VidaCann Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in West Palm Beach, FL

770-B1, S Military Trail
West Palm Beach, FL 33415

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 10-7
Saturday: 10-5

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted


Dispensary – Open

Palm Beach County – VidaCann now has an open dispensary location at 770 S Military Trail in West Palm Beach, FL 33415 that offers qualified patients relief through a range of all-natural cannabis products, including low-THC, high-CBD cannabis and full-strength medical marijuana.

This Vidacann dispensary products menu in the WPB area can include a variety CBD oils, THC oils, vape cartridges, tinctures, topicals, oral syringes, capsulesflower, and concentrates. Accessories like vaporizer pens, vaporizers and batteries are sold as well.

VidaCann is proud to offer Stanley Brothers MMJ Products including Charolette’s Web as well as Tikun Olum Products


Palm Beach – VidaCann delivery RX in the West Palm area is now available. Enjoy the convenience of home delivery of your medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door along with the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone.

Depending on distance, a delivery charge may apply. Call VidaCann to order and schedule a home delivery at 1.800.977.1686 or visit their website to order online.

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What People Are Saying

Troy Snow (karlmeowxxx)
Troy Snow (.
00:03 22 Dec 21
Erez budder permanently stained my brand new puffco peak pro 3D chamber
Wanda Guzman
Wanda G.
02:36 11 Dec 21
I love this store, every one is very nice, such as in all Vida Cann Dispensaries I’m sure, but my experience is with this store and they are very knowledgeable, they offer suggestions on other products if they don’t have a specific item, the store is kept well stocked. kudos to this store 👍👍keep up the good workread more
Cat Pie
Cat P.
20:40 11 Nov 21
Vidacann WPB not only has the best products (whole line of Tikun! Erez, Alaska & OR) of all the dispensaries in the Tri County Area, the staff here are consistently pleasant and super efficient, Christian is really awesome! Delivery has never let me down, always prompt, discreet & professional. Your order arrives in a sealed bag. I love my delivery guy Damien, always brightens my day 💚It’s hard to find product consistency and any kind of staff reliability with these dispensaries in my opinion Vidacann is the only one who has their act completely together. Highly highly recommend you try them!read more
15:55 30 Oct 21
Love this location!!! Best vapes in the medical program! Their Tikun Olam partner has actually data to back up what their medicine does. A+++. Staff takes their time to explain everything!!!!! They have actual medicinal cannabis products!read more
Jake Fennimore
Jake F.
15:47 30 Oct 21
At 29 years of age I've spent my entire life suffering with severe migraine headaches, and Vidacann West Palm gave me back control of my life. I've tried every prescription medication available for migraines. Nothing worked well, and almost everything made me feel horrible. I get ocular migraines where you see an aura of flashing lights before the headache begins. It was suggested to me by Tim at this location to try Tikun Avidekel as a solution for onset migraines and a preventative. Tim knew immediately what to suggest for this issue, and I am still stunned to this day after a year of pain free migraines. I'm a graphic designer and need to be able to stay available while working, so when a migraine decides to show up, I take some of the Avidekel and the visual episode will play out and the pain DOES NOT COME. It is a miracle solution. I've experienced fewer migraines since taking this product, and when I do start to get a migraine I just take some of the Avi and the pain stays away and I go about my more
Benjamin Mitchell
Benjamin M.
21:25 29 Oct 21
The product at vidacann is some of the best I've ever had. With that being said I stop by last week to take advantage of a sale and try their top shelf 1 g syringe from Stanley Brothers. When I got home I noticed that there was a very distant taste to it and it tasted nothing like the Vidacann distillate syringes. I used 4 out of the syringe and noticed that there was a chunk of white substance floating in the syringe. I called the store and asked if I could exchange it and they happily told me absolutely not. I've been coming here for almost half a year religiously. I think it's a little harsh to not stand behind your products. Update.... After this post I saw the response from the owners and thought we were making progress. I sent the email to follow up and let's just say it's been a month with no response. Just had to Just had to add an update, more
22:35 05 Oct 21
Worst dispensary I’ve ever been to. Staff couldn’t even figure out how to apply a discount and told me to try again tomorrow. All the products are over-priced & come in a cardboard box pathetic. DO NOT SHOP more
Benjamin Mitchell
Benjamin M.
18:37 14 Sep 21
The product at vidacann is some of the best I've ever had. With that being said I stop by last week to take advantage of a sale and try their top shelf 1 g syringe from Stanley Brothers. When I got home I noticed that there was a very distant taste to it and it tasted nothing like the Vidacann distillate syringes. I used 4 out of the syringe and noticed that there was a chunk of white substance floating in the syringe. I called the store and asked if I could exchange it and they happily told me absolutely not. I've been coming here for almost half a year religiously. I think it's a little harsh to not stand behind your more
