May 21
The strawberry cough does not taste as good as it did a year ago. It may be me. It’s still a awesome buzz and helps what ails me. Peaceor maybe it’s that old battered yocan battery. it’s been through the mill with more
I have been to 12 different branded dispensaries in the Tampa Bay area, and over 24 dispensaries in total. I choose to start my week of visiting VidaCann for premium and high quality medicine, that provides the reliable and consistent effect I seek. Tikun Olm is world leading cannabis research and the VidaCann company is Florida owned. All dispensaries have dry flower and mediocre product. The customer service at VidaCann is the best, so they will do their best to help you understand what specific products are intended for. The first ounce of whole flower I purchased in 2021 was from VidaCann. The Gelato 33 also got the best review of any Florida flower I have read to date. I enjoy the Mac 1 – drool on the smell. The Eran Almog flower is amazing. The King Dosi RULES ! And I love getting Cookie Toast- more
Catrina McGowan
Catrina M.
02:51 31 Mar 21
VidaCann St. Pete is the best store. I visited the Tampa store and walked out! The tiny lobby has NO circulation and can barely hold 3 people comfortably without a pandemic, yet 4 people were shoved inside, including a lady not a patient, holding an oversized pizza box! The receptionist was unwelcoming and aggravated. Can dispensaries plz put their happiest folks upfront and the RBF lifetime members elsewhere??!! The gummies are the best and the Lava breath concentrate is great for sleep and a nice unwind!read more
wierdly greenpeter
wierdly G.
11:51 29 Mar 21
Went in to get some gelato 33 and some Durban Poison. Staff was very friendly and knowledgable. I could smell the gas when I walked in the door.Got home and opened the jar now my house smelled like gas too! Top shelf nugs covered in trichs. Full flavors unlike some other flower Ive gotten from other FL dispos. Great prices with 20% more
Rick Morty
Rick M.
18:56 21 Mar 21
Anthony and revival the two that help me today thank you for your great customer service this is why i go here …no games stright just care about the patient’sread more
Kenneth Peck
Kenneth P.
04:25 09 Mar 21
Great shop! Anthony brings the knowledge to the table.
Christina Boyd
Christina B.
14:18 06 Mar 21
I love Vidacann. Been going there for about almost three years now and I love their products. They just started getting you strains in which is amazing and they all taste wonderful. The staff is always wonderful and friendly. I really like how clean the store is and how it’s set up it’s really nice and pleasing to the eyes. Vitacann also has a really good point reward system and they also do discounts for 15% off for veterans, pediatric patients, geriatric patients, etc. I just love this store. I cannot think of one thing that I just like about this place. If you have your medical marijuana card I highly suggest that you try Vidacann’s products and also go to the website because it’ll explain what each strain that they have, what they do for you, they’re terpene profile, the flavor profile, and information about the The strain makeup of that certain strain. The staff is also super helpful so if you’ve got any questions you can go online, call them, or going store and talk to them because they are very helpful and very informative. I wish I can give this location in St Petersburg like 10 Stars. You guys are awesome and thank you for more
J Aponte
J A.
21:36 20 Jan 21
This particular store has such kind and knowledgeable employees. Always make you feel comfortable and even call when a product you purchase are back in stock. Thank you st pete vida cann!read more
Luis Palau
Luis P.
01:50 19 Jan 21
The place is nice, somewhat spartan but serviceable. The product is top notch, at least the flower I had. What sets this place apart is the service. It wasn’t as busy as other dispensaries but it was a Sunday, so… Had a small issue that was corrected quickly and satisfactorily. The prices seem to be inline with the market. Too bad it’s so far from my house. I’ll keep an eye out for specials. By the way, the Pakistani Chitral is legit!read more
Summer Qabazard
Summer Q.
00:44 17 Jan 21
This is the only dispensary I go to. I go there for their vape carts, which are hands-down the best in town. Their Eran Elmog cart is my favorite. They have deals all the time, so look out for those. The staff are absolutely lovely. They’re so friendly and polite every time I go it, and I just adore them. Thank you, Vidacann, for being so quality and making me feel so welcome. Lots of love to all of you. xoxoread more
Jessica M
Jessica M
20:36 10 Jan 21
Good products. Service is hit and miss – better to go in an order than calling ahead. I’ve been met with a couple less than friendly guys when I’ve called ahead. Seems like they don’t want business. Today’s call was met by a guy who told me that I’d better have a non-expired ID – I’m not sure what this was about as all MMJ dispensaries require a valid state ID. Seems like he just wanted to close shop more
Tammy Robinson
Tammy R.
