Virginia House Delegate Steve Heretick, a former Justice Department attorney and president of the Virginia Board of Medicine, knows that cannabis, like any intoxicant, poses risks. But he also believes that adults should have the freedom and the responsibility to choose whether or not to consume cannabis for medical or other purposes. In a video posted to YouTube on Tuesday, the day before the start of Virginia’s first 2019 legislative legislation, Heretick presents those views as he introduces his bill to legalize marijuana in the state. Today, Heretick submitted that bill, HB2371, to the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates.

New Bill Would Legalize the Manufacture, Possession and Personal Use of Cannabis in Virginia

Steve Heretick’s HB2371 is hardly the delegate’s first attempt to pass legislation reforming Virginia’s harsh cannabis laws. Since his election in 2015, Heretick has introduced a number of bills to decriminalize simple possession. And incidentally, state senator Adam Ebbin submitted a bill in Virginia’s upper house on Wednesday that would do just that. But this year, Heretick wants to go all the way. His bill would establish a regulated cultivation, distribution and retail industry while setting broad limits for personal possession and use. Heretick’s bill

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