Benjamin Mitchell
Benjamin M.
17:23 07 Sep 21
The product at vidacann is some of the best I've ever had. With that being said I stop by last week to take advantage of a sale and try their top shelf 1 g syringe from Stanley Brothers. When I got home I noticed that there was a very distant taste to it and it tasted nothing like the Vidacann distillate syringes. I used 4 out of the syringe and noticed that there was a chunk of white substance floating in the syringe. I called the store and asked if I could exchange it and they happily told me absolutely not. I've been coming here for almost half a year religiously. I think it's a little harsh to not stand behind your more
Francis Lopez
Francis L.
13:08 27 Aug 21
Great prices and friendly staff will be coming back!
Kelly Bouaziz
Kelly B.
18:06 07 Aug 21
Pretty new to Florida and got my mmj card about 6 months ago. I've been to almost all of the dispensaries (except fluent & Surterra). I have to say that Vidacann (all locations in south Florida) have blown me away. Honestly, all of my friends tell me to go to trulieve but I've given them so many chances and I'm NEVER happy! I have NEVER been disappointed at any Vidacann location! Their products are exceptional and they aren't any more expensive than anywhere else! If you haven't tried them yet, you are missing the boat friends!! Excited about your second location with the drive through! Great idea!read more
Justin Burgess
Justin B.
16:44 02 Jul 21
Hey I just wanted to leave a review to give the proper recognition to the staff at Vidacann West Palm. The staff is always Friendly, Helpful & knowledgeable. I’ve been shopping at vidacann for almost 2 years now and I’ve never had a bad experience with them. Their products quality is always above par…. I give them props on being Honest & Consistent & Having In my opinion “some of the best quality products Available in the Florida medical market”read more
PalmBeach Grown
PalmBeach G.
21:43 24 Jun 21
Probably one of the worst dispensaries in west palm beach. Not many offers, rude staff, budtenders don’t notify you or inform you of deals. Just not a very customer friendly place. More business hungry. Not recommendedread more
18:01 07 May 21
Was absolutely Happy with my purchase,And the young lady that was helping me was very knowledgeable Was impressed with how many strands they had in the flowerread more
Nia Preston
Nia P.
15:23 29 Apr 21
Awesome fist time experience! Very knowledgeable reps. Great 1st time sale. I was happy!
Quincy V.
Quincy V.
17:58 26 Apr 21
This place was a great ! Me and the wife popped in and we’re helped immediately by Britney P and another nice gentleman with glasses . Our first timers profiles were made in what seemed like seconds , seriously . Brittney escorted us to the product area which was well polished, and began expertly reciting our options and the details which make their products unique and worth our time. I ended up leaving with a bouquet of whole flower strains, and other products. We left feeling uplifted and honestly excited. Can’t wait to try my products . Thanks Britney !Update: this is the first time I’ve felt “medicated” in a long more
18:32 07 Apr 21
Friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful staff. They really take the time to answer any questions and help figure out what could be most beneficial. If you're looking for quality products and a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and people, VidaCann in West Palm Beach is my favorite dispensary, hands more
17:13 27 Mar 21
Worst experience ever the staff completely rude, maybe because I’m of color I was treated with no respect & told I had a attitude when giving the guy receptionist my identification card I didn’t know I had to have a better attitude to purchase my legal medication. No customer service what so everread more
Karen Donnell
Karen D.
04:07 18 Mar 21
I love the glue ball pre rolls. The flower is excellent. The people are knowledgeable, and friendly. I will always go back👍read more
Rau Le Creuset
Rau Le C.
14:26 13 Mar 21
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. They have a loyalty program that few stores have and great selection of items. The wait time is almost nothing compared to the other dispensaries in the area. My favorite dispensary :). Curbside pickup is also available for anyone with COVID concerns. All in all would HIGHLY more
Paul Dorman
Paul D.
19:01 24 Feb 21
Victoria you made my day today you get a discount on Teamsters buy-one-get-one what a deal thanks vidacann and keep on producing the best cannabis any way you canread more
Natasha Boston
Natasha B.
19:39 14 Feb 21
I love the prices could use a better menu kinda hard to see what I would want as a newcomer
Chris Culler
Chris C.
15:55 31 Jan 21
Excellent customer service and extremely polite staff. Even on Fridays before closing, there is never a delay.
Jeremy Sitton
Jeremy S.
21:38 08 Jan 21
Was the best dispensary experience I've had in Florida, the GM was super nice and helpful and all the budtenders were just as feiendly... I will be back soonread more
shacolbri williams
shacolbri W.
19:37 28 Nov 20
The manger is super nice the employees are amazing and the product is great.
Chantelle Munnings
Chantelle M.