22:21 06 Jan 21
Found a great dispensary. Very helpful staff. Started as a delivery, but I’m very happy to have gone to them. Clayton is great! He noticed it was my first time ordering, and called to let me know he applied a discount. On top of that he made sure I had the correct accessories for what I bought. They are on top of it. Great prices and product is very tasty. Will be going back for more
Carolyn Miller
Carolyn M.
17:07 29 Dec 20
Love it here. Everyone is awesome!
Rocky Welch
Rocky W.
23:06 09 Dec 20
Easy, fun experience and fantastic staff! My go to place for supplies.
Zach Savola
Zach S.
23:53 14 Nov 20
All Vidacann dispensaries are legit, there part of that top tier in Tampa
Tessa Cooper
Tessa C.
17:31 24 Oct 20
Thank you Clayton m.! Everyone here so nice! There is one major reason to make a stop here.. quality.. they don’t have biggest selection but having Tikun more than makes up for that! Quality over quantity I more
Lorie Soul Support
Lorie Soul S.
14:06 22 Oct 20
There is something very important that some dispensaries are forgetting about.The people coming patients with medical conditions who need medication.When I call someone for a delivery and I set up what I want and I get a total I expect it to be what they saybut when you get a call in the morning and the person is trying to charge you $50 more then the person told you it would be the night before you’re not going to buy it.remember there are dispensaries everywhere now and customer service is very important. Patience deserve to be treated with respect. I have never had an issue with Rise dispensary, Liberty dispensary, or Cureleaf. They are knowledgeable kind and respectful and if they tell you you can come in and pick up an order and give you a price It will be there when you go to get it. I cannot say that for VidaCann or for Trulieve. Trulieve did something very similar in taking my order and I went all the way down after they said it was ready for pickup and it was not. They told me I could come back in the morning and pick it up because it was 8:00 and they were locking the doors and still had more than 30 people ahead of me. When I came all the way back in the morning as they suggested, my medication no longer existed and their idea of being helpful was to offer me 10% off of my next purchase. we are patients paying out-of-pocket for our medication and deserve to be treated with kindness and respect and we are told our medicine is there it should be there. new tricks of seeing oh you get this delivered for $117 and then when you call me in the morning tell me it’s going to be $152. I guess you didn’t count on the fact that I wasn’t desperate enough to buy it anyway.Liberty has biodiesel that is very good strong and tacky, at times is only $23 an eighth. Rise Not only has high quality sticky strong cannabis but at lower prices and gives me a discount for being over 55. Yes they allow me to get the discount on the lower priced ones. And I also get points for every sale that take off more money on future purchases. It’s legal and you have competition. I have news for you customer service and prices matter.I will not recommend VidaCannread more
Jose Sanchez
Jose S.
15:28 09 Oct 20
I tried Vidacann for the 2nd visit today. Even though, my first visit where I bought two eiths and 3 prerolls, ended in my asking to return one of the eiths because I can tell it was stale. I know stale bud when I smell it. We all do. We have plenty of it on a drawer somewhere. Anyways, they allowed me to return the stale eith and I got lucky and ended up with two loud eiths, 1 loud preroll and two semi stale/harsh prerolls. So, I waited to give a review because I wanted to give them another chance, since they made it right the first time. And after coming home today on 2nd visit I had went with the King Dosi which was good before and I figured I’d be safe, but much and I swear much to my dismay, this eith is stale and harsh😞I went legal and got my Mmj card so I wouldn’t have to buy stale pot anymore. This is really disappointing. I’m not even trying to return this and do that shameful return thing again. Already did that!read more
Danielle Mullins
Danielle M.
05:02 07 Sep 20
Good service, great products, decent prices personal favorites are king dosi and mandarin cookie!
susan godfrey
susan G.
16:05 30 Aug 20
The best dispensary in Tampa Bay!
