Hurricane Florence may have spared the Sunshine State, but political squalls continue to churn throughout Florida, and the worst is yet to come.

President Donald Trump whipped up a tempest after accusing Democrats of dramatically inflating the number of deaths in Puerto Rico caused by Hurricane Maria.

But it wasn’t just Trump who stirred the political pot this week.

Gov. Rick Scott, who’s vying to oust Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, kicked into motion the process to appoint replacements for three Florida Supreme Court justices who will retire in January. The replacements could create a significant shift in the court’s shaping of public policy for decades.

Meanwhile, the state’s gubernatorial candidates and their supporters took to the airwaves to kick off the barrage of television ads that will inundate Floridians over the next two months.

A spot launched by the Republican Governors Association accused Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum of being so “far out” he’s “on another planet.” The somewhat-odd piece — which includes an image of Gillum superimposed over a moon — is even more curious, since onetime astronaut Nelson’s been mocked by Scott and other Republicans about the senator’s actual space trip.

The Republican Party of Florida, meanwhile, unleashed

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