21:22 24 Oct 20
First time today and I must say I had the best experience by far ! Anthony made my day he was very nice , knowledgeable ,quick and very efficient. Definitely will be back againread more
John Hirsekorn
John H.
20:24 27 Sep 20
I love this store. The 1st dispensary in town where the associates really recommend the right product. Thank you Tony for outstanding customer service!read more
Elisha Durham
Elisha D.
03:09 11 Sep 20
Great customer service.
Dewan Wahed
Dewan W.
12:44 08 Sep 20
The staff has excellent customer service, highly recomened.
Myra Orellanes
Myra O.
17:43 05 Sep 20
This was the very first time I visited this dispensary, and THE worst experience I’ve had at a dispensary this far. From the moment I pulled into the to parking lot. My order was a curbside order in which I sat in my car for about 10mins and no one came out. Even though when i placed my order online it tells me to give the description of the vehicle I will be in so they know. I walk in only one in the place at the time, the girls at the front say hello. I advise I have a pick up order they ask for my card and proceed to ask me to go back out and move my car out of the curbside spot that I was in. Because I came inside and it’s not curbside. I advised that I asked for it to be curbside but no one came out she said the sign says I should call. I looked at her very strangely for a little while in awe that she would be asking me to walk back out and move my car one spot over IN AN EMPTY PARKING LOT. She said she would need to dispense me so it wouldn’t be quick and that i would have time. Poor poor customer service at that point because there’s NO business and she’s worried about me moving my car one spot over. Instead of offering for me to go sit back in my car while she dispenses me and brings it out to my car. Anyway, I get my order. I walk out I look over my order and realize I wasn’t given any labels. I look on my medicine nothing I finally flip the child proof bag they gave me my meds in over and my labels are pasted on the bag. Which is a HIPPA violation because I will not be traveling with all my meds in that bag at the same time. So I call the store and ask to speak to a manager. Jorge was the manager on duty at the time and was who said took the call I advised him of the situation I had with his employees in the lobby. For whatever reason he thought the response he gave me was going to be what was sufficient, he advised that the only spots their camera covers are those curbside spots and that’s why we were asked to move. But I WAS A CURBSIDE, and wasn’t serviced as I learned later when I went inside because I didn’t call. According to Victoria the young lady up front. So I proceed to tell him that, that would have been more of a reason for me to have stayed there then. So we move on to the issue of the labels, which as a manager I would hope have all the correct knowledge and education on the correct HIPPA procedure and if not be open to learning and being educated on them. He advised that by law the labels are to be placed on the child proof bag. They are not, in ANY other dispensary I have visited I either obtain the labels as labels or they are on the product. What am I suppose to do with all my pasted labels on this bag. I’m not going to be traveling with all of my products at the same time or at all. I am married to a supervisor for a dispensary and I know this was incorrect. He proceeded to say by law that’s how it’s suppose to be. I told him I was giving him the benefit of the doubt in trying to see if he would be make a bad situation a good one instead I felt he proceeded to lie to me in which I didn’t appreciate. he got offended by me calling him a liar and that’s where I advised I have already called corporate and would have liked to have been able to take up a situation with him but unfortunately would no longer be able to. Told him to have a good day and hung more
01:35 05 Sep 20
I stopped at VidaCann as a first time patient at the West Palm Beach location. Long story short, the storefront is very difficult to view from the street, as well as a neat hidden sign. With that said, I purchased two different strains of concentrate. The concentrate came in a tiny circular container, upon opening the container, the concentrate was splashed all along the top and walls of the container, along with no inner-lining type paper making the concentrate difficult to mold. I proceeded to put it in the freezer for a minute, upon taking it out of the freezer the top was impossible to get off. Finally, after a few minutes it popped off. The concentrate was very smooth when consuming. All in all, great concentrate, could have an aesthetically pleasing storefront, and more accessible location.7/10⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️read more
Mal Forester
Mal F.
18:28 28 Aug 20
Wonderful customer experience, everyone seems so happy to work there! Products are phenomenal and loved that they took the time to explain strains and more
Kellie Baker
Kellie B.
18:22 28 Jul 20
Love it, products a very nice great flavors, and so far all the ones I like have always been in stock.
Michael Littlejohn
Michael L.
00:23 26 Jul 20
Had to use the curbside pickup which was easy when I used the website, I was able to browse the inventory and any specials very easily. The products I chose were great, not a single complaint. The parking lot maze to reach the store is tight for big more
16:26 21 Jul 20
