Week 9 Love/Hate: Numbers don't lie on these 12 blind resumes

9:10 PM ET

We are now through eight weeks of the NFL season — basically, the halfway point. And while it has been a season unlike any other, games have, in fact, been played for eight weeks. Not always in the order expected, but we do have a really good sample size.

One of the challenges of fantasy football is that people like to play with names. But in actuality, we play with numbers. Big-name players don’t win you your week; big statistical production does.

I’ve been doing blind résumés for years upon years, and recently I have seen lots of others using them, as well.

So consider these players — look at the stats before you look at the answer — then tell me if you feel the same way about these players.

Two quarterbacks (on a per-game basis)

Player A: 21.9 PPG, 68.6% completions, 265.1 pass yards per game, 2.1 TD passes per game

Player B: 22.0 PPG, 67.3% completions, 260.1 pass yards per game, 2.3 TD passes per game

Player A is Ryan Tannehill since Week 7 of 2019, when he took over the starting QB job with Tennessee. Player B is Patrick Mahomes over that

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