22:50 29 Aug 20
First time here. I’ve never been in a dispensary where there was no carts at all but that was the case today. Cheapest option was a $75 800mg syringe and an empty cart. First time discount is $55 off if $100 or more so your locked in at a minimum of $100 if you really want a decent deal which is not good if they don’t have good stuff. I would rather have just got a discount on the lotion I called ahead for but it wasn’t smart money wise just to leave with that alone. I live 40 mins away.I walked out with my lotion 300mg, a 3.5 Indica, and another Indica called duct tape. Doesn’t sound appetizing smoke wise but they were limited in Indicas.No freebies other than the discount. Don’t get me wrong there was a discount and a decent one but not a good selection and no freebies. Other places have better deals and products with no cash limit to spend up to. They wanted to charge me an additional 7% for using debit so I was forced to use their shaky atm which charges a $3 fee. It took forever to process.It’s an okay dispensary if you haven’t gone to one before. Other places usually send you off with a battery or informational packets. Just a white bag…read more
Joseph Shatner
Joseph S.
23:12 18 Aug 20
Great first experience with Vidacann! At check-in, the gentleman was very professional and polite, fast too! While selecting product, I had a great experience! Very clean, Covid-clean, friendly environment. The product – I have tried the Mandarin Cookies whole flower. The flower looks nice and fresh, smells amazing! I’m able to focus on my tasks at hand and have no stress whatsoever! Thanks Vidacann! I will be back!read more
David Casale
David C.
17:59 01 Aug 20
Awesome place, super friendly staff! In and out and even for a first time buyer discount! Thank you so much.
Steffan Scott
Steffan S.
18:10 23 Jul 20
Great people and transaction is quick compared to others but the quality does not match the price. The price is way too highread more
Tessa Cooper
Tessa C.
05:09 01 Jul 20
This place just hands down has some of the best vapes in town
13:47 29 Jun 20
Love Vidacann! Ordered some medicine at this location and it was such an easy transaction. Vidacanns Tikun product line is outstanding. I’ve tried strawberry cough and Alaskan both sativa dominant. Some of my favorite carts out of all the more
Michael Canfield
Michael C.
15:39 01 May 20
The entire experience start to finish set a new standard for patient care, let alone the product quality. The experience was quick, my order was ready, they had everything I wanted, and I greatly appreciated the entire staff. This is a new challenge with Covid-19 and their team has reacted very well.Their product quality is really good, and they use only cannabis-derived terpenes for a pure experience. The cartridges are particularly valuable to low-effort management of more
Michael R
Michael R
20:18 30 Apr 20
Awesome staff great deals. I would recommend.
Jerry Barocas
Jerry B.
18:03 28 Feb 20
Good place and people. To get the fifth star your products need to be labeled better. Like other dispensary. On the products I looked at and purchased. No product info. Missing test data, no THC% or date info. Like below. Again nice place and more
C.X. A.
C.X. A.
18:56 20 Feb 20
Anthony and Jillian were wonderful as was the woman at the front desk. Don’t like the no tips allowed policy. Needs to change! Eran Almog flower good but only 16 percent THC when advertised as 24-28 more
Mat Smit
Mat S.
23:16 29 Jan 20
I recieved an email about the GSC strain available so I decided to go try it out. It’s just ok, nothing special. I have some GSC recently from another local dispensary and there is no comparison, the other dispensary was way better. The flower looks nice but my flower really doesn’t have a smell. Kind of smells like pepper, and I have to stick my nose all the way in the jar to even smell more
gary soltesz
gary S.
23:51 24 Jan 20
Totally smooth from online order to pickup. Any question I asked was met with a good and thorough reply. The product seems great so far. Super more
Andrew Widdy
Andrew W.
18:13 10 Jan 20
High quality products and a friendly, knowledgeable staff! The best dispensary around with a great rewards program. Stop waiting in line for 30 minutes at all those other low-mid quality dispensaries and check out Vidacann, you won’t be more
Chantal Vachon
Chantal V.
16:52 09 Oct 19
Great staff very friendly. Ashley was a big help. She was amazingly knowledgeable and made the process smooth and easy. I also love the fact the brands they carry actually have readily available proof of medical research to support their strains medicinal properties. Definitely a dispensary that I would recommend and will be going to more
Meredith Hudson-Bourdeau
Meredith H.
19:26 23 Mar 19
The products are great. I am particularly fond of the Strawberry Cough Concentrate! The staff is so friendly and helpful. Worth the trip but they have free delivery on orders over $ more
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