Prices too high. No discounts on zips. I got 2 kinds . No smell or taste, was brown tan.
Scales N Skids
Scales N S.
19:15 06 Jul 20
Anthony (I believe is his name) is a hell of a guy. Super professional and the customer service was A1! I highly recommend shopping more
Jyl Mayall
Jyl M.
17:56 03 Jul 20
Excellent service. Helpful. Knowledgeable. Thorough. Will go back
Hunter Thomas
Hunter T.
12:58 01 Jul 20
Always is consistent with high quality products. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Online orders are done really fast and they do curbside pick up. Overall a fantastic dispensary and I would highly recommend trying them more
23:26 19 Jun 20
Alway a hassle-free order and pickup, even with Covid19. Good sales, very high quality products, and nice people.
Salvatore Capriglione
Salvatore C.
20:35 17 Jun 20
This place is very good with treating customers right, I love coming here. Anthony and heather have been awesome to me since I stepped in the door. Amazing productread more
Jeff Smith
Jeff S.
18:57 17 Jun 20
This place is great!!! The product selection is fantastic and the staff is very knowledgeable and super friendly. I would recommend this medical marijuana treatment center to anyone looking for medical marijuana products!read more
Allegra Kunzelman
Allegra K.
16:11 15 May 20
*EDIT* After working there for almost a year.. The company has proven to be a constant disappointment and it does not take care of (or care about) its employees. What a shame because they have so much potential. Especially being the exclusive carriers of incredible brands like Tikun Olam as well as The Stanley Brothers line.Tikun Olam and The Stanley Brothers are amazing companies and I wish they chose (or choose so in the future) to align themselves with a better company. Best of luck! ✌️read more
Benjamin Kroker
Benjamin K.
23:16 05 May 20
Thank you very much for this wonderful store. Very nice people here.
Rocco Venter
Rocco V.
12:07 12 Apr 20
I was very excited to make my first purchase at vidacann. I got some tinctures and a distilled syringe. The bud tender Anthony was great! He helped me with dosing although I did not feel anything. Next day I ended up taking a large amount and still felt nothing. I called back and asked if there was something they could do to help me out with a expensive product that is no use to me.With this virus going around times are tough right now. Anthony called the GM and called me back with the bad news there is nothing they can do about it. Very disappointing first experience and first time trying something other than flower. It definitely shows which dispensary’s would take the extra steps to be there for patients and there is not many out there. Otherwise customer service is great!read more
Lenny Schwartz
Lenny S.
14:00 10 Apr 20
VidaCann is a nice dispensary and they are courteous and friendly. They are Very Expensive even with a discount. Picked up using curbside service very recently and the employee came to the car NOT WEARING A MASK? ...REALLY??????? Especially with many older people using their product, please get your act more
Karen Hartman
Karen H.
22:42 02 Apr 20
So nice of the staff at VidaCann to offer curbside service. I appreciate the customer service & by far the best quality of all dispensaries in my area! I highly recommend this dispensary , they really care about their patients. Tyread more
Gwenda Reich
Gwenda R.
17:59 18 Mar 20
Great vapes the quality is the best. And the staff is always very friendly. Great place. I would definitely recommend this more
Xela Achorad
Xela A.
20:19 25 Feb 20
Great staff, good quality products, good variety and fair price. So far the best experience out of several dispensaries in more
Carlo Scuderi
Carlo S.
16:33 22 Feb 20
Today was my second time at vidacann and both of my experiences have been awesome. My bud tender Anthony had told me he was new but if he haven't said so i would have had no idea! Anthony was very helpful and gave me a very good description of each product so I knew exactly what I purchased. Vida Cann is definitely my new favorite dispensaryread more
Professor Loser .
Professor Loser .
21:49 13 Feb 20
Amazing location with even better staff! Very clean and great prices
Courtney Faith
Courtney F.
17:38 13 Dec 19
Overall, I loved this dispensary. Atmosphere was great, customer service was great, and the products I tried were all high quality BUT I do not like how the vape carts are only compatible with their batteries. If I had the option to use my own battery this is the only dispensary I would be going to.After expressing my issues with the staff they went above and beyond to help me find the right products for me. Definitely recommend for their customer service and more
Allegra Kunzelman
Allegra K.
15:51 25 Oct 19
Wonderful staff. Zero wait time. Always have flower and their product is amazing!!
Beth Etheridge
Beth E.
13:30 23 Oct 19
The "high" quality of products at VidaCann is as it should be in this industry...The price is definitely higher than others, I assume because they are a smaller company! I'm hoping their prices come down as they grow but prefer they not skimp on quality. Increase in flower stock & a way to know when it is available is needed though. Also Rosin would be nice. I was sold a concentrate in a jar when I requested rosin and of course can't return. A+ on quality of products, service, knowledge and appearance!read more
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