Watch Gigi Hadid Answer Life's Most Philosophical Questions, Including Her Belief on Soulmates

Do you believe in soulmates?

Gigi Hadid shared her thoughts during a segment of “Big Questions on a Tiny Horse” for designer Alexander Wang.

As she put it, “I’ve heard, like, star clusters or, like, soul clusters that throughout life you find people that you realize are meant to be—meant to carry you through.”

This wasn’t the only thought-provoking question she answered. Sitting on top of a mini rocking horse, the supermodel also weighed in on deep topics like the concept of reality and her true purpose in life.

“I think my purpose is to continue to grow creatively and learn everything that brings me joy,” she replied, “which I think is everyone’s purpose.”

And for those wondering, she finally tackled the age-old question of whether toast tastes better when it’s made by oneself or by someone else. 

“If they, like, over butter it, under butter it, under toast it, over toast it,” she contemplated before ultimately deciding, “personal.”

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