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COLUMBIA, Pa. — The handmade sign stuck with Washington Redskins linebacker Martrell Spaight. Ninth-grader Isaiah Shorter held it up before a game at FedEx Field in December, sharing a message that Spaight couldn’t shake. It’s easy to see why.

“Fighting chemo, but cant keep me from my team.”

Nineteen Redskins autographed Isaiah’s sign. But for Spaight, it wasn’t enough just to scribble his name for the youngster decked out in Redskins garb.

“On game day, I’m usually so locked in; you don’t pay attention to the stands or the outside things,” Spaight said. “But something inside me made me want to do more. The whole game, I kept thinking about it.”

Two days later, wearing a boot to protect an injured foot, he drove two hours north on his day off in a rental car that few men of his age in the NFL would dare to drive: a minivan.

Spaight stayed for three hours, praying with Isaiah, his five siblings and his parents. He has maintained regular contact with them ever since.

“He took time out of his day just to see me. … It feels like I’m someone that he noticed,” Isaiah said this

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