Trisha Paytas walked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house last night in a shock exit, after being saved in the public vote.

The famous YouTube star found herself in the bottom two during Friday night’s eviction, and she was saved over former The Apprentice star Karthik Nagesan.

However, during CBBBOTS last night, Rylan revealed that the 29-year-old had walked.

In a video posted to her YouTube account, Trisha admitted that she regretted her decision after reading tweets of support, and said she felt like she had “let everyone down”.


But, not long later Trisha uploaded ANOTHER video entitled, “F**K CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER”.

In the video, Trisha basically retracted all of her regret, and launching into a furious rant about her ex-housemates having watched clips of the show back.


“I have been watching so many clips, like a dozen and fake a*s people in the f***ing house. I do not regret leaving now and I have some stuff to say. I will make this one video and that is the most famous they will ever be.

“I just watched Paul putting me up because basically body-shaming me. Saying I walk and I have my a*s hanging out and I walk around with my legs showing.”


“Meanwhile, Chad does it and every single girl does bikinis but because he looks at me and I have all this body hanging out he’s like disgusted by it. You have 3,000 people on Instagram.”

Trisha also took aim at Sarah Harding, describing her as a “little c**** a*s b***h”.

“I have so much f***ing inside information on her but I’m not going to say it. The s**t they do in that house is shady as f**k, and they cater towards Sarah, and it

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