The Fighting Irish, indeed.

There was a hard-fought battle on the field — and off — Saturday night.

A 40-second video has emerged of a nasty, messy — and slippery — brawl between presumed spectators in the concourse area at Hard Rock Stadium during the game between the University of Miami and Notre Dame.

In a Twitter post from @RIFAYAYO, you can see a Hurricanes fan in an orange shirt and longish hair approach a man in what appears to be a Notre Dame baseball cap, who shoves the young fellow when he gets too close. The caption: “We beating ND on the field but some UM fans got painted.”

Another person in the crowd in a white sleeveless T splashes a drink on the supposed Notre Dame fan, who goes after said person.

Then things get really crazy and it’s hard to tell what’s going on — because some UM fans are wearing green as well.

We will try to break it down for you:

A second Notre Dame fan in a long-sleeved green shirt gets a drink thrown at him by a random UM fan who smartly steps away. Then some other random in an orange shirt gets punched and goes down, sliding as he falls. The slip was likely due to large quantities of beer on the floor, just sayin’.

The Notre Dame fan in the long-sleeved shirt is now looking for action, dancing around in a boxing stance with his dukes up, throwing out a stray punch while his buddy is now on the ground wrestling the dude in white who threw the drink.

At one point, a man is seen shielding two children from the melee.

Seeing his opening, the long-haired UM fan rushes the man in green and clocks him

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