Week 4 Love/Hate: The definitive Matthew Berry guide to trading in fantasy football

10:25 AM ET

Perhaps the only thing more unpredictable than fantasy football is fantasy football during a worldwide pandemic.

Right now, we don’t know when the Steelers-Titans game will be played, only that it will not be played in Week 4. However, for a while, Tuesday was being bandied about as a possibility, and that could be a possibility in the future should more teams experience positive COVID-19 tests. It’s a good time to remind every league commissioner out there that you need to set up rules NOW to address a situation like this.

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What happens if the game had been postponed after the Sunday games had kicked off? Or what if, out of the blue, another game was canceled? Using this week as an example, it wouldn’t have been fair to the person in your league with, say, Derrick Henry, if the game had been canceled at the last minute without the opportunity to react with roster moves. My suggestion is to allow players to declare a sub before 1 p.m. ET Sunday. And if any game is unexpectedly canceled or postponed to another week, the designated backup is placed in the player’s spot retroactively

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