We Finally Know the Plot of Margot Robbie’s Barbie Movie

That Barbie sure packs a punch.

And that lands her in trouble—with the law. In the first full-length trailer for Greta Gerwig‘s upcoming Barbie film, released May 25, the plot of the movie is finally confirmed.

And yes, it’s fantastic. Well, for viewers. Margot Robbie‘s Barbie is living her best life ever. That is, until, suddenly she experiences cold showers, falling off her roof and her heels—gasp—touching the ground.

“You have to go to the real world,” Kate McKinnon‘s character explains while holding up a stiletto and a Birkenstock. “You can go back to your regular life or you can know the truth about the universe. The choice is now yours.”

Turns out, however, she doesn’t actually get a choice. So, she and Ryan Gosling‘s Ken leave the comforts of Barbie Land. And as you’d expect, the real world is not so great.

After a man grabs Barbie’s butt, she retaliates by punching him in the face, landing her and Ken in jail.

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