Wary of bans, Cora speaks to Sox about changes

6:31 PM ET

Alex Cora knows a thing or two about the public embarrassment that comes with a suspension in connection to a baseball-cheating scandal, and the Boston Red Sox manager believes the public shame should be enough to change the behavior of players after Major League Baseball announced Tuesday that pitchers will be ejected and suspended for 10 games for using illegal foreign substances on the mound.

Cora addressed the rule changes with the Red Sox staff before their game against the Braves on Tuesday.

“I come from a suspension and I know how embarrassing that is and how tough that is not only on you as a person, but your family and your friends and the people that you love,” Cora said. “Ten games a year, two years, three years, it doesn’t matter. Being suspended is hell and you don’t want to go through that. I was very open to [the team] and hopefully they understand.”

In April 2020, MLB announced that Cora would “be suspended through the conclusion of the 2020 postseason for his conduct as bench coach for the Houston Astros in 2017.”

This week, alongside every big league manager, Cora participated in a meeting led by MLB senior